Did you know that driving on the sidewalk was a bad thing? Yes, I mean driving in a car and not with a bicycle. Lol! When Joe and I were in Florida last week we had a small run in with a law enforcement official. Joe was wanting Oysters and we found a nice little restaurant on the beach. They had outdoor seating, lots of music, and dollar bills hanging from the ceiling. I am not an Oyster fan but I found something that I could eat too. When we left I asked him if he remembered to get the credit card since I hadn’t seen him put it in his wallet. He remarked something smart like, “take care of yourself.”50 IS NOT OLD | MUSTARD WILL BE A HOT COLOR FOR FALLWe left the restaurant and got about 1/2 mile down the road when he says, “crap, I forgot my phone.” I held my tongue as we turned around and headed back to the restaurant. As we got to the end of the road it was backed up with around 6 or 7 cars and no one could pull out because of the beach traffic. Joe pulled out around the line of traffic and drove on the grass to where the restaurant was since it was right around the corner. However, a policewoman happened to be sitting right there and threw on the lights. She gave him a ticket for driving on the sidewalk, which technically he was on the grass but he wasn’t going to argue with her. He apologized for being in the wrong and told her he was just in a hurry to get his phone. She was not amused and she went back to write his ticket. He told me to hop out of the car and go to the restaurant and get his phone. They had already cleaned the table so I asked the waiter. He came back in just a few minutes and handed me a phone and I started out the door. Then I looked down at the phone and realized Joe didn’t have a T-Mobile phone. Lol! I went back to the restaurant and they had a whole assortment of phones to choose from. Evidently, that happens a lot. The rest of the time we were in Florida I would sweetly ask if he had his phone before we left anywhere. Hahaha!50 IS NOT OLD | MUSTARD WILL BE A HOT COLOR FOR FALLJust in case you needed proof, here is a picture from this morning. This is tucked into a corner in my living room and it is out of the way so it doesn’t bother me at all.50 IS NOT OLD | MUSTARD WILL BE A HOT COLOR FOR FALLMustard is going to be huge this Fall. It is such a beautiful Fall color and I love pairing it with burgundy or teal. This is a sleeveless top from Van Heusen that I bought several years ago on a trip to Atlanta to visit my sister.  It is a crepe material so it looks dressy. I really like buying sleeveless tops so that I can wear them throughout the spring and summer and then wear them into the fall and winter by just adding a cardigan or jacket. Here is where I wore this in the spring of 2016 and I put a lavender sweater with it.

50 IS NOT OLD | MUSTARD WILL BE A HOT COLOR FOR FALLI have a pair of Juliet earrings on. These have gray beads and ivory accents. They are on a gold base but they have silver hooks. I thought when I got that these earrings that they reminded me of fall. 50 IS NOT OLD | MUSTARD WILL BE A HOT COLOR FOR FALLHere is an up-close look at the matching necklace, the Imogene. This is a longer necklace of 33″ so it is great to wear with sweaters. I love the beaded tassel which is a little different from the normal threaded or leather tassels. The bracelet that I have on is the Selma. It has 4 different styles linked together to create one bracelet. The Topaz and bright green colors are perfect for fall. You can see the extra length I have so this is adjustable up to 10″ just in case you need a larger bracelet.50 IS NOT OLD | MUSTARD WILL BE A HOT COLOR FOR FALLI have been waiting until fall so that I could wear these Earth shoes. I bought them back a month ago at the overstock store. I went to the store on Thursday and they said they would be starting to put out some of the new fall items. Woohoo! Guess where I will be going on Friday.50 IS NOT OLD | MUSTARD WILL BE A HOT COLOR FOR FALLIf you don’t own a denim jacket then you need to get one. They are perfect for throwing on at a moment’s notice over anything. They look fabulous with dresses and well as tops. This one is from Old Navy and it comes in light or dark and also in plus sizes. The claret jeans, (fancy word for burgundy) are by Earl jeans. You will be seeing a lot of these jeans in the coming months because they are perfect for the up coming fall months.

