50 IS NOT OLD | ADAPT AND IMPROVISEJoe and I are two wild and crazy guys. Lol! We have an upcoming anniversary on Tuesday and it will make 31 years that we have been married. We have been discussing all week long that we should go away for a long weekend and do something. Discussing is all that we have done. Every time one of us comes up with someplace to go the other one has a reason why that place wouldn’t work. Some of the excuses have been, “It’s too cold there,” “I don’t want to put on a bathing suit,” “What is there to do there, it is boring,” and the best one of “what would we do with the dog?”50 IS NOT OLD | ADAPT AND IMPROVISESo, instead, Friday afternoon I went and got a much-needed manicure. Then I came home and we ate leftover chili for supper. Nothing says romance like leftover chili. Lol! Then I sat down to write on the blog but I was so tired that I laid my head over on the dining room table and soon fell asleep. Joe let me sleep for about 15 minutes before he started moving around and woke me up. I think I will contact my sister and ask her if she thinks I could write a romance novel. I just need to insert a white horse, some rose petals, and maybe a long-haired bare-chested prince. Hahaha! Joe just asked me if he needed to start letting his hair grow out. Lol!50 IS NOT OLD | ADAPT AND IMPROVISEI am just like a lot of you, there are days when I don’t want to get all dolled up. AND, there are times when I travel and don’t check the weather first. Both of those things collided here. When I went to Atlanta last weekend I never even thought to check out the temperature. It had been cooler at home and I packed accordingly. However, a heat wave decided to hit Atlanta and it stayed 77 to 80 the entire time I was there. Long sleeves and sweaters were pretty much all that I had packed. This was last Sunday when I was getting ready to drive back home. I had packed something different to wear home but it was going to be way too hot for that outfit so I improvised. I bought this top when I was in Charleston at Ann Taylor. I wore it the other day with a pair of leggings but today I thought a pair of jeans would look nice. I had originally planned to also add a black velvet jacket to the look but not with the 80-degree temps.

50 IS NOT OLD | ADAPT AND IMPROVISEBecause I am traveling I did not wear a lot of jewelry. I have a pair of Sam earrings on from Plunder. I like these silver earrings and my mother did too. She had me place an order for her after seeing me wear them. I think the polka dot pattern is enough so I didn’t wear a necklace. I added the simple Maggie bracelet of silver beads.50 IS NOT OLD | ADAPT AND IMPROVISEI am wearing the Rockstar jeans from Old Navy. This pair if the highrise version in a tall. Because these are the tall jeans I have rolled the cuff up a couple of times. Once again, this was not what I had planned on wearing. I had planned on wearing a black pair of knee boots along with the jacket but it was just too darn hot. Instead, I am wearing a pair of navy ballet flats by Isaac Mizrahi. These are comfortable and great for traveling. Plus, I don’t have to worry about the heel getting hung on any of the pedals.

50 IS NOT OLD | ADAPT AND IMPROVISEI think I am out of items to discuss. So, instead, I am going to talk to you about sharing, pinning, and enrolling. I am really trying to gain readership and subscribers. When I hit 10,000 subscribers then I am going to have a huge celebration with lots of giveaways. Tell your neighbor, your friends, or even your enemies. Lol! Let’s get this ball rolling. To subscribe you simply enter your email address in the box in the upper right corner of the blog. Let me know if you have any problems.50 IS NOT OLD | ADAPT AND IMPROVISEI got an email from the corporate office of R+F saying that the Holiday specials of the LASH BOOST + BRIGHT EYE SPECIAL and the BRIGHT EYE COMPLEX LAUNCH SPECIAL are running low. If you were interested in either of these specials you might want to check it out soon. I know that I am giving R+F as gifts this year because I am tired of spending money for presents that just gather dust or sit in the back of people’s closets. I hate wasting money so this year I foresee a lot of eye creams, lip serums, and lotions as presents. I like giving presents that I would want to receive. Be sure to sign-up as a Preferred Customer so that you will receive an extra 10% savings and free shipping. I will also send you a free mini facial and a R+F headband for signing up. 😊 Go here to look at the products. Feel free to email me if you have a question or just want to talk. fiftyisnotold@gmail.com

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  1. Jennifer Shelton Reply

    No matter what you are wearing, you wear it with Style!! Keep on keeping on!! Love your blog!!

  2. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary. You look cute as a button with the black and white polka dots and IM ballet flats. You are singing my song when you wrote high rise tall jeans that are affordable from Old Navy.

  3. Happy Anniversary, Tania! I’m sure you’ll have other opportunities to toast your special day. An early congrats to you & Fabio/Joe!

  4. Gloria Randle Reply

    I long weekend away is great. I and my husband do a lot of discussing about it. Come the weekend and we are still at home! Happy anniversary!

  5. Happy anniversary to you and Joe! We have been married 36 years and do the same thing. Lots of talk, but no decisions. In fact it even happened today. Maybe when you have been married a long time, being at home with your love is just as wonderful as going somewhere else. Enjoy being together! By the way, I love your polka dots.

  6. Happy upcoming anniversary, Miss Tania and Mr. Joe! God’s blessings have certainly been bestowed upon you! I wish you MANY more wonderful years, together! Cheers to The Lovebirds in Virginia, The State for LOVERS! 😘🌹❤️

  7. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary!! I am reading your blog ( I never miss a day), after checking in to our hotel where we are celebrating our 32nd wedding anniversary. We didn’t go far from home, about an hour and a half, and ended up in Carlsbad, a seaside town in Southern California (see I’m from the “south” too, hehe). Since finding your blog, I have put more effort into accessorizing and love getting a little glamorized each day. Thank you. May God bless your marriage.

  8. Happy Anniversary. We share the same anniversary. Ours will be 15 years. We’ve been having the same “where to go” conversations. LOL

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