50 IS NOT OLD | EMBRACE THE NEW YEARHappy New Years!!! 2018 is officially here and I am so excited for the year to begin. I picked my word of the year and it is EMBRACE! I am ready to embrace life, embrace family, embrace adventure, embrace opportunities, embrace work, embrace friends, and embrace change. All of these things come to everyone reading this but we do not always choose to embrace them. It is hard to embrace change when it is not what you want but I am going to make a conscious effort to at least give it a try.50 IS NOT OLD | EMBRACE THE NEW YEARNotice that I didn’t say that I was going to embrace housework. I think I am going to leave that resolution for next year. Lol! You should see my house, it looks like a storm just passed through. We finally got to have Christmas with Joe’s sister and her family. It is a shame that we only live a little over an hour apart and we hardly ever get together. We made a promise that we are going to get together more in the upcoming months even if it means only meeting for dinner somewhere.
50 IS NOT OLD | EMBRACE THE NEW YEARThis medium gray open front cardigan is just the right amount of warmth. It is the “baby bear” of cardigans. Lol! There has been an extremely cold front that has moved through the region but I wore this on the way to Tennessee. In my mind, I was thinking that it would be warmer in Tennessee and that I wouldn’t need a coat. My mind was wrong!!! It was really cold but thankfully my parents think that 78 is the perfect temperature to keep the house. Even at that temperature, my father is known to still sit around in a big puffer coat. I believe that is where I get my cold natured body temperature from. Joe and I got him a new, extremely warm jacket for Christmas and he looked pleased as punch. Whoops, I forgot that I was supposed to be talking about cardigans. Lol!

50 IS NOT OLD | EMBRACE THE NEW YEARI love this embellished tee by Halogen. It was in my Trunk Club shipment this month and I wanted to keep it so badly. BUT, one of the strings that hold all of the embellishments was loose and I was afraid that it would unravel. I actually thought about re-ordering this tee but when I went to the website to check on it they must have already sold out because I couldn’t find it. The reason that I wanted to get this is that it is comfortable like a tee shirt but it looks nice enough to also be special. If I had worn this with a nice pair of black pants or even a red pair, the result would have been very different. Since I couldn’t link to this tee I found some others that you might like. Just click on the picture that you like and it will take you to the store.
50 IS NOT OLD | EMBRACE THE NEW YEARSkinny jeans with just a touch or spandex are my favorite. This Vigoss pair is one that I bought years ago at TJ Maxx. I have several pairs of Vigoss jeans but they are boot cut. It is funny how I never hardly wear jeans in the summer months but I live in jeans in the winter months. I like the skinny cut because I can wear them with one cuff and ankle booties or I can tuck them into knee boots.
50 IS NOT OLD | EMBRACE THE NEW YEARYes, in case you are wondering, you are supposed to leave a small amount of skin showing when you wear ankle boots. As you can see, it was very early and the automatic lights on my porch kept coming on because it sensed movement. The problem with that is that it makes my pictures grainy looking so I apologize for that. I was in a hurry to get on the road but I didn’t want to miss out on taking pictures. The cutie-patootie boots are by Marc Fisher. I had never heard of this brand until a year or so ago and I am loving it now. I have not had one single issue with any of the shoes that I bought from this brand in the past year and a half. That is pretty amazing because I am not one to “coddle” my shoes. I went on a trip with my Energizer Bunny Friend and she had all of her shoes packed in little bags. Not me, they are all thrown in the same bag.

50 IS NOT OLD | EMBRACE THE NEW YEARSince it is the first day of the brand new year I wanted to have a couple giveaways. The first is for new email subscribers only. Everyone who signs up for the email subscription this week will be entered into a drawing for Redefine Multi-Function Eye Cream from Rodan + Fields. The next giveaway will be for a Lottie necklace from Plunder. To enter for that giveaway just comment below one of your resolutions or goals for 2018.

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  1. Happy New Year! I am planning on doing more random acts of kindness.

    • Happy New Year!! I am planning to exercise more!! I am at my desk all day.

    • Charlotte Miller Reply

      Happy New Year! I am going to get myself organized.

  2. Sandy Smith Reply

    Happy New Year! My goal is to eat more veggies
    And drink at least one more glass of water per day.

  3. Maxine Bower Reply

    Happy New Year!!! My first resolution is to lose weight. Big wedding in March and I cannot be this fat!,,Second resolution is to read your blog earlier in the day😎.

