50 IS NOT OLD | A CLASSIC COMBINATIONI am having a hard time concentrating right now. I am packing to get ready to leave and head out to Panama City Beach, Florida early Thursday morning. By the time most of you read this I will already be on the road. It is not looking like the best weather for us again this year but since it is supposed to rain here in Virginia this weekend also, we figured we might as well enjoy the rain in Florida. I know from past trips to the beach that it can say that it is going to rain all day and either it doesn’t rain at all or it is only spotty. Don’t bust my bubble and tell me that I am being “Pollyanna.”50 IS NOT OLD | A CLASSIC COMBINATIONI do like country music but it has been a while since I have really listened to much radio at all. I live approximately 3 minutes from work so I don’t listen to music in the car. When I come home from work I am usually working on the blog so I don’t turn on music at the house either. However, tonight I am listening to a playlist that some people have gotten together of the artists that will be in concert. I am finally starting to get a little excited. I hope that this turns out even half as much fun as the Eclipse party we just had. That would make it worth the 12-hour drive. Yes, we have to drive even though Joe swore we weren’t going to drive anywhere again. Unfortunately, the weather didn’t cooperate for him to be able to fly. Ask me if I am sad….. Lol!50 IS NOT OLD | A CLASSIC COMBINATIONSo, tonight’s post might be short but if you have been following me very long then you know that even though I say that it probably won’t turn out that way. I can’t help it if I get talking and I can’t shut up. Haha! I have had this dress since earlier this year when I went to Rosemary Beach in Florida back in April. We went shopping at Target for something and I ended up with this dress. It is by Victoria Beckham and I thought it was too cute. I was surprised to see that line at Target, it is extremely well made and very nice. I went online just now and I don’t see the line available, it must have just been a short time thing. I love the look of black and white. It is so classic and I think it is very elegant. I could see wearing this dress to almost anything. I love the leather applique, those are definitely the unique details.

50 IS NOT OLD | A CLASSIC COMBINATIONI have on just a simple pair of pearl earrings. Well, maybe not that simple since they have a huge rhinestone attached to them. These are called the Priscilla and they have a necklace that matches them called the Paris. The dark gray bling bracelet is the Ezra. You will see me wear this a lot with the Halloween season coming soon. The other bracelet is the Ophelia. It is on an elastic band so it is easy to get on and off.50 IS NOT OLD | A CLASSIC COMBINATIONThe Evie bracelet is what I call me ladybug bracelet. It is little mounds of seed pearls. That sounds wonderful doesn’t it????50 IS NOT OLD | A CLASSIC COMBINATIONI LOVE these shoes!!! This is a pair by GILI that I got at the overstock store. I think this pair is elegant and a little bit on the sexy side. What do you think? Here is the link for the shoes on QVC.50 IS NOT OLD | A CLASSIC COMBINATIONToday is the last day of the month and that means the last day to get a FREE sunless tanner AND a piece of Plunder jewelry from me when you sign up as a new Preferred Customer with the purchase of a regimen. Also, the profits that I am making off of these sales this week are going to be donated to the Hurricane Harvey fund in Texas. So, you not only get the #1 Premium Skincare brand in North America and two free grifts from me, you also get to help our friends in Texas.

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  1. Lovely! Drive safely! We ate heading to 30A in a couple weeks, hope you get some sunshine!

  2. I am new to your blog and loving it! I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us this fall. Have a great time in Florida.

  3. Crystal Smith Reply

    Good morning Tania, How do you sign up to be a new preferred customer? Thank you, safe travels!

  4. Love your dress, it’s the perfect length on you! Loving those shoes too! Have fun in Florida! 😎🌴

  5. Alicia Giess Reply

    LOVE the shoes …and the whole outfit! you look beautiful.

  6. You are so precious.. I hope you have a wonderful time at the beach. I can’t imagine haveing to drive that far to see the white sand. It’s only 4 hours from where I live. Tell Joe to drive safe.

  7. You look Fabulous ! Have a safe trip and enjoy . Praying for Sunshine 😊

  8. You look fantastic! And…thank you for supporting the efforts here in Texas, it is greatly appreciated. Have a safe trip and enjoy!

  9. pdoetaydoe Reply

    Love the shoes! You look fabulous! Have a wonderful time in Florida!

  10. Love this look, Tania! Have a great trip… shoes are fabulous!!!

  11. Lisa Burke Reply

    I will be headed there myself on Saturday morning. I will keep a lookout for a spotting of you! Have fun!

  12. Sally Bauman Reply

    Love the shoes! Actually I am happy to see you wearing a new pair of shoes 🙂 I always enjoy your posts, but am a bit surprised that being you are an accessory woman that you dont have more shoes in your wardrobe..Have a good time on your trip sounds like it will be fun!

  13. June Zimmerle Reply

    Wishing you fair winds and clear skies next week. I will in Sea Grove in 3 weeks. No more hurricanes! Your outfit is lovely as always. Thanks for your fashion sense.

  14. Good morning, miss Tania and Mister Joe!

    Hope you’re having a blast on your road trip!!! I love me some road trips!

    Tania, you’re gorgeous! ❤️❤️❤️your dress, you look like a million bucks! I almost fainted over your shoes! To die for!!! AND, how ’bout that Kate Spade bag?!?! 👀 Ha! LOL!

    Have a great day! Hope you enjoy some nice weather! 🌞🎸🎻

  15. L H Carter Reply

    I love the black and white graphic style of that dress. Bold flowers yet not Grandma’s chintz. And look at those Hubba-Hubba shoes. Va-Va-Voom! Thanks for your commitment to bring us daily inspiration.

  16. Although the dress is eye catching, it is the way you styled it that makes it totally a great look, especially with the shoes! They are now one of my favorites. Enjoy your trip and will pray for traveling mercies,

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