I know that many of you are like me and there is something you want to change about yourself. Some of you might not be satisfied with your job or maybe even your marriage. Some of you might like to change your weight or work on your health. And some of you might be looking to make a move to another house or State. My question is, are you doing anything about this change you want or are you just “wanting?”

I have been “wanting” to get healthier. I KNOW that I need to be healthier but the truth is that I just keep falling into the same routine and I am not doing anything about the situation. I have finally made the first move and I was silly enough to think it was something that “I” decided to do but as you will see later in this post, it is something that the Lord has been moving me toward for a while.

I recently mentioned to you in a blog post that I was looking to lose weight and many of you commented about different diets or plans that you were on. I appreciate your taking the time to help but I have had the Daniel Plan in the back of my mind for a long time and I just couldn’t shake the notion that this was the one for me to try. I finally ordered the Daniel Plan book by Rick Warren, and the Daniel Plan Cookbook, and I have been reading a chapter a day. I love the idea of asking the Lord to help me to honor Him by taking care of the body He created for me. His gift to me was my body and instead of taking good care of it, I have filled it with junk food. When you look at it that way you can’t help but think that He might not have been pleased by my decision.

Romans 12:2Β Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect. (NLT)

I came home Friday night and read a daily devotional from one of the books that I have. This one is The Confident Woman Devotional, a short devotional for every day of the year, by Joyce Meyer. The devotional for that day was titled, Make The Change. I am a firm believer that there are no coincidences, that the Lord guides you to what you need. While I was thinking along those lines, I happened to remember that a friend of mine was following the Daniel Plan when we went to Florida together back in April. Was that a nudging from the Lord? I had already been thinking about this plan before then because I had read about the plan even earlier in the devotional by Mark Batterson called Draw The Circle. Did the Lord put something on my heart back then? Did it take me this long to figure it out?

I am making some small changes that I know will be for the betterment of my health. When it comes to eating I am going to try to envision a “V” in the road. I have the choice to make, I can either choose something fast and convenient and probably unhealthy or I can choose something good for me and my body. I am going to devote at least 15-30 minutes every day to going for a walk. I might ramp it up later but I want to start small. I want to finish the book before I jump in with both feet but I am smart enough to know that “real” food is better for me than processed food.

If you are interested in joining me in this small endeavor to better health then let me know. If very many of you want to participate then I will start a group on FaceBook so that we can share recipes, thoughts, struggles, etc. This is just one small way that I am choosing to honor the Lord.

Have A Blessed Day!


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  1. I’m needing to make some changes to lose weight. Also, if your weather is bad and you can’t get outside to walk check out Leslie Sansone’s walk at home dvds. They help me

    • I have used her 5 Miracle Miles videos and that coupled with better food choices have lost almost 40 pounds. I like that they start slow and eventually work up to 5 miles. I could not believe I could attain the results I have, by just walking at home.

    • The DVDs sound amazing. I’ll see if they are available here to n Australia, but I guess you could buy online. I don’t like walking on my own so doing it at home sounds perfect.

  2. I find this very interesting. I have been in the process of some life changes with food for the past year. I’ve had some success but also some steps back. If you start the Facebook page I would be very interested.

  3. I would love it if you started a FB group. It always helps to have support when you are trying to get healthy and lose weight.

  4. I would love to join a Facebook page and have some support in losing weight. What a great idea. I have great intentions but need some motivation.

  5. A Facebook page would be fun. I’m going to Weight Watchers and trying to move more. Need some light weight motivation!. Good luck – it’s not easy!

  6. I have been wearing a pedometer and try to meet 10,000 steps a day. It has helped me to keep off the couch!!!!! God bless you all and your journeys.

  7. I have been reading your blog for a month or so and have really enjoyed it. I would love to be part of your Daniel Plan group.

  8. Wonderful! I want to join, to be in the “Circle”! In all things, one day at a time. We are told to not carry burdens alone. This 30 pound burden that I am carrying certainly could use a circle of concerned friends to help me lighten my load. Thank you for sharing each day.

  9. Wow! I too am one that doesn’t believe in coincidences. I woke this morning very disappointed in myself and my weight. 90% of the time I eat healthy and whole foods but the scale continues to creep up. It’s so frustrating. I open my in box this morning to see your post and BAM ! I do feel like it was God speaking to me….through your post. I will be looking into the Daniel Plan today after my reflection time this morning. Thank you !

  10. I would love to be in your FB group. Our church had a Daniel Plan group and I would like to be part of your group to make positive changes. The Daniel Plan is wonderful.

  11. Tania, I bought the book over a year ago and have been thinking on the Daniel plan for a while. How far are you into the book and/or when do you plan to jump in with both feet – I may leap with you!

  12. It’s funny that you’re doing the same thing that I’ve been doing for last two months changing the way I have been eating and trying to get into better health

  13. I have friends who have used the Daniel diet. My husband and I have just started a new diet. A group would be great for support with those challenging times.

  14. Making a change is hard but I firmly believe the Lord does guide us by giving us nudges and boosts. I made a change several years ago to get fit by walking and running. A friend of mine was doing the same and out of coincidence we both shared how we wanted to run a 5K. We set our goals and have run 4 since! She’s 18 years younger than me, and age makes no difference. Only what you tell yourself!! After that, I decided to change jobs and prayed about it…2 years ago, the right opportunity came and I’ve never been happier at my current job than now! All of these changes after I turned 50! I plan to “live long and prosper ” LOL…and just took on another fun challenge! I’m excited and feel challenging ourselves at any age keeps us youthful! Good luck! I’d love to be part of your Facebook group for healthier eating habits! God bless!!

