50 IS NOT OLD | SWINGING WITH A DENIM JACKETIs it Friday yet??? What a day yesterday was. I tried to keep busy all day so that I wouldn’t be thinking about food constantly. Why is it if you start a new diet that you can’t think about anything else than food? Thankfully, I kept busy with work and before I knew it the day had flown by. My first obstacle will be water consumption. Yuck, I hate water. I am trying to stay away from sugar and any kind of sugar substitute so I can’t have any of the flavor packets. Instead, today I added lemon slices and it was tolerable but still not good. Lol!50 IS NOT OLD | SWINGING WITH A DENIM JACKETJoe is being a trooper about my diet even though I have not tried to force this on him. I fixed our breakfast this morning which usually has cheese but I told him that I wasn’t eating dairy. You could have knocked me over with a feather when he said then he wouldn’t have any either. Normally you can’t find the food under his pile of cheese that he has added. He ate it and pronounced it good. He is not fooling me, let’s see what tomorrow brings. 50 IS NOT OLD | SWINGING WITH A DENIM JACKETI haven’t worn my Jean earrings in a while. I gave my sister a pair and she mentioned to me that she loves them. That reminded me to look for mine and I found them in a purse. I had slipped them off while I was talking on the phone and forgot all about them. 50 is not old but she can be a touch forgetful. Lol! The Nona bracelet is one that I just didn’t think I would like so I kept holding off ordering it. I finally got it in last week and I think it is adorable. It is a reddish brown and I thought it looked great with my scarf. This little bracelet would make a super cute Christmas present. I got the Shanna necklace at the same time as the bracelet. It is a dainty necklace and I like having one that I can wear in the space between the neckline and my neck. 50 IS NOT OLD | SWINGING WITH A DENIM JACKETThe Loudene necklace matches the Jean earrings perfectly. Turquoise is great for Fall. It goes well with so many of the Fall colors. This necklace is on a 33″ chain but I have worn it shortened today. Speaking of Fall……the new Plunder catalog addition came out today!!!! This is a supplement to the current catalog so you can order out of both catalogs. When you go to the shop option, both catalogs load onto the different categories. Go to www.plunderdesign.com/taniastephens to shop. Everyone who places an order over 75.00 from now to the end of the month (excluding shipping and tax) will receive a free piece of jewelry from me. 50 IS NOT OLD | SWINGING WITH A DENIM JACKETDo you like my new Dooney & Bourke purse??? I am in love with this color. It is the softest beige color, maybe fawn. I don’t know what the name is but I have been looking for a purse this color for a while. I also like how the leather handles and name plate are a darker color making them stand out.

50 IS NOT OLD | SWINGING WITH A DENIM JACKETI just bought these peep toe booties this past week. They are a cute pair by Marc Fisher and the best part is, they are on sale!!! This pair is called the NoviceThey are not quite as light as my handbag but I still love this color. You will probably be seeing a lot of this pair. I am still not sure how you are supposed to wear peep-toe shoes in the winter, I guess I need to be looking into that. Lol!50 IS NOT OLD | SWINGING WITH A DENIM JACKETYesterday I showed you a maxi dress styled with the denim jacket. It is only natural that I show you a shorter dress today. This is a swing dress from Old Navy, I love their swing dresses. They have a wide variety of styles including sleeveless, cap sleeve, and long sleeve. They also have petite and plus sizes to choose from. By the way, what do you think about my infinity scarf? I loved the colors when I spied this baby and hold on to your hats. I bought this scarf for 2.97! AND, so can you, this came from Walmart. I hardly ever buy clothing from Walmart but this happened to be on the end aisle that I was shopping in.

50 IS NOT OLD | SWINGING WITH A DENIM JACKETI have so many people that message me saying they want to join me in business but they are afraid of failing. Gurls . . . I know how you feel . . . believe me . . . I felt the same thing . . . but I have found that a fear of being broke, fear of staying in debt with no relief in sight and fear of not being able to live life to the fullest is greater than the fear of failure. I truly love the products from Rodan + Fields or I wouldn’t tell you about them. I truly love this business or I wouldn’t invite you to join me. I believe that this opportunity was put before me for a reason, just like I think the blog was started for a reason. Are “you” reading this for a reason? Go to www.tstephens5.myrandf.biz to check out the different enrollment kits. Really, what have you got to lose? You get great skin care products in the kit and the opportunity to have your own business.Email me if you’re ready to kick the fear of failure in the face! 👊🏽

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  1. Love this outfit, I have worn it! I have all the pieces and I also got my scarf (different print) at Walmart as part of a 2 pack for $4.97!

