No pictures, no post, no good. On my trip to Charlotte, we stopped at the mall to do a little shopping. WHY do stores feel the need to have perfume in their stores? I have a MASSIVE headache that 2 Aleve did not even begin to “aleve.” I am begging off. I never take a sick day and it is killing me to not actually do a post but I just can’t. See you tomorrow instead, I am off to bed.

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  1. Tania, praying you get some relief and rest. Good night and God bless.

  2. Christine E. Falk Reply

    Take care of yourself first, Tania. We’ve all been there so please don’t feel badly that you couldn’t post today. Sending hugs…

  3. Oh dear – my daughter has the same difficulties with perfumes, especially in stores and says exactly the same as you… up – hope you feel better tomorrow…

  4. Susan Jones Reply

    My daughter reacts like that too. Rest & recuperate. We’ll be here when you’re feeling better.

  5. Bernie McIntyre Reply

    Sorry you are feeling so unwell Tania look after yourself sending good wishes x

  6. Just said a prayer for you, Tania and hope you feel better so you can enjoy your trip. ~Lisa~

  7. Tania, I feel your pain. I carry Advil with me at all times never knowing when the wrong notes in someone’s perfume or cologne will set off a headache. Feel better!

  8. I workout in the mornings and it drives me nuts when someone wears perfume to the gym. Hope your headache goes away soon

  9. Tania you feel better, take care, today your health is the important thing. Blessings!!

  10. Nancy Sudlow Reply

    Perfume can do that to me also. I can get a migraine. I Found out my main trigger is chocolate. I haven’t had chocolate in about 12 years. But also not many migraines. Stay in bed, sleep, and get better. So sorry!

  11. I pray that by the time you read this you’ll be feeling better. Hugs & Prayers.

  12. So sorry you had such a bad reaction while you are supposed to be having a fabulous girls time. I get that way too. Hope you woke up feeling amazing this morning. 🤗

  13. Sorry to hear about you not feeling well. Hope you feel better today and that your trip is a fun one!

  14. Tania I know that feeling. I get the same way, and it kicks my allergies in, itchy eyes scratchy throat. My daughters and my employees get so mad at me, because I can not handle some of the perfumes they wear. Hope you are feeling better.

  15. Libby Sims Lancaster Reply

    Some stores are so strong with scent, you can smell it out in the mall. Riduculous. Feel better soon.

  16. Laura Peyton Reply

    Your health is so important! No guilty taking care of yourself! Feel better! ❤️

  17. Hope you have a better day today. I can not go into bath and body because it burns my nose and throat causing blisters. I do wear perfume but only light scents and of better quality.

  18. Same thing happens to me…I can’t handle perfume smells in department stores or on myself or my hubby either. You sound like I feel when I have a migraine…you just “can’t” do anything so hopefully resting will help the headache. Sometimes an ice pack where the headache is throbbing helps me too. Feel better.

  19. I work with a smoker who sprays herself heavily with perfume when she comes in after a break. Some sents she wears trigger a migraine for me. I feel your pain. Imatrex is what works for me. Hope you are feeling much better today.

  20. Hope you feel better. Rest up and take care of yoursel thats whats important right now, hugs!

  21. I totally understand I have the same problem. My co workers would get so upset with me when I would complain about their smells. No one understands unless you have the issue. Magazines or ads with perfume inserts do the same thing to me. Rest and feel better. God bless.

  22. So sorry you’re not feeling well. I agree about the heavy perfume smells in stores. better soon. 🙏🏻

  23. Catherine McCraw Reply

    I hope you feel better. I have the same problem and avoid stores with heavy scents. Unfortunately I can’t avoid my daughter who thinks the smellier the better with anything, lol.

  24. Judy R. Orr Reply

    I have had the same experience. The perfume bar and the “fumes” can be devastating to those of us who suffer with sinus problems.

  25. Cute GF!!! So sorry you got a snootful! Love you! Feel better SOON!👼🏻

  26. Michele Cox Reply

    I have the same problem with fragrances! I frequently have to change seats at movie theaters and church. I can’t understand why people wear SO MUCH fragrance that it can fill an entire room (or mall)! I had to explain to the entire office that a scented candle anywhere in our office would give me a raging headache. Feel better soon!

