50 IS NOT OLD | WHY CHOOSE A PATTERNED TOPSo who is ready for the solar eclipse? My daughter is in hyper drive over this, she is a marine biologist so science is her “thing.” She is like, “I have been waiting for this my entire life!!!” I am like, “so, there is an eclipse this week???” She can’t believe that I am not excited about this and I can’t believe that she is making such a big deal over it. Lol!50 IS NOT OLD | WHY CHOOSE A PATTERNED TOPI think I live in my own little world and it takes a lot to get me excited. Ashleigh is planning a whole little eclipse party. She has glasses for everyone and she wants to make everyone eclipse shirts. She wants to do “cosmic” makeup with glitter and sparkles and have galaxy themed food. I think rocket dogs, moon rocks, cosmic burgers, and galaxy popcorn are all on the menu. I may not be that excited for the actual eclipse but I admit I am pretty excited about the party. Lol!!!50 IS NOT OLD | WHY CHOOSE A PATTERNED TOPSome of you have commented on the blog that I never seem to wear the same thing. Lol! The truth is that I wear the same things a lot but I try to change it up so that you or others will notice. Take this tank top that I bought at Maurices years ago, I wore it here in May of last year. The watercolor print is super cute and today I decided to bring out a different set of colors than I did back in May. This is a great way to get more wear out of your clothing. There is still baby blue, vivid pink, yellow, green, purple, and navy that I could choose to highlight. You just need to look at your item and think outside the box. Just because you wore it one way the last time doesn’t mean you always have to wear it that way.

50 IS NOT OLD | WHY CHOOSE A PATTERNED TOPI tried on several different necklaces with this top before I finally decided on the Mitali necklace and the Mandy earrings. Like the watercolor top, this necklace has many different colors and it will match a ton of different tops. I like items like this that are so versatile because you get more bang for your buck. Although with Plunder the jewelry is so reasonable that you can purchase several things for what one necklace costs with other brands. You can’t see it in this picture but the bracelet I have on is the Corey. It is magnetic for easy on and off and has several bands of leather and beads. Go to plunderdesign.com/taniastephens to place an order, just be sure to pick a party with my name in it.50 IS NOT OLD | WHY CHOOSE A PATTERNED TOPIt is finally starting to get time where I will start wearing my blue jeans again. It seems like that is all I wore last winter but I never put them on in the summer months. I pulled these out today and thought, “what the heck, I might as well wear them.” This is a pair from Old Navy, the Rockstar. I went ahead and rolled up the cuff just a little bit because I bought them in tall so that I can wear them with my boots that have heels. Rolling up the cuff also seems more summery. 50 IS NOT OLD | WHY CHOOSE A PATTERNED TOPI chose to bring out the greens in the top today. I love a 3/4 sleeve cardigan, it is one of my favorite looks. I love a cardigan because it camouflages my problem areas, aka my middle section, and makes me look slimmer.

50 IS NOT OLD | WHY CHOOSE A PATTERNED TOPYou know when you put a post on FaceBook you wait to see if you will get any “likes” or “hearts?” That is how I feel about my blog. Leaving a comment and pinning a picture to Pinterest is my equivalent to a “like.” If you share my post on FaceBook that is a “heart.” Show me some love, gurls!!!

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  1. Dianna Samples Reply

    So Cute and you don’t even know you have the same top on as in May because you chose to accent a different color! You are teaching me so much about mixing and matching clothes and colors! One suggestion- I like the way you turned to the side in one of the May pictures so we could see how the outfit looked from different angles. I find that very helpful. Wish you would do that again.

    • Tania Reply

      Dianna, when I turn sideways you can see my pooch (stomach) Lol!!! I might try doing “some” of those shots. Hahaha

  2. Anita patrick Reply

    Give me a moon pie and call it a party.😂I remember seeing it as a kid. Then it was thru A pinhole in a box. Anyway love your post and ad or the outfit. You Rock

    • Tania Reply

      Anita, that really made me smile. A moon pie and a goo goo cluster. Lol!

      • Anita patrick Reply

        Replying at 3:40 am I just didn’t catch my spelling goofs. I really am better than that.

  3. Great combo Tania!!! I like it when you put “here” in your post so you can look back at how you wore an item before. You amaze me how you can mix and match so creatively. I am not getting all excited about the eclipse either, however it is my birthday so I will definitely remember this year. ~Lisa~

    • Tania Reply

      How exciting, Lisa! You will have a wonderful memory for your birthday!!!

  4. I love all your posts especially the ones where you are wearing bright fun colors!! You always are put together and stylish! I love this top…when I’m shopping these days, I’m looking for more bright tops with fun patterns. Thank you for your daily inspiration. You rock, gurl!! LOL 😁 have fun at the eclipse party…I’m not as excited as your daughter..lol!!

  5. If you want excitement of the Eclipse you should live up here near St Joseph Mo – Totality Eclipse frenzy!! 🌒

    • Tania Reply

      Cyndi, I “want” to be excited but so far I am not. I bet after spending the weekend with my daughter that her excitement will rub off on me.

