50 IS NOT OLD | BOX PLEAT AND RUFFLESI hope you are having a wonderful Monday. Monday does get a bad rap just because it is the first day of the work week. If you love your job then Monday’s are not that bad. If you are retired then you might not even be aware that it IS Monday. Lol! I know when I am on vacation or if I take a long weekend break that I will start to forget what day it is. I have often wondered how you would be able to keep up with the days once you retire. Some of you will have to give me some insight because I am clueless. 50 IS NOT OLD | BOX PLEAT AND RUFFLESI am on starvation row today. I have a diet of clear liquids so that means I am able to eat broth, jello, popsicles, apple or white grape juice, sprite, etc. That means the DREADED colonoscopy is scheduled for tomorrow. I have heard lots of stories about this procedure from, “It is no big deal” to “It was the worst procedure I ever had and I will not ever have it again.” So, I am expecting something in between those two remarks. I had planned on taking the entire day off and coming home to the privacy of my home. But, that is not going to happen. I forgot that we moved the date we do payroll and I HAVE to go to work and do that. I think there would be a mutiny if I didn’t go in. Now my plans are to be at the hospital by 7:00 am and I don’t plan on going to work until around noon. That will give me plenty of time to do the payroll so let’s just hope my body cooperates.50 IS NOT OLD | BOX PLEAT AND RUFFLESI am loving this very classy looking top. It is thick and rich feeling. This is made in a boxy style so there will be no bumps or bulges showing. The box pleat ruffle adds elegance as well as feminity to the look. I love that this top will be one that you can wear all year long. I have it styled with jeans but it is dressy and would look great with slacks also. This was the second item that I kept from my Trunk Club shipment. This is also my favorite item that I have gotten from any of the shipments that I have gotten from Trunk Club and also StitchFix. It is by Halogen which is the brand of the other top (HERE) I kept from this shipment. This top comes in black and red also so I am including a picture of those for you.

50 IS NOT OLD | BOX PLEAT AND RUFFLESThis is one of my favorite sets of Plunder jewelry. It is over-the-top gorgeous!!! You can purchase this as a set or individually. This necklace is as bold as they come. It is called the Natalie. If you can not wear a heavier necklace then this is not for you. I am surprised that I can wear this necklace because I normally can not wear anything heavy. This can be dressed up or down, it is up to you. I even wore it on the beach. (HERE) The matching bracelet is not as heavy and it is called, Flora. The earrings are the Lacey. They are not heavy either so I am not sure why the necklace is so much heavier. 50 IS NOT OLD | BOX PLEAT AND RUFFLESI am amazed at how well you can see the grain of the leather on this purse. The tassel is what really makes the purse but it is really thick and very nice even if it didn’t have the tassel. This is by GILI and when I first bought the purse I had never heard of that brand. Remember, I am isolated from any “real” shopping so I am not privy to a lot of brands. I have several purses made by this brand and some clothing items also and so far I am exremely pleased with all of my purchases.

50 IS NOT OLD | BOX PLEAT AND RUFFLESThe dark jeans are the Diana from Kut From The Kloth. They were is a StitchFix box that I got and I have worn them soooo much. I love the darker color and they fit me like a dream. I know that jeans are a hit or miss with most brands but Kut From The Kloth seems to hit way more than they miss. I am linking a misses, plus, and a petite version for you. I like the darker wash color because I think they look dressier than the lighter wash versions.

50 IS NOT OLD | BOX PLEAT AND RUFFLESSo, I got this email on Friday: Congrats Tania! You’ve officially earned a spot on our R+F Team Lake Retreat & Spa Weekend next month! Your incredible leadership and passion for helping others are creating huge success for you and your team and I CAN’T WAIT to celebrate and spoil you for all your hard work! The countdown is on to an amazing weekend on beautiful Lake Oconee!That was a very nice surprise. First I win a 50″ TV and then I come home and this is on my Facebook timeline. I should have gone out and bought a couple lottery tickets. Lol! Well, I have got to run (get it – bathroom humor) but I hope to see you tomorrow.

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  1. It will be just fine !, I’ve had 2 no problem you will be fine to go to work by noon 👍🏻

  2. Love the top. Completely understand about the colonoscopy. Mine is scheduled for Thursday. It will be fine, so don’t worry. My biggest problem is drinking that stuff. Ugh!

  3. Cristina Downey Reply

    By the time you read this it will probably be over so good luck with the colonoscopy! I’ve had two. This last one they found two small benign polyps which is great but it means I will need another one in 5 years but this is a life saving procedure. Not a fan of the prep but the anesthesia is the best sleep I ever get. I happen to wake up feeling refreshed from it although not sure doing payroll is a great idea…they better check their paychecks carefully this week, lol! Good luck and as always you look wonderful and congrats on the spa win!!!

