50 IS NOT OLD | PORT WINE IS MY CHOICEI am one busy lady. I am going to use that as an excuse for being crazy. I am sure most of you were busy last week with going to the grocery store, cooking, cleaning, and all the other 400 things you needed to get done. I was so proud of myself for juggling all the balls I had in the air and being able to get everything done. I had even been writing things done in my planner so that I could see what needed to be done. Once I had completed that task I would highlight it to know that it was done. Then I got an email that completely through all my efforts out the window.50 IS NOT OLD | PORT WINE IS MY CHOICEI am sure most of you have seen where I have been having Pre-Sales, Black Friday Sales, Small Business Saturday Sales, and Cyber Monday Sales. That was a lot of sales and incentives to keep up with so I wanted to try and keep good records. I decided to try to get everything done the day after the sale was over so that I didn’t get confused with the next coming sale. One of the sales I had required me to write refund checks to 5 ladies. I wrote a thank-you card and sent out the checks. Unfortunately, I didn’t pay close attention to the address on the envelopes. The emails started coming in telling me that they had received the checks. They were just not theirs. Lol! I managed to send out the checks to the wrong people. Hahaha! I finally gave up and told them to all just tear up the checks and I would re-issue more, hopefully to the right people. Remember, I am a busy person. That is my story and I am sticking to it. Lol!!!50 IS NOT OLD | PORT WINE IS MY CHOICEThis is one of my favorite outfits that I have worn in a while. I love the colors!!! I wore a vest similar to this the other day (here) but the colors are really different. Because the colors are so different I don’t even think they look alike even though they are the very same vest. The bright turquoise and the deep purple go great with the beige/tan background. I simply picked up on some of those colors and created an outfit around them.

50 IS NOT OLD | PORT WINE IS MY CHOICEI love the Loris earrings. Originally they were part of a Posse set one month and everyone loved them so much that they brought them back in the Spring catalog. The turquoise dangles really grab your attention and the large cut out disks make a statement. These are not for the faint of heart because they will draw attention to your pretty face. These are only a 2.5 drop but the size of the disk really makes them stand out.50 IS NOT OLD | PORT WINE IS MY CHOICEThe dainty Jill necklace is adorable! The teal colored tassel and the tiny little charms are all so cute! This is adjustable from 34 – 37.5″ long. The ornate cross is the Tony. This has the palest pink antiqued cross on a pale pink crystal chain. This is a long necklace and it hits me right around the belly button area. That makes it a perfect length for layering.50 IS NOT OLD | PORT WINE IS MY CHOICEMy pants are Mid-Rise Pixie Pants from Old Navy in the color rolled oats. I love the way the Pixie Pant fits but you might want to order two sized the first time you order to get the fit you are looking for. I normally buy my regular size if I am buying the Chino version but I size up if I am buying the version with spandex. They tend to fit tighter so that is why I size up. My ankle boots are also from Old Navy. These are the sueded side-zip boots in the color called New Taupe. These are surprisingly comfortable to wear and I do not have any problem wearing them all day long while I am at work.50 IS NOT OLD | PORT WINE IS MY CHOICEI think that only leave my gorgeous turtleneck sweater. This color is so deep and rich, I think that is what attracted me to it in the first place. This is a wonderfully thick sweater by Louis Dell’Olio. It is a gorgeous color called, Port, but it comes in several other colors. I like the fact that it is a longer version than what I have gotten in the past.
50 IS NOT OLD | PORT WINE IS MY CHOICESigning up for my emails would make a great Christmas present to me, either that or a Louis Vuitton tote. I will leave the choice up to you but I can tell you that one of them will not cost you a thing and the other one requires a small bank loan. Lol!!! This time of the year is when people go shopping, have a family get together, go to parties, etc., in other words, you quit reading blogs as much. My heart drops when I see my reader numbers go down. (Insert crying music here) So, do me a favor and read me daily, tell all your friends, and save yourself a ton of money. You can spend all that extra money on your sweetie.

I am really trying to gain readership and subscribers. When I hit 10,000 subscribers then I am going to have a huge celebration with lots of giveaways. Tell your neighbor, your friends, or even your enemies. Lol! Let’s get this ball rolling. To subscribe you simply enter your email address in the box in the upper right corner of the blog. Let me know if you have any problems.

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  1. Wow! Everytime you wear these gorgeous colours I just think oooooohhhhh!!! I love them and they are exactly what I’d wear! A perfect outfit with the pants and boots.

  2. These are GREAT colors for you. You look absolutely radiant.

  3. I love this outfit! I am always hesitant to wear lighter colored pants, but this combination makes me want to buy some!

  4. Dorothy Chubbuck Reply

    So bummed that when I tried to sign up for the monthly plunder posse I couldn’t! Will it be coming back?

    • Tania Reply

      The past two months have sold out fast. The next time the Posse will be available will be in December. Whatever day you signup on will be the day it will always ship on. So, I would suggest waiting until the 2nd or 3rd. That way you have time to see what the Posse is for that month and decide if you want to still get the order or cancel for that month.

  5. Sharon Ferguson Reply

    Very flattering color and style on you Tania👍🏻

  6. Sondra Koons Reply

    That dark maroon color next to your face is beautiful. Brings out the color in your face! I own those exact same boots in the same color and absolutely love them! And you CAN wear them all day. Going to try your pixie pants at some point. They always look so good on you.

  7. You look Beautiful in these colors! I love the port wine sweater, such a rich color. I feel shopping in my future today😊 Have a great day Tania!

  8. Jennifer Shelton Reply

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this outfit!! You are Rockin’ that look!!!!

  9. Good morning! You’re right, the outfit you have on is exquisite! You look totally long and lean! Your slacks and matching booties, seamlessly, make you look like a runway model. WOWEE

    YOU look fantastic in burgundy!

  10. Those vests are so, so beautiful. I think you have a real gift for color, and being able to choose the right color accents to go with other things. For instance, when I look at the vest, I don’t really notice the blue, so it probably wouldn’t occur to me to choose the turquoise blue accessories–I’d probably be inclined to stick with the wine color. But you see it, and it really makes the outfit. I’m trying to learn!

    • Charlcy Green Reply

      What a beautiful feminine outfit! That port color looks great on you and I love the billowy fringed scarf in those colors! I never know how to wear things like that but you do it well! None of my booties are comfortable so I should try these.
      Hey we all make mistakes and most of us aren’t nearly as busy as you are!

  11. Vonda Seyna Reply

    You are totally rocking this outfit Sister! I love the colors too. I’m glad I have someone like you in my life that loves to wear colors. So many women wear blacks and grays all the time. – Vonda

  12. That colour is exactly the colour of the trifle my mum used to make, l suppose it was called port wine jelly after all. The Jewel colours are so striking in a world dominated by black clothing, just lovely. It will be 35 degrees C ( about 95F.) here today and it’s still only November so no boots and polo necks for me.

  13. Love your outfit and especially the wine colored shirt! That color looks great on you! You always look “put together!”

  14. Beautiful outfit and beautiful you!!! Love the cross necklace. Is this the same cross you have that came with a tassel? I really want one!

  15. Cindy Mitchell Reply

    Hi Tania, I’m also loving the vest!! Is it something we can find somewhere or was it a one-time special? Thanks!!

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