50 IS NOT OLD | WORKING FROM THE BEACHYou may know that my new friend from the blog, Lucille, decided to join my Energizer Bunny Friend and me on the Rodan + Fields trip to Charleston, SC. I know many of you know that EBF and I are from a very, very small town in Virginia and Lucille is from New Jersey. In my mind, I think the big city and bright lights and that EBF and I are the little country bumpkins from the sticks. It really didn’t take but just a few minutes and a few shared stories for me to realize that deep down we are more alike than I would have ever imagined.50 IS NOT OLD | WORKING FROM THE BEACHBUT, the funny thing is that I thought “she” would be showing us new and exciting things instead of the other way around. Well, exciting might be a stretch of the imagination. We were driving and discovered that we need to get fuel fairly quickly. Lucille asks us where do we get gas. We looked at her strange and said, “the gas station.” Then we went to the gas station and I got out to pump gas which floored Lucille. “YOU are going to pump your own gas? Doesn’t someone do it for you?” She said that in New Jersey they still have full-service stations and that she had NEVER pumped gas. That was her first lesson of the day but not her last. Later we went out to grab a bite to eat and of course we had to take a picture of our drinks altogether. We were trying to get all the background crap out of the picture when I mentioned that if we had an iPhone 7 we could use the Portrait mode. Lucille asked me what Portrait mode was and that she had an iPhone 7. Her 2nd lesson for the day took place then. But, that was not her last lesson. Lol! Now let’s talk about UBER. You would think that the country bumpkins would be the ones who didn’t know how to use UBER but nope, it was jersey girl!!! I would love to go and visit her one day because I know that she has a lot to teach me also.50 IS NOT OLD | WORKING FROM THE BEACHWhite on white was my idea for a day at the beach. I have worn this lace pattern top before. We donned our bathing suits under our clothes and headed off to the beach. EBF and Lucille teased me for wearing my Natalie necklace on the beach. Come, on ladies, you have to look nice! LOL!!! I also have the matching earrings and the matching bracelet on. 50 IS NOT OLD | WORKING FROM THE BEACHI bought these white cutout lace pants at Cato’s earlier in the year but I had never worn them until today. I envisioned wearing them on the beach the day I bought them so this worked out perfect. Flowy, nothing touching me, and elastic waist, these may be my new favorite pants. The only thing that I didn’t like about them was that they caught on my bracelet several times.
50 IS NOT OLD | WORKING FROM THE BEACHThere is just something cool about this photo. I think it might be the fact that you can’t really see my face. I guess I thought that was a good thing. Lol!!!50 IS NOT OLD | WORKING FROM THE BEACHBecause I was going to the beach I wore my bathing suit under my outfit. As you can see the pants makes a great coverup when you just want to grab a bite to eat or go to the beach bar for a drink. I can’t believe that I appeared on this blog in a bathing suit. I was amazed that Rodan + Fields announced 3 NEW products. Intensive Renewing Serum is a next generation Vitamin A that is one step closer to prescription level Vitamin A. With 20 times the potency of Retinol, Intensive Renewing Serum offers faster more dramatic results starting in as early as 4 weeks. This can be used with ALL the regimes and with all skin types. When combined with the Redefine regimen the “NEW” AMP 2.0 roller

  • 91% of participants experienced an improvement is visible firmness.
  • 91% of participants experienced an improvement in the appearance of lines and wrinkles.
  • 91% of participants experienced an improvement in even looking skin tone.

This will be available on October 18th and everyone who orders on that day will receive a special gift from me.

The 3rd product is a Bright Eye Complex. This is a lightweight gel that is formulated to improve dark circles, puffiness, and general dullness associated with the tired eyes. This product will not be available until November so I will tell you more about it in the coming days.

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  1. Hi: This is the first time I’ve commented, but I loved your blog today. When it comes to filling up with gas, and although I live in California, we travel numerous times through Oregon and Washington on vacation. In Oregon, you CANNOT pump your own gas – State law or something. This is fine with me because I DO NOT fill up my own gas tank. I had a gas hose come loose and sprayed me with gasoline when I was on my way to work 40 some years ago. That’s the last time I filled my gas tank. Luckily my husband is still vertical and fills it for me when I tell him I’m running low on gas.

  2. You look fabulous – fun story my daughter lived in New Jersey and hated to leave because she was going to have to pump her own gas 😂

  3. Aimee Spencer Reply

    I agree you look amazing! Your swimming suit is cute and you look good in it! Your jewelry is out of this world! The day was gorgeous and you look so happy you are beaming. As always your stories are the best and make me laugh because I can relate living in California too and have been pumping my own gas forever. Enjoy your trip!