  4. Best of luck with your procedure. The hardest part is the day before. Truly.

  5. Don’t worry about that procedure! I’ve had 2 because I have a strong history of cancer in my family. The prep is the worst part. I look at it as a day off of work with a really good nap! 💤

  6. Sharon Ferguson Reply

    Good Luck Tania, so important to bring attention to the need for colonoscopy after age 50. It was my experience that the procedure itself was easy because I was given a twilight medication before the start and could have cared less what they did😬 The “prep” however was a different story!!!! Drinking all that icky stuff and staying pretty much in the bathroom for hours was awful. After the procedure I was woozy for awhile and needed my hubby to drive me home. The good part was knowing I got a good report and in good health, so in the end (pun intended) it’s worth it.

  7. The procedure is no big deal…the prep is a different story 🤢 for the past three years I’ve had to have a colonoscopy every six months because of pre-cancerous polyps. My last procedure (last month) was finally clear. Whoho I don’t have to have one for three years now! On the up side it is a quick way to drop a couple pounds 😉
    Praying yours is clear also.
    BTW Monday is my favorite day of the week that is since I retired 🙂

  8. You look beautiful in white, I love that top on you! I’m right behind you with the clear diet – my day is tomorrow. I look at it as a cleansing diet, you’ll loose a few lbs!! Congratulations on being selected for your spa retreat, I can’t wait to hear about it!

  9. Having my colonoscopy today! Can’t wait to eat again. Love the outfit

  10. Love, love, love the top! Congratulations on your success with Rodan and Fields!!!! Colonoscopy will be a piece of cake, which is what you’ll be hoping for after eating jello and broth and that nasty liquid for 24 hours 🇨🇦

  11. As a colon cancer survivor, I applaud you for having this procedure done. In my experience, the prep is the worst part. Is it fun? No, but it saved my life. I’ve had several and will have another in a few months. Good luck! Love the blouse, by the way!

  12. The drugs used for the procedure are amnesia inducing- so you are unaware but can still respond to requests like, roll to the left. It takes a good few hours to wear off-your clarity will be affected so be careful with numbers-cheers!

  13. Glenda Braun Reply

    Prayers your way. Let me know how it is. I am to have one.

  14. Ramona Puckett Reply

    Congratulations on the spa weekend and I will pray your procedure will show good results and I love the outfit!

  15. Best of luck Tania, I like to think of the colposcopy as a time to start over and treat my body with respect-since the procedure cleans you out totally!! I pray you will be fine-I was able to go back to work after. Keep up your positive attitude!

  16. I’ve had two, and found the procedure to be no big deal. Of course no one likes the prep, but knowing how important the test is, is what I focus on. As other gals have said, you may lose a few pounds! 🎉

  17. You look absolutely gorgeous! Love the outfit!…. especially the blouse!! I think I must purchase that today!! Prayers for your test to go well. I totally agree the prep is the worst part!! I’m sure you will do fine. Congrats on the spa retreat! Carla

  18. I have a dreaded fear of the doctor and any medical procedure and I made it thru it just fine. I admit I cried walking in the door but I survived😄. I told myself the test was for my family not me. How guilty I would feel if I could prevent illness. I love your white top. You just “stand out” in white. Take care!!!

  19. Laura Peyton Reply

    It is so worth any discomfort! I am the poster child for prevention! During my colonoscopy they found a carcinoid tumor (cancer) & removed it before I even knew I had it! So early, no further action! It is so important to take care of yourself.Good job for being proactive!

  20. My husband had his first colonoscopy last week. The fasting was the hardest part for him. The procedure was easy and only took about 30 minutes. He was groggy and tired for the rest of the day and was not supposed to drive a car for 24 hours. Be sure to have someone drive you to work!

  21. Colonoscopy – no big deal – but I usually need an hour or two nap afterwards to let the anesthesia wear off.

  22. Theresa Caudillo Reply

    Love this outfit! I am really into tops that can either be dressed up or left more casual. I also am really into 3/4 length sleeves that don’t need to be rolled up. However the one thing I was disappointed in ,was you didn’t mention your shoes. Those caught my eye right after the top. Are they a current brand?

    • Tania Reply

      They are several years old, Theresa. I think they were by Sole Society.

  23. I pray that by the time I am typing this you are DONE and feeling fine. I usually take a friend of mine for hers (she’s divorced) and we go out for breakfast after b/c she’s always starving!

    This top is the cutest! I think I have a “bell sleeve problem.” I have so many that I need to stop buying them! LOL

  24. Good luck on your test today. Your outfit is adorable. How do you manage your wardrobe if you are adding pieces continuously? I could shop constantly but only have so much room in my closet…..LOL!

    • Tania Reply

      I have expanded into the rooms my kids have abandoned. Lol! Also, every so often I go through them and give away a lot of items.

  25. Donna Nance Reply

    Tania, you look fabulous in this outfit! Classic, simple and chic…perfect. Kudos for getting your colonoscopy…it’s not all that bad in the scheme of tests (better than an MRI, imho), and can be life-saving. The little “cocktail” they give you beforehand makes it a breeze. Your body will tell you when you are ready to get up and move around. xoxo

  26. Teresa McMillan Reply

    The worst of it is over by the time you get to the hospital. I had my second one last Monday. I would take the rest of the day off though…

  27. I love the beautiful white top! Another classy and sassy look.
    My son-in-law was diagnosed with stage 1 colon cancer at the age of 34. He had surgery, no chemo or radiation. Thankful it was caught in the early stage. Good luck with your test!
    Congratulations on your spa treatment win and the TV!