  4. I love this look on you. One of my many favorites. In fact, the beginning of the year when I first started following you I copied almost 1/2 of your looks for the first 3 months. And I LOVE those booties, I have them in every color. Thanks for all you share. You have great style, sense of humor, wisdom and the ability to make a story out of any subject. Happy New Year

  5. Happy New Year!!
    I resolve to be a better listener and to walk more.

  6. Dayna Mowbray Reply

    I think my word for 2018 is going to be “Proactive”. I’ve gotten a wee bit “lazy” in a lot of areas of my life. The only way to get back on track is to take charge & get more proactive. Thanks for the chance to win a necklace from Plunder!

  7. Happy New Year! Fitness is my goal for this year. One determined step followed by another.

  8. Patricia D'Hondt Reply

    Happy New Year! I resolve to get out of my easy chair and move more often everyday. I spend too much time there.

  9. Sandy Brennan Reply

    Happy New Year!! My resolution is to unpack and go through everything I moved from Missouri to Georgia. Living with less is my 2018 goal.

  10. Happy New Year Tania!!!! I like your one word. I also like the cozy gray cardigan….great color. I like to say a goal rather than resolution and one of mine is try to take care of myself better. ~Lisa~

  11. Happy New Year! My goal is to get back to my fitness program. I have been off track for a couple of months, so it is time to get back to it.

  12. I want to read the Bible more which will make other aspects of my life better, I do believe. Happy New Year to everyone here, to Tania and family and all the wonderful readers, we are all in this together! Love, Sandy H

  13. As always Tania, thank you for for inspiration. I, too, am going to start to make little changes that will result in big results. The first is to start drinking water again. While I am increasing my water intake, I am going to decrease my diet soda intake. I am ready, 2018!!

  14. Kathy Bolen Reply

    My goal is to embrace eating better doing low carb, embrace reading the bible daily embrace change

  15. Ramona Puckett Reply

    Happy New Year, Tania! My word is generous and I’ve already started using it. I work retail and am on my feet a lot so I bought me a good pair of shoes, spent the day with my sister, we got in some retail therapy! Lol! I’ve learned a lot from your blog and expect to learn more. My goal this year is to grow more with the Lord, be generous, spend more time with family and enjoy this day!

  16. My resolutions are to spend less on myself and donate more, and to curb the sugar consumption. Two weeks ago I decided to stop eating all of the goodies that are offered this time of year and only have one sweet treat with my coffee in the morning. Thus far, it is working and it shows in the midsection. Happy New Year!

  17. Happy New Year Tania! My resolution for this year is to walk, walk, walk! I know it’s a good thing for me, just need to make it a daily routine! 💃🏼💜

  18. I plan to use your ideas of “embracing”…however, still unsure as to whether I should “embrace” my chunky self OR start my Keto diet! LOL

  19. My goal is to believe I deserve to have clothes that fit and look stylish, get some and wear them. Thanks for the inspiration and how tos.

  20. Happy New Year!!! May it be a good year for everyone…my resolution is the eat healthy this year. In order to do that I need to be conscious about what I am eating and not eat mindlessly. I am a stress eater so it’s going to mean new habits!!! I like the tee it is so pretty sorry it didn’t work out for you. Thank you for posting….your blog is something I look forward to everyday. Best….Kathy

  21. Happy New Year to you and your family Tania!!! My goal for this New Year is to be more helpful to others and spend more time in God’s word.

  22. YvonneGiffin Reply

    The tee shirt is perfect! I love it. You always look fabulous!

  23. Lezlie Davis Reply

    I love the embellished tee! My resolution is to take better care of myself.

  24. Julie Shoaf Reply

    I usually don’t do resolutions but have been on diet before Christmas and just want to continue to be healthier! Love your blog! Keep up the great work for all of 50+ ladies.

  25. Marcia Albrecht Reply

    I hope to do more walking, less unhealthy eating and follow my pastor’s guide to reading the Bible in a year.

  26. Happy New Year! Thank you for the wonderful words (& pics) each day. My word is restore.
    . Psalm 51:12 Restore to me the joy of your salvation and grant me a willing spirit to sustain me.
    I want to restore so many areas that I have ignored and build more time with the Lord, friends and family, and finally myself. I want to restore those parts of me that need attention, focusing on restoring a generous and hospitable spirit rather than always choosing the safe, more introverted path!

  27. Happy New Year! One of my goals is to make at least one new friend who is encouraging. I need more encouragement in my life. I am blessed by your blog. Thank you.