  2. That Joe is a keeper. Any husband that helps support you in healthy habits has some true love for you. Lovin the denim jacket ensembles. Keep them coming!

  3. Cute and I too have found some cute scarves at Walmart for cheap. Do you always wear your infinity scarves down like that? I always wrap mine again around my neck… didn’t realize they could be worn long!!

    • No, I don’t always wear them like this but I don’t like all the bulk up around my neck and face. I have a round face anyway and that just makes it look huge. By wearing it long it draws the eye down and makes my neck look longer. Also, then I can wear a necklace. Lol!

      • Well Tania that shows how much I “don’t know” about fashion !! I’ve just never seen a scarf worn like this so I hope I can step out of my comfort zone and try this 🙂

  4. Try cucumber in your water. Put a jug of water with a a few chunky slices in it in the fridge and just pour a small glass. If you like cukes you’ll love cucumber water.

      • I was going to suggest mint leaves, too, or sometimes I thrown in basil leaves for a refreshing flavor. I don’t drink soft drinks, and I gave up juice 6 months ago, so adding some flavor to my water was essential!

  5. Love the scarf Tania!!! I have bought several tops at Walmart lately (Faded Glory brand) actually online that is not in the stores. I also bought a long sleeve burgundy swing dress at Old Navy ($14.95) which is due to arrive in the mail today….your scarf would look good with my dress😊 Congrats on taking the first step to your new healthy lifestyle as I usually do not say diet. I changed my way of eating 5 or 6 years ago and dropped 15-20 pounds and have kept it off. I set in mind that God’s word says my body is a temple and I have to take care of it….now do I still eat sweets, most definitely. What keeps it off is not wanting to go back to the way I was because I feel better and have more energy….and of course I do not want to buy bigger clothes and a new wardrobe. ~Lisa~

  6. Tania, think of it as a healthy eating lifestyle not a “diet”. Orange slices are good in water. Pinterest has a ton of ideas for flavored water without those packets. Love the jean jacket series. You always give me such great ideas.

  7. Re your water intake. Since I’ve gotten older, water consumption has been a real problem for me. I happened to see flavored seltzer water without any additives & thought I’d give it a try! For me, it’s perfect. I buy the 1 liter sizes, loosen the cap to let it get flat. Viola! Flavored water, pure & simple. I fill my tall tumbler with ice & seltzer, then I sip & refill all day long. Or don’t loosen the cap if you like the fizz! In our area of Northeast PA, I purchase Polar brand. Not to be confused with Polar Springs! There are great flavors available; Vanilla, Georgia Peach, triple Berry, etc. right now I’m on a Blueberry Lemon kick. Good luck with the diet, I should follow your lead!

  8. Great outfit i love levi jackets and looking forward to seeing more with your outfits. One question though, how do you stay organized in your closet to find which outfits go well together? Love your blog!

  9. I love reading your blog first thing in the morning. Your stories always bring a smile to my face. I don’t generally have an issue drinking plain water, but when I want a change I drink La Croix. Zero calories and zero added sugars.

  10. Have you tried LaCroix sparkling water? No calories, no artificial sweeteners, no sodium, just carbonated water and natural flavor. Not sure if “fizzy water” is permissible on the Daniel Plan, but it helps me drink more water throughout the day to switch it up a bit. I’m always trying to lose weight!😉

  11. Love this look, the jean jacket series, and your blog! Ordered the light blue, mine is coming tomorrow! I love jean jackets, will now own 3😉! They are so versatile! Love the Dooney, I’m a Dooney gurl myself, own several!
    Good luck on the healthy eating, you can do this!! I’ve lost 40 pounds so far this year, and feel so much better! 😀

  12. The only food I can’t stop thinking about is what’s in my freezer. We haven’t had power since about 9 pm Sunday. Thanks Irma! But we are fine and the house and vehicles weren’t damaged; we are very thankful that the Lord took care of us.

  13. You should try drinking flavored sparkling water. I get the Deer Park brand. Just water with a little flavoring…..its great!

  14. Hi a tip to flavor your water naturally is to add fruit. Such as blueberries or raspberries or both. If diet allows that give it a try. Just make up a pitcher and keep chilled. It’s really tasty.

