50 IS NOT OLD | PLANNING AN OUTFIT AROUND YOUR ACCESSORIESI am participating in a gratitude FaceBook group. Every day you list 10 things that you are thankful for. The first day I was very deep and profound with my list. Today, however, I was more frivolous in my choices. I must have been cold when I was making out my list because I listed my cozy robe, my warm fuzzy houseshoes, and my electric blanket. Lol! I think it must have been because my heat went out the other day but I have been extremely thankful for anything warm lately. Haha!50 IS NOT OLD | PLANNING AN OUTFIT AROUND YOUR ACCESSORIESYou gurls made my list also. I am thankful for the blog and all of my new found friends. I know so many of you through your comments and also through your FaceBook pages. I’ll be talking to Joe about something one of you said and he will say. “who is that?” I will laugh and say, “that’ is my friend in New Jersey, or New Mexico, or Canada.” You get the idea. I also happened to be doing some laundry this morning so the washer and dryer and dishwasher also made my list today. Lol!!! 50 IS NOT OLD | PLANNING AN OUTFIT AROUND YOUR ACCESSORIESDid you ever think that you would wear cranberry and gold/mustard together? I am not sure that I would have come up with this combination if I hadn’t seen the two colors together in this scarf. That is one reason that I love buying scarves. This scarf is one that I bought from Cato’s earlier in the year but I am always on the lookout. The longer cranberry open front cardigan is from Old Navy. I love the longer style cardigan and I prefer the open front instead of the button type. The real reason I like the open front best is that I can’t lose a button that way. Lol!

Here are a few scarves that I thought were interesting for you to look at.

50 IS NOT OLD | PLANNING AN OUTFIT AROUND YOUR ACCESSORIESI am thrilled that so many of you took my advice and checked out the Valentine specials from Plunder. I ordered me several items also. I love red accessories and this is a great way to get a tiny bit of red without having a large clothing item being red. Everyone cannot wear red against their skin tone. The Jaycee earrings have a little motion when you walk which draws attention to your face. They are lightweight and super cute. I didn’t opt for a necklace today because of the scarf but I did stack my bracelets. I have on the Gavin and the Clementine as well as an inspirational bangle from Kate Spade. Today I ordered 500.00 in Plunder jewelry! I am stocking up for giveaway items for everyone who is buying 75.00 in products excluding shipping and taxes. January is the month to make your purchase!!! Go to plunderdesign.com/taniastephens to place an order and be sure to pick a party with my name in it. 50 IS NOT OLD | PLANNING AN OUTFIT AROUND YOUR ACCESSORIESI started to wear navy pants with this look but at the last minute, I decided to wear this brushed pair of Rockstar jeans from Old Navy instead. Navy would probably have actually looked better but I wanted to try something different. I like this “moleskin” color and I hadn’t worn this pair this year. I did cuff them so that I could wear my ankle boots (which happens to be from Old Navy also) with them. I have blinding white skin and even that little sliver that is showing is more than I need to show. I “need” to start putting on some sunless tanner before long. Joe teased me the other day that he didn’t even need to turn on the bedroom light, he could see by the reflection off of my legs. WHY do I put up with him???
50 IS NOT OLD | PLANNING AN OUTFIT AROUND YOUR ACCESSORIESI am running late tonight in writing my blog post. I am going to blame Jennifer Connolly from A Well Styled Life. Lol! We talked for over an hour tonight. It is fun to talk blog and she has been so helpful to me since she has been blogging for several years longer than me. She has given me guidance, tips, and tricks, and tonight I repaid the favor although she doesn’t know it yet. She signed up as a consultant for Rodan + Fields so we are now going to be business partners as well as friends. She is excited to get started on her lashes and I am excited for her. I told her to start thinking about the R+F convention which is going to be in New Orleans this coming September. I think she is just trying to figure out her websites right now but I have big plans for her. Lol!!!  One of the other things that I was thankful for today is the community that I have come to know in R+F. They are just like you ladies; warm, friendly, helpful, and lots of fun. You are welcome to come along on this journey with us. Email me at fiftyisnotold@gmail.com or you can go and check out the products here and be sure to become a Preferred Customer for the best price or check out the business kits hereThis is my unique story. Actual earnings vary significantly: no income is guaranteed. For information regarding typical results, search Rodan + Fields IDS.

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  1. Absolutely love your daily blog and your style. I am an artist in the UK, and when I changed my career from nursing I needed some guidance on what to wear. I wake up to your blog and read it with my cup of morning tea, sets me up for the day! A very happy English painter. Much love Delia x

  2. You are so right…:a colorful scarf can start or end an outfit. I too have a penchant towards scarves and own way too many! I am grateful for your blog which starts my day off every morning! (We keep these men around cause they do fix things and say such crazy things to amuse us)
    Best… Kathy

  3. Love this outfit today, you look so put together in this! I also have that cardigan, one of my favorites! Old Navy has some great sales on now. I just got an order in the mail the other day, and loved everything! Actually almost sent you a pic the other day because I thought of you and how you wear a lot of Old Navy on your blog….and yes our men can drive us crazy at times, lol…..but life would be boring if they didn’t! Have a great day!

  4. Debbie Smith Reply

    I like the neutral pants with all the colors on top..good choice.

  5. Daphne Vaughn Reply

    I like your outfit today . You look beautiful as you do everyday

  6. I enjoy your blog so much. It really starts my day with a happy and positive outlook. Have a blessed day!

  7. You mean everyone doesn’t pick accessories first? Hehe. I love the look of scarves, but I’m not comfortable in them, I’d rather wear a statement necklace…. which I pick out first, then the clothes.

  8. Charlcy Green Reply

    I love this outfit! It is perfect w your skin and hair so I know I could wear it too! It’s too fun following your blog and having you for my friend!

  9. June Zimmerle Reply

    Love the color combo of cranberry and mustard. I am going to start a Pinterest board called Tania’s fashions! Really enjoy your blog and one of my Spring creations will be in the mail soon.

  10. Love the color combination and your accessory choices!! A great look!

  11. Susan Stancliff Reply

    Love this outfit! Tania, I am thankful for finding your blog and making a new friend. Thank you for always being there for us “gurls”.

  12. Jeannie McBride Reply

    Great outfit, Tania! I like the neutral jeans. Just a bit different,

    I’ve been alone for years & I miss the goofy stuff my man said. And he was so talented at making things I wanted come to life.

  13. Marian Caldwell Reply

    In November I subscribed to your blog and I have enjoyed reading it very much, it makes my shopping fun. On Christmas Eve, I was flying to Kitchener OT, Canada to visit my daughter, son-in-law, and 3 teenage granddaughters when I read your blog in the airport and signed up for the gratitude facebook group. I ordered the book when I was in Canada and when we returned Jan 4 the book had arrived. Now, I guess I’m a bit computer illiterate when it comes to joining a group on facebook, so with that said I would still like to be a part of the gratitude facebook group. Please teach me how it works. Thank you.

    • Tania Reply

      Oh, Marian, I am thrilled that you are loving my blog. That means a lot to me. I am like you when I fly, I do a lot of reading to pass the time away.The Facebook group is not mine. It was another ladies and I saw that on Monday she closed it to anyone else. If you are on Facebook though I can add you to my group message that me and two other ladies talk to each other. Just send me a friend request and I will add you to the group. I am sure the other two ladies won’t care.

  14. Melissa Allestad Reply

    I just found your blog this morning and I love it! I have read quite a few of your posts now, hours later, and I really enjoy them. Your outfits are adorable, and I really dig your style. Fun and flirty or dressy and elegant, I love all of the fresh ideas you bring. I can’t wait to see what is next!

    • Tania Reply

      Melissa, I am so thrilled that you found my blog!!! It is so nice to welcome you to the fold and I hope you come back daily!

  15. Sheron Davis Reply


    Just started reading your blog and must say I enjoy your fashions and your writing. Thank you!

    I agree with you we all have something to be grateful for,even the small things in life. I am married to the most wonderful husband. He is charming, loving and humorous. We have 4 adult children, who we are very proud of and a beautiful 2 year old granddaughter and a grandson on the way. Life is good!

    Your fashions and blog put a smile on my face. We have the same taste in fashion. Always love the colours and textures you combine and all the lovely jewelry and accessories you put together.

    I am in my sixties and retired but still love to look good no matter where I am.

    We live in a place called Port Credit, Ontario Canada. It is freezing right now but looks to pretty by the lake.
    So bundling up is all you can do to keep warm with a nice wee cup of tea.

    Cheers to you and your lovely blog!
    Sheron Davis xo

  16. Great outfit! I like the scarf very much. You have reached the perfect balance between the colors. Very stylish.

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