  28. Happy New Year! I love reading all the New Year’s Resolutions. Mine is to be mindfull. I think putting a little more thought into everything I do will go a long way. Love your posts and thank you for sharing all that you do.

  29. Ann Claire Reply

    I have several resolutions for the New Year but I think the most important one is to study my Bible every day! I want to draw closer to the Lord in the upcoming months.

  30. Happy New Year! My goal is to do more random acts of kindness throughout the year and volunteer more.

  31. Sheri Chenault Reply

    Happy new year! I need to move more, I have desk job and hard time getting in my steps! Love the cardigan and booties,

  32. Hi Tania!
    I love your word embrace. My goal for this year is to eat healthier. I joined weight watchers to make my goal easier for me.

  33. Happy New Year Tania. Love everything about your outfit, great look! I have many goals under each category; Faith, Family, Fruends.

  34. Laurie Hannus Reply

    I love this outfit! I’m so glad you shared how to style booties and jeans without socks.
    My word is Simplify!
    Going to purge and declutter this year…my closets, drawers, attic, and my brain.
    God bless you!

  35. Happy New Year! My word for 2017 was Embrace – I kept a journal for the year following prompts each month – it worked til August when life got a little busy and I put it at the bottom of my to do pile – but its a new year and Im starting again – my word for 2018 is Grateful – and will be on the first page of my new journal. 🙂

  36. chris acanfora Reply

    I just subbed about a month ago…I don’t make resolutions but I will continue to eat better and continue on my weight loss journey lost fifty pounds twenty more to go fell off during Christmas getting back on today have a happy and healthy new year

  37. Happy New Year! In 2018, I want to make more time for friends who I don’t see much anymore. At this point in my life, I want less stuff and more fun memories!

  38. a vanderven Reply

    Happy New Year do make resolutions anymore want to avoid guilt for not being able to keep them!!!!

  39. Carolyn Piland Reply

    Happy New Year!!! My resolution is to use little or no technology on Tuesdays!! Family game night– the old fashioned way, reading a book together, sharing a special family dinner that night are on the list to help fill the time!! Back to the basics of real communication!!

  40. Happy New Year. So exciting to begin a brand new year, month, and week today. Can’t wait to see what 2018 brings.

  41. Happy New Year! My goal is to make living healthier a way of life – more walking, more water, and LESS SUGAR in my diet! Good luck to everyone with your 2018 goals!! We can do this!!!!

  42. Happy New year! My resolution for this year is to pick up in the house daily…. we’ll see…

  43. Ginger johnson Reply

    This is one if the cutest outfits..simple but not sloppy. I definitely could see me doing something like this. Love your other “looks” but for a retired stay at home..most are too foofoo 😘
    Bring just a bit “over 60”…I do try to spiff it up when going out..even if it’s only to Walmart. I started wearing some of my jewelry again and my Mahjongg group did comment!
    Happy new year to you and your family. Enjoy your adventures and all the positive encouragement.

  44. I want to also embrace the new year. I’m excited about what God is doing in my life and family. We had an extremely hard year, but God is always faithful. Happy New Year!

  45. Be a better person by NYE 2018, read Bible verse daily, boost servings of veggies. Happy new year!

  46. Rhonda Johnson Reply

    Happy New Year Tania! My word for the new year is joy. “I have told you these things so that you will be filled with joy. Yes your joy will overflow!”John 15:11

  47. Happy New Year. My resolution is to read more books. I love to read but never make the time.

  48. One of my resolutions is to put more effort into how I dress! I recently lost over 65 pounds and I want to learn how to use clothes and make up to accent what I have, as opposed to hiding behind them.

  49. Traci Fuller Reply

    My resolutions are to eat healthier and to be kinder in my thoughts and actions towards others.

  50. Teresa Spivey Reply

    Wow, just read all the comments…some really good ones. I am using the 30 day approach you suggested and January goals are to be more thankful each day, lose 1 pound per week, walk 5 days a week. Small goals, but maybe I won’t be kicking myself at the end of January for throwing in the towel!! Cute outfit! Love the gray.

  51. Valerie Quigley Reply

    My goal for 2018 is to choose joy every day. So many things have gotten me down in 2017 and I found myself succumbing to feeling sorry for myself. I had to purposely think about something positive every day to keep myself out of depression. It’s a new year and I will find something to be joyous about in every single day.

