50 IS NOT OLD | CORDUROY FOR FALL COMFORTWhy, or why didn’t I listen to you gurl’s and head to Las Vegas or someplace this past weekend? I foolishly opted to stay home instead thinking that I could get caught up on some cleaning. I forgot the cardinal rule about cleaning: you make a HUGE mess before it ever gets clean. I decided to tackle the computer room. Some people would call that room the office but most would people would call my room the junk room. I am not saying which one would be correct but since you know I have the tendency to be a pack rat you can probably guess.50 IS NOT OLD | CORDUROY FOR FALL COMFORTI don’t know what has gotten into me lately but I don’t want a lot of crap anymore. I started pulling out things and putting them in a pile for getting rid of. Then I added another pile and another pile and another pile. Finally, Joe decided he better go get me a couple 8 foot long tables for me to pile the stuff on. After I had gone through about 1/2 of the room I already had both tables overflowing. I messaged my next door neighbor and asked her if she wanted everything to put in her yearly yard sale. Thankfully she said yes and her and her grandson came over and started packing everything off. When I told her grandson that all of the stuff came from one small room and that I was only halfway done, he looked at me like I was crazy. I had to laugh because I agree with him. Lol!!! Besides, I might need that room for another closet before long. Hahaha! I am still in my brown phase for clothing. And, if you have noticed, I am also doing a lot of monochromatic styling here lately. (here and here) This duster cardigan was in my Trunk Club box that I received a couple of weeks ago. I kept two items from the box and this was one of them. Here is the other item. I loved this cardigan as soon as I laid eyes on it. It is a light tan color and it has a large shawl collar. The brand is Leith which is not a brand that I was familiar with. My sweater is a size large but I would suggest sizing down one size. This is a tad big for me and I could have easily worn a medium. This is a nice weight sweater, not too light and not too heavy. This is the baby bear of sweaters – just right.The Delsie earrings are hard to see. These are 1″ round studs in tortoise shell design. These earrings work great for anyone who does not like longer earrings but still wants to make a statement. The necklace was last months Plunder Posse. The Posse has sold out the last two months so at the beginning of next month I will immediately show a picture of the item that will be for December. That will at least give you a chance to sign up since you can’t right at this moment. The reason that you can’t sign up right now is that this months Posse is sold out already. The date that you sign up for the service is the date that it will ship to you monthly. You can cancel at any time and the sign up is free. The Posse is $25.00 and can contain from 1 to 3 items. These make GREAT Christmas/Birthday/Teacher etc. gifts. I have on some of my favorite bracelets. The leather one with the gold discs is the Scarlett and the stretch bracelet with the different colored stone beads is the Clementine. Most of my Alex and Ani bracelets are gifts from Rodan + Fields and I can hook you up with that too. Lol!!!I am a fan of corduroy. I grew up wearing corduroy and it just feels comfortable to me. I am not sure that it is on the high end of fashion but, what the heck. I love the darker tan color, it is a richer version and I like that. This pair is by Ralph Lauren and I can’t remember where I got them. This is a bootcut version so I had no trouble pulling them over the top of my ankle boots from Old Navy, which are on sale right now.

Finally, I am left with only my LOGO tunic tank top to talk about. This is one that I bought at the overstock store in town back a couple months ago. I call it a dark gold or dark mustard color but you can call it whatever you like. This color is great when paired with most other fall colors such as burgundy, dark teal, or even the dark plums. They all will have a great contrast to them. I am linking to several similar tops by LOGO in this color but QVC won’t let me always change the picture they show. So, even though these are shown in a different color, they do come in a darker gold also.

