50 IS NOT OLD | WHAT WAS IN MY TRUNK CLUB BOXI knew that I was going to be having a procedure done this week that could possibly make me not feel the best. So, I decided to actually do a post ahead of time. This is pretty much a first for me, I can’t seem to ever do posts ahead of time. But, I have recently shown you two items from a recent Trunk Club shipment I received and so I thought I would tell you about my experience and show you what came in my order.50 IS NOT OLD | WHAT WAS IN MY TRUNK CLUB BOX This sweater didn’t make the cut for me. Turtlenecks are not a look that I particularly like for me. I have too much going on under my chin to have it framed with extra material. That is the reason that I will look for v-neck tops when at all possible. This sweater was nice and heavy and it was the perfect length to wear with leggings or skinny jeans.50 IS NOT OLD | WHAT WAS IN MY TRUNK CLUB BOX This did fit true to size and I liked the way it hugged my body without being too tight. It is a cotton blend and is supposed to be hand washed and laid flat to dry. It comes in two more colors and the material has a marbled effect. This does come in petite and plus sizes also. 50 IS NOT OLD | WHAT WAS IN MY TRUNK CLUB BOX I would have kept this top in a heartbeat but it was too big for me. It says that it runs true to size but this is a large and I could have worn a medium. This is by Halogen which is the brand of the other two tops that I did keep. This top has a v-neck, which I love, and it is 100% polyester. The care is machine wash and lay flat to dry.50 IS NOT OLD | WHAT WAS IN MY TRUNK CLUB BOX These sleeves are what makes the top. They are a big statement!!! I love the velvet tie on the sleeve. This top also comes in two more patterns.I am not sure that you can see because I am in my bedroom but the background color is ivory. 50 IS NOT OLD | WHAT WAS IN MY TRUNK CLUB BOX I loved this top too but once again it was too big. It also says that it fits true to size. Apparently, Halogen’s sizes and my normal sizes are not the same. Lol! I normally order a size large when I order online but if I ever order from this brand I will size down. The easy-going style is what one of the things I like about this top. I love the way it cinches on the side and I love the color and print also. This top comes in several different colors and patterns.50 IS NOT OLD | WHAT WAS IN MY TRUNK CLUB BOX This is a top that you would wear anywhere. You have to put on a top every day so why not make it one that is stylish? This is machine washable and line dry. It is 100% polyester and you can see that even though it had been bundled up that it looks great. That is for those of you like me who hate ironing. Lol!50 IS NOT OLD | WHAT WAS IN MY TRUNK CLUB BOX This swiss dot top is on the frilly side. This top will appeal to those who like romantic clothing. It has ruffles and flowy appeal to it. I think it is once again to big for me but I probably wouldn’t have kept it because of the neckline. I love the sleeves and the pattern but the neckline was a big NO for me.50 IS NOT OLD | WHAT WAS IN MY TRUNK CLUB BOX I am afraid that this top might not work for large chested women either. I really, really wanted to make this top work for me because I love the overall effect. I would just like it better for someone else. The top is 100% polyester and machine washable and line dry.50 IS NOT OLD | WHAT WAS IN MY TRUNK CLUB BOX I know several of you have loved the army green military style vests that I have worn before. This vest is a heavier version than the one that I have. This ran true to size and fit me fine. I did see that if you were between sizes that you should size down. The military look is really trendy right now and very much in style.50 IS NOT OLD | WHAT WAS IN MY TRUNK CLUB BOX You can see the pockets and hardware better in this picture.The vest is 100% cotton and it is machine washable and also able to be put in the dryer on low. This does also come in petite for those who worry about it being too long. 50 IS NOT OLD | WHAT WAS IN MY TRUNK CLUB BOX This sweater had the trendy bell sleeves also. I was made by a different brand called Leith. I liked the color and I “wanted” to like the top but I was just blah about it. I am not sure why it fit alright. It just didn’t do anything for me. This is a color that normally looks good with my eyes and coloration but I just couldn’t make myself say yes to it.50 IS NOT OLD | WHAT WAS IN MY TRUNK CLUB BOX I might have liked it better if I had tried it on with a different pair of pants. That does make a difference but I was getting tired by the time I got to this sweater so I just said, “nope” and kept going. It was a soft sweater and felt good on. It is a hand wash only and lay flat to dry sweater.50 IS NOT OLD | WHAT WAS IN MY TRUNK CLUB BOX Too big. That seemed to be the theme with this trunk this month. Even if this colorblocked cardigan had fit perfectly I probably wouldn’t have kept it. This was very cozy and warm but I needed some color. My sister would probably be saying, “give it to me” because she loves her black items. This is 100% acrylic and is a hand wash and dry flat cardigan. I could only find this in PLUS sizes, maybe that is why it was too big for me.50 IS NOT OLD | WHAT WAS IN MY TRUNK CLUB BOX The mule shoe is really starting to get popular this season. I have not been a huge fan just yet, it might take me a while to embrace this look. I love the ease of the mule but I usually feel like I am going to lose my shoe at any given time. I did like the style of this shoe and it fit perfectly. If they had sent me the suede mustard or red version of this shoe they probably would still be at my house. Lol!!! Those colors look gorgeous in this shoe. I already have too many black leather shoes to be tempted by this one. Hahaha50 IS NOT OLD | WHAT WAS IN MY TRUNK CLUB BOX Now, this did tempt me. I wanted to say yes to this soooo bad. I LOVED this coat, everything about it. It fit me PERFECTLY, I loved the white trim on the placket and it was just the perfect weight. It was heavy enough to wear in the coldest weather or at least the coldest that it gets here in Virginia. Why didn’t I keep the coat, you ask??? Because I never “wear” a coat. I debated over and over with myself about this. I wanted this the most of anything in the trunk but I knew that I would not get enough wear from it to justify the cost. Evidently, everyone else loved the coat too because it is SOLD OUT. I knew I should have kept that coat!50 IS NOT OLD | WHAT WAS IN MY TRUNK CLUB BOXSo far I am well pleased with Trunk Club. When you sign up you share information about what you like and your style. You input your size and then you tell them how much you would like to spend. You can pick from a wide range. Then you decide how often you would like a shipment. Mine is set to monthly right now but I can edit that to every other month or even to that I will let them know when I want something. I will take a while for your stylist to understand your style so each month the shipment should start looking more and more like your style. When I send something back I will comment why I am sending it back. It is super easy to send it back. You log in and click on your trunk. All the items will show up and then you say keep or send back. At the end, you tell it to schedule your pick-up and UPS will come to your house and pick it up. They include the return label and also the two piece of tape that you need to put on the box. Returns are free. It is $20.00 for the stylist fee and that amount comes off of the first item you purchase. If you would like to try this service then, go here to sign-up.

