50 IS NOT OLD | A PEPLUM TOP AND SKINNY JEANSToday is the vintage fashion show in Marietta. We spent most of the day on Friday getting into “shopping” mode by doing a little shopping. I refer to this as the training mode. My day started at the crack of dawn with my mother in the kitchen deciding to wash the dishes, really really loudly. She was banging and making an awful racket. I got up somewhat grumpily and walked into the kitchen an asked her, “couldn’t you find a set of drums?”50 IS NOT OLD | A PEPLUM TOP AND SKINNY JEANSWe got dressed and then set off to the Estate sales. I am a junk monster at heart and I have to really make myself not bring home more things to pile up in my closets. After that, we went to the town square to have lunch, which was awesome. There was a small boutique we had to walk past on our way back to the car and you know that I HAD to check it out. When I was checking out, my sister decided to announce to the owner that I was a fashion blogger. I don’t think he was very impressed which must have ticked off my sister. She then started to tell him all my stats and she might have made me sound better than I really am. Lol!!! Anyway, you just wait until you see the cute purchases I made. As a teaser, I will tell you that a snake print and fur is involved. 50 IS NOT OLD | A PEPLUM TOP AND SKINNY JEANSI bought this burgundy peplum top while we were in Charleston at the Ann Taylor outlet. My problem area is my middle and normally this is not a style that I would purchase. You can’t see very well but there is a band that goes right around the belly. I actually tried this top on before I left the store because I was just sure that it wouldn’t look good. I was really surprised that it fit and even looked pretty good. That just goes to show you that sometimes you need to try on items before you make an assumption.

50 IS NOT OLD | A PEPLUM TOP AND SKINNY JEANSThe multi-strand leather and gold disk necklace is the Rhiannon. I loved how the leather just matched my cardigan. The Jaycee earrings are 3″ long and I am loving the longer earrings. I guess it is because my hair is getting longer because I have never been comfortable wearing the longer earrings before. That is another example of going outside my comfort zone. My bracelets are the Ashlyn and the Celine. Monogram jewelry is still a huge trend so you can’t go wrong buying things like that for Christmas presents.50 IS NOT OLD | A PEPLUM TOP AND SKINNY JEANSI am not sure this is the fashionable thing to do but I decided to wear a pair of socks with my peep-toe boots. I thought it looked fine but you gurls can tell me the truth about what you think. The suede w/fringe detail ankle boots are by Marc Fisher. These are really cute and look great with jeans or even with a dress.
50 IS NOT OLD | A PEPLUM TOP AND SKINNY JEANSThis pair of jeans is really skinny. In fact, they are very similar to jeggings. This is a pair that I have had for a long time. They are by Earl Jeans and I think I bought them at TJ Maxx. My crossbody purse is one that was in my first StitchFix box. I kept this one because of the stitching and the tassel. I don’t carry it very much though since I prefer larger purses but I still wanted a small one for shopping trips, etc. There are just times when you don’t want to carry the kitchen sink around with you. Lol!

50 IS NOT OLD | A PEPLUM TOP AND SKINNY JEANSYou probably know that I love Alex and Ani bracelets. I am not sure if you know why I love these bracelets. The biggest reason is that these are what Rodan + Fields send to you when you promote in the company. Each one represents a different level, the blue one is Level I, the topaz is Level II, and my brand new bracelet is the amethyst, which is Level III. I am so thrilled with what these represent. This represents a lot of women who gaining confidence in their looks through skincare. This represents women who are starting to actually experience aging backward. These tiny little bracelets represent how one decision can change your life and all of the lives of the people you come in contact with. I would LOVE to talk to you about the products which can change your looks or the business which can change your life. Email me if you would like to learn more.Here are my personal results after using the Active Hydration Bright Eye Complex for 3 weeks. I can see a difference in the puffiness of my eyes. I never even thought my eyes were puffy until I had to take the before pictures. I debated on showing these to you. For one, these are not the most flattering pictures of me, and two, this is only after 3 weeks. Some people will have much faster results and some will have slower results. Everyone has different skin and it will react differently. My sister swears she can see the difference, what do you think?50 IS NOT OLD | A PEPLUM TOP AND SKINNY JEANSHave you ever wondered why I would ask you to sign up for my email subscription? I know that you may access me from another way like FaceBook or Instagram but “brands” like to see a large email subscription list. So, I am asking you to sign up if you don’t mind, it would really help me. The comment section is at the end of the post, so keep scrolling. I look forward to reading all the comments, they make my day. Be sure to follow me on PinterestTwitterInstagramYouTube, and Facebook.

