I mentioned in my blog post on Friday that I have been listening to a book about the power of habits. This book has been a real eye-opener for me and it has really made me think about “what” I do and “why” I do the things that I do. More importantly, it has made me think about habits that I would like to change or start.

In the book, they talk about making small changes, something that is manageable. Making one small change can then start having a ripple effect. I have already made one small change to my daily habit and that involves walking on the treadmill. I am hoping that this one small change will affect my food choices and my moods.

But, this also got me to thinking about my devotional habits. Could I do better? Gracious, yes!!! Do I want to do better? Gracious, yes!!! So, now the question arises for me to analyze what I already do and see where there is room for improvement. With any habit, there needs to be a “cue,” a “process,” and a “reward.” I know a lot of you talk about reading my blog with your morning cup of coffee, so that is your “cue” to open my blog. The cue is the coffee, the process is the reading of the blog and hopefully, the reward is an inspiration for an outfit that you can duplicate. So, what can we do to create a devotional habit?

Find your cue. My cue is to start my devotion early in the morning. The time is up to you but you need to pick a time and stick with it. I wake up, feed the dogs, and fix me a cup of coffee. Before I open my computer, I open a devotional book that I am reading at the moment. Sitting down at my breakfast table is my cue.

The Process. Everyone’s process will differ and that is fine. Here are a few suggestions that I found online. I need help in enriching my devotional process so I checked out what some other people do and I am listing a few of my favorites.

  • Find a quiet place.  If you want to be able to absorb the material you are about to read then you need to focus. Distractions of noise can take your mind off of what the Lord wants for you.
  • Start with a prayer. Ask the Lord to open your eyes and mind to what you are about to read. Ask Him to give you wisdom and understanding and to show you His will.
  • Focus and be Deliberate. Examine the passages and focus on what the Lord is telling you. Examine your life and see how it can apply.
  • Look for Derailment. The devil is not going to stand by and not try to derail you. Is your stomach starting to growl, is the dog suddenly needing to go outside, did your husband just call for you to come help him find something? All of these seemingly happen for no reason, but did they?
  • Keep a Prayer Journal. I used to do this and I need to start back again. By writing down my prayers I found that I was more focused. I felt closer to God and I could track His answers.
  • Join a group. Much like a book club, you can join in a daily devotional group. Ask your friends or those in your church if they are willing to enter into a group. Pick a Bible study book and then talk or message daily about your findings.
  • End with prayer. Praise the Lord with thanksgiving in your heart. Thank Him for His son who died on the cross for our sins.

The Lord knew we need habits and Paul gives us directions in Romans 12:2.

Paul wrote, “Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think”.

The Reward. Hopefully, the short-term reward will be a closer relationship with the Lord. More importantly, the long-term goal is to spend eternity in Heaven.

Please share your tips for all of us who are striving to do better. Please share this post with your friends and don’t let the devil keep us quite.

Have A Bless Day!

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  1. I start my day with coffee, this blog, and the daily devotional on BillyGraham.org. I highly recommend the devotional. It is in calendar form- just click on the date and you get a biblical quote and a message from Dr. Graham explaining the passage. Happy Sunday to all.

  2. Good Mornng Tania,
    I signed up for a daily email from She Reads The Truth. There is always a message there for me, with either the short story or the scripture quote. Or I have many books which I can pick up quickly and open to any page. You are right though, a quiet place is necessary to keep away distractions . I Have a humble home, so it can be hard to find a quiet spot but it can be done.
    Have a beautiful week!

  3. I needed this this morning. Thank you for following the Lord’s leading and posting this today. Have a wonderful Lord’s Day.

  4. Pattie from Omaha Reply

    I call it COFFEE WITH JESUS! Now it doesn’t seem right when I don’t make it a priority. Thank you for sharing with others

    • Treycee Antonelli Reply

      I’m going to steal the name you give it!! It’ll be like waking up to have coffee with a friend!

