50 IS NOT OLD | THE CARLY AND THE CARDIGANIt is officially here!!! I am talking about December, the month of celebrations. December actually has all kinds of cool things stuffed into those 31 days. Did you know that December 4th was International Hug day? Maybe that is why I think of December as a month of romance. Think about it, how people get engaged or married in December? I am sure that wedding proposals are abundant on Christmas and also on New Year’s Eve. Even if you don’t get engaged on New Year’s Eve you can still be kissing under the mistletoe! Lol!50 IS NOT OLD | THE CARLY AND THE CARDIGANIt is also the first month of winter since winter officially starts on December 21st. I remember back to being a child and loving the first snowfall that would come. We would make snow cream, break off icicles and eat them, make snowmen and drink hot chocolate, and then if there was enough snow we would go sledding. We never had huge snowfalls that I can remember but that didn’t stop us. We lived on a small hill so we would sled down that hill over and over and over until there was no snow left. Lol! Then we would start looking for other areas we could sled down. I can remember being so bundled up in clothing that you could hardly bend over to sit on the sled. Then, when all those clothes got wet they weighed a ton and it was almost impossible to get all of it off. Hahaha! I would stay outside for what seemed like hours and come inside only when I couldn’t feel my fingers or toes. Now I freeze if I even “think” about going outside. Lol! 50 IS NOT OLD | THE CARLY AND THE CARDIGANDon’t you love the colors on the dress? THAT is why I bought the dress, simply the colors. I look at a lot of factors when I am buying something such as the colors, the materials, the detailing work, etc. Those are the unique factors that stick out to me and the colors were what I liked best about this dress. This is the Carly by LuLaRoe. I have had this dress for about a year so I don’t know if it is still currently available. It is a swing style dress with a high-low hemline.

50 IS NOT OLD | THE CARLY AND THE CARDIGANThe beautiful Tony necklace is stunning. I love how ornate the cross is and it is the palest antiqued pink color. Even though you can’t see the crystal beads well, they are a pale pink color also. You can see that I have on my favorite bracelet for the fall, the Ennis. The colors are just perfect for fall but this will probably work all year long. The earrings were part of a Plunder Posse in a past month. For those who have been wanting to sign up on Plunder Posse, you can now do it. I will post a picture of this months special as soon as I get it but if you go to the website it might show up. Under the shop tab menu, you just scroll down until you see the Posse option. 50 IS NOT OLD | THE CARLY AND THE CARDIGANI call this handbag, Old Faithful. I love this purse because I could carry it all year long if I wanted to. I happen to love a large handbag so that I can put all of my treasures in it. You never know when you are going to need a piece of chewing gum that is 5 years old. Emergencies happen. Lol! This is from Dooney & Bourke and even though I have owned this purse for a couple years it still looks great.

50 IS NOT OLD | THE CARLY AND THE CARDIGANThese knee boots from Marc Fisher almost match the Dooney purse exactly. This color of brown is my favorite when it comes to shoes or handbags. I call it caramel but I am sure that there is some fancy name for the color. This pair has a small heel and I think that helps the boot to look good with jeans or dresses.

50 IS NOT OLD | THE CARLY AND THE CARDIGANThis is a short sleeve dress so I added an open front cardigan for extra warmth. I am cold natured even in the summer so a sweater or jacket is a must in the winter. This is a long version and it works great with dresses. The darker color of the dress was the color I was looking for with a cardigan and I just happened to have this one. This cardigan is an old one that I bought at Cato Fashions but it still looks good.

50 IS NOT OLD | THE CARLY AND THE CARDIGANSanta Baby, I’ve been an awful good gurl this year! All I want is to look 10 years younger. Lol! Just call me Santa because I’ve got the answer. Here is what I am asking Santa for this year. I want 35 orders and 4 new consultants in December. That is a HUGE goal. You know what that means….discounts and rewards for YOU!!! If you place an order this month as a PC then you have your choice of discounts.

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Better yet….Become a consultant. I love helping women feel more confident with fashion AND with their looks. Makeup plays a large part but if your skin is soft, clear, and the wrinkles are disappearing then you have confidence in your looks. It all is a big circle. The way I help women is through this blog and fashion choices. The way I help women feel good in their own skin is by providing the information about Rodan + Fields. It is up to them if they choose to copy my ideas or use these products. If you decide to become a consultant then you too will come to know how it feels to help others. You will know how it feels to get emails telling you that people are starting to notice and ask what they are doing. You will know what it feels like to have some extra income that YOU made happen. Join this month, here are the deals.

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50 IS NOT OLD | THE CARLY AND THE CARDIGANSigning up for my emails would make a great Christmas present to me. This time of the year is when people go shopping, have a family get together, go to parties, etc., in other words, you quit reading blogs as much. My heart drops when I see my reader numbers go down. (Insert crying music here) So, do me a favor and read me daily and be sure to tell all your friends about this crazy blogger that you follow.

I am really trying to gain readership and subscribers. When I hit 10,000 subscribers then I am going to have a huge celebration with lots of giveaways. Tell your neighbor, your friends, or even your enemies. Lol! Let’s get this ball rolling. To subscribe you simply enter your email address in the box in the upper right corner of the blog. Let me know if you have any problems.

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  1. Ramona Puckett Reply

    Love the colors and the whole outfit! And I wish I had the money to join, someday, because you look ten years younger so it must be working! Thank you for sharing this!

  2. Teresa Spivey Reply

    Love the colors you have on today! You look ready for all the December festivities. Have a great day!!

  3. The outfit is really nice but I suggest wearing tights with it.

  4. Most people do casual Fridays, but you are all dressed up and looking fine! Happy December.

  5. Love this outfit! The colors are beautiful! You look beautiful! Enjoy your blog so much!

  6. Donna Nance Reply

    Love this! Not much of a dress person but this one might convince me otherwise. Caramel is a good name for the color…appropriate. Enjoy your weekend!

  7. Love the colors in your Carly and cardigan. I own several LuLaRoe Carlys – so many ways to wear them and so comfy! Thanks for reminding me of Cato! Used to shop there until I moved. After seeing several of your blog posts, have made the trip bag a few times to shop at Cato!

  8. Love the print but the high-low underside the dress isn’t always attractive. I have a cute turquoise and burgundy trimmed one. I just cannot find the right footwear to wear with it.

  9. Rebecca Musser Reply

    I am a newer reader to your blog. I just turned 50 in November, and I agree that 50 is NOT old. Love the colors in the dress! I have pale skin with warm undertones, but I think I could pull those colors off.

  10. Tanya, can you tell me where the QVC outlet in Virginia is? We will be in that area tomorrow and would love to check it out ! Thank you!

    • Tania Reply

      The outlet I shop at is not by QVC. This store purchases returned and overstocked merchandise from QVC and then sells it. It is located in Grundy, Virginia.

      • Thank you!! No wonder I could not find any info on it. You are a master of mixing! Love your style and sense of humor!😍

    • Tania Reply

      Thanks, Jeanne. I have you in my prayers for your upcoming surgery, you will feel like a new woman.

  11. I really enjoy your posts. This outfit is really lovely.
    But what I liked most were the snowflakes drifting across the screen.
    Happy holidays to all of your gurls!

  12. I really like this look!

    Yes, LuLaRoe is still making Carly dresses, but anyone reading today would not be likely to find one exactly like yours. However, there are tons of other prints, solids, etc. to choose from! I’m not a “consultant” but I’m sure if anyone was interested, they could find a convenient source for LuLaRoe online.

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