50 IS NOT OLD | MUSTARD WILL BE A HOT COLOR FOR FALLIt is Friday and I am ready for a relaxing weekend. I doubt if that is going to happen but I am ready for it never the less. I know you are used to me talking to you every day about Rodan + Fields and I am sure a lot of you (MOM) stop reading my blog at this point. Lol! I am here to tell you not to do that. Did you look at my pictures from 2 years ago? Someone mentioned that I looked tired and dull and she hit the nail on the head. Look back at a picture of yourself from 2 years ago and see if you see an improvement in the way you look. If you don’t, then you need to give these products a try. I mean seriously, there is a 60-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!!! Take the Solutions Tool, enroll as a Preferred Customer, and place your order. You will be on your way to the best skin you have ever had. The only thing that would make that any better is if you decided to sign up as a consultant. I was just talking today with my friend Lucille who signed up a couple of months ago while she was on vacation. I asked her how we could explain how much fun we have working the “business.” She agreed with me about it being a blast but she couldn’t put it in words either. Come on board, join my team, have fun, earn money, go on trips, get presents, change your life and all for under 1000.00 with almost no overhead at all. If you saw all that as a job description you would probably put in your resume. Email me at and we will talk on the phone. Don’t over think this, there is a 60-day money back guarantee that goes along for us consultants too. Go here to view the business kits.

If you missed my post on Tuesday, I am having a giveaway to celebrate my 2nd anniversary. Since I am so enamored with Alex and Ani bracelets I thought you might like one for yourself. Go to Tuesday’s post to enter. This is the Key To Life Charm Bangle and here is what Alex and Ani say about this bracelet:

Life is a series of experiences, leading us on a path that ultimately defines us as individuals. When we realize we have the power to unlock our destiny, we hold the key to life. Use positive, conscious thinking and the decisions you make will express your personal power.

Bonus content: You have heard me mention that my sister is an author. As a way to encourage kids to write, she’s holding a short-story contest!

If you know any 10-13-year-olds who like to write or teachers/librarians at a middle-school, check out her post HERE.  Students have until September 30th to send in their stories, so share the news. Good luck!

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  1. Haha the Christmas tree is too funny – I am looking forward to putting one up this year – for the past umpteen years we have gone to NZ for Christmas adn this year my Mum is coming to visit us!

    Today I posted about this weeks Swiss Fashion show – not as fancy as NYFW but still super interesting with some great designers – I even got to wear a dress from my favourite designer – lucky me!!!

    LOL Yvonne

  2. This is a great fall outfit! I love your shoes! I get the most wear out of my denim jacket in the fall, love a denim jacket, apparently so much I have one in dark, medium and very light ….lol……go big or go home! Lol 🌻

  3. Great fall outfit today! I love those shoes! I get the mist wear out of my denim jackets this time of year, apparently I love them because I have a dark, medium and light one….lol…..go big or go home! Have a wonderful weekend! Hoping my post gets posted, it hasn’t been working lately for some reason! 🌻

  4. Cute! Years ago, when HGTV was rather new to me, I saw a show with a house that had a closet under the stairs built just so the owner could roll her decorated tree into it at the first of the the year and out of it after Thanksgiving – perfect! I’m glad your tree suits you where it is.

  5. Another outfit that is a hit for Fall! I love colored jeans and will be purchasing some soon. The mustard too is a beautiful color that I usually don’t wear. Pairing it with a jean jacket is the perfect way for me to wear this color. Thanks for your practical approach to fashion!

  6. My husband always checks things a couple times before we leave a restaurant, but there was the once he left his credit card—that’s such a terrible feeling. Especially when you don’t realize it until the next day!!
    Love the outfit, Tania!

  7. I love the colors you have on and wear them a lot. I really want your shoes! Where is this overstock store you mention so much? I am in NC, not far from the VA border and might have to make a shopping trip!

  8. I like both colors, but would never have thought to put them together. You are so lucky to have that overstock store; is it just for QVC? I will have to check if we still have an HSN outlet in Tampa. Love the living room paint color; that’s what I was going for but it turned out to be darker and browner. I just learned to live with it, lol.

