50 IS NOT OLD | DENIM JACKET AND A MAXI DRESSOn yesterday’s blog post I talked about food. I have decided to get healthy and I am choosing to follow the Daniel Plan Diet to help me make good food choices. I decided to tell every one of my plans in the hopes that you will hold my feet to the fire. I am the best at having great “intentions” but it is the follow through that gets lost on me. It seems like I am an Olympian at the “WANT” game. I want to be healthier, I want to be fit and tone, I want to be thinner, I want…….50 IS NOT OLD | DENIM JACKET AND A MAXI DRESSSo, after church yesterday I sat down and looked over the food list on the Daniel Plan. I am still reading the book but I wanted to at least stock my refrigerator and cabinets with the correct food. Then off to the grocery store I went. An hour and a half later and 175.00 lighter I came home with some staples. I put a lean cut of beef in the pressure cooker and then I peeled, sliced, and chopped all of the vegetables that I brought home. My thought is that if they are already fixed and ready to go that I might find the time to prepare something. Because I have nothing else to do, I have decided to start a FaceBook page called, “Honoring God Through Food” and if you want to join me in this endeavor feel free to like or join the page. I don’t know exactly what we need to eat, I don’t have any recipes, but I think that as a group we can accomplish some great things. 50 IS NOT OLD | DENIM JACKET AND A MAXI DRESSI am continuing my denim jacket series. This is where I am going to be styling a few more outfits using the simple denim jacket. Mine is from Old Navy, it comes in light, medium, and dark. I wore the jacket with colored jeans (here) and with leggings (here) and today I am wearing a maxi dress.

50 IS NOT OLD | DENIM JACKET AND A MAXI DRESSThe hot pink suede tassel earrings are c/o Kay and Star from Etsy. The Shanna necklace is a gold dainty necklace with a hammered look on one side and a slick look on the other.  My engraved idiom bracelet is from Kate Spade. 50 IS NOT OLD | DENIM JACKET AND A MAXI DRESSAlex and Ani bracelets can be inspirational also. Each bracelet comes with a card that tells you about the charm and the symbolism behind it. 50 IS NOT OLD | DENIM JACKET AND A MAXI DRESSI went to pick Emersyn up to go to church with me and boy was I surprised when she came to the door looking like a mini me. Lol! I had to twist her arm to take a picture with me. She was too busy playing with the dogs and blowing bubbles. She finally agreed to take “one” picture and that was all she would do. I finished taking my pictures and was going to put up with the camera when she said she wanted to take more pictures, just without me. Lol! My chiffon maxi dress is one that I got at Old Navy at the end of last year on the clearance rack. I pulled it out from the back of my closet yesterday and was shocked. I had forgotten all about it.

50 IS NOT OLD | DENIM JACKET AND A MAXI DRESSSo, here is Miss Emersyn styling her Old Navy denim jacket in the dark wash. I am not sure where her dress is from but I found some on Old Navy that looked similar. And her suede mustard shoes just made the outfit. She is such a little diva! I have no idea where she gets it from.

50 IS NOT OLD | DENIM JACKET AND A MAXI DRESSOn Friday I will be placing a bulk order for Lash Boost. I have several ladies who want to try the product but are not yet customers. So, if you want me to place the order for you just let me know. My tubes usually last me at least 3 months or more.It’s late and I am tired. I have been watching the Hurricane Irma coverage all afternoon and I am worn out. I have been keeping everyone in my prayers and I am sure you have also. I sure hope that tomorrow is a better day for everyone.

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  1. Julia Rodriguez Reply

    Hi Tania!
    Are there warnings on the Lash Boost about glaucoma? I’m 51, but have had acute angle closure for about 20 years. Thanks for any info on this. Love the blog!!! Hosting 20 family members from Tampa because of “Miss Irma”….prayers for all in her path!

  2. Kim Stephenson Reply

    I really appreciate that your fashion comes from a variety of price ranges. Knowing how to put together an outfit is so important. Best of luck with your food plan! Thanks for making your blog so relevant and interesting.

  3. Tania
    Please pray for all of the utilties workers who have to working over time in call centers and in field inspite of the conditions out side. Im send this from a call center working overtime . Going to join your group i need all the support i can get on my weigh lose journey

  4. Christine Pugh Reply

    Hi Tanya, I’ve bn following your blog from shortly after you started. I had to spend a lot of time looking after my son. He was terminally I’ll with cancer at that time. Your blog’s always give me a little bright point to my day. I live on the UK & wonder if Rowland + Fields are thinking of starting up over here? I’m particularly interested in the lash boost but not sure of import duty if I have it sent over to Uk. Carry on the good work.

  5. Such a pretty dress! Lovely outfit, you look beautiful and your granddaughter is a trip!!

  6. If you are looking to slim down, just keep wearing maxi dresses! That outfit is very slimming. You didn’t mention Beckley after your trip last week. I hope he was alright in your absence.

  7. Libby Sims Lancaster Reply

    Emersyn is precious! Ready to join your Honoring God group!

