50 IS NOT OLD | A FLATTERING STYLE TOPHave any of you ever heard about the Shop With A Cop program? It is a program where police officers interact with children in need during the Christmas season. This is designed to create positive experiences for the children with the police officers. This can help prevent them possibly choosing crime later in life. The officers will dress in full uniform and take the children on a shopping adventure.50 IS NOT OLD | A FLATTERING STYLE TOPThe children are given an amount of money they can spend and they can buy for their family as well as themselves. As you can imagine, this requires a large amount of money to be able to fund the program. Our local sheriff’s office was having a fundraising drive to help gather the funds together.  I think there were approximately 50 children that were going to benefit from the program this year. The Sheriff came to our work selling tickets on several gift baskets and also a 50″ Sanyo television. I bought $50.00 in tickets mainly to just support the program. WELL, I got a message from one of the deputies that I actually won……..the television!!! See what can happen when you do a good deed. 50 IS NOT OLD | A FLATTERING STYLE TOPI really like this navy tie-front long sleeve sweater by Halogen. I think the tie-front style is so flattering. This is lightweight fine gauge sweater so it is not bulky nor will it add “pounds” to your overall look. The neckline is wide and is made to hug your shoulders. This style neckline is the boatneck or bateau neckline. This was one of the items I kept in this month’s Trunk Club shipment. I plan on doing a post on my recent shipment (if the pictures turned out alright) where I tried on all the clothing. 50 IS NOT OLD | A FLATTERING STYLE TOPThe Brenna and Jamie necklace both really “pop” against the navy backdrop. The Brenna is the shorter necklace that is stamped BLESSED. The Jamie necklace is the multi=strand necklace on the gray leather cord. It is comprised of different size silver beads. I have on the matching bracelet to the Brenna, called the Lydia. The navy and rhinestone magnetic bracelet is the Ritta. I have worn this way more than I ever thought I would. I think it matches jeans, or anything blue, perfectly, To place an order with Plunder you should go to www.plunderdesign.com/taniastephens and be sure to pick a party with my name on it. Pick the party with the highest number since that means it is the most current one. Plunder makes TERRIFIC Christmas gifts since it is so affordable and really great quality.50 IS NOT OLD | A FLATTERING STYLE TOPI haven’t carried my Kate Spade purse in a long time. I have been carrying a more neutral purse lately but I thought I would dust this one off for today. I really, really like this handbag. It has several compartments and I like being able to keep my items separated. This color blue is a cross between a bright blue and a navy. I am not really sure what color you would even call this. I bought this with a gift certificate that I won to Nordstrom.

50 IS NOT OLD | A FLATTERING STYLE TOPI hate back angles. Lol! A side view is the best that I can do. Lol! I wanted to show you how the hemline of the top was made. The pants I have on are from Talbots, or maybe it was Ann Taylor, I can’t remember for sure. Either way, I like the jeans. Joe liked them too but he was confused how I could wear them. He told me it was after Labor Day. I had to “school” him on fashion and tell him that he was behind the times. Lol! I think he took offense because he then made a comment about me white feel sticking out. Hahaha!

50 IS NOT OLD | A FLATTERING STYLE TOPThere is nothing prettier than confidence. The way you hold your person shows how confident you are. You can look like total crap but if you throw your shoulders back and beam from the inside you will look like a million dollars. This is so true with fashion, especially if you are trying a new look. You need to “own” it!!! Why do we quit taking care of ourselves as we age? When did we quit caring what we looked like? That is just crazy!!! I am worth it! I am not going to fade into the background! I am not going to look or act old!!!

That attitude will work wonders for your confidence. Clothing can affect your mood. However, your face is the one thing that you can not camouflage. It is on display 365 days of the year. Every line, wrinkle, and age spot screams that you are aging. I can help you turn back the hands of time. I can help you get your swagger back. That was why I started the blog in the first place!!! AND, I can help you create an income all at the same time! I wrote about my specials that I have running this month here. Let’s talk. No strings attached. Just email me that you would at least like to hear more. fiftyisnotold@gmail.com

Signing up for my emails would make a great Christmas present to me. This time of the year is when people go shopping, have a family get together, go to parties, etc., in other words, you quit reading blogs as much. My heart drops when I see my reader numbers go down. (Insert crying music here) So, do me a favor and read me daily and be sure to tell all your friends about this crazy blogger that you follow.

I am really trying to gain readership and subscribers. When I hit 10,000 subscribers then I am going to have a huge celebration with lots of giveaways. Tell your neighbor, your friends, or even your enemies. Lol! Let’s get this ball rolling. To subscribe you simply enter your email address in the box in the upper right corner of the blog. Let me know if you have any problems.

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  1. Brenda Foxy Lady Reply

    I love your outfit, the blue and white colors look great on you. I run a daycare so I don’t get dressed up. Lol But your blog has helped me know how to dress when I need too and today’s post reminded me to have confidence and stand up straight whatever I’m wearing. Working on my skin. Haha

    • Tania Reply

      I bet you have lots of stories that you could tell about the little ones. What was it Art Linkletter said???

  2. Shop with a Cop is a very popular Christmas activity in my area (Michigan). I have witnessed the activity and the children have a great time. What a wonderful way to give back to our less fortunate. I love your top, the color is striking. Have a great weekend.

    • Tania Reply

      It is a great program! The first year they did it here in town we didn’t know what was going on. There was a huge line of police cars with sirens blaring going to the Walmart. Lol!

