50 IS NOT OLD | ENJOYING COUNTRY MUSICThe cell phone has been called into action. The camera is down but I still needed pictures so a girl has got to do what a girl has got to do. Lol! The cell phone as a camera is one thing but Joe as a photographer is a completely different thing. I gave him plenty of instructions before he started taking pictures but I think he had the “husband” mode going. You all know the one that I am talking about, in one ear and out the other.50 IS NOT OLD | ENJOYING COUNTRY MUSICHe was so proud of himself when he handed me the phone to approve the pictures. I was horrified! The top had been pulled down when I was carrying out some things to put in the car and my bra and half of my chest was showing. When I fussed and showed him the pictures he just smiled broadly and pronounced that he didn’t see a thing wrong with the pictures. MEN! What can you do with them??? Anyway, he got to take more pictures and these are the best ones that I could get. Do you feel my pain? I bought this camo top back last spring but I never wore it. I have come to love a cute camo print (do those two words go together) and I thought the added sequins made this one really stand out.

50 IS NOT OLD | ENJOYING COUNTRY MUSICWe finally made it to the Pepsi Gulf Coast Jam c/o PCB Entertainment. It was a wonderful event with lots and lots of country music stars performing. The weather wasn’t very nice to Jason Aldean and he ended up having to cut his show short. He was getting soaked! The crowd didn’t seem to mind because they were staying even though it was pouring. Joe and I high-tailed it under the cover of the side stage until the rain let up. We were extremely lucky and timed it perfectly. 50 IS NOT OLD | ENJOYING COUNTRY MUSICThe way it worked was first come seating and you could bring lawn chairs and towels to sit on. The side stage passes we had allowed us to walk around right in front of the stage. Lee Brice was singing Drinking Class as we walked up toward the stage. At that time he decided to walk out on the side area and was right in front of us. He looked at Joe, who was wearing a t-shirt from the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, and pointed at him and nodded his head. 50 IS NOT OLD | ENJOYING COUNTRY MUSICThe last night was Brett Eldredge and Luke Bryan. Brett won everyone over when he brought out his dog on to the stage and let him meet some of the people up front. The dog had ear protection headphones on which was really smart. Then the dog did some tricks for us before he disappeared backstage again. Luke Bryan won everybody over by wearing his tight blue jeans. Lol! Joe was confused, he thought all the women were screaming for him but I had to break it to him that it was for Luke instead. I believe I heard him mumble something about being a “Bubble Buster.” Hahaha!50 IS NOT OLD | ENJOYING COUNTRY MUSICThe event is HUGE! Over 25,000 people were in attendance. The event had greyhound buses that had several different pickup and drop off locations running constantly. This made is super easy to navigate all the traffic and you could come and go as you like. You are given an arm band when you enter the event that you have to leave on for the entire three days. Then all you have to do is show your band to enter. Of course, there is security that you have to go through which includes a quick pat down and taking everything out of your pockets, then you are on your way. Since so many people were in one spot, I appreciated the extra security.50 IS NOT OLD | ENJOYING COUNTRY MUSICIf you are a country music fan then this event is fantastic! You will have three days of the best singers that country music has to offer. Panama City Beach is beautiful and you will enjoy your stay there. I hope to see you there next year.50 IS NOT OLD | ENJOYING COUNTRY MUSICIt’s back, gurl’s!!! I am talking about Lash Boost! It is finally available as a stand alone purchase after being sold out for about a month. Everyone will want to order as soon as possible, like today. Place your order (as a PC) today and I will be sending you a free mascara to make your eye lashes really get noticed. Also, I am only wearing mineral peptide powder, no foundation, for a small amount of color. I quickly found out in Florida that your makeup will melt off of your face with that humidity. This is perfect for anyone who does not like to wear a lot of makeup but likes a tiny bit of coverage. To sign up as a Preferred Customer go here first and then look under Enhancements for Lash Boost and also for the Mineral Peptide powder.

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  1. Don’t know if it’s the event, the camera, or the lack of makeup, but you look like a teenager! That pic of you and Joe is SO cute.

  2. Looks like a blast Tania!! So glad y’all got to go this year. I guess Joe will stay in the lumber business…LOL!!! ~Lisa~

    • Tania Reply

      He has been practicing his dance moves just in case, Lisa! Lol!!!

  3. Tania, Let me just say, you have got some crazy amazing eyelashes, gurl!!! You certainly are good advertisement for R&F! Hope you have a blessed day!

    • Tania Reply

      Thank you so much, Debbie!!! I love my products because I can “see” that they really work!

  4. That’s because our husbands love us as we are, so they don’t see those “issues” when they take our photos. I have to say, I guess that’s a good thing really!! LOL

  5. This is an excellent way to sport camo. Love it, now where are your necklaces to funk it up? 😉

  6. Susan Stancliff Reply

    You are so right! Makeup melts right away in Florida. I need to try the peptide powder. So glad you had fun. You made it in and out before Hurricane Irma comes for a visit!

  7. aquamarinastyle Reply

    Haha! Loved this post! I had to show my husband and we both had a good laugh! Looks like a great time. Thanks for sharing.

  8. So glad you and Joe had a good time. It is easy to see you two are still sweethearts. Those lashes are amazing. The photos are good! Love the top

  9. Oh, my gosh! Are you cute, or what?!?! Those are some kinda lashes, Girly! I’m hoping to have me some of those in just a few weeks! Can’t wait for my R&F lash regimen to arrive! I’m even psyched about cleaning off my make-up at night for those babies!!

    You and Joe look like you had the time of your life at the concert! Good for you! Fun and romantic getaways are the best!

    Love YOUR idea of camo! Very, very cute!

    Glad you’re home, safe and sound! Fun time had by all!! 🌴❤️🎸

  10. Wow Tania you’re only wearing mineral makeup? Did you say once that you’re 57? Girl, you look WAY younger than that!!! You could easily pass for no more than 42!! So glad you and Joe had loads of fun and the weather for the most part cooperated. That sequined camo top is gorgeous!

  11. I had to laugh at this since because my husband is my photographer and I have given him tons of instruction but readers always comment that he gets the biggest smiles out of me! Now I have to do the stand-alone type that you have perfected and I’m having so much trouble! Oh well. I guess I’ll figure it out eventually! Looks like you had fun despite the photos!


  12. Julia purtill Reply

    So cute! Love the sequin Camo top and I love that beautiful background! It’s been good to see your post every day as something normal in a chaos here! The concert looked like a blast! Keep the cute outfits coming!

  13. One ofthe performers, Tyler Farr is my area. I went to high school with his parents. ( His dad had a great tenor voice).

  14. Joe did a good job with taking the pictures. Love your top very much. You looked very nice and like you were ready to go foot stomping.

  15. Charlcy Green Reply

    Thanks for always being so candid and sharing all your adventures with us! I love hearing about you and Joe and getting wardrobe advice and makeup trucks too boot! So glad you had a blast!!

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