  8. Maggie Fieger Reply

    I joined your new group. I need to set some specific goals. I eat lots of salads!!!
    I found a new winter coat in the closet that I had forgotten about! How fun

  9. Vonda Seyna Reply

    Tania, I would like to order a tube of lash boost. Please email me with details.
    Thanks for all of your encouragement!

  10. Mary Mepham Reply

    so great that you are changing your lifestyle, stay focused! i also started this a few months back and can empathize with everything you are feeling right now. down 38 pounds since April. it can be done even at 51.

  11. Maxine Bower Reply

    Granddaughters are such fun! Emersyn is a doll! Love the outfit today. 😘😘

  12. Beckie Beiro Reply

    Good morning ,Tania
    After all the demin jacket post, I now feel the need to go purvhess one. I have always liked the look of them but never owned one. So now must be the time! Lol
    Emersyn is a doll, how old is she? I have 2 granddaughters 5 and 7
    Have a great day!😊

  13. Great post as always. I am interested in the lash boost. Please email me the details. Thanks and have a blessed day.

  14. Love it all. Cutting back on carbs has made a huge difference here! And, my tummy feels so much better. Bread and potatoes, pastas, and sweets. Indulge one or twice a week. It’s not been difficult at all. I love that you are a bargain shopper. I simply can’t afford Dillard’s very often. Loving the clearance rack at Cato these days. It’s a hoot the grand matched the style of the grand!!! Priceless moment in time😁

    • Tania Reply

      Absolutely, Alvina. My mother has a denim jacket that she wears.

  15. Love photos of you and your granddaughter. My 19 year old granddaughter called yesterday and asked if she could come today and spend the night. Well…..yes, of course!!! After having two precious sons, I have been blessed with 4 granddaughters, now ages 4 to 19. Love it! Also one grandson. God is good!

  16. Good morning, Miss Tania and Missy Emersyn!

    How absolutely adorable you two are! Tania, you look gorgeous! Wish-oh-Wish I could wear
    a maxi dress! I’m just TOO short! I look like a sack full of doorknobs in one! Oh, well, I can dream and enjoy your pictures, Lovely Girl!

    How is Missy Emersyn loving her Baby Beckham? Such a cute name! Grandchildren are the best! You can love ’em, spoil ’em and send ’em home! LOL!!!!

    Got a jean jacket, yesterday! Love stylin’ like my Fashion Blog Queen! People have taken notice! I take my iPad with me wherever I go and share YOU with everyone I know!

    Hope you have a great day! 👑👑👑

    • Tania Reply

      You are too funny, Annie! I am sure you are your worst critic. I am glad that others are starting to notice your efforts to dress better. Thanks for following and for sharing!

  17. Charlcy Green Reply

    Love, Love this outfut! Those earrings just make it! And little high-quality you is such a natural Hamm and so adorable!

  18. Wow, love that you’re trying to eat healthier, so am I, especially after some “not so good numbers” on my last blood test! Great idea that you’re starting a blog about it, I will definitely check it out. I’m trying to cut out as many carbs as I can (potatoes, pasta, bread) not easy cause those are my favourites. Get as many vegetables as we can into our diets. Mi even bought a spirilizer so I can make pasta out of vegetables! Good luck!

  19. I would like to try the lash boost…please advise on how I go about ordering as I’m not a current customer. Thanks BTW – you look fantastic in that dress and denim jacket!!

  20. I love wearing my denim jacket with a maxi dress, you look great. Not a fan of the earrings for me, but you rarely wear anything I don’t love!! Have enjoyed reading your blog very much!

  21. Hello Tania
    I love your outfit once again no surprise!!!
    I copy your style all the time. I joined your eating healthy group, I started my healthy journey like 5 months ago and so much has changed. I love lifting so I go to gym 3 to 4 times per week, but I hear that it’s 80% what you eat and 20% cardio and lifting or any sort of exercise. I wish it where the other way around, I would be so fit by now, but it’s not. Clean eating is crucial if you want to obtain good health and currently being in menopause clean eating and lifting is very important to me , so I look forward to this new group you have created!
    Love Denise🌸

    • Tania Reply

      Since I haven’t been doing anything, Denise, I have a long way to go. Please share recipes that you have on the new facebook page.

  22. Gloria Randle Reply

    I think you and Emersyn are Miss Diva and Mrs Diva!! Both of you are cuties.

    • Tania Reply

      Hahaha! That is funny, Gloria. I will have to remember that.

  23. I think this might be my first comment even though I have been following you for a while. I love your outfit and it is very slimming. I need to add a denim jacket to my wardrobe. When I lost a substantial amount of weight 2 years ago, I gave it away. Unfortunately I have gained back half of the weight, so I need to get back in the game. Will be following your new Facebook page for recipes and tips. My niece and her family have been staying with us since they evacuated from Florida. It has been so much fun having a 3 yo in the house. Pray for my niece as she experiencing side effects of chemo and they are headed back today to their home in St. Pete.

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