  5. Good morning, My Beautiful Friend,

    You SO help to lead my heart to peace. I wish you peace today and everyday! Not only do I read your blog, get fashion and style tips, but I pray for YOU, your sweet Joe, and your entire family. I pray for my fellow readers.

    Thank you for ALL you give us in your words, thoughts and deeds.

    You’re so dear to ALL of us! Hope you and yours, all of us who follow you, have a blessed day in Our Savior’s ❤️. 💋

  6. Good advice! I travel a lot for Work and have downloaded the Bible and studies to my phone. I am in the habit of praying almost the entire time I travel. It’s a good time to close your eyes and concentrate on God. Plus it helps me successfully get to my goals. Thanks again for sharing. Good work!!

  7. Treycee Antonelli Reply

    I needed to read this today. I Have to be honest, often times I don’t read your blog I just look at your outfit. I know on Sundays you don’t post an outfit but I still decided to read your blog today. I have been struggling with finding time to have devotions. And then when I do find the time I struggle with what to read. I appreciate you showing us what you do and ideas on how to create our own.

  8. Treycee Antonelli Reply

    Are there some online groups you would suggest joining for those of us that don’t have anyone to ask ?

    • Tania Reply

      I signed up for the Proverbs 31 ministries daily devotional emails, I really like those. Also, I just started a new devotional this week and if I like it then I will tell everyone about it next Sunday.

  9. Dianna Miller Reply

    This is a great post! I would say you don’t have to just have devotional time in the mornings. I am not a morning person! You could do it at lunch time or before bed too! Find what works best for your schedule and make time for it like you would anything else.


  10. A great post! Spending time with God each day is definitely a discipline that I struggle with at times. My suggestion is if using a devotional book is to make sure it is one that has you read a passage from your Bible. There are so many devotionals today that have a verse or two printed and then the authors thoughts. While I think these have a place there is nothing like actually reading in your Bible. Blessings.

  11. There is also a Daily Word devotional on line which I use everydsy i need this to start my day.

  12. Charlcy Green Reply

    Such a beautiful reminder of what is REALLY important in our lives! Thank you!

  13. Rebecca Traughber Reply

    It’s good to read devotional books but it’s even better to read the Bible, then let God speak to your heart. “ Study to show thyself approved”!

  14. Thanks for your thoughts on creating devotional habits. It is something I need to be focused on as well. It is nice change from your usual post. Keep up the good work.

  15. Aimee Spencer Reply

    I have been saying “The Jesus Prayer” throughout my day for 5 years. A friend of mine told me about it. It has opened up my eyes and heart whenever I start feeling insecure. I am able to Repent on the spot about what I was doing wrong in the past and I feel a strong desire to be a better person toward everybody and everything. Reading the Bible is the Key to the Kingdom and I loved your verse today Tania!

  16. Excellent Post Tania !!! I may have shared this before however, I will share again. I get up really early while everyone else is asleep, get my coffee and go downstairs in my den. I have the Proverbs 31 Ministries First 5 App on my phone. These are incredible writers, speakers and leaders that created this App and have encouraged me for over the two years this app was introduced. They encourage you to spend the “first five” minutes of your day in God’s word. Of course, if you have more time, that would be great. Their goal is to study all the books of the Bible. Right now we are studying the book of James. I also get their daily devotion email. I like to journal specific prayers as well in a journal/s. I keep a Gratitude Journal which is separate that I have thoroughly enjoyed doing. It is a very personal journal and I started it shortly after starting the First 5 App. My Gratitude Journal can be from something so simple to thank God for to something huge to thank God for. Not long ago, I went back through my journal when I first started it and was brought to tears with some of the things I had written. I can see how I have grown in my walk with God. I even thank God for the bad as it has brought me closer to him. ~Lisa~

  17. Amen to early morning Bible reading. My favorite devotional book till I finish it is “Jesus Calling” ‘by Sarah Young. My husband uses a devotional app on his Kindle. To keep my mind from wandering to grocery lists and what I have to do later in the day, I write my prayers down too. It’s an easy way for me to stay focused on the present and not wander off to the future of the daily to do list. Thank you so much for your special Sunday posts.

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