  3. How many subscribers do you currently have? I shared your blog with my 50+ friend the other day, even directed her to sign up on her phone while we were together.

    • Tania Reply

      Aww, Mari, that is so nice of you. I currently have approx. 6500 so I have a LONG way to go.

  4. Thank you for side view. Back view would be appreciated too! You look great in blue and white.

  5. Donni Baker Reply

    I️ love your outfit. The top is beautiful. I️ need schooled on the white after Labor Day lol. I’m telling my age. I️ love reading your blog and looking at your outfit for the day.

    • Tania Reply

      Donni, with fashion, there are no rules!!! That is the rule. Lol!!!

  6. Jennifer Shelton Reply

    We have a shop with a cop program and a shop with a fire fighter! These two programs make a world of difference to families that can’t afford to buy much! My son is a fireman and this time of year and helping the kids and families is his favorite part of what he does! I work at Catos and I Love it not only because we have affordable clothing and huge mark downs but once the clothing gets zeroed out, marked down to zero, we donate the clothing to local organizations that help women have nice clothing for job interviews etc. Thank you for your Inspirational words, your Beautiful stylings and your Awesome personality!! You rock it Girl!!

    • Tania Reply

      Jennifer, I didn’t know there was a firefighter version also. I love that they do this for the kids. I also didn’t know that Catos donated clothing, that is really great!

  7. Teresa Spivey Reply

    I did the white pants after labor day with a black top. I didn’t feel too self conscious since black and white is considered classic! Love the blue and white on you. That blue is certainly your color! Have a good day – I’m off to the Christmas Craft shows!

    • Tania Reply

      Have fun at the Christmas Craft show!!! I love going to those.

  8. love the top especially the color. Too Many ACCESSORIES! Try the pearl necklace and 1 arm of bracelets. You always look FAB but TOO MANY ACCESSORIES!!!.

  9. Congrats on winning the TV! What a great program to donate to. My cousin’s 2 sons are police officers in Nashville. I am going to share this post with her and see if she knows about it.
    I usually do not like tops like this. Mostly because I am short & chubby around the middle and anything like this top just blouses up and makes me look bigger. However, the back of this top totally prevents this from happening! I love it!
    Please let us know how you are liking the Trunk Club. I am thinking about joining. As I have gotten older, I really do not enjoy shopping like I used to. The Trunk Club might be the solution to my shopping woes. And what fun to get a surprise package in the mail!
    Thank you Tania for being patient with me while I get my R&F Regimen “just right” for my budget. I really appreciate it!

  10. Love the top! You give me so many ideas for styling my small wardrobe.

  11. OMGosh! Congratulations on winning the TV!!! I ❤️ Doing for others, too!

    YOU, My Dear, look DYN-O-MITE!! Blue is just beautiful on YOU!!

    Hope you have a super duper weekend! ❤️🏆🏅🎄🌹

  12. Donna Nance Reply

    The shopping programs fill a need in all communities. I had the privilege years ago to be a part of the Kiwanis holiday program. Congrats on your win! That shade of blue is stunning on you. You look mahvelous, dahling. I hate the tell you but the maintenance grows exponentially as you age. I turned seventy this summer and it would be easy to say the heck with it but that’s when you go downhill. Keep on encouraging gals of all ages, Tania!

  13. Thank you Tania for your OWN IT! reminder!! My girls at Maurice’s, do you have them in Virginia? remind me of that when I wrinkle up my nose at something they think I need to try on. So to hear you say it too, I know it’s true. I love distressed jeans but not on me but seeing you in them and my Maurice’s girls told me to put them on and OWN IT. So I have three pair now and that’s all I want to wear!! Thank you!!!!!!😀

  14. Hi. I still have trouble wearing white after Labor Day. It was drilled in my head all my life but I may make the effort since I love white jeans. As always, blue is your color. Looks great. And your reply “your killing me smalls” made me laugh because we say that all the time in my house. Congrats on winning TV. Karma does come back around. Have good day. 😊

  15. Ha, I’m planning on wearing white pants tonight to go to a concert, with “grand ” confidence I might add! Love the blue on you! Congrats on the TV! Shop with a cop is a great charity you can “give” to knowing it’s local for your community.

  16. Heather Van Ryn Reply

    Love the outfit and yay for your new tv! Karma, for sure😊

    • Love, love the blue and accessories!! The necklace is gorgeous and compliments perfectedly! I am breaking my self-imposed rule of not wearing white after Labor Day! Thank you for helping me step out of my fashion box! Thankful for you!!

  17. Love today’s outfit and the wonderful long necklace with the silver beads. I have a problem with wearing the finish off my necklaces….when I went on the Plunder Design website, it was suggested I contact you. So, what do you think? How do you think the Plunder Design jewelry wears on a daily basis. Their designs are so “spot on” and are sooo good looking.

    • Tania Reply

      Margie, I am about as bad as they come when it comes to taking care of my jewelry. I throw it in my purse, on my desk, in my car, etc. I have not had any issue with the finish. There have been a couple items that started getting the tarnished look. I am told that the spray they sell would keep that from happening but I have not tried it yet.

  18. Congratulations on winning the TV! Nice! Plus it was a great thing to buy tickets for!

  19. Nancy Biggs Reply

    What was the name and author of of the book you were reading about habits? I WOULD LIKE to buy it

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