  4. Bernie McIntyre Reply

    Love ! love ! love ! those trousers Tania (Did you get that I like your trousers 😂) gorgeous outfit for the beach solution to your bracelet catching in your trousers ……..don’t wear it !😁 but then it wouldn’t be Tania 😘

  5. Kathy Stromberg Reply

    Hey Tania!! Good morning sunshine!!! I can’t wait to meet up with the ladies on our group, hopefully before the next convention!! My email address is katpirr@yahoo.com.

  6. You look Amazing! What a neat outfit! I’m going to have to check a Cato out! I’m a Chico gal but change is always good!

  7. Deborah Todd Reply

    You look so carefree, but of course ‘put together’ especially with the jewelry!😄😄😄 love the whole outfit.

  8. Those are great white lace pants. Perfect choice for the beach, the summer, or a cruise to tropical ports.

  9. Cristina Downey Reply

    Hilarious! Not sure what part of Jersey your friend is from but she needs to get out more😂CT girls have been pumping their own gas for decades now and the phone…well she may not want to jump to iPhone X yet! I’ve decided to take the leap and try the new Redefined on October 18. I can’t tolerate retinol and I’ve tried it a few times but will see if their formulation works better. Keep enlightening Jersey girl and have fun!

  10. Peggy Ripley Reply

    Tania, I live in Columbus Ohio, but my daughter lives in Charleston SC, in Folly Beach, I can tell where you are right in front of The Tides hotel, be sure and stop @ Taco Boy for Mexican or The Lost Dog for breakfast, your outfit is perfect for the beach!

  11. This is also, my first time commenting! But I LOVE the white pants and you look amazing in them with your bathing suit Tania. I also love the white top (anything with cutouts I adore). You are “the real deal” and love following you and your blog. Have an awesome time on your trip!


  12. Robin staley Reply

    I lived in New Jersey for a few years. There is a law where they pump your gas. Very nice.

  13. Dawn Whatley Reply

    Hi I live in NJ and we never pump our gas but every state surrounding us does require you to pump so I do know how if necessary. Love your outfit and love Charleston. So enjoy,

  14. What a hoot y’all showing the city girl new things! Love it. Great bathing suit cover outfit! 😍

  15. If she lived in rural NJ as we did…7 farms in 1.5 miles and then the last covered bridge in NJ…I am not surprised. And YES…”Jersey Girls Don’t Pump Gas” …I had to teach my daughter how when we drove to SC for her job interview…BTW…she lives right outside of Charleston!!

  16. Good morning, Cutie-Pie! ADORE your cutout and crochet outfit! Gorgeous! ❤️❤️❤️Your jewelry! I must say that I bought that set for myself! I love pearls! You look darn good in your bathing suit! I don’t own one…..BUT, with your guidance I know it’s a must!

    SO happy you’re having SO much fun with your pals in Charleston! Charleston is one of my most favorite places! Sun, the beach, good food and wine! The moonlight off the water is so romantic! Charlestonians are SO hospitable!

    Hope you have fun, fun, fun! Your friends are SO lucky to be there with you! 🌞🐝🥂🌝✨

  17. I love that picture …it’s very “cool, strong, I am woman hear me roar”. The background is so perfect for your lace outfit with fluffy clouds and sandy beach behind you.

  18. Love the beach photos today! I think that necklace is perfect to wear to the beach. You know, beach + oysters = pearls, hence the Natalie necklace! (ha ha) I love pearls and I don’t care if they’re real or fake, pearls are just plain pretty. I am SO excited about the new stronger retinol product!!! I can’t wait to try it!!!

  19. What a fun post today, Tania! I love the white top and pants — so perfect for the beach! Very feminine!

  20. Charlcy Green Reply

    I love that white lacy outfit and since I was just at the beach too I am really envious of that outfit! You look stunning and the bathing suit only accentuates it! The stories about learning were too funny!

  21. Jeanne Epley Reply

    Great outfit! And no Southern gal, goes with out her bling, even to the beach!! LOL Looks like you are having a fun, and very informative trip. Have fun and learn a lot…

  22. Fun post. Just visited Charleston and loved it. New Jersey has full service gas stations to provide JOBS. State required. Not really a bad idea. I’ve been pumping gas forever and when I lived in the snowy north, I wished someone would have pumped my gas. Not so bad now pump my gas in Florida. Have a great time.

  23. I never wear jewelry to the beach other than my wedding ring. I think the salt air and water will damage them. I always think I am just going to get my feet wet but I always end up getting wetter than that.

  24. You look fabulous Tania. This was so funny…. we pump our own gas here in Canada too!

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