November 2017



50 IS NOT OLD | A REAL AND HONEST BLOGGERI have had several of you say things like, “you are so entertaining” or “you are so funny” or even “you are so real.” Well, you ain’t seen nothing yet. I am going to give you a spoiler alert and go ahead and tell you to put the coffee down before you read much further. I do not want to be responsible for getting your phone, tablet, or computer coffee soaked. 

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50 IS NOT OLD | PORT WINE IS MY CHOICEI am one busy lady. I am going to use that as an excuse for being crazy. I am sure most of you were busy last week with going to the grocery store, cooking, cleaning, and all the other 400 things you needed to get done. I was so proud of myself for juggling all the balls I had in the air and being able to get everything done. I had even been writing things done in my planner so that I could see what needed to be done. Once I had completed that task I would highlight it to know that it was done. Then I got an email that completely through all my efforts out the window.

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50 IS NOT OLD | HOPE IN THE HOLLERHow many of you know what a “holler” is? If you are a southern gurl then you might have raised your hand. For the rest of you, I will give you a brief description. First off, you are traveling down the main road, usually a paved nice road, and you turn off of that road to a smaller, winding road that snakes its way between two mountains. There will be lots of houses on the sides of the mountains and there can even be more offshoots or hollers from that road. Welcome to the Appalachians and the way of living in these mountains.

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50 IS NOT OLD | OLIVE IN THE FALLI am almost glad to be going back to work today. Whew! I am exhausted from all the cooking, eating, shopping, eating, shopping, eating, and eating. I may not recover until it is time for Christmas feasting to start. Oh man, just thinking about all the baking of cookies, pies, and cakes kind of makes me a little nauseous. Speaking of Christmas, I saw a lot of trees going up over the weekend and lots of decorations being put up. AND, the most important arrival has come to many houses…….the ELF!

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Have you ever heard the saying, “You would complain in a pie factory?” Nothing is ever right, you always want something more or different. Does this sound like you or maybe someone you know?

I have been trying to do the thankful alphabet this week. I highlight a different letter each day and then thank the Lord for things that start with that letter. Today’s letter is “N.” This small little exercise has been a real eye-opener for me. There are thousands of people and things that I am thankful for but that I forget to tell the Lord how thankful I really am. When Joe and I were in church last Sunday my preacher, Mike Rife, added another twist to this exercise. He said that each night before we go to bed that we should thank the Lord for at least 5 things that have happened that day.

With Thanksgiving now being in the rearview mirror, I hope that we will continue to be thankful for all that the Lord has given us. Unfortunately, complaining is so easy for us to do. Instead of focusing on the big picture of what is going good, we can focus only on what is not working. Mike highlighted this on Sunday when he read from Number 11. The people were starting to complain to Moses about not having meat, or fish. They were sick of having Manna and wanted more. They grumbled until the Lord became annoyed. Do we do this? The Lord was providing Manna for them but all they wanted to do was complain. The ending to that story is not pretty. The Lord gave them meat. He gave them so much meat that they were soon sick of meat. Then He struck them down!

Wow! I think the Lord might take it pretty personally when we complain about what He has given us. I have tried to pay attention this week and see if Joe and I were complaining about things. I found myself complaining once that the carrot cake I was eating was crumbling as I transferred it onto my plate. Really? The cake was delicious and I was lucky enough to have cake but I felt the need to complain. Joe also complained this week about food. His complaint was because he ate some deviled eggs that didn’t have sweet pickles in them. He likes sweet pickles in his eggs so he felt the need to grumble.

Take the time today to list 5 things that you are thankful for. I have plenty to eat today. Emersyn spent the night with me and is going to church with us this morning. I had a good nights sleep and I feel wonderful today. I am blessed and thankful that I have a wonderful preacher who challenges me. I am thankful for the two little critters sleeping at my feet. These are just a few things that I am thankful for before 9:00 am. Just think how long the list could grow by the end of the day.

Have A Blessed Day!


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50 IS NOT OLD | JEWEL TONES FOR FALLWhew, this has been a busy last few days. Thanksgiving was wonderful but tiring too. I may sleep like Rip Van Winkle Saturday. Then Black Friday hit and that was exhausting too. I spent a huge amount of time doing my shopping for three girls that I “adopted” on the Angel Tree. The ages of the girls were between 6 and 9 which is a pretty easy age group to buy for. They send out a list of the items and sizes that they need.

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50 IS NOT OLD | LET'S GO BLACK FRIDAY SHOPPINGI hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving! I didn’t stuff the turkey but I did stuff myself. Lol! I still feel like I may “pop” at any time. I told Joe that there were only a couple days out of the year where we actually eat anything and everything so we might as well enjoy ourselves. It turned out that it was only Joe and I plus Joseph, Kayla, Emersyn and Beckham for dinner. So, I didn’t cook a HUGE dinner but it was still way more than we normally eat. Now, it is time to go shopping……..woohoo! You know this is my favorite time of the year. Hahaha!

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50 IS NOT OLD | GIVE THANKSI am so thankful that you are all in my life. I have loved sharing my family with you and learning a little about you along the way. I hope today that you are blessed with good food, good company, and good friend and family. Be sure to check back tomorrow for all my Black Friday picks. I am listing my favorite store’s deals and items that are too good to pass up. Have a great day and I hope you remembered to set your scales back 10 pounds this morning. Lol!

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50 IS NOT OLD | LEOPARD, CHEETAH, AND FUR. OH MY!I am happy to hear that many of you were like me yesterday. I shared that I had been picked as a top blogger by Southern Homes and they were having a vote by readers to see who was the top blogger. That was wonderful, except that it was in the “Senior” category. WHAT??? Don’t get me wrong, I guess I am technically a senior but I don’t feel like I act or dress like one. But then again, exactly when are you considered a senior? Who is even supposed to decide when you are a senior? Does it have to do with social security or when you start receiving those AARP notices in the mail?

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50 IS NOT OLD | FASHION BLOG FOR SENIORSI am struggling to find anything to talk about. I didn’t think that was possible but it has finally happened. I could tell you about my day Saturday. I stayed home and didn’t get cleaned up until around 3:00 pm. I know that is a real cliffhanger. Or, I could tell you how on Sunday we went to church and then came home and took a two-hour nap. Nail bitter isn’t it? Maybe I will tell you how Joe took me to the airport last night to show me his new heater. Stay tuned to the final episode of, “Will it light or will he stay cold?”

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