  9. Love the mustard color, and it goes with so much.
    Love the tree, if I had a corner out of the way I would be so tempted to leave mine up. Sometimes the process of decorating and then taking it all down can be do draining. And yet I do it every year. I’m not talking about just the tree I’m talking the whole house gets decorated! Lol

    • Beckie, I used to put up at least one tree in every room of the house. I love Christmas but since the kids have left home I am finding it harder to make myself decorate. I threatened not to put the tree up at all last year and my son went to the building and brought it in. He said he wasn’t having that, he knew how much I have always loved Christmas.

  10. Another excellent color combo Tania!!! Claret/Burgundy is a favorite color of mine in Autumn. I also like this mustard color and pair it with animal prints, olive, brown and black. Your hair looks great too. Enjoy your weekend. ~Lisa~

  11. I’m wearing mustard pixie pants today. You’ve inspired me to go to Old Navy…and they have talls!!

    Thanks for the Christmas tree picture. You’ve mentioned it in previous years as well, and I’ve been curious. When I worked in assisted living, before I became an older adult advocate, I had a delightful resident who kept her Christmas tree up year round, and at 90 years old I thought it showed a joy for the whimsical.

    • I have told other people that I left it up and you would be surprised how many people say that they have done that also. It will save time this year. Lol!

  12. Looking very fallish today! I love it! Love the shoes, and I agree everyone needs a denim jacket….lol…I have a dark, medium and light wash ….go big or go home…lol….have a great weekend! 🌻

  13. Hi Tania, It is common for me to ask my husband if he got his credit card after paying at a restaurant. I sometimes get a ‘look’, but usually he just says, ‘yes’. When he was on a business trip recently, guess who left his credit card at the restaurant? He was on his way home, before they opened the next day, so he called the restaurant when they opened. The manager said that she would mail it to us, if that was okay, which she did by Fedx. She even called us to make sure we received it. –My husband did get up at 3am that morning:). I read your blog every morning & enjoy it very much.

    • I have seen that look more than once, Sherry. Lol! Then I get the look if I don’t remind him and he leaves things. Lol!!!

  14. Ha, ha! You make me laugh out loud! How did you know I needed proof that your Christmas tree was still up??! I have never heard of anyone doing that. I believed you, but was skeptical that it was so beautifully decorated. My family would have me sedated if I was to suggest that idea. What a time saver! We are complete opposites in many ways, but I do enjoy your humor and style. I discovered you on pinterest when you had just gotten started and I try not to miss a post –

    Have a great, restful weekend!


    • Haha, yep it is still up. I figured you gurls needed proof. Lol! I didn’t mean to leave it up, it was just rainy and muddy for a month after Christmas. I can’t put it up by myself and I couldn’t talk anyone into taking it out for me. Finally, I just what the heck, I like it. We don’t watch TV and I only walk through the living room so I never even see it.

  15. Hi Tania: I have been enjoying for daily posts. Was wondering if when you talk about going to work, is it another job, on top of the Blog? Keep up the good work. Love the Christmas tree, woman after my own heart.

    • Cyndi, yes I have a day job. I work for a lumber company. I laugh and tell Joe that I am off to my 2nd job when I leave the lumber company.

  16. Oh, WOW! You look beautiful in mustard! You’re absolutely right, mustard, burgundy and Navy are huge this year! ❤️❤️❤️your shoes. The resolution on your photos is phenomenal! Crisp and clear!

    I’m crazy about the color of your living room walls! Love your frost white woodwork, too! Love the placement of your large ornaments on your tree! You have such style and flair!

    You dress as you decorate….In Color! I call it HAPPY!

    Have a great weekend! Can’t wait to see what you find this weekend while shopping! 😃

    • Annie, I wish I had a flair for decorating my house. I know what I want but I won’t spend the money for it or I can’t find the time to do it. 😞

  17. Love this outfit. I had to pin it to remind me to pair a mustard top with my “claret” jeans! 🙂 I just bought a pair of Mustard colored jeans. I can’t wait to wear them! Have a great weekend!!

  18. So now we know the rest of the story on the “blue lights”, and now to see what the Christmas tree looks like. I do like those colors together. Congrats again on your blog and I love what they say about the Key to life bangle. Have a great night.

  19. Never in a million years would I have considered putting these three colors together: navy, burgundy, and mustard. BUT it looks fabulous on you! The shoes are the bow on the package and seal the deal. Excellent choices.