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  1. Katy Crannell Reply

    I’ll take your trunk club pick! Loved all the clothes and the shoes! Lol. Good luck today.

    • Tania Reply

      Katy, the clothes were gorgeous. I would have kept more if they had fit correctly.

  2. The day of your colonoscopy, you may not want to title your blog posting “What was in my trunk…”. Thanks for the chuckle

  3. I have been considering shopping this way but hate the idea of returns. Thank you for sharing. Some of the ones you returned were lovely! Did you like the overall quality? Was a stylist easy to work with or did you just give your size and answer a few on line questions? Hope your procedure went ok and you are feeling better!!! One of your best posts ever!!!! Best

    • Tania Reply

      Kathy, I am in the same boat as you. I HATE doing returns but they make it sooo easy. You simply put the items back in the box, stick the label on the box, use the two pieces of tape, and go online and say what you are keeping and returning and schedule the pickup. It literally takes 5 minutes. The quality is way better than what I am used to. Of course, that means the prices are some higher than I am used to also. My stylist is great and she would be better if “I” was better. It is hard to say exactly what you like but it is easy to say what I don’t like once it comes. She will eventually figure it out even with my lack of help. Lol!

  4. Brenda Nash Reply

    Hope all goes well with your procedure Tania. I will be praying for you!

  5. Clark Mule shoes are the BEST! I have troublesome feet..the Pigeon Forge, Tn. outlet is a good place to get them at good prices. I have one pair of Merrell mules which are also comfortable. Being able to wear them all day comfortably is important to me. Lots of cute tops in your trunk. You would look cute in a burlap sack! Your attitude and the way you carry yourself is the key!

  6. Good luck today! I’m curious about this new venture and I clicked on the link you provided and I’m going to check this out. There seems to be a couple of versions of this business model including products for pets and golf clothes! I love how you model the clothes for us thanks!

  7. I bought those shoes this fall. I love them and they are so comfortable. Might have to look into this…. I liked your picks. Good job!

  8. Oh Tania! You should of kept the Coat! It looks so nice on you, and it’s so unique! I just love it! 💜😍

  9. Linda owens Reply

    I enjoy your site so very much. I hope you have a full recovery soon. I am praying for you.
    Linda Owens

  10. Wow…that coat was a stunner. And if you lived where I live, you would probably wear a coat a lot!! But it is what it is, so better to send it back and let someone who really would wear it, have it!!

  11. Cindy DeBenning Reply

    Like Nancy because of your blog title today I thought you were going to talk about your procedure! Lol!

  12. Lezlie Gravens Reply

    I like how you describe clothes even when they are not right for you! I too, am still on the fence about mules. I bought a pair through Catos, one of your favorite haunts, so they are inexpensive but still trendy. Keep up the good work! 😉

  13. First of all, I pray all goes well today. I have been told that 50 is the magic number for a colonoscopy. However, due to a few issues, I had one done when I was 48. Thank the Lord, everything was normal and no polys found either. I will say the “prep work” before the procedure was worse than the procedure. Second, I know you are not crazy about some of the items that you received but the teal bell sleeve top is my favorite. It looks beautiful on you. ~Lisa~

  14. Michele T. Reply

    I really like the turtleneck and higher necklines on you. I think they are face framing and show off your smile.
    Thank you for sharing every piece and why they did or didn’t work for you.

  15. Melesa Garrison Reply

    Thanks for sharing the things they sent you. Man, there was a lot of clothes in there. I like the teal looking sweater on you, but wasn’t crazy about most of it. I personally thought the coat looked like a bathrobe. I’m not trying to be rude, just honest. I think you do way better on your own. I always like your clothes. ;-D
    Hope you are feeling well today after your fun day yesterday…Yikes :-0

  16. First off, I want to say good luck with the colonoscopy!. I do agree with everything you said about the clothes you showed on the post. However, I ordered, and am waiting to see the fit on the same Halogen Bell Sleeve velvet Brush tie top from Nordstroms on sale for $35.40. I Ordered it in a large also! Oh well, we shall see!

  17. June Zimmerle Reply

    You look best in beautiful bright colors. This stuff made you look so drab. Of course, that is the artist in me talking! Winter is drab enough without wearing its colors. Think you look beautiful in wines and purples. Also, have you checked out Stitch Fix? You might like it.

  18. Hope all went well with your procedure today. Who is your Trunk Club stylist.

  19. Julia purtill Reply

    I agreed with all your decisions in the shop by mail delivery. I can’t wear a coat either! Aggggh! Too confining! It was so good to hear your decision making processes. Here’s hoping your procedure went well and you got to your office work this afternoon. If not, do it tomorrow. The world will still be turning on its axis!!!

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