50 IS NOT OLD | FAVORITE COLOR COMBINATIONIt was a crappy/fabulous day! It was two for one or a twofer. Lol! The dang computer system, yes I am still battling that, so now I am up and running on almost everything with the exception of payroll. Most people consider that to be a pretty important part of the system and they want it up and running. I have been limping along not using the new system until now. Now we have to input all of the payroll information for the entire year into the system. Getting all the numbers to match and add up has been a stinking nightmare.50 IS NOT OLD | FAVORITE COLOR COMBINATIONI took a break from the payroll and ran to the bank and post office. I was just leaving the post office when the postmaster called me back in and told me that I had a package. He handed me a large box but it didn’t weigh much at all. The postmaster said that it must be empty. I saw that it was from Plunder Design and I knew that I hadn’t ordered anything so I was confused. When I opened the package it had gobs and gobs of bubble wrap in it. I finally uncovered one small bubble wrap part that had something in it. It was a rhinestone studded scepter wand. You don’t get those every day. Lol!!! Apparently, I was the #6 Recruiter in the entire company of over 9000 stylists!!! Did I just toot my horn again??? 50 IS NOT OLD | FAVORITE COLOR COMBINATIONRed and black is a favorite color combination of mine. I am especially fond of gingham or checks so this blouse is a home run for me. I realize that what I like is not necessarily what you like but you can pick and choose your favorite items. I saw a black and white checked shirt at J Crew when I was babysitting once and I couldn’t go to the store to buy it. I have grieved and grieved over that shirt. Lol! I came across this Isaac Mizrahi shirt and it is almost identical so I bought it. That is how this works, you buy something similar if you can’t find “exactly.”

50 IS NOT OLD | FAVORITE COLOR COMBINATIONPlunder Design jewelry is a fabulous company. I didn’t know about the company when I signed up, I just loved the jewelry. The company is a Christian based company that puts their stylists and customers first. I am honored to be a part of this company. Okay, enough of the tearjerker comments, let’s get on with the blog. I have on a necklace that I know you are all drooling over. This is the Whitney necklace and it is found under the specials tab. It is indeed special!!! This must have been a necklace that they had a while back because it is called a Bring Back My Bling necklace. Always remember to look under the specials tab because there are items that they add and they might sell out in a day or two. I wore a simple pair of pearl studs with this look. You can wear these Shalia earrings with jeans, dresses, or suits. The Selma bracelet has several different “brooch” links and one of them exactly matches one of the looks on this Whitney necklace. I love that all of the jewelry will mix and match!!!50 IS NOT OLD | FAVORITE COLOR COMBINATIONThe Blair necklace is stunning. It is dainty and delicate but stunning at the same time. It is one of the longest necklaces that I have gotten from Plunder at 37.5 to 40″ long. It is dripping with pearls and marcasite and it has a vintage feel to it.The Ellie earrings match this necklace but they are not for the faint of heart. They have a 4″ drop. I wore those over the weekend at Convention with a bright red dress. STUNNING!!!50 IS NOT OLD | FAVORITE COLOR COMBINATIONI am not sure what to talk about. The Emma Fox black leather purse, the black crop leggings, or the black ballet slippers. Since I am only picking one I am going to talk about the purse. Black leggings are easy to come by and so are the black slippers but a good leather purse is a rarity. I fell in love with Emma Fox purses back a long time ago. I think I first saw them on a blog called J’s Fashions. I grieved for one until I finally came across one at TJ Maxx.
50 IS NOT OLD | FAVORITE COLOR COMBINATIONI am down to my cute red sleeveless jumper. I am not sure that is what you would want to call this but you get the idea. It is by Susan Graver and I bought it last year. It is not available now but just use it as an inspiration. This is a dress but I am wearing it almost as a vest or coverup.

50 IS NOT OLD | FAVORITE COLOR COMBINATIONThe new products that have been announced from R+F are amazing. By the time you read this I might have the new products in hand. I am beyond excited to try all of these products. The new AMP 2.0 roller and the Intensive Hydration Serum system will be available for purchase on the 18th. The new Active Hydration Bright Eye Complex will be available for purchase on November 2nd. These products are supposed to have faster results than most of the other R+F products with results showing in 4 weeks or less. The Intensive Hyrdation Serum is 20X times more potent than Retinol and it is the closest thing to prescription Vitamin A that is on the market. It is tougher on the signs of aging but not on the skin. It is fine to be used with all skin types including sensitive skin. Just remember Stronger – Tougher – Smarter!Have you ever wondered why I would ask you to sign up for my email subscription? I know that you may access me from another way like FaceBook or Instagram but “brands” like to see a large email subscription list. So, I am asking you to sign up if you don’t mind, it would really help me. The comment section is at the end of the post, so keep scrolling. I look forward to reading all the comments, they make my day. Be sure to follow me on PinterestTwitterInstagramYouTube, and Facebook.

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  1. Love those colors on you! Cute outfit! I love a good plaid shirt, easy to dress up or down! You need to take that pretty tiara wand to your office, maybe you can do alittle magic on your computer system…lol…..congrats on all your accomplishments! That bright eye complex looks really promising! Love R& F 💜🌻

    • Kathy, I am going to put on my tiara and take my wand to work and see if it will change the computer system. It wouldn’t hurt to try. Lol! I get my Active Hydration Bright Eye Complex today and I am really excited to try it.

  2. Just putting in my two cents…I recently posted an outfit with a dress and leggings, and most readers did not like the leggings, but I did! So happy to see a famous blogger wearing this style. 😉 And it looks so cute on you. I also love red and black but can’t wear it too much around here because of the “college football team conflict.” Thanks for all the inspiration.

  3. HELP!!! Sometime last week you featured a necklace that said “His will, His way” and I was in the process of ordering 2 ($16 each) when my computer “went off”. I have been unable to find that necklace this week (after my connection is back!). Can you steer me in the right direction? Where do I find the necklace? Thank you!!!

  4. Congratulations and what a special gift! Love this outfit and jewelry is beautiful. Red and black are such great colors. Can’t wait to hear about the new products😊

  5. Being from Georgia, of course I love the red and black but especially the gingham shirt. Also glad to hear you’re trying the mew R&F products. I can’t wait to try them myself. I love all things R&F.

    • I have become an R+F junky. When everything you try actually works you just keep wanting to try more and more. Lol!

  6. I adore red and black combinations and the gingham shirt makes the outfit pop! Love, love, love this! Would not have thought to use a dress as a jumper with leggings, but the combination pairs together well. I just purchased a Talbots gingham shirt in black and white and it has already become one of my favorites this season. I like pairing the B&W gingham with a mustard colored jacket and black trousers. Looks wonderful, too! Thanks for your inspirational ideas!

  7. Dresses/jumpers with tights/leggings—more please. Congratulations on your sparkly wand of achievement. You better keep an eye on Emerson or it’ll be over at her house.

  8. I love the combination, I went out and purchased a black and white gingham shirt, which had embroidery on it, I was inspired by you a couple of months ago. Congratulations on your achievements with Plunder Jewellry and Rodan and Fields.

  9. Congratulations! Love your blog, and this outfit is too cute. You have been such an inspiration. You’ve given be a boost of confidence to think outside the box a bit. To add just 1 more item to complete my “get-up”. Lol. Keep up the great work.