50 IS NOT OLD | IT IS ALL ABOUT THE SLEEVESMonday was a hard day for everyone. It was just so horrific to see the news that I only looked once. I just kept imagining how everyone was so happy and thrilled to be going to an event with family or friends to see a country music artist that they liked. Not one of the victims of the shooting even gave a second thought that they were going to be shot that day. I know this is a fashion blog so I am not going to say much more. I think it has really hit home to me because Joe and I were just at one of those festivals and saw Jason Aldean.50 IS NOT OLD | IT IS ALL ABOUT THE SLEEVESI was remembering how long it took to walk from the stage to where the buses were parked. There were thousands and thousands of happy, slightly intoxicated, concertgoers walking around. At the festival, we attended in Florida it came a torrential downpour and Jason Aldean only got to sing about 3 or 4 songs before he had to leave the stage. Some of the women who attended that concert had worn high heels and expensive shoes so they had grocery bags tied up on their feet. I am praying for all those involved in the shooting and I am choosing to remember the fun and the happiness that these events bring to people. 50 IS NOT OLD | IT IS ALL ABOUT THE SLEEVESDid you know that this fall it is all about sleeves??? Sleeves in all different shapes and sizes are the real focal point of this season. I found this deep dark teal knit twist top at Trendy Threads, the local boutique in town, and I took it home to try on. I hardly ever try anything on in a store because I hate the whole process of taking off and putting back on. Anyway, I bought a large but when I tried it on it was too big so I set it aside to take back. I looked around and noticed a bag that came from Trendy Threads on the other side of the room so I went and looked inside. There was this very same top inside but in a medium, which fit perfectly by the way. I would like to say that this is the first time something like this has happened but I am afraid lightning would strike if I did. I had bought this top when we were having a cool spell and I set it aside and just forgot.

50 IS NOT OLD | IT IS ALL ABOUT THE SLEEVESI am really loving the fall jewelry from Plunder. Yes, I know that I have said that multiple times, I didn’t forget that. Lol!!! The Keri necklace is 2 strands of tiny gold squares. It is approximately 22″ long and it is a necklace that is somewhat dainty. The long necklace is the Landon. I love the Olive green leather and gold chain necklace. The dangles all match different other pieces of jewelry in the fall collection. You can’t see it in this picture but there is a blue drop on this that matches the earrings that I have on. The Ennis bracelet is a real statement piece. I love the hinge clasp and all the different colors in this piece. You can see the deep blue center of the burgundy flower matches the top that I have on.50 IS NOT OLD | IT IS ALL ABOUT THE SLEEVESHere are the Aila earrings. These remind me of I Dream of Jeannie. I think the earrings have a Moroccan design and I love the Lapis blue bead drop. These are a 2-inch drop which is a nice length for more everyone. To order from Plunder you just go to and pick a party with my name in it. 50 IS NOT OLD | IT IS ALL ABOUT THE SLEEVESThe Tulip Tote is from Dooney & Bourke. I am so proud of myself for figuring out the name of this tote, it was not easy. I easily found the serial number but you can’t find the name from just the serial number. So, I searched on eBay and sure enough, there were several that showed up. Who needs Google when you have eBay? Lol! The Marc Fisher suede ankle boot w/fringe detail is called the Novice. It comes in wine, dark brown, and black leather as well as the light natural. I have only had this boot for a short time but I am really liking it. The open toe design is VERY popular right now and I am trying to get my wear in before if starts to snow. I don’t want blue toes, even if they would match my outfit. Lol!!50 IS NOT OLD | IT IS ALL ABOUT THE SLEEVESMy StitchFix purchase of these Kut From The Kloth jeans has really opened my eyes. I broke down and ordered me another pair of dark brown jeans from them which haven’t gotten here yet. I am anxious to see if I will like them as much as I like this pair. I think this pair is the Diana style which is a skinny leg. I ordered my normal size which fits perfectly. 50 IS NOT OLD | IT IS ALL ABOUT THE SLEEVESThe month of September was really great with my R+F team. Our total sales grew at a 50% rate! We added 8 new consultants to the team including 1 in Australia and we had 7 ladies hit promotions within the company. It is like watching a snowball rolling down the mountain. It is so much fun helping women feel better about their looks with clothing AND skincare, it is like the go hand-in-hand.

