50 IS NOT OLD | NO SOCKS WITH THESE BOOTSI had a fantastic visit over the weekend with my sister and my mother. The vintage fashion show was super fun and Winnwood Retirement Community is a gorgeous setting. They have a chef that creates the BEST dishes that are not only delicious but so pretty. As we got ready to leave they had someone playing the piano in the lounge area and they were setting up for a wine and cheese party. I think I am going to be putting in my application soon.50 IS NOT OLD | NO SOCKS WITH THESE BOOTSI had a great surprise at the show when one of my blog readers showed up. I knew that she might come and I recognized her the minute she came through the door. Michelle has such style and I commented on her post one day. She was surprised that I had noticed her and I was surprised she even knew who I was. Lol! After the show was over, we had a picture made together. I am not sure why she still looks so fresh and I look like I am worn out. Hahaha. I guess the stress of the show must have got to me, at least that is my story and I am sticking to it.50 IS NOT OLD | NO SOCKS WITH THESE BOOTSI told you she was stylish, I know what I am talking about.50 IS NOT OLD | NO SOCKS WITH THESE BOOTSThis is the same color palette that I wore on Saturday when I got a ton of comments. I am just letting you know that I expect just as many comments today. Just because I didn’t mess up the outfit today doesn’t mean that you can’t comment. The textured sleeveless top is one that I bought at Ann Taylor. I bought it for the color (can be worn with anything) and because of the texture. It took an ordinary top and made it special. This sweater is one that I will be able to wear multiple times, with a blazer or jacket and then again in the summer since it is sleeveless.

50 IS NOT OLD | NO SOCKS WITH THESE BOOTSYou are probably getting tired of seeing me wear this jewelry over and over again. I think these are my favorites from this new fall catalog supplement. I love the Jaycee earrings and the Davina necklace. I don’t know if it is the combination of the gold and cream beads or if it is the gold dangle accents that intrigue me. I also added the Ashlyn bracelet that matches that set and then I added a Kate Spade bangle that I ordered a month ago. The Clarissa necklace is the “kitchen sink” long style necklace. It is adjustable up to 35″ and it has a lot of charms that dangle from it, including a chunk of quartz.50 IS NOT OLD | NO SOCKS WITH THESE BOOTSThe camel colored pants are from Old Navy. I have had this pair for at least two years and I am still really liking them. They are the stretchy Pixie Pants so I sized up when I bought them. I buy my normal size when I buy the chino style and I size down when I buy the Harper. Lol! SO, no socks showing today! Are you happy???? Lol! This leather pair of knee boots is at least two years old. I bought them at TJ Maxx and then don’t have a name brand on them, they only say, “Italian Leather.”

50 IS NOT OLD | NO SOCKS WITH THESE BOOTSFinishing up the outfit is my long duster cardigan from Old Navy. When I wore this the other day my DIL came over and she had on the same cardigan but in gray. Lol! I told her she had good taste. I am not sure when I bought this sweater, it might have been last year. Burgundy/wine or shades of those colors are always “in” for fall. This year they are going more toward Raspberry but this color still works. I don’t normally button my cardigans or jackets so the ones without buttons work great for me. I do, however, like a pocket on my cardigans.

50 IS NOT OLD | NO SOCKS WITH THESE BOOTSI know that you have been watching me post about Rodan + Fields for a year now. I’d like to ask you a favor…When you run out of your current skincare products, I want you to think of me, contact me, and JUST TRY Rodan and Fields for 60 days! It’s guaranteed, so if you don’t love it, you simply return the empty bottles for a full refund. You have nothing to lose and I’m sure you’ll love these products! I watched my friend for months before I ordered but when it came time to re-order I called her and asked if there was a discount for consultants. I knew that I would be using these products from now on and I wanted the absolute best price I could get. Interested? Join me tonight with Iris Thompson, RFX circle achiever. You can join anonymously if you want, no pressure at all. We will be using ZOOM which is a free app that you download on any device. Hit the Join A Meeting button and type in 423 374 4806 and the call will be at 8:00 pm EST. Then simply email me at fiftyisnotold@gmail.com for a free sample just for joining the call.