  15. I just had to have that Denim Jacket so I ordered one from Old Navy! It’s super comfy because of the stretch! Thank you for sharing!

  16. Love today’s outfit! I have the dress, jacket and similar scarf, I just need the booties, lol….. been looking for a pair! I think burgundy and turquoise jewelry looks so nice together! 🌻

  17. Love the scarf too. You never know what you will find at Walmart…one of my favorite necklaces actually came from there and it was $5!!! LOL! I understand the scarf issue, I have a short neck, and I LOVE them, but HATE them smothering me. So I often wear them long as well. Best of luck with the new eating program…I went back to WW 2 weeks ago, so am struggling right along with you….I LOVE to eat, so I still feel like this is robbing me of that pleasure….Have to do it though, for health reasons…..so ONE DAY AT A TIME! Hoping my mindset will change at some point.

  18. Love the scarf!! I feel the same way when I surprisingly find a fashion item at Walmart that I love! 😉 As for drinking water, the eating plan I was on pushed drinking “H2orange” which is just diluted orange juice – 1 part orange juice to 7 parts water. At first I thought YUCK, but I am still drinking it long after finishing the program! Full strength orange juice about gags me now – it seems so strong! Lol! It takes some getting used to but I love the shot of orange it gives plain ol’ water. And it’s very good for you because it keeps your blood sugar more regulated when you change your diet. It might be worth a try!! I despise plain water too!

    • That sounds good. I bought some oranges so that I can squeeze the juice into the water and then let the rest of it float in the water. It looks pretty, so maybe I will drink it.

  19. You have great legs and knees and look super in a dress above the knees. Love this look on you. All the best with your healthy eating.

  20. Super cute. I saw a dress just like yours in plum at Walmart yesterday. I think it would be cute with leggings and booties later in the fall. I think I may go back and get it. I bought a super cute top on clearance for $10 bucks…woo hoo…score! Walmart is not always a pleasurable shopping experience, but ever once in a while something cute shows up. I don’t drink near enough water either. I need to get back to that. I put lemons, limes and oranges (YUM) in mine. I bought some new ear buds yesterday so I can listen to music while I walk. I’ve got to get this new life style into a norm…UGH!

  21. That scarf is stunning. I pinned the look immediately. I guess you know now it’ll be all your fault if I find myself going to Walmart today in the rain!!!!! 😉 Thanks!

  22. Good morning, Miss Tania! 🌞

    Might I say that there is NOTHING I don’t like about this outfit! Aren’t you the cutest thing? SPICY! SAUCY!

    Headin’ straight to Old Navy and Wal-Mart at lunchtime! Eeeeeee, can’t wait! Hurry up Father Time! Shopping is a great way to keep from eating! LOL!

    Ice water! Icy cold is the only way I can get that gag-worthy stuff in my bod! YIKES!

    Hope you have a wonderful day! 😘

    • I can’t drink it cold. I prefer room temperature water, although I do like the “good” ice. Lol ! I need to tell Joe that I have to go shopping at lunch to keep from eating. I doubt if he will buy that.

  23. I too say yuck-yuck to drinking water. I have a real struggle drinking plain water. I now add lemon all the time. I process the whole lemon into a puree and keep refrigerated. Studies continue to show that lemons are a powerful source for fighting those free radicals that cause cancer. The benefit is mainly in the peel, so consume the whole lemon. I am a 6 year breast cancer survivor, so I share this with everyone.

  24. I have had very good luck finding cute clothes at WalMart lstely. Get lots of compliments on them. My favorites tend to be Faded Glory. Picked a bunch of kimonos and shawls for $7.00. Love them.

  25. Hello Tania,

    I started reading your blog last week. I am sooooo happy I found you. I’ve been wanting to change up my style since I started loosing weight, but I wasn’t sure what I could get away with wearing being in my fifties. Lucky me 🙂 My height, hair color, eye color, and probably skin color are close to yours. I am a bit bigger but I think my shape is similar too. I figure if it looks good on Tania, I should look good on me, right? LOL I love everything you put on. You have such grace and class.
    BTW is worked in the lumber and hardware industry too…..

    Have a super day!

    • I am glad you found me too! Thanks so much for all the kind words. Working in the lumber and hardware industry is interesting, to say the least. Lol! We have one more thing in common, we both have odd names. Haha