  52. My 2018 word is Energy. Positive energy, fitness energy, health energy. Energy – to obtain my goals.

  53. This outfit looks exactly like something I love to wear. From running errands to taking care of the grandkids, just works for me. Happy New Year, and I am going to try and stop worrying so much which just creates my anxiety. Hand it over to God is my new saying to myself for 2018☺️

  54. My main resolution for 2018 is to connect more with family and friends. We’ve had a bump 2017, with illnesses and death being especially difficult this year. Life is too short, so I’m resolve to talk, write and visit more often.

  55. Cindy Nowlin Reply

    My resolution is to be more active. I love this outfit. Exactly what I would wear. Happy New Year.

  56. My resolution is to spend more time with friends and family. My husband are making a list today of people we want to have over or meet for dinner. Even though many if our 8 children live in town family dinners are usually just holidays or birthday. We plan to invite whoever is available over for dinner once a month. We have lost several of our dear friends on our church family this past year. Just a good reminder that we never know when the Lord will call us home too

  57. My resolution….Read my Tania, 50 is not old blog everyday of 2018!!

  58. Shar Holder Reply

    Thanks for the reminder to embrace new things. As we get older and more set in our ways we have to consciously choose to embrace changes. I join you this year in embracing new things. I am also Thankful for all I have. I will try to embrace that and not wish for more.
    Happy New Year!

  59. Been reading your blog for almost a year now. Although I am well beyond age 50, I love your style and most of it works for me. My resolution — be the best I can be!

  60. Resolved: healthy eating, meaning more clean foods, try to eliminate processed foods. Happy 2018,

  61. Happy New Year Tania! I love this style.. comfy but polished. I am going to try that brand of jeans and boots! My resolution is to cut back on sugar.. I eat way too much sugar.. and to volunteer more… to help those in need. May God continue to bless you. I look forward to your blog daily. You are an inspiration! Carla

  62. Jeannie McBride Reply

    My goal is to TRUST God more. I tend to pray about problems & situations & then take them back to worry over instead of leaving them with God.

  63. Diana Smith Reply

    Thank you for creating this wonderful blog. I have followed you for quite awhile but I dont think Ive ever commented. My resolution for 2018 is to be more positve about my aging as you are. You are a real person and a friend to all your followers. Thank you.

  64. Charlcy Green Reply

    Happy New Year Tania! Cute t-shirt and too bad you couldn’t keep it. You must sonically a ton of time doing research for all your links and we appreciate you!! I don’t know how you find all those other links! My word for the year is gratitude and I got bit from your link to the new journal and study book! I am grateful today for my health for another new year! And I am grateful for you! I do look forward to your posts! My hope didn’t He year is to find a good man to share my life with.

  65. Charlcy Green Reply

    I meant my hope is to find a good man this year to share my life with.

  66. Happy New Year, Tania! My word for the year is Pray and I resolve to learn more about why we pray so that I will want to do so more than I do now.

  67. My word for 2018 is CHANGE. Like you, I’m going to embrace change instead of fight it. Not quite sure how God is going bring change into my life, but I’m going to make small changes in the way I eat, exercise, spend my time, etc. A big redwood tree starts out from a very small seed, so I know big changes are going to happen. Thanks for the chance to win a Lottie necklace. Blessings, Sherry

  68. michele meece Reply

    Hello, I love your style! You have helped me “up my game” style wise but I’m nowhere as put together as you are! Haha. Thank you for all your inspiration! Happy New Year!

  69. My resolution is to be more tolerant. My daughter, her husband and two young children moved in with us while trying to sell their house and buy a new one. It is very hard since we have been empty nesters for over 10 years. Sort of like the God grant me patience, right now. 😉

  70. I have the same resolution this year as last year because I sort of forgot I was supposed to do it after just a short while. I am going to try again. It sounds silly, but I want to be more like… Dolly Parton! She always seems to be so warm, loving, and accepting of people, and it shows. I don’t know if it’s real or just for TV, but she manages to radiate a Christ-like love for everyone. I want to focus on trying to offer people that kind of warmth, love, and acceptance.

  71. Terry Higgins Reply

    My New “Life” resolutions include being more forgiving, patient and loving. Especially to my hubby!

  72. Happy New Year, Tania. Love the cardigan & jeans. Really the whole outfit. I’ve been working on a word I had chosen previously and will continue to but Embrace is something I need to do too. Especially change. I’ve got a lot of that coming this year, good & bad. So wish me luck.

