50 IS NOT OLD | LEOPARD PRINT IS EVERYWHEREI am finally in Charleston, SC! It is beautiful and warm and I can’t wait to go out and see some of the city. This is one of my bucket list cities and I am really excited. But, I should have made a list of things that I needed to bring. I know that my friend Susan is laughing right now because she is really, and I mean REALLY, organized. In fact, her lists have lists. Lol! 50 IS NOT OLD | LEOPARD PRINT IS EVERYWHEREI had traveled about 1 hour from home when it hit me that I had forgotten my medicine at home. My thyroid medicine has to be taken daily and I was not coming back home until Sunday and I couldn’t go that long without the medicine. Thankfully I get my medicine from Walmart and because I was in the system I was able to call a Walmart on my path and get a refill. Then, I remembered that I had gotten a special R+F bracelet to wear at Convention and it was beside my medicine. Yep, I forgot that too. AND, finally, we are going to the beach today and I just realized that my Rodan + FIelds sunscreen was right there beside all of my other items. OKAY, Susan, I am going to start making a list.50 IS NOT OLD | LEOPARD PRINT IS EVERYWHEREI love this side tie top. This is one of the hottest looks of the season. I bought this cute top at a local boutique, Trendy Threads, along with several other items that you will be seeing later in the season. This top was by a company I had never heard of, Brenda. This style is very flattering because it makes your leg look long at the knot. Sounds crazy, but I think it makes you look thinner, and I am all for that! Lol! I wore this top earlier HERE and it looks different with different accessories.
50 IS NOT OLD | LEOPARD PRINT IS EVERYWHEREThe Michelle earrings and the Vivi necklace are a great set. I love the shape of the dangles reminds me of shark teeth. My marine biologists’ daughter might have had an influence on my mind. The Clarissa is the longer necklace that I have on today. It has many dangles including a leaf, a tooth or horn, and a chunk of quartz.The Shanna necklace is a staple for me if I am looking for a shorter necklace. The Valerie bracelet is also a staple for me. I love that it is on an elastic band.
50 IS NOT OLD | LEOPARD PRINT IS EVERYWHEREI got on my Leopard print ankle booties that I was talking about. These are only 34.99 and they are from Target. I didn’t want to spend a ton of money on something that I wasn’t sure I would wear a lot. This pair is the Bridget Mod Bootie-A New Day. When I was shopping yesterday Leopard was everywhere! In every store, I went in they all had Leopard print somewhere. Some had shirts, some shoes, and there was a lot of jewelry also.50 IS NOT OLD | LEOPARD PRINT IS EVERYWHEREThis is a dark brown pair of jeans that I have actually had forever. I believe this pair is a Gloria Vanderbilt brand and it is the only thing I have ever bought from this brand. This pair is starting to get a little-faded looking so I just ordered me a new dark brown pair from Kut from the Kloth. I love dark brown in the fall and I will wear it a lot.

50 IS NOT OLD | LEOPARD PRINT IS EVERYWHEREToday is the day! This is the Super Bowl of Rodan + Fields! This is Christmas morning for all of us consultants. I can’t even begin to convey to you how excited we are to hear about the new product. I should be typing this in all caps so that you would understand. Lol! Lash Boost was the product announced last year and it is a FAVORITE of so many people. I can only hope that the new product(s) will follow that same path. If you are like me, really anxious to see what the new product will be, you can join this page for the New Launch were they will be giving away samples and a pair of cute Kate Spade earrings or you can friend me on Facebook because I will be going “LIVE” to announce the product(s) myself.

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  1. I just bought animal print booties so it is helpful to see how you wear them. I’m also struggling a bit on pant lengths. Since they seem to be much shorter these days, do you have a rule of thumb you use? Just below the ankle bone seems to be the standard. Have fun on your trip!

  2. Purchased a pair of these animal print shoes last year, now that I have seen you wear yours with jeans will have to get mine out!
    Please post the top favorite places you went to in Charleston as going down there next Spring and don’t want to miss a thing!

  3. Omg! Love the boots! I love leopard print, it’s a print that never goes out of style! Thank goodness because I have many blouses, tunics, sweaters and scarves with that print… Lol…… for my 50th Birthday, my girls planned an animal print theme party, every present was something leopard print. So much fun! Have a great weekend! 🌻

  4. SQUEAL! the leopard print boots SQUEAL! Off the chart! I want me a pair NOW! The whole outfit is fantastic. One of the many things I like about your blog is the consistency of how well you put together your daily look. I feel as if I could find the items plus purchase them without taking out a loan. Achievable and affordable styles. THANX!

  5. Mary Ann Tinsley Reply

    I love how you layered your necklaces. Perfect proportion! Have fun in Charleston!

  6. Good morning, Gorgeous!! Tres chic, ma Cherie! Animal print, buffalo check and flame stitch will NEVER go out! Mme. Coco Chanel and Napoleon Bonaparte put them on the map Forever,

    Miss Tania, YOU own that deep yellow color! The way you wear your POP of leopard is beautiful! You’re stunning!

    LOL!!! I wish we all lived in one place so that everyone could see my leopard chairs in my living room and my huge leopard rug in my dining room! Fabulous neutrals!

    I wish, with all my heart, that I was in Charleston! Have a wonderful time!

    Au revoir! Joie de Vivre du Rodan + Fields!

  7. Aimee Spencer Reply

    I know it”s late to reply, but I bought the Vivi Plunder necklace today! I already have a pair of goldtone stick earrings from HSN that will be perfect! My Target has your Leopard boots on sale today! I am thinking about them! Your Energizer Bunny friend and you looked so awesome in your Blog the other day! I just wanted you to know that I am a real person and love your style and shopping opportunities! Thank you and Love Y”all, Aimee

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