    • Tania Reply

      That is wonderful, Linda. I know that I should have had this done way before now.

  28. HiTania. Kut from Kloth jeans are some of my favorites. They fit so well. I like the dark color as well. Colonoscopies have bad rap. The prep isn’t fun but not that bad. I’ve had 2 with positive results & it takes a load off your mind if all goes well. However, like some others have said, you are a bit groggy afterwards & need some rest to let medications get out of your system. Not sure best day to do payroll but I guess we do what we have to do. Good luck with that. I also agree that afterwards you feel cleansed & lose a couple pounds. Hope yours goes well.

    • Tania Reply

      I never weigh so I don’t know if I lost weight or not. I did take an hour or so nap afterward.

  29. Good morning! I always think that whatever outfit you have on is my favorite as you are such a beautiful lady, but you’re breathtaking, today! There’s STILL nothing like a crisp, white blouse!

    LOL!!! I wore this jewelry set to Church, yesterday evening! Even our Priest ❤️d it!!! Father is so much fun!

    I hope you have a great Monday! Hope everything comes out, okay, tomorrow! Congratulations on your trip and TV! You deserve them AND so much more! 💋

  30. I agree with others that the test was easy but not the prep. But it’s worth it to know that everything is okay, or if it’s not it’s good to find that out too. I’m praying for good results for you. Great about winning that TV!! Love this top.

  31. You better hope they don’t load you up with too many loopy drugs!!! Payroll may become real interesting!!! Some of those drugs linger…good luck!!! This is how my retired folks determine which day it is…Sunday is the day the big fat paper comes & you go to church, all the other days are Saturday to them!!!!

    • Tania Reply

      All days are Saturday but one. That is wonderful!!!

  32. They put me out with a twilight drug. Can’t lie, I wouldn’t want to do math a couple of hours later. The procedure wasn’t bad and I don’t remember a thing about it.

    • Tania Reply

      Haha! I told them that they had better check their paystubs really good. Lol!

  33. Norma Rhone' Reply

    Love the top. Your jewelry choice works great. I like the whole look. 👍

  34. Dayna Mowbray Reply

    Love your top! What is the fabric content of it, please? I’m interested unless it’s all cotton – I’m so “over” ironing! Haha!

  35. Julia purtill Reply

    Beautiful outfit! Good luck on the colonoscopy, I’ve had 3! It does not hurt and it’s the best nap you’ll ever have! Plus very good preventative procedure- I’ll be thinking of you!

  36. Melesa Garrison Reply

    Ugh…I need to have the “C” word done too. I’m sure it will be no big deal for you. You look beautiful as always

  37. You’re not going to believe this, but my mother is doing the same thing with the broth and jell-o today! Her colonoscopy is tomorrow morning too. I’ll be sure to tell her you’re also doing this, so it will make her feel better! I absolutely love this outfit and jewelry!!! You’re hair is so pretty and has major fluff! Wish I could get my fine hair to pouf out that much! ha Good luck tomorrow!!!

    • Tania Reply

      Good luck to your mother. Mine was really fairly easy. I have lots of hair and it is course, that is why it is so puffy.

  38. Dayna Mowbray Reply

    Love your top. I was wondering what is the fabric content? I love anything that does not need to be ironed. Haha! Colonoscopies are a breeze ~ it’s the prep that stinks (oops, pardon the pun)!

    • Tania Reply

      92% polyester, 8% spandex
      Hand wash, dry flat

      I think that pun was on purpose! LOL!!!!

  39. Charlcy Green Reply

    Oh you poor dear! I just had my colonoscopy a few mo. ago and it wasn’t bad. But…the first one was a nightmare! Never again! Praying for you! On the up side, what an adorable top! Very classy to offset your impending pricedure!

  40. Hi Tania! I hope your procedure went well. My do motor made me watch a video of my procedure at the follow up visit, lol. Did I miss the link to your jeans? I’m still on the look-out for that elusive pair of good fitting jeans. 😊

    • Tania Reply

      I am not sure I would want to see that video. I hope mine just keeps that to himself. Lol! I thought there was a link, it should be highlighted.

  41. Cheri DeSarno Reply

    I just received my colonoscopy order. It will be my first. I guess it’s the welcome to 50 club initiation. Good luck and hope it’s uneventful. On another note, I have never followed a blog. But I came across your blog and fashion photos and love every outfit. I’m now following you and look forward to seeing future blogs. I’ve been in a fashion rut for quite a while and your photos inspire me. I’m also fairly new to Stitch Fix and Trunk Club. I find myself pinning many of your photos to my Style board. Thanks for sharing and inspiring. Good luck tomorrow.

    • Tania Reply

      Cheri, you can’t understand how happy it makes me that I would be the first blog that you have followed. I hope you will love it and tell all of your friends. I am 57 and I have put off the C order for way too long.

  42. The prep is the worst. So I know are in “south”. I am from the west. I don’t usually wear sandals in December but if the weather permits it is it a fashionabley ok?

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