  27. Beckie Beiro Reply

    Oh No, I totally understand some perfumes give me a sick headache. That’s one reason I don’t take magazines because of the perfume samples.
    Fell better!😊

  28. My husband has serious issues with perfume also!!! I wish that stores wouldn’t do it either plus some people feel the need to share their scent with everyone within a mile radius. People need to be considerate of others! I always remind people when we are having a gathering at our home to not wear perfume. Just my two cents worth! Hope your headache goes away soon!

  29. Just wanted to let you know I always enjoy your blog. You need to take care of yourself. Feel better soon.

  30. Girlfriend, it is ok to be human. I have had those headaches before and I just hide. Take care of yourself.

  31. Melesa Garrison Reply

    hope you are feeling refreshed this morning. Perfume doesn’t bother me, but I do know what migraines feel like, and they are not fun. I get (barf) sick with a pounding headache and don’t want anybody or anything around me. Have fun in Charlotte!

  32. You can post, what to wear to bed when you have a headache, tomorrow. Lol.
    Have Joe rub your back or neck. Feel better.

  33. Robyn Peery Reply

    I agree! I don’t like at all to walk through the perfume departments because the mixture of scents is so overwhelming I get a splitting headache, and slightly nauseous as well, and if they want to spray me with something I feel the need to pull out some ninja moves to keep them back….. 😀

  34. Janet Batchelor Reply

    Praying you feel better Tania!! I had chemo 10 years ago and it totally messed with my sense of smell!! Most perfumes bother me also:(

  35. Feel better Tania. I stopped wearing scent years ago because a lady sitting next to me on a plane was wearing I think the whole bottle of Chanel #5 and it made me sick with violent headache.

  36. October 4, 2017

    I know what you mean. I have season tickets to the Ballet and around 2000 people with a variety of perfumes is way to overwhelming.

  37. Oh bless you Tania. I know what that’s like and it is sooooo not good! I remember going to the mall as a teenager with my mother and before we could go in, we would have to figure out which door wouldn’t have a perfume counter right there as you walk in. Feel better soon!

  38. Try caffeine, Excedrin migraine, or tension headache medicine.
    Feel better 😊

  39. Sorry you are sick today, Tania. I also have sensitivity to scent. When I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, being sensitive to scent was one of the indicators. A student of mine was moved to another classroom because her mother insisted on putting a healthy dose of perfume on her daily. There are stores I will not enter due to the fragrance. Get well soon.

  40. Charlcy Green Reply

    Sorry you’re so allergic! Have you tried DoTerra Deep Blue Essential Oil for the headache? Rub The Oil On Your forehead. It really works almost instantly. And Then When Youre Going Shopping Carry the ALLERGY blend W You And Rub That Across the BacK Of Your Neck Before GOoing Into Stores.

  41. Donna jones Reply

    I have the same issues with perfume . I get to sneezing like 15 times straight. My head clogs up and the headache puts me out. Feel better soon friend!

  42. Deborah Todd Reply

    Tania, take it easy and look after yourself. Hope you recoup quickly, to enjoy the rest of your trip.💟

  43. I am very sensitive to fragrances, too. I always hate when I purchase a clothing item at a secondhand store and don’t realize until I wear it that it has perfume permeating off of it because my body warms up the scent. Next to impossible to remove the fragrance. I cannot tolerate the smell. Most times I’m lucky not to have an issue with my secondhand purchases. So sorry to hear you are suffering. Rest up and take care.

  44. Jeanne Epley Reply

    Tania, praying for a good trip and lots of relief and rest for your headache.

  45. I have been on 3 allergy pills a day for a year now but still get struck down by perfume. Those scented pine cones kill me; why do food stores need to have them?! Try excedrin for migraines; I find that helps. Feel better!

  46. Tania. I understand your pain . I get migranes from some smells and asthma attacks from others. Im praying for sister

  47. Oh Tania I feel your pain. That always used to happen to me all the time. Hope you’re feeling better soon. X

  48. So sorry you were down; I hope you’re feeling much better. What is it with the stores that seem to pump the scent out into the mall? Yeah, I’m talking to you Hollister. I can’t imagine what it’s like actually IN the store.

  49. pdoetaydoe Reply

    I know exactly what you mean! I get migraines from strong perfumes also. I was just thinking today when I was walking through the hall at work and obviously someone had just been there with strong perfume, your perfume or body wash should not linger long after you are gone!!!! I hope you feel better!!

  50. I totally agree with you Tania. I HATE perfume too. Gives me an awful headache as well. Feel better. 🙁

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