50 IS NOT OLD | WHITE ON WHITEI am wearing my baby blue today but still no baby. Lol! At least there wasn’t when I wrote this post, I may have to go in and do an update at any time though. My daughter in law is soooo ready to go ahead and have this baby. She has been walking and walking and walking trying to go ahead and go into labor. She laughed and said she was going to go outside and play on the trampoline next. Hahaha!50 IS NOT OLD | WHITE ON WHITEI sure do remember those days. When I had my first child I was 20 years old and scared to death about childbirth. By the time 9 months finally drug around I was eager to have the baby to the point that I didn’t care if it was going to hurt. I laughed afterward and said that the good Lord knew what He was doing making you carry the baby for so long. You just want the baby out! lol! I kind of felt that way about having a teenager also. You hate to see them leave home when they hit 18 but after those teenage years, it isn’t near as painful as you thought it would be. Haha! Sorry, kids!50 IS NOT OLD | WHITE ON WHITEI found this top in my closet today and thought that it would be perfect for having to go to the hospital. Looks like it was just wishful thinking on my part. However, Joe really liked the overall effect, he just kept saying that he liked it. The smocking at the bodice is very cute and just adds a little detail to make the top stand out. It has spaghetti straps and I didn’t feel like wearing a strapless bra so I just added a lace coverup. This top is by Entro and I am not sure where I bought it, it has been awhile. This whole outfit reminds me of the beach, it could be the seafoam color of the top.

50 IS NOT OLD | WHITE ON WHITEI hope you like these cute Plunder set. It came out as a “special” but guess what? It is sold out already!!! You really have to check out the specials tabs daily. The bracelet is the Corey and it just matches perfectly. I love the different colored beads and the cute yellow tassel. These earrings are now in the specials tab. They just announced these yesterday but you never know how long they will last. Go to www.plunderdesign.com/taniastephens and pick a party with my name in it.50 IS NOT OLD | WHITE ON WHITEI love my hot pink leather Vera Bradley. I bought the Ella tote a couple years ago when I went to Florida and I have carried this almost daily in the summer months. It is a neutral color to me. Anyone else consider hot pink to be a neutral color? Lol! When I link to pictures of items be aware that the colors I am trying to link to might not show in the picture but they are available when you click on the link. Like the brown purse in the photo below, it also comes in pink.

50 IS NOT OLD | WHITE ON WHITECould these pants be anymore beachy? I said beachy, not peachy. Lol! These are a pair of linen pull on pants that I got over a year ago at Old Navy. I think these pants just scream summer and you can wear them with a lot of different tops. I love wearing them with a graphic t-shirt. Yes, women over 50 can wear graphic t-shirts and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

50 IS NOT OLD | WHITE ON WHITEI liked the look of the long cardigan with the wide leg pants. I think the white on white look is classic and looks so fresh. Joe said that I looked very tall in this outfit. I am not sure if the effect came from the white on white combination or the long cardigan or both. Lol! I love the lace cover up and I plan on wearing it over my bathing suit when I am in Panama City Beach at the Pepsi Gulf Coast Jam. I hope some of you gurls will be going and we can meet up there. The link is on my sidebar at the top of the page.

50 IS NOT OLD | WHITE ON WHITETired of waking up to dark circles and puffiness under the eyes? It seems like a lot of you have this issue. Look on the bright side, at least there is something you can do about this condition.  Even though I waited until I was 55 to start using REDEFINE Multi-Function Eye Cream it has made a world of difference. It’s packed with powerful anti-aging peptides to help minimize the appearance of crow’s feet and puffiness . . . while brightening up the eye area. The laugh lines on the side of my eyes are gone and I say, “good riddance.” No, this isn’t me, in fact, I am not sure who this is but she sure had great results. The eye cream is very concentrated and you only apply a very small amount so it will last you 3 to 4 months. The eye cream