October 2017



50 IS NOT OLD | QUALITY TIME WITH THE FAMILYWhen I was home for the weekend I got to go and pick these two munchkins up early from school. I went to the office and started filling out the form to check them out. Child’s name, my name, time of pick-up, and then the question that stumped me……reason for leaving early. I looked at the other answers which were, sick and doctors appointment, and I thought and thought for something that sounded halfway plausible. Finally, I looked at the secretary and said, “Does Nana coming to town count as a good reason?” She laughed and said, “absolutely!!!”

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50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO ACCESSORIZE FOR THE HOLIDAYSI had a fantastic time in Livingston this past weekend. It is a running joke with everyone about the weather. It can be in the 80’s all week long but you can bet that by the time it is time for the grandbabies birthday party the weather will have changed. And when I say changed I mean that you need to wear long johns and gloves. This year was no different since the high for the day was going to be 42 degrees.

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The Bible has lots of commandments and unfortunately, I have broken most of them.  But of all the commandments, there is one that I have trouble with the most. This commandment is not one of the “top ten,” but nevertheless, it is still a commandment.

Do Not Fear. It is amazing when you Google fear and the Bible just how many times we are told not to have fear. There are many different versions, Do Not Fear, Fear Not, or Do Not Be Afraid, but they all mean the same thing. There is probably a good reason that we are told over and over again not to have fear since the world is a scary place.

In church this past Sunday, my preacher said something that has stuck with me. He said that we need to put “faith” between us and fear. When we have faith that the Lord is in control of the situation and that He is between us and fear, it makes fear easier to manage. I literally envision the Lord between me and whatever I am afraid of. There is nothing that the Lord can’t conquer, so what is there to fear?

If you read my post earlier in the week about me flying to Tennessee with Joe, then you know that I mentioned that it was windy and bumpy. Flying in the mountains creates a lot of buffeting which makes for a nasty flight. I am not a fan of flying anyway and turbulence is not something that I deal with very well. I started envisioning the Lord between me and my fear. That calmed me some but truthfully I was still really nervous. Then I started thinking about the disciples and how they were afraid during a storm. They were so afraid that they woke the Lord and asked him to intervene on their behalf. The Lord rebuked them for their fear and told the winds and waves to “Be Still.” Mark 4:39 says, Then He arose and rebuked the wind, and said to the sea, “Peace, be still!” And the wind ceased and there was a great calm. I kept saying this over and over again in my mind and the winds began to die down. Within a few minutes, the winds were completely gone and the rest of the flight was smooth. I know that there will be people who choose to think that the winds would have stopped anyway at that time. They will choose to believe that we had gotten to a certain point, a certain height, or a certain point over the mountain range that caused the winds to die down. However, I don’t believe in coincidence. I choose to believe that the Lord intervened on my behalf.

The world is scary and we will experience fear in our lives. Choose to put the Lord between you and your fear.

Have A Blessed Day!


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50 IS NOT OLD | EASY PEASY OUTFITGood morning everyone! I am in Halloween mode today because I will be attending a Halloween/Birthday party tonight. I have always loved Halloween ever since I was a child. I grew up in the country so houses are not close together. We would go to our relatives houses and that could take all night long. My grandparents lived at least 15 minutes away and then you would have to stick around and talk. There was no going to the door and sticking out the bag for candy. Of course, you did leave with a HUGE amount of stuff (not always candy) in your bags.

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50 IS NOT OLD | VELVET IS A FALL TRENDWoohoo! I made it to Tennessee all in one piece. Lol! Joe flew me in his plane and it was a little bumpy. The day was gorgeous and I never even thought about it being windy. There was a slight breeze as we loaded the truck so I asked Joe about it. He assured me that it would be alright. When we got to the top of the mountain where the airport is located, the wind had picked up even more. 

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50 IS NOT OLD | HOW DO YOU DESCRIBE YOURSELFI have entered into this training program and one of the things it talks about is, “how do you see yourself?” It asked me to come up with 8 words that I would use to describe myself. Then it said to ask others to describe you and to see if their descriptions were anywhere on your list. This is a scary project. I am sure that you would get different answers depending on the relationship you had with the person answering the question. If I ask Joe to describe me then his answers will be different from what my mom’s answers would be.