  6. Good morning, Miss Beautiful! You didn’t say anything about how your R&F call went, last night! AHEM!!! What happened? Maybe you’ll get another Kate Spade handbag?!?!

    Love your necklace, top and shoes! Adorbs!!

    Super excited about your little girl coming home to see the eclipse, her Grandpa and her brand new nephew! Can’t wait to hear ALL about it and them!

    Hope you have a fantastic and VERY stylin’ day! It’s hair day for me…😬, wish me luck!

    • Tania Reply

      Annie, thanks for asking about the call. We had a great call! In fact, it was so good that we ended up hopping back on for another session. It was after 10:00 when I got off the call and then Joe and I had to eat before going to bed. I am lucky I got the blog even half way done. R+F was left off completely. Lol! I am super excited about seeing everyone also, it is going to be great!

      • Safe and happy travels to YOU and your precious Family! Glad your call went well!

        Just think, a Centenarian, a Marine Biologist and a New Grandson…and R&F success?

        Heck fire! You got it goin’ on, Girly!!! Rock on! 🎸

        oops! Almost forgot THAT purse!! 😳😂🤣

  7. Shannon Grundy Reply

    I feel the same way about the eclipse. LOL. I don’t get all the hype. We live in an area of prime viewing for it. Ours schools are closing as well as some businesses due to the influx of traffic and eclipse viewers from all over the country. We have been urged to stock up on food and gasoline due to the increased number of people in our area this weekend.

    • Tania Reply

      Shannon, I have heard that the traffic will be crazy in a lot of areas. My mom and dad live on top of a mountain so I am hoping that we will have an easy time viewing everything. I hope that the weather cooperates.

  8. Your skin is really looking good in these pics, Tania! You should’ve put the pic from last year up for a side by side comparison, because you’re definitely looking younger! 🙂

    • Tania Reply

      Beth, that is the nicest thing anyone has said to me today!!! 😘

  9. When you said that about not wearing the same thing twice, it reminded me of a patient that I had when I was working….She was a teacher and one year made sure she never wore the same outfit twice. She would even write it down so she’d have a record of it!! Funny, huh??
    Hope your call went well last night…

    • Rebecca Purdie Reply

      Oh my I am a first grade teacher and I do the same thing. I write it down. My husband thinks I’m crazy.

  10. Thank you for sharing how to change up an outfit! It’s amazing how different this blouse looks just by a few simple changes. I’m new to seeing your posts and really enjoy your sense of fashion. So much so that I’ve pinned many of your pictures to my new stitch fix board!

  11. Love this outfit and the necklace with it! Sooooo cute! You are so helpful in inspiring trying different looks from the closet esp with old and new!

  12. Susan Stancliff Reply

    Very excited at our house! We are riding the motorcycle to Tennessee Georgia line and watching the total eclilpse. So much fun! Just hope no rain. I love your bright colors. You always look great

  13. You look so cute in both outfits. So different. Love the top! I want one.

  14. Love your bright outfit today. I’m with Ashleigh…let the solar eclipse party begin🌞🌚 As a retired teacher, I’m excited to see the eclipse. Don’t forget the MOON PIES😉

  15. We recently moved to Florida and I never get a chance to wear my jeans…too hot! Heading home for a visit soon and looking forward to fall weather and my jeans. Your look gave me a great idea on how to make my jeans look “stylish”. Thanks!

  16. I really like the way you “bookended” your outfit with the matching shoe and cardigan colors. I wish I could remember to try to do that more often because it looks really good. My husband is so excited about the eclipse. I’m just all like it gets kind of dark and looks weird outside for two minutes–whatever. At least from some of these other comments I know I’m not the only one who is not super excited–I was starting to think I was just a grump. Well, maybe I am a grump, but I don’t really think it has to do with the eclipse–ha! However, I do wish you a wonderful week with your family and grandpa, and am excited and very happy for you all.

  17. Julia purtill Reply

    Know what you mean about the eclipse, several people I know are traveling to spots to view it. I’ll probably be in the grocery store or something! Cute outfit!

  18. Jeanne Epley Reply

    Great outfit, looks good. Hope you have fun at the Eclipse party, they are such a rage these days!! LOL

  19. Brenda Rodda Reply

    I think my son The Marine Biologist – needs to meet your daughter the Marine Biologist ! He is Prepping for the Eclipse as well and traveling to Kansas City to observe it! Great outfit !

  20. Cyndi Cagle Wydner Reply

    Our community schools are giving an excused absence day for the kids who choose to stay home. It makes he a little nervous actually. I have read about looking at it and not wearing the correct glasses. So I will just stay in. Your outfits are always so stylish. Have a fun weekend!

  21. You look fantastic in this outfit! The colors POP on you! I love wearing jeans so this is one of my favorite looks. 😀

  22. I love your cardigan – is that new? I.e., is it a current item that I can purchase? I love the length – so many cardigans are hip length now, or bolero style. Thanks!

    • Tania Reply

      It was on QVC last night but I saw someone mentioned that it is now sold out.

  23. Just discovered your blog and love your outfits. Truly casual but sheik ,and pulled together and smart looking .
    Keep sharing please !

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