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  1. Laura Miller Reply

    Hey I’m interested in the Plunder Posse but it won’t let me sign up? Is it sold out for November already. How can i sign up to make sure it autoships in December?

  2. Brenda Foxy Lady Reply

    You always look beautiful and so put together. But I agree with the others about no socks. I’m interested in your skin care products. Can you send me your e-mail address please.

    • Tania Reply

      I should have just said that my toes were so cold that they had turned blue. Lol! I’ll send you an email, Brenda.

  3. Love the peplum top, but not the socks. The socks age you. I think you can wear peep toe booties until it gets really cold.

  4. Cute outfit and your under eye results are definitely noticeable! But no to the socks with open toe shoes! Have a fun time today.

  5. Love you to pieces, but no socks! I noticed them before I noticed your outfit.

  6. Almetra Briggs Reply

    I always love your blogs! I may have mentioned this before but I enjoy reading your blogs and viewing your lovely outfits during my lunch each day at school! I work in education and I have pretty nice taste in clothing but you help me take my style way up! The Earl brand jeans are a staple at Steinmart and they really fit well, are true to size, plus you cannot ever beat the price! I am glad your sister bragged on you extra, because you are most deserving of it! Keep up the amazing work!

  7. Those booties are so cute, I say socks! Just nude ones next time…the black socks just grab your attention.

    • Tania Reply

      Theresa, I think the “no’s” have won out. No more socks with peep-toe booties. Lol!!!

  8. Where is the cardigan from? That is my favorite part of the outfit! And I don’t love the socks, but I’m a firm believer in wear what you like and feel
    comfortable in!

    • Tania Reply

      It was late and I forgot the shawl cardigan. It is cashmere and it was by Isaac Mizrahi. I bought it at the overstock store so I am sure it came from QVC originally.

  9. Cristina Downey Reply

    Love the outfit but no socks!!! For a little sock warmth try the sandals socks that are like sheer knee highs with open toes so nobody will know and your toes still pick out but is a little help. Love the beige and wine combo, I have used that before and wondered if I was crazy 😜

    • Tania Reply

      Another vote “NO” 😂 At least I got everyone to comment. Lol!!!

  10. Outfit is perfect! Socks are a NO NO! Reminds me of men who wear socks with sandals…..it’s just wrong! Lol

    • Tania Reply

      You know that wearing socks with sandals is trying to become a trend. Lol!

  11. Michelle johnson Reply

    Tania, you and I would definitely get along!!! I love going to estate sales and resale shops. I love the outfit, I to would have been skeptical about the top , it looks great. I’m sorry I’m not a fan of the socks with the peep toes though. You give me so many good ideas for outfits. And I love love love my Alex and Ani. Thank you for my newest addition.

  12. I love the outfit, and I think you’ve probably had enough comments about the socks. Ha! 😉 I wondered if you could please share the brand and color of your nail and lip colors? (If you listed them, I’m sorry I didn’t see those details.) Thanks!

  13. No socks LOL maybe nude tights. My eye went right to your toe. I thought about that the other day. How could we take these peep toes into fall and winter- is it possible…….. everyone has “invested” in a pair. I really wondered if we could get by with wearing tights same color as the shoe. I’ve lost all my risk taker haha

  14. Yes! I can see a difference in your eyes. Love the outfit, congratulations on your bracelets! I’m not a fan of the socks either….but maybe beige ones as someone suggested…??? I just bought a cardigan similar to this yesterday…now I need that necklace! Lol

  15. Hi. Love the outfit. I have peep-toe booties and considered wearing socks with mine but my 21 year old daughter said that was a definite no no. So our toes will have to be cold. Sacrifices must be made for fashion.

  16. Hi Tania, heres my vote on socks with peep toe shoes……NEVER! Its not a good look. However, Love your choice of burgundy with beige and then the gold jewelry. Would never have thought about mixing those colors. Looks great!