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50 IS NOT OLD | MELLOW MUSHROOMI just saw my mother this past weekend but this coming weekend I will be headed to Tennessee to see the rest of the family. There will be a huge birthday party for my three grandbabies that live there. All of their birthdays fall around the same time so a combined birthday is a wonderful idea, especially when you have out of town people who would be attending. That would be me!!!

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50 IS NOT OLD | HALLOWEEN ACCESSORIESDo you ever have one of those nights when you just can’t sleep? My problem is that I keep thinking about what I have to do the next day and making lists in my mind. I am not sure what good it does me to wake up and think about it. It is not like I am going to get up and go to work at 2:30 in the morning. I have heard that it is a good idea to keep a notepad beside your bed and that you should jot down ideas, etc. that you have in the middle of the night.

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50 IS NOT OLD | A CLASSIC PUMP AND ANKLE PANTSThe weekend was awesome! I am sure a lot of you probably feel the same way. Mine had family and friends visiting and a vintage fashion show. My mom and her friend Donna hold several vintage fashion shows each year and they have been so good to help out our Woman’s Club with this unique and FUNdraiser. We get the ticket money from the door and a percentage of the sales. This year the attendance was down but we still managed to raise over 400.00. For one day’s work that isn’t too bad.

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Have you ever taken a personality quiz? There are all kinds of them available on the internet. I had mentioned them to my sister because I was trying to find out what my strengths and weakness were. She said that she had already taken one and had found out that she was an includer. I had never heard of an “includer” and wasn’t really for sure what they meant. When we hung up the phone I took a test and found out that I was an includer also. According to, here are some of these traits:

“Stretch the circle wider.” This is the philosophy around which you orient your life. You want to include people and make them feel part of the group. In direct contrast to those who are drawn only to exclusive groups, you actively avoid those groups that exclude others. You want to expand the group so that as many people as possible can benefit from its support. You hate the sight of someone on the outside looking in. You want to draw them in so that they can feel the warmth of the group. You are an instinctively accepting person. Regardless of race or sex or nationality or personality or faith, you cast few judgments. Judgments can hurt a person’s feelings. Why do that if you don’t have to? Your accepting nature does not necessarily rest on a belief that each of us is different and that one should respect these differences. Rather, it rests on your conviction that fundamentally we are all the same. We are all equally important. Thus, no one should be ignored. Each of us should be included. It is the least we all deserve.

I wasn’t sure how being an “includer” was a strength but I am really glad that it was a part of my personality. I have a phobia about walking into a room by myself and having to find a place to sit. I even hated having to go to church if I didn’t know that someone was going to be there that I could sit with. I started keeping the scorebooks at ballgames for my children because then I knew I had a place that I had to sit and I didn’t have to “intrude” on anyone in the stands. I got up the nerve once to attend a breakfast by myself at a woman’s club function that I was attending. I walked in and the place was packed so I immediately started to panic. I looked and looked and I finally spotted two spots at two separate tables. I didn’t know a soul in the place but I walked up and asked if that spot was taken. Both times I was told that they were saving the seat for a friend. I admit that I was devastated. This event has been replayed over and over in my mind and I wonder what I would have done. I would have said, “that seat is taken, but let’s find a chair to pull over and you can join us.”

1 Peter 4:10-11 says, 10 Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms. 11 If anyone speaks, they should do so as one who speaks the very words of God. If anyone serves, they should do so with the strength God provides, so that in all things God may be praised through Jesus Christ. To him be the glory and the power for ever and ever. Amen.

The Lord has given each one of us a talent or a gift. You might not even be aware what your gift is but it is there. If you don’t know what your talent is then maybe you can take one of the free tests offered online. After you discover your gift then you need to figure out how you can use it best to glorify the Lord. I am hoping that my “includer” attitude is best used with my Sunday posts and that I am “including” all of you in a walk with the Lord.

Shout out your talent, give God the glory!

Have a Blessed Day!


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