  73. Happy New Year Tania🎊 My word for the new year is Kindness and reaching out to help others😊

  74. Happy New Year to you and your family. I love your word Embrace and mine is Connect which I hope to do with extended family this year as we all live so far apart. My resolution this year is to try a new restaurant in our area once a month. We have great restaurants around us but we choose our favorites over and over. I’m ready to find some new favorites. I completely rocked buying only secondhand and ethical and sustainable clothing for all of 2017 so I am going to continue that one as well.

  75. Happy New Year! My word is “purpose”. I am somewhat newly ( very early) retired and am ready for my next “purpose”. Prayerful and trying to be deliberate are goals I have set to achieve my word. God Bless you in 2018! Julie

  76. Jspoth1@roadrunner.com Reply

    I’m going to exercise more….start with walking my pups twice a day then increasing as tolerated. Im also going to be more tolerant and grateful for my wonderful God given life!

  77. My new years resolution is to not be so hard on myself. Quit worrying about that few extra pounds. Not saying yes to something even though the thought of it makes me very unhappy. I will be kind to everyone. Can I keep my word of the year from last year? It is my favorite work, Serenity. It is what I crave. Happy New Year Tania! Love you and your blog!

  78. Sandy Stevens Reply

    I’m really good at pinning projects that I want to try on Pinterest but no so good actually doing the project. So my resolution is to stop pinning and start doing!

  79. Jacqueline Reply

    Happy New Year to everyone.
    This year I am going to remember that there are times when I need to button my lip and think before I speak.
    2018 will be a time for mending hurt feelings (mine and others)

  80. Happy New Year! Love your outfit! My goal is to focus more on the present❤️

  81. Beckie Beiro Reply

    Happy New Year!! To continue on my weight loss journey! I still have quite a lot of pounds to go!

  82. Debra Bailey Reply

    Happy New Year!! My goal is to exercise more and eat healthy.

  83. Sandy Dunbar Reply

    Happy New Year. My goal for this year is to slow down and take more time to enjoy things.

  84. I want to finally clean out the basement and garage this year! Still have leftover things in them from family members who asked us to have garage sales for them when they moved years ago!

  85. I am a quilter, and When my husband and I moved (& downsized!!) earlier this year, I was forced to come face-to-face with my entire fabric stash. The reality of it has had me frozen in a holding pattern since July! A new year is the perfect time to attack rhose storage totes — I have decided to sew 30 minutes a day, and see how many projects I can complete using only the materials I already have.

  86. Virginia Crozier Reply

    Happy New Year! I resolve to eat healthy in this new year.

  87. Happy New Year, Tania and family! this year I hope to get back to genealogy work & print and share info with my family. Right now it’s all in my head, LOL, with much of it also in my family tree program, and tons of papers are stuffed in a drawer. I need to get my act together, so my family knows exactly who we are descended from.


  88. Kimberly Noonan Reply

    Happy New Year! My resolution for 2018 is to spend more time with friends and family. Life is to short and I don’t ever want regrets that I didn’t try hard enough to spend time with loved one and to make precious memories.

  89. Sue Larson Reply

    Going to try to be less critical of myself and others in 2018!

  90. Julia Rodriguez Reply

    Happy New Year, Tania! I’m hoping to eat healthier, be more active, and most importantly share God’s love. I enjoy your posts every day.

  91. Happy New Year! My resolution is to be healthier in 2018…exercise , drink more water and sleep more. Thank you for your wonderful posts. So inspiring.

  92. Happy New Year, Tania! My goal is to start keeping a prayer journal. Our church started today with 21 days of prayer and fasting, so it melds perfectly.

  93. Happy New Year. Love the cardigan. I have one that is similar and I love it. I plan on eating less and moving more. Every little bit helps.

  94. Happy New Year Tania! My goal this year is to be a better me…health, attitude, spiritually, and in every way.

  95. Michaelene Reply

    To read my bible in a year and to take one day at a time

  96. Holly Mullenix Reply

    I have 2 Resolutions for 2018. My first is to be on time for everything. No matter what I do I run 15 mins behind. I guess huge Character flaw. 🤔 My second is to share Thrive with everyone. #GPOT

  97. Happy New Year, Tania! My goal this year is to focus on my word for the year and act accordingly. My word is UNSTOPPABLE. I’ve let so many things hold me back and this year I will look at each day and it’s possibilities and really charge ahead and try some things that before I would have ignored. So many opportunities each day, just gotta grab ’em.

  98. Susan Johnson Reply

    Tania, your style and blog is helping me be a better shopper. I enjoy reading it! My one word for 2018 is listen. I plan to visit a different older woman in our church family once each week to listen and garner their pearls of wisdom as they made their way through their journey of living, loving, service, suffering and joy. Happy New Year!