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  1. Great outfit from colors to style and yes…I have come home with the same item and in the same size! So you are not alone, lol! As someone that experienced the horrific Sandy Hook masacre closely (literally next town over and I drive to and thru it regularly), there isn’t a single time that I don’t recall the horror of that December morning and the tiny victims and their brave teachers. We have to do something about these issues from guns to opiod epidemic. We may have the right to bear arms but whatever happened to the pursuit of happiness like being able to go to school or attend a concert expecting to come home alive? Peace!

    • Cristina, I can’t imagine the horror that is still played out every day with the families and those that do live nearby. We have almost become conditioned to these type acts of evil. I admit that I take the head in the sand Ostrich approach because I hate to think about it.

  2. My hearts breaks for everyone involved. What kind of lies does a man beleive that makes him do something so evil? I’ve done nothing but cry out to Jesus. You are such a great stylist Tania, and I thank you for sharing your talent with us. You are a shining light!

  3. Beautiful colour on you Tania and love the sleeves 😀

    💔 for all those involved and the reason that man decided to do what he did we will never know sending love and goodness to everyone there 💞 be kind to one another that’s the only way to move forward

    • If everyone could be kind it would be such a great world. There has always been evil in the world but with the internet and television, we can hear about it where we couldn’t before.

  4. Hi Tania.

    I just have to tell you how much I’m enjoying your daily posts…they are fun and always interesting. I especially love the Sunday blogs, your witness and love for God. You are touching so many hearts, mine for one!

    I just placed my third Plunder order. Being a jewelry nut, the last thing I needed was three more bracelets…but what the heck!! Can a “gurl” ever have too much jewelry?? Not in my opinion!!

    Received my order yesterday and I love everything, all so well made, cute and reasonably priced. Each item I’ve purchased looks even nicer in person.

    The reason I’m writing is to thank you for my free gift with purchase that you sent. I love those little earrings and have worn them daily since receiving them. They go with everything! Thank you Tania!!

    Keep up the great work. My very best to you and God’s Blessings!


    • Janice, I am right there with you when you talk about jewelry. Have you seen my jewelry chest post??? Lol! I am so glad that you liked the gift I sent you. I will have to stock up and see if I can’t offer something like that again soon.

  5. I have the same top and love it! I just wanted to comment that I like your hair so much better longer. It suits your face!!!

    • I agree with Kathy, your hair looks really nice longer! Plus you are stunning in that color! It’s a real Tania Day!

  6. If you can not return the large blue top I would love to purchase it from you. Waiting patiently on my Plunder. Praying for all involved in Nashville. Our world can be very sad now.

    • Debra, you can call Kim at Trendy Threads and see if she still has the top. I am anxious to hear how you like Plunder. Be sure to let us know.

  7. Love the outfit it looks great!! At least your duplicate was still in the bag. Mine was hanging in the closet already 😂. Vegas is like a second home to me, I love going there. I was so sad yesterday my heart was just breaking for the everyone involved. ❤️❤️❤️❤️.

  8. Funny! I just bought a top like this in rust over the weekend. But I want this royal blue one! My favorite color!! I need to be on the look out for one. It looks great on you!

    • I need one in rust. I just bought some jeans that have rust embroidery on them. That would be perfect together.

  9. Growing up in the 1960’s, it was another world. Sure we had stuff going on then, but it has gotten unimaginable. I live each day with much prayer. Thank you Tania for your great fashion blog and the Sunday thoughts. Very appreciated.

  10. Too much sadness lately, my heart just breaks from all the devastation of the hurricanes and now Vegas, it’s a scary world right now! Your top caught my eye this morning as I just bought a red one and a navy/white stripe one with those sleeves, love them! I love your hair longer too, kudos to you for having the patience to let it grow, every time I attempt , I give up and get it cut…lol 🌻

    • Kathy, I am really liking this length so I have had my hairdresser keep it at this length for the last few visits. I didn’t have a style in mind when I started letting it grow, I just got tired of the other way. Lol!

  11. Great outfit. Your such an inspiration. My prayers also go out to the people in the shooting very sad whhat the world has come to.

