50 IS NOT OLD | LEOPARD, CHEETAH, AND FUR. OH MY!I am happy to hear that many of you were like me yesterday. I shared that I had been picked as a top blogger by Southern Homes and they were having a vote by readers to see who was the top blogger. That was wonderful, except that it was in the “Senior” category. WHAT??? Don’t get me wrong, I guess I am technically a senior but I don’t feel like I act or dress like one. But then again, exactly when are you considered a senior? Who is even supposed to decide when you are a senior? Does it have to do with social security or when you start receiving those AARP notices in the mail?
50 IS NOT OLD | LEOPARD, CHEETAH, AND FUR. OH MY!When I saw that there were even a few bloggers listed who were in their 40’s I didn’t feel so bad. Several of you commented that you were surprised at the category saying that you didn’t consider yourself or me a senior. I even had a couple private message me laughing at the thought. I might not have even told you (I am sometimes vain) about the contest but, heck, I am competitive and I hate to lose even if it is in a category I don’t want to be in. Lol!!! Go (HERE) to vote. Hahaha!50 IS NOT OLD | LEOPARD, CHEETAH, AND FUR. OH MY!Leopard/Cheetah print and fur are what all the seniors are wearing these days! Lol! I can never get is straight if this is leopard or cheetah but I think you get the idea. The last time I wore this Joe told me I reminded him of Phyllis Diller. Okay, maybe I do belong in the senior category after all. Lol! Christian Calendio is the brand name of this top. I wish that this top wasn’t so high-necked, it is not a flattering style on me. I do love the tunic style of the top, it doesn’t cling to areas I don’t want to be highlighted.

50 IS NOT OLD | LEOPARD, CHEETAH, AND FUR. OH MY!The Vivi necklace is the shorter necklace with the little arrows and the longer necklace I have on is the Bella Rose. I love gold with the leopard print, it just seems to go better with it. As you see, the earrings I have on match the Vivi necklace. They are the Michelle earrings and they have a 3″ drop. 50 IS NOT OLD | LEOPARD, CHEETAH, AND FUR. OH MY!I don’t remember if I have ever worn the cuff that I have on, maybe once before. It is a cheetah print cuff with an attached pendant called Mae. The pendant says, “Let go, Let God.” I wasn’t sure you could read it since it is upside down. Lol!50 IS NOT OLD | LEOPARD, CHEETAH, AND FUR. OH MY!WOWZA! How about this fur vest? I bought this when I was in Marietta at a little store on the square. It was the same store where I bought the snakeskin knee boots earlier in November. I love this vest because the fur is just down the lapels. A full vest of fur would make me look like a big bear. Lol! I looked for a label on the vest but the only thing I could find was a “G” on the inside.

50 IS NOT OLD | LEOPARD, CHEETAH, AND FUR. OH MY!Emersyn came over to visit me last night and ended up spending the night. She started getting sleepy before my blog was completely finished so I ended up forgetting to remind you to do your thankful “I” word. That was a hard one to be sure. I could only think of income and ice. Lol! Today’s letter is “J” and of course my first thought was Jesus!!! For a few more trivial answers I am going with java, job, and John Wayne movies. Hahaha!

I want to thank all of you who came to my live event last night. I had fun even though I was a nervous wreck. Lol! Today’s Pre-Black Friday special is all about the “GLOW.” Purchase the Microdermabrasion paste AND the Essentials Foaming Sunless Tanner as a Preferred Customer (PC) and I will send you a $15.00 refund check. The MD Paste is an oil-free, salt and sugar scrub that will make your face (or other body parts) feel smooth as silk. This will help you to get rid of dead skin cells which make your face look dull. Add water for a gentler scrub and use dry for an intense scrub. If you have really sensitive skin then I would recommend using it on your hands or feet or trying a small spot first. And, you will get a “safe” glow by using the foaming sunless tanner this winter. I am really trying to gain readership and subscribers. When I hit 10,000 subscribers then I am going to have a huge celebration with lots of giveaways. Tell your neighbor, your friends, or even your enemies. Lol! Let’s get this ball rolling. To subscribe you simply enter your email address in the box in the upper right corner of the blog. Let me know if you have any problems.

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  1. Just voted Tania “senior” !! I don’t think so ! 50’s are the new 30’s and boy are we looking good thanks to our lovely fashion blogger 😁 always love an animal print 🐯 my I is indignation 😝😅 but also Ireland my home 💗

  2. I can’t stop laughing !!! I tried to vote a couple of days ago, until I saw the closing date, and couldn’t work out why it was so long ago . It had 12/8/17.. 😫 I just tried again AND it hit me US date time, Australia says 8/12/17 … Your going to win hands down regardless of my stupidity LOL xxx

  3. Leopard, Cheetah and Fur…..”oh my” kind of combo!!! Tania, you look like you could conquer anything in that outfit and win.😊 My “J” words are “Jesus”, “Joy” and “Job”. ~Lisa~

    • As we get older ourselves, the notion of being seniors isn’t working for us. I work in health care and can tell you we are living to 90s and 100s easily so that makes us pretty young in comparison! I love your outfit and would absolutely wear it! Joy, Job and Justice come to mind at 5:16 this am.

  4. Kim Stephenson Reply

    My I would be inclusion…. Including friends and family in my life!

  5. Cristina Downey Reply

    Yes, we are seniors the minute we hit 40 but we are smokin’ hot seniors! That’s why we care about our looks and fashion and seriously would any of us ever want to go back to our teens and twenties?! Not me, 61 and loving it and yes would not mind having the body from back then but not the hormones and hassles 😜 so bring it on and keeps us looking good! My word is JOY!