This is normally where I say a little blurb about R+F but today I am adding something different. You can still email me if you have an interest in R+F at fiftyisnotold@gmail.com. But, today I wanted you gurls to help me by participating in something that my preacher mentioned in church yesterday. He talked about being thankful and how he had recently been at a nursing home in our town where the residents all participated in a “thankful” session. He would say a letter of the alphabet and they would list things they were thankful for that began with that letter. Would you play along with me? I am really interested in seeing the variety of answers. They do not all have to be soul-searching answers, they can be playful and tongue-in-cheek. So, today we start with “A” which one of the answers the residents gave was America. That is a great answer but I am going with Ashleigh. That is my daughter. Please comment your answer.

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  1. Kristi Tandy Reply

    This is perfect! My daughter just left for the hospital to deliver my first grandchild whose name will be “Ava”!!!!

  2. Charlcy Green Reply

    Thanks for explaining about the Plunder Possee! My thankful word would be Attitude because God has been working on mine lately and I am trying to be thankful in every situation.

  3. Cristina Downey Reply

    Ability- the ability to do and be what I need to be for myself and my family. Love Logo, have a lot of pieces and enjoy the whole layering look. Your outfit is great, keep on cleaning up the clutter and make room for more clothes 😉

  4. Alaska – although I missed my family while I lived there, I rescued two pups from the shelter there before moving back home. Buddy, my husky, passed away Sept. 30th at 14+. Kaiser, my miniature dachshund, is my soulmate, and is 14+. Without Alaska, I would not have found Buddy and Kaiser.❤️

  5. Jackie Davis Reply

    I am thankful for America! I love your hair, please do a video on how you fixed it.

  6. Adam and Ashley, my son and daughter! They’re wonderful young adults with families of their own. ♡♡♡

  7. Your hair looks great Tania!!! The first thing that came to my mind to be thankful for that starts with an “A”….is “Amazing” Grace. I know that is two words. This is something to think about so thank you for sharing this with us. ~Lisa~

    • Debbie Nygard Reply

      Ancestors. I have been working on genealogy and realize the importance of our predecessors in shaping our lives:)

  8. Jennifer Shelton Reply

    Thank you for styling and wearing corduroy, that is my go to pant for fall and winter! I can dress them up or down! I always Live your stylings! Thank you for your posts. Hope you have an Awesome week!

  9. Rhonda Johnson Reply

    My sweet grandmother, Amy. She is in heaven. Miss her so very much. She left so much wisdom for me to cherish.

  10. I am thankful for my sister Anne. She has always been my rock!

    Doesn’t it feel great to get rid of things that just get in your way? So freeing!

  11. Aubree- my first granddaughter, who I get to watch every Friday. She’s 3 and brings out my imagination. She reminds me to not be so serious and sometimes there is nothing better than taking a walk and playing eye spy and giggling.

  12. I am thankful for Alma, my mother, for whom without her, I would not be here. She has been gone for 28 yrs now but I still miss her and ‘talk’ to her. Mom’s are very special and I love her dearly.

  13. Wow we all have a LOT of “A” children. LOL. I am thankful for my daughters Abriel and Amanda! I am truly blessed by them every day!

  14. I am grateful for my son Andrew and my granddaughter Alexis. They are the “apples” of my eye!

  15. I also have to go with AMERICA! More and more I see how very blessed we are to live here! Also, love the outfit and your HAIR, I think many of us agree it looks great longer and I always like full hair!

  16. Animals! What a dull world this would be without birds singing in the spring, our dogs and cats to welcome us home, horses to ride, farm animals, the zoo to show our kids and grandkids the animals from around the world, and even all of the reptiles my grandson loves!

  17. My beautiful and talented daughter, Alyssa! She is studying to be a nurse and will be such a blessing to her patients. I am so blessed and thankful to have her in my life!

  18. I have worn that Plunder set the last two weekends in a row! I love it and always get a lot of compliments on it.

  19. I am a docent at The Butler Institute of American Art so I am very thankful for art. I have a beautiful daughter named Amanda, and three grandchildren with A names, Austin, Aaron, and Allison. We refer to them as the 3 A’s instead of naming each one.
    I am a fan of corduroy too Tania!! I wore a cute brown corduroy skirt yesterday! Love all of your outfits!!