  15. Your post this morning is exactly what I have been thinking about for quite awhile…making changes. I have not heard of the Daniel Plan, would love to know more!

  16. Woo! Hoo! Let’s see, happier, better dressed, bling bling from Plunder (more to come, btw), longer lashes, slimmer, healthier! Can things get any better? Yep, The Power of The Holy Spirit!

    You go Girl!!! Pastor Rick Warren and Joyce Meyer are some of my faves, too!

    Win-Win! Miss Tania, you’re such inspiration to US!! Thanks for your devotional to US! πŸ‘Όβ€οΈ

  17. Very good post! I didn’t know about the Daniel plan but I too felt like a change was in order. I have been trying to eat healthier too. I will take a look! Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts and ideas!

  18. I truly hope you start the group on facebook, Tania. This post was so encouraging, especially to those of us who are searching inwardly for ways to make our life’s better for ourselves and those around us. Thank you!

    • I just heard the introduction to the Daniel Plan By Rick Warren and his team and one of the main points was Do Not do this alone, grab someone and do it together!! Their point was that’s the only way you will see success!!

  19. I will be starting my Detox again on Monday, but I would love to be part of your FB group for ideas and encouragement to give and take. I had thought about doing Daniel’s, many times, just never went thru with it. I wish you a lot of luck. And walking is great, the first time I made 10,000 steps in one day I was shocked, you just don’t realize how much walking you do in a day!! Blessings for a great start to your week and goal.

  20. Oh gosh your post this morning about making a change hit home to me. I have been struggling with what to do during semi-retirement and am just lost and struggling along with finding the food and exercise plan that works for me. I would love to follow along in a private FB group so that you can guide us along this journey as the Daniel Plan is something that I have not heard before so yes, I would join your FB group. Thank you for putting this out there and being willing to let us all join you on this journey.

  21. Am am interested in joining you (via a facebook group) to get healthier! I think it would be great to encourage each other!

  22. I think we all feel that we need to make some changes. I walk twice everyday which doesn’t count how much I am up and down at work. The problem I have is my eating. I eat great during the week but the weekends I don’t. I feel the same way I am trying to change. I want to also change being lonely all the time. I put myself into my work so much that I forget about me. I need to start thinking about myself. I’m getting to old not to do this. Thanks again for the blogging each day. I love reading all.

  23. I would love to join you! I am 51 and recently lost my brother to lung cancer. This was the push I needed to get serious about my health. I’m on day 8 smoke free and know I need to be eating healthy and exercising or my already overweight frame will blossom!

  24. I would love to join you in this endeavor! I want to be healthier and need the accountability of other women that are in the same boat. The weight doesn’t just fall off any more and what better way to do this than to be thankful and take care of what God has given me.

  25. I am definitely interested in the Daniel plan. JUst got introduced to your site and love it. I believe God does have a plan for everyone. I would love to hear and follow your regiment.

  26. Hi Tanya, Like you I have been feeling a real nudge from the Lord to be healthier and particularly more fit (strength and stamina). My hubby and I have both felt that we need to stop eating beef and chicken and eat more fish and vegetables. I’d be interested in joining with you to honour the Lord by being a good steward of my body.

    Sally, Ontario, CANADA

  27. Tania you go girl ! I just started weight watchers 3 weeks ago. Its a slow process but Im praying that i can stick with it. Changing the way we eat is so hard . I have a teenager so she just wants junk . So when we go out i have to make the hard choice to eat healthy all this to say I understand your pain . Im right there w you. I will be praying for you and cheering you on. If can get the videos for the daniel plan you should that have easy excercise that you can do and recipe ideas .

  28. Obviously everyone loved this message! I have had to change my life drastically this year for health reasons. I eat no carbs or sugar ( and am addicted to both)! I walk both my dogs separately so I get about 40 min. If exercise everyday and they love it. I have lost 15 lbs in about 2.5 months and have about 10 more to go. I feel great and hope to be off my meds soon. So you go girl!! You can do this and I applaud you for sharing God’s importance in all of your life!

  29. I’m glad that you brought this up bc I have been putting this off too long. A couple of years ago, I was walking 30 minutes a day and I lost 15 lbs and felt so much better. I have been sluggish, and not feeling so great lately. I need to get back in the groove. I’ll be 55 here in a week or so. I need to get my pep back. Let’s do this thing, Ladies!!!

  30. Tania I am completely on board . And yes it is the lord nudging to get fit at 50 you started your blog 1 or 2 years ago. I have been following you for one year now and I have learned so much about fashion thru you. Then I somehow came across Plunder. But a few months ago I started on my health journey it’s been 5 months that I have changed my eating and I started lifting weights and i am obsessed with lifting! But I believe that it is a insult to not take care of these God given bodies, my goodness we only get ONE so let choose to CARE FOR IT! By moving it, by making food trade offs, by drinking more water, I can go on and on. But I love you dear lady and let’s start a group! I’m all in!πŸ‘ŠπŸΌπŸ’ͺ🏼 Haha
    Love Denise from south Florida