  6. Tania, voted for you for the “Senior Blogger” but the title should be “Hot Senior Blogger”. I love your blog and I enjoyed watching your virtual Roden & Fields last night. Great job. Have a Happy Thanksgiving Holiday!!

  7. Tania,

    Love your style because I find that it speaks to me in terms of not looking frumpy! You’re always spot on with accessorizing whatever you wear, which as you know, can make or break an outfit. Love, love, love anything animal print, which is my favorite color. Lol! This is a wonderful outfit!

  8. Kendra wamsley Reply

    Oh my gosh I laughed at your post. I’m a new follower and almost didn’t when I saw “senior” comments. I’m
    Not yet 50 and I definitely don’t want to be considered a “senior”- my mother is a “senior”, not me! But if dressing like you and having your spunk and attitude makes me one… then where’s my name tag. Hello… my name is “senior”. Thanks for the laughs, hints and tips and dose of reality with each blog! 🙂

  9. Hi Tania!!
    ❤️ this outfit, you’re rocking it!!
    Have a great Thanksgiving & good luck! 😊

  10. Age is just a number, I think today’s senior is totally different than the ones of earlier years! I don’t feel, or hopefully look like a senior at 53! I think you do a great job in showing how to dress and look your best at any age!
    This outfit is totally something I would wear. Animal print is my signature color, love everything about it!
    “J” is for my husband of 28 years, Jerry. So thankful for how hard he works for our family. He’s an amazing husband, father and grandfather!
    Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

  11. Gloria Randle Reply

    I am 70 and not even approaching any “senior” category. That word needs to be reeevaluated. Love the leopard outfits. You are a great blogger.

  12. Jennifer Shelton Reply

    I Voted for you!! I Love ❤️ your style and of course your blog! “50” rocks! I’ll be in that group on Monday!! Loving it!! Thank you for your blog! You are such an inspiration to many!!

  13. You are definitely not a senior, and I’m not, either (54). But I do think there are not that many “true” senior bloggers out there. Let’s face it, it’s harder to dress as our bodies change, and for most women I think that eventually means thicker and shorter, and wanting to hide bits like upper arms/legs. On top of that, the fashion industry has not caught up with the idea that older women want to look just as sharp as younger ones. It used to be just put on your elastic waist pants and practical shoes and go on, but all that is changing. You are on the vanguard for the future.
    My I word would be income, and my J word is joy.

  14. Charlcy Green Reply

    Oh Tania this is the perfect outfit to prove how young, flirty, totally together Fashion Blogger And NOT Sr. you are! Its Adorable and I see no Phyllis Diller here!! I wish I had that vest to wear tomorrow to our Thanksgiving feast! Such a cute style of the w/o too much for like you said! I tried to get into your life event last night but my Messenger just doesn’t work most of the time and I could not. I apologize. I wish you and your family the happiest of Thanksgivings!

  15. Beckie Beiro Reply

    Absolutely love the outfit, I want that that vest, so now I’m on a mission to find me one, No No No we are NOT seniors! Girl you got it going on!
    Happy Thanksgiving 🦃🍁 🍽

  16. You look gorgeous Tania! I remember when I received my first mailing from AARP and thought why heck am I getting this, I’m not old 😬 well that was several years ago now and I can honestly say I am very secure and comfortable with my age today.
    I am oh so very thankful for JESUS!

  17. Pamela Reynolds Reply

    Voted! ❤ animal print you look amazing. I can’t wait to read your blog on email every morning with my coffee. Age is just a number. I’m 53 raising my grandkids age 5 and 4 that we adopted. At times I feel like a senior lol! My J word is Jesus, joy, justice.

  18. Okay, I am a Elder Advocate…and consider myself a fairly youthful 61 year old, with a Masters in Gerontology. I just want to say that I hope we can embrace our senior-hood, and give it the honor it deserves, as it represents the wisdom of our community. Being old rocks! That being said…staying attractive and fit also rocks! I love your style, Tania. Keep up the good work, and embrace the joys of living a life that contributes to the many generations to come, and empowers women in our age group…and to come. We have recently been told to no longer call older folks, seniors…or even elders….but now they’re older adults. come on!!! Being an elder is awesome!!

  19. RRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! MEOW!!! LOL!!!! You look adorable and SO thin! YOU got my VOTE!!
    Hubba! Hubba! (That’s from my Hubby) ❤️You! Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! The Lord’s blessings to everyone, too! 💋

  20. I didn’t feel that you should be in senior category or me either ! It is an honor , but?? I love your clothes and your sense of humor. Love , Sarah

  21. you could easily have the top altered to a v neck! you look great either way.

  22. Awesome cheetah/leopard outfit!! There’s definitely nothing senior about you! Love your blog and look forward to reading it with a cup of coffee every morning. J is for John my husband. I missed a couple of days so H is for husband and I is for my electric blue Ibanez guitar. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!!

  23. Love your blog! Happy to be able to vote for you. You’ve got this one in the bag.
    I am so glad that I found your blog. As I have tried some of your makeup, hair and style ideas, I have received many compliments and I feel a little more trendy ( as my 22 year old daughter told me I was one day)
    I have never been good at picking out what goes with what when it comes to clothes. Decorating a house is not problem for me but “decorating” myself has been hard. I would end up just wearing the same old thing. You have helped me find a style I like and know what to buy! I appreciate that so much. I feel like you get me! Thanks for all that you do! Your blog is needed and relevant!!

  24. Wow! This is a tremendous outfit though I do not think a Pilgrim or a turkey would wear it. I love everything from top to bottom.

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