  99. HiTania
    I am your brand new follower for my new 2018 resolution!
    Love your style! I am 62 , but I think 62 is not old !
    Have fabulous 2018 !

  100. Paula Nelson Reply

    I plan to eat better, move more and shop my closet instead of shopping. If I eat better and move more I have a new store opening in my closet!! Lol!!!

  101. I didn’t make any resolutions this year but my goal is to go to Jamaica this year!

  102. Happy 2018! No procrastination! I swear I leave everything for tomorrow and of course tomorrow comes and I’m a HOT MESS! So… this is the year to do things NOW and “embrace” everything. Love your blog!

  103. Happy New Year! So enjoy your posts and look forward to them. My resolution is to prepare healthier meals and eat together more as a family.

  104. Vicki Sincell Reply

    So sorry about your Beckley. Resolutions…read my Bible everyday.

  105. Amy Shroyer Reply

    Resolutions for me this year …. practice gratitude every day, return to exercising for my health and well being, being a bit more organized at home with meal plans, etc.

  106. pdoetaydoe Reply

    I really need to get a pair of skinny jeans, you have inspired me! My 2018 Resolution is to get my step goal in each day no matter what, even if it means walking around in front of my TV in the winter because it’s too cold outside.

  107. Happy New Year Tania! I like your word Embrace! My resolutions is to eat healthier and lose weight. I know, it’s so cliche, but I need to do it!

  108. Lee Warriner Reply

    My resolution is to do something fun once a month with my precious friends!

  109. Laurie Lutz Reply

    Hi Tania, I am new to your blog & I just love it. I signed up for your emails recently. My resolution for 2018 is to get this whole fashion thing down once & for all! Happy New Year! 🎊

  110. Happy New Year!! My resolution is to be more Thankful for each and everyday and don’t sweat the small stuff!!


    I’m so sorry for the loss of your adorable Beckley. It’s so sad to lose a pet. For resolutions, I plan to get stronger little by little with diet and exercise. I also am going to try to socialize more.

  112. Happy New Year! I want to keep up with my daily devotions by reading the Forward Day by Day little booklet on the table by my bed. I’ll finish each day thinking about the meditation to better understand God’s journey for me. Thank you!

  113. Happy New Year! One of mine is to read more fiction. I find myself reading all sorts of non-fiction and don’t find time to escape through a good non-fiction book. One year I had a goal of 40 books – which I reached! This year, I’m not going to be as ambitious, but I will make time for reading each week.

  114. I’m not a fan of New Year’s resolutions but I intend to live life more boldly by leaning on the power of God. I have wasted so much time being timid and overthinking EVERYTHING. I hate timid! I hate fear! I especially hate overthinking! (BUT I love the Lottie necklace! 😉 ) I guess that you could say that my intention is to live with intention. Wait… you know what they say about the road to hell…. does that mean that I’m doubling down on the road to hell? LOL Oh crap, that’s overthinking! LOL

  115. Happy New Year! I am planning on staying positive and keeping my closet full of fun items!!!

  116. I don’t particularly like resolutions, so I try to set “goals.” My goal this year was for more organization in my life. I’ve already cleared out my closet, re-organized my entire sewing/craft room and am working on my goal of creating a business casual work appropriate capsule wardrobe. So excited to have found your website – I love your description of what your style is, it is along the same lines as mine and the outfit pictures I’ve seen so far are beautiful. Can’t wait to peruse some of your older posts!

  117. Deborah Todd Reply

    Great, great look in you!

    I plan on thinking more about my words before I speak and blurt them out!!

  118. Happy New Year! I plan to spend less and only purchase what is absolutely necessary!

  119. Happy New Year to everyone! I plan to embrace technology and learn how technology can benefit me.

  120. I have two goals. One for physical health – eat more veggies and less sugar. The other is for physical health – be kinder to everyone, even that jerk who just shut the door in my face. I obviously have a way to go on that one!

  121. Lory Lyles Reply

    For me this year my prayer is to embrace every aspect of my life by being in the moment. Usually I am only partly present because the other part of me is thinking about all the other things that need to be done. I want to simplify and enjoy life. Happy New Year!

  122. I have promised myself to send more snail mail notes/letters out. I will also decorate the envelope for the post person so they can enjoy the effort. I also want to start using up my quilt material stash by making lap quilts, putting aside and be ready to give out as the opportunity arises.

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