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  1. Jennifer Shelton Reply

    You are so stylish!!!! I Love every thing that you pair together! Your blog is my early morning read while I’m drinking my coffee! Keep em coming!! Hope your Tuesday Rocks!! Love ya!!

    • Tania Reply

      Thanks so much for following, Jennifer! I am having my cup of coffee as I type.

  2. Girl, you look SO beautiful, today! I’m so glad that you had a lovely weekend with your sissy and Momma! What a wonderful, wonderful surprise in seeing your blogger, Michelle! OMG! Way to go, Michelle! Wish I could meet my favorite Fashion Blogger, Miss Tania Stephens! 💋❤️

    • Tania Reply

      It was a lot of fun, Annie. They loved the old purse that you sent me!!!

    • Michelle Mosteller Reply

      I had an absolute blast meeting Tania, her Mom, and Lisa! They are as genuine in person as on the blog.

  3. Great outfit! I love the colors and the combo creates a tall and slim look. Nice!

    • Tania Reply

      Teresa, I think the boots create the tall and slim look. I think that when I look at pictures of me in boots versus pictures in flats.

  4. Cristina Downey Reply

    LOVE tan and burgundy! Looking good! That place sound awesome and the event a lot of fun!

    • Tania Reply

      Christina, we did have a lot of fun! It is work but when you are having fun it doesn’t seem to be work.

  5. It was such an honor to meet you and your family. I stumbled across your page two years ago and haven’t looked back! You are a special person who has cared about my family in difficult times, not just fashion. It is this genuine love for people that blesses me so much! Of course, I love the way you dress too😍. Happy to be one of the gurls!!

  6. I love this color combo and wouldn’t have thought to put it together. I also like the boots but it seems the older I get, I just don’t do heels well anymore and gravitate to shoes and boots with no heels…although I know the heels do make a person look tall and slender. Just curious as to why you like pockets in your cardigans? And..how do you keep “open” cardigans from falling off your shoulders? I always feel like mine fly open when I walk and I’m always pulling them closed. Speaking of the tall and thin appearance, are you still doing the Danial plan as you DO look tall and slender!

  7. Love this fall outfit ! I just bought this sweater and can’t wait to wear it . You always look amazing and give us great fashion ideas. So glad you had a fun weekend . Have a great day Tania😊

  8. I had to write just to tell you I adore you and your sense of humor. I always look forward to reading your blog posts – socks or no socks!

  9. Oh, wow! This entire outfit is something I would wear! It looks great on you and I must get to Old Navy to try the pixie pants that you mention frequently.

  10. Another one bites the dust! Great outfit I love your blog. You show such great fashion ideas. Have a great day! !!

  11. Charlcy Green Reply

    How fun that you got to meet one of your readers! And yes she’s cute! Wish I’d been there! Today’s outfit is really classic and as always, you look lovely. Clarissa is my daughter’s name and I tried to buy her the necklace. It she runs a gym and told me she’d never wear it but thanked me. So I bought it for myself!

  12. June Zimmerle Reply

    You look fabulous darling! You always help me put my colors together. Thanks.

  13. I love this outfit!!! I bought the pants and a long blue cardigan (because the other color was sold out). I also bought the two necklaces and the earrings. Then, I found a few tops on Cato to go underneath the cardigan and to complete other looks. I can’t wait to get the items you inspired me to buy! You always look so great!

  14. I love this outfit. It’s my colors if the sweater is toward rust. The socks comments are funny. Personally I think the peep toed boots are cute, but I almost always want socks on, so I love boots that accommodate socks.

  15. Judy Armstrong Reply

    Love your blogs! Curious as the “proverbial cat” do you accredit your gorgeous lashes to good genes or Rodan and Fields?

    • Tania Reply

      Judy, if you look back at one of my posts before October of 2016 (when I started using Lash Boost) you will see that I had almost non-existent lashes. It is all due to Rodan + Fields Lash Boost!!!

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