  12. When I learned what the event was in Vegas, I immediately thought of you, since you just attended something similar. Unfortunately I have a feeling there may be a few more that end up passing away from their injuries. And then hearing Tom Petty had died, then that he hadn’t. I guess he actually did during the night. Can’t imagine how his family felt hearing that he was reported dead before he actually was.

    I can’t say I have accidentally bought the same top, but I sure have a lot of similar ones, lol. And I have found a bag with a top that I had completely forgotten about buying. I love the color and sleeves of your top. When I was shopping in North Carolina last week, I kept seeing tops with that style of sleeve, but they were always so long you wouldn’t be able to function normally in them!

  13. Those jeans fit you perfectly and that blue is certainly a color made for you. I have never bought the same clothes, but I often buy a book that I get home and realize I have already read it.

  14. Great outfit! Love the blues on you! I am going to check out the Plunder jewelry. I could use some new pieces! So afraid to turn on the news every morning, all you hear about is horrific stories. Prayers to all those who attended that concert. Something of that magnitude will forever stay with those people!!

  15. I love all the cute details you always wear & this top is another! I love those bell sleeves & the twist front. The color really shows up your beautiful eyes. And by the way, your hair looks fabulous! I really love those ankle boots w/the peep toe & have been looking for a pair that don’t have such high heels! Yes, the horrible massacre at the Country concerts in Vegas was unbelievable – and from an American! I am so sorry for those victims & even for those that survived, they will never be the same. I am so thankful that did not happen to you guys when you were in Florida. Praying for everyone involved and for our country.

  16. I work with students from many cultures and religions. I have a sign in my room that states, “Work Hard and Be Nice.” I chose it because it crosses all of the above. I tell my students that if you work hard and are kind to others, you will go far in life. I have wondered what evil tore at this man. Much has been said about his father, but the success the shooter seemed to have looked like he had moved past the sins of his father. Maybe not. Maybe it’s a genetic disorder. IDK. His brother stated he had no ties politically or to a religion. Maybe it was an absence of faith. Again, IDK. My father-in-law retired as a Captain from the Houston Police Department and was a member of the NRA. He owned many firearms, mostly for hunting. However, I will always remember him saying that the NRA was wrong to think that we don’t need some control, some common sense. He’d seen a lot as an Officer in a city as large as Houston. Continued prayers for healing of hearts, minds, and bodies of those affected.

    Super cute shirt! I’ve done the same thing. I have 2 pairs of pants needing to be returned b/c I purchased what I already owned. :/

  17. My heart was so heavy yesterday when I heard, thinking of all the people who were hurt or killed, by someone so evil, that is family had no idea that side of him. I pray that God, will help us all get over the horrible things that are presently facing. It is heart breaking.
    Love the shirt and the whole outfit. Have a blessed day.

  18. Oh my gosh I just got very similar booties this weekend from DSW. I love them for this transitional time. I also just styled some “lantern” sleeves on my blog. I love this trend! And I can’t listen or watch the news right now. Too sad and I feel helpless. My youngest daughter is in France where they just had their own terror attack and my sister and her young family were in that town. Natural disasters and human disasters are just taking their toll on me this fall.


  19. Up until three years ago when I retired I reported to the woman whose 23 year old son from Maple Ridge, B.C. was killed. Just beyond a horrible, horrible day. Such senseless behavior.

  20. Oh! Tania, YOU look gorgeous, today! A little ray of sunshine in this seemingly dark world. Hope and a silver lining in every rain cloud. Have a beautiful, fun and safe trip to Charleston, Sweet Girl in Blue!

  21. Yesterday black and brown and today blue and beige. Even though these colors start with B you have earned an A + from me. Girl, you got game for sure. Boom Shakalocka as Bill Murray said in the movie Stripes. Safe travels and a swift trip back home.

  22. Thank you Tania for addressing the tragedy, fashion is important but we’re a family here of sorts and it feels good to know that we are all thinking of the same thing. I do love your blue top! I love the sleeves! I’m actually ready for the cold shoulder to move on!

  23. Is it possible to purchase the beautiful top you have on – will this store do orders over phone and ship? Thank you for your help. Love and enjoy your blog.

  24. Tania, Just want to say how much I enjoy your posts. Thank you for sharing your stylish outfits for those of us who are of a certain age. Best wishes, Dawan