  20. ANIMALS! My golden retreiver ARIAT! Without my furry girl I would be lost. Best friend ever!

  21. I am thankful for my daughter in law Annika,and my grandaughers Anastasia,Alina,Alesandra,Adrianna.❤️❤️

  22. I am thankful for Adoption! My life has been touched by some wonderful people who were adopted and I hate to think what the world would be like without these wonderful folks.

  23. Julia Rodriguez Reply

    Hi Tania. Great exercise! I’m thankful for my son Aidan, my daughter Alysse, and my granddaughters Audrey and Abby.

  24. Janice M Hebert Reply

    My daughter, Amity! Well, I’m grateful for both of my daughters but only one has an “A” name. And America! I’m so thankful that I live in such a wonderful country.

    Love the corduroys!

  25. Ashley…my bonus daughter! She is my daughter’s best friend and we love her like a daughter!

  26. I think as we get older we realize that stuff is not important, it’s people that matter.
    I also have been cleaning out things, my adult kids don’t want it, and truthfully less is more! It’s easier to keep your house tidy with less stuff!
    I belong to a local “Buy Nothing” group on FB. I have never been on the receiving end, but have given away many things this way. People/neighbors get what they need without having to buy it!

  27. Airplanes. I will be boarding one to visit my BFF. Also, my grandson, Alex.

  28. Teresa McMillan Reply

    I’m thankful for Ace, my mini Aussie rescue dog that really rescued me!

  29. Hi Tania, I really enjoy your blog and have a question for you, if that’s OK? I’m wondering if Plunder jewelry is hypoallergenic for those of us who have a nickel allergy? I tried to find something on their site addressing my question, but I didn’t have any luck. Thanks, Nancy

  30. My daughters, Ashley and Abby and my precious granddaughter, Addison! Also myself, Annie!
    I have retired from my architectural jobs and now can just do interiors and remodels WHEN I want to…YEA!!!!! NO MORE PRESSURE!!!

    Miss Tania, you’ve looked more GORGEOUS!!! Your clothes, your boots, your jewelry, YOUR HAIR!!!! Whoa, Baby!!!! 👀👀👀!!!!!!! 🔥Smokin’ HOT MAMA!!!

    LOL!! 👼🏻💋👋🏻 Hope you have a great afternoon!

  31. How about Abundance? I just came back from WalMart, and it’s definitely not a glamorous experience, but when I just step back and think about all the things that we have or we can so easily get, just like all that stuff under one roof there, we really do have it good, don’t we? Loving your monochromatic looks–today’s is just a classic. I also always feel good in corduroy. You’re rocking it!

  32. I’m enjoying your monochromatic mood. I get in moods like that with my clothes as well. I’m just glad I’m not the only one!!! I am thankful ALL the blessings in my life. (No “A” names in our immediate family! LOL)

    Your hair looks AMAZING today! It’s always cute, but was ABSOLUTELY the first thing I noticed today.

    Please add my family to your prayer list. We are continuing to struggle with my parents and their living situation, and their health. Daddy will be 91 in January and is waaaaayyy more independent than my mother, who just turned 85 and has early dementia. XOXO

  33. I am thankful for “age”. I know that may sound strange but I am 65 and so grateful I have been allowed to get to this age. Especially to get to this age with my health and my husband, children, and siblings all with me. What do they say….growing old is a gift denied to many…??? So I am thankful for my age (and the wisdom that comes with it!!)

  34. I’m very blessed to have a family of many “Aunts” that have been instrumental throughout my life that have loved and guided me❤
    Thankful for my Aunts.

  35. Lisa D Neighbors Reply

    Animals, pets in particular but really most animals (there are a few that aren’t my favorites)

  36. Thankful for my Armstrong ancestors 🙂 Tough lot entering OK during the Land Run of 1889 and we are still the owners of the 160 acres.

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