  17. I love this whole look… except the socks… lol. I’m wondering why you don’t wear enclosed booties when it is cold?

  18. Back in the seventies I would wear pantyhose with peep toe shoes. I still don’t think that was too bad, but everybody else does. No go with the booties, though! Every time you wear that necklace I just stare at it–I just love it so much. Have fun today!!!

  19. Jennifer Shelton Reply

    I really Love your stylings!! However NO SOCKS lol Your blog makes my day!! I read it every day!! Especially love your Sunday blogs and I often share them in my Sunday School class and they Love them too!! Have a Blessed day!!

  20. Definitely think there is an improvement in your eyes. They look less puffy and the under eye darkness seems diminished. Now I have to scold you for putting a picture of your handsome hubby on Facebook and announcing he would be alone and hungry for a week while you are gone. Don’t you watch lifetime television, Girl? Unscrupulous ladies will be arriving at your door with casseroles . By the way, does he like Italian? JK ,😁

  21. Susan Wiseman Reply

    You are so much fun and you look great – please show your pretty toes in those adorable peep toed boots.

  22. I really enjoy reading your blog and getting fashion tips. Even though I am well past 50, by more years than I like to admit, I like to still dress fashionably. I have been told one of the reasons most people do not guess my “real” age, is that I dress well, but not like a 20 year old. Keep those blog posts coming.

  23. I love peplum tops, beautiful color! I do see a difference in your eyes! I’m loving my Rodan and Fields, can’t wait to try more products!

  24. I think it’s almost unaminous Tania, us gurls say no socks. Love the colours you’re rocking today.

  25. Really like the entire outfit …..but the socks?? Nope! I actually did a double-take when I got to the bottom of the photo. Perhaps socks that match the shoes? Probably not. I can tell a difference in puffiness around your eyes. Subtle but there. Happy weekend, Tania!

  26. I love your blog because you shop fashion at places where I shop. You have a down-to-earth attitude and your blog doesn’t make me feel like I’ll never attain looking good. Some blogs that tout very high end clothing make me feel frumpish. Please keep on! You’re an inspiration. (BTW, I’m in Grove Hill, AL). 😊

  27. Laura Jordan Reply

    Hey, Tania. You know that “cute” and “fashionable” aren’t always synonymous (see also, shredded clothing)! And, you know how to “wear the thing” so that others can join your way of thinking about what you’re stylin’; if you enjoy it, keep wearing it – there is something to be said for comfort, too ;).

  28. Julia Purtill Reply

    I have developed into an antiquer in retirement but I try to mostly look and not buy! I love your experiment with the Ann Taylor top! Good work! I don’t care for the sock experiment! But it’s fun to take chances!

  29. New reader – love your style (TN is ‘back home’ for me too). Please don’t wear socks with those shoes again… I’m by no means a fashionista – not by any stretch of anyone’s dreams, including my own, but those jumped off the screen at me.

  30. Gabriela Tremblay Reply

    You look great! If you want to do the socks with open toe, I’d keep it to black with black. The camel shoe with black is just thrown off a bit. It really depends on the shoe, however!

  31. June Zimmerle Reply

    socks and jewelry overload (especially the silver bracelet with all that gold jewelry) Normally love your outfits and color combos but not this one.

  32. You’re so cute for even trying the socks but I will tell you like my 22 year old daughter would tell me, “No!”, You are still adorable and if your toes are cold, then who cares!!!

  33. Charlcy Green Reply

    What a great sister to go to bat for you! You are an amazing woman! Cute outfit but I agree, no socks. I Too Am having The same problem W Signing Up Fir The P!under Possee – it is not one of the choices under Menu when I go to your page.

    • Tania Reply

      Charlcy, the Posse option is under the menu option but you have to scroll down. There are only a few options that show until you scroll down.

  34. I absolutely love your necklace and boots – I think you need to post a photo of your closet or is it now a closet/spare room?
    You are the best

  35. Peplum top…. yassssssssssssssssss! Socks with peep toes – ummm, no. 😉

  36. Haha! I got all excited when I saw you wearing socks. I have a similar pair of booties and was thinking that could extend their life as it is getting a bit colder, but apparently I would be comiting a fashion crime so I guesss they’ll sit for a while. Luckily I live in Texas so it shouldn’t be too long a wait!! Great outfit! You are very inspiring. I love how you mix different brands and price ranges of your clothes and accessories.

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