50 IS NOT OLD | FAUX FUR FOR ADDED WARMTHI sure didn’t have any problem coming up with a topic to talk to you about today. Joe and I woke up early on Sunday morning and he said, “it is freezing in here.” I noticed that the electric blanket had turned off during the night so I thought that was the issue. I leaned over the bed and switched mine back on but he got up and went to check the heat pump. In just a few seconds he came back and said that it was down to 55 in the house and that we had no heat. He went back down the hall to see if he could figure out what was going on and I snuggled deeper down under the blanket. I figured there wasn’t any reason for us both to be cold. Lol!50 IS NOT OLD | FAUX FUR FOR ADDED WARMTHI am not sure how much time passed until he came and told me that he needed my help. He was going to be climbing up on the roof and he wanted me to be there in case he fell on the snow and ice. I was supposed to call for help if that happened. The airflow vent on the top of the house had ice on it so he wanted to clear that off. After he fixed that he found that the exhaust pipe that lets the excess water drain from the system had frozen up outside. That was the problem. Because there was a backup of water the system wouldn’t turn on. However, getting that unthawed was not an easy solution. He wrapped it in a heat tape, he held a hairdryer to it, he put a propane space heater where it was blowing on it but none of that worked. Finally, he found a really long paddle bit and he drilled the ice out of the pipe. YES! That was the answer and the heat fired back up. I am grateful that he can take care of problems like this. I can’t imagine what I would have done if he hadn’t been here.50 IS NOT OLD | FAUX FUR FOR ADDED WARMTHThis faux fur vest sure came in handy with the latest cold spell that has moved through the area. I am not a fan of a fur vest because they add bulk to your body. But, when it is freezing outside you don’t care if you look a wooly bear. Lol! This is a vest I bought years ago at a boutique. It has a belt around the waist but I took it off. I don’t like anything to draw attention to my waist, especially if it has extra bulk added to it. Haha!

50 IS NOT OLD | FAUX FUR FOR ADDED WARMTHI almost feel naked today when it comes to jewelry. One bracelet, one necklace, and a pair of earrings. Quick, someone needs to take my temperature because I MUST be sick. Lol! The earrings that I have on are the Elliot. They are set in antique gold and are adorned with mini seed pearls. These are approximately 1″ studs. The BELIEVE necklace is one that I bought years ago on the square in Marietta Georgia. It is by Monarch Inspirations. Click here to see what items are now available. Now, for the silver bracelet. It is from my Energizer Bunny Friend and she bought it on a recent trip to New York. She wanted to get me something nice since I became a Level V leader with Rodan + Fields. I think she knocked it out of the park! That was the first time I had ever gotten a beautiful blue box from Tiffanys!!! 50 IS NOT OLD | FAUX FUR FOR ADDED WARMTHToday I am wearing a pair of leopard print ankle boots from New Day. These are super cute and comfortable. The heel is a 2.5 block heel and they have a rounded toe. The price is VERY affordable since they are only 34.99. If you are not comfortable wearing a bold leopard print this is a great way to start small.50 IS NOT OLD | FAUX FUR FOR ADDED WARMTHMy chambray shirt is from Old Navy. You will find many ways to wear the shirt, it is very versatile. It has a relaxed fit and it doesn’t shop all the bumps that we would rather keep hidden. It is 100% cotton and is machine washable. Mine is the medium wash but it also comes in a dark and light wash.

The bootcut jeans are Vigoss and I bought them at Maurices. They are a premium denim and will last you for many years. This pair is probably three years old. These jeans are on sale right now for 30% off so now would be a great time to try a pair. They come is short – regular – and long lengths.

50 IS NOT OLD | FAUX FUR FOR ADDED WARMTHI had the privilege to talk with two ladies who live in New Jersey on Saturday about joining Rodan + Fields. I asked them to tell me any objections that they could think of so that I could see if R+F was going to be a good fit for them. Some of their worries were about their own insecurities. One was afraid she wasn’t a salesperson. I quickly put her at ease because you don’t need any sales experience to succeed in this business. We don’t want to “sell” you on the products or the business. We simply share with people the love we feel for R+F and see if it might work for them. The price was also another concern. One was afraid that her friends might think the products were too expensive. I was so glad that she brought that up because it is a common misconception. Most people are used to going to the store and buying 1 product at a time. You can still do that with R+F also, but the regimen bundles are the best value. Let me break it down for you this way. A regimen is 4 products and they will last you for 60 days. (They last me more like 90 days) When purchased as a Preferred Customer (the only way to go) the most expensive regimen is 179.00. Simple math is to divide the 179.00 by the 60 days and you get 2.98 per day. So for 3.00 a day you get 4 products. Let’s divide the 3.00 by 4 and you can see that your product only costs you .75 each. You actually use these products 2 times a day so the cost per use is now down to .37.5. After we addressed this concern she was ready to join the business. Sometimes you just need to let me know what is holding you back. SO, WHAT IS HOLDING YOU BACK???

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  1. So glad you got your heat back on Tania! Our furnace is original to the house which makes it over 20 years old. We just came out of the deep freeze here in Canada with temperatures hitting in the minus 40’s (Celsius) with the wind chill. So I am always crossing my fingers that we still have heat in the morning and our old trusty furnace is still going. Lol.

    Love your furry vest but afraid we would need a parka and some nice warm boots added to the outfit up here!
    Thanks for writing your blog everyday…always love your fashion and humour. Stay warm!

    • Tania Reply

      Gracious, Ruth. If you live in temperatures like that you need a good backup heat ready just in case. That is mind-blowing to me.

  2. I absolutely love this look….fur, leopard and chambray. I wear a lot of vest and I like them because they hide “my bulk”…LOL!!! Yes, you are blessed to have Joe as a handyman. My precious husband is the same way. Glad y’all are warm. ~Lisa~

    • Tania Reply

      Yes, Lisa, I like vests for that reason too. However, fur adds bulk. That is why my little Lucy looks nice and plump until I give her a bath. Once all that hair is wet she is a tiny little thing. Lol!

  3. I own 3 fur vests and get a lot of wear out of them starting on fall. Worn with a long sleeved tee they are great for chilly football games! I don’t use the belt on one of mine either as it makes me feel chopped in half.love your boots and will be on the look out of a pair!! Stay warm and God bless Joe and all our husbands….we really wouldn’t know what to do without you!!!

    • Tania Reply

      That is how I felt too, Kathy. I just feel chopped in half and the worst possible spot. I am thankful for Joe and his abilities. I don’t tell him that near enough.

  4. I always wonder if other people have these issues- we had the recurring icing on the intake for the furnace during a cold spell over Christmas. The output was causing the other pipe to continue to freeze. After thawing several times, my husband put a piece of flex dryer hose to extend the output pipe’s exhaust pattern& it’s been good so far. Thank God for men😘. On another note, I just read that to avoid looking old, we should not wear bulky vests/sweaters with bulky coats. Apparently this ages you. I’m like- do you think these people have lived where it’s below zero for weeks- no one can see your body- or your hair- whatever lol!

    • Tania Reply

      It is supposed to warm up to the 60’s this week and Joe is going to fix the problem where that doesn’t happen again.

  5. Ramona Puckett Reply

    Thank you for breaking it down. I do love the outfit and I’m glad Joe got the heat back on. I just had the water heater and water pipes replaced yesterday. Don’t like the cold weather. Bring on the sun and warmer weather!

    • Tania Reply

      We get a small reprieve from the cold for a day or two this week and then it is right back to the cold.

  6. Alicia Giess Reply

    I love your outfit today!!! The fur vest is adorable on you and I live in my Old Navy chambray shirts. 🙂

  7. Lezlie Gravens Reply

    I’m blessed to have a handy spouse, too! And I love the vest and denim, but I’m from Texas!

  8. Love. Love. Love you outfit. Definitely me. Now to go find a fur vest…..;)

  9. Teresa Spivey Reply

    Love the look on you. I too avoid the bulky vests. Got a few extra pounds and I am short. I really look like a short, chubby, bear in fur vests! Glad you got the furnace going. Too cold for that!!

  10. Jeannie McBride Reply

    Years ago I started wearing one of my husband’s blue chambray workshirts as PJs. Then because I burn very easily, I started using the shirt as a cover-up in the car when we traveled to protect the arm hanging out thee window. (Remember when???) Then I’d wear it as a light jacket or a robe. I’d pack one shirt & be covered for 6 pieces of clothing! LOVE those chambray shirts!

    Love the leopard booties.

    • Tania Reply

      Jeannie, you are really getting a lot of bang for your buck! Way to go!!!

  11. Charlcy Green Reply

    Hey, I love wearing my fu r vest because it’s so warm and coats are a pain. But yes they do as about 20 lbs to my look! Who cares when it’s that cold! Good Job, Joe!! You Look Cute As Always!

  12. We had that problem one time. My husband was working 4 hours away from home, but I called him and told him I had no heat. He called his buddy who came over and got the ice out of the vent. The heat came back on and the next day I went to work. When I got home – there was no heat again!! I had to call the gas company. They came out and told me someone had put a box covering the vent (which did basically the same thing as a layer of ice). Sure enough, my husband’s buddy was looking out for me and didn’t want it to freeze again, so he put the box there to keep it warm!

    • Tania Reply

      Oh, my goodness. At least he tried. Lol! You HAVE to have good airflow or the furnace won’t run.

  13. Tania, you are so adorable. I am loving this vest and don’t worry,it looks FAB on you! I think I am going to have to try those boots.I love them. I will send you a pic when they are here and warming my tootsies. This cold has been miserable, but thank goodness, we have had no heat issues. It’s the first winter in a very long time that we have not had issues. Stay warm!

  14. Excellent look!! How can denim, leopard and fur look so wonderful. All solids, no prints and it is AWESOME! Your story makes me feel double blessed—First ,I live in Florida. Second , I am married to a “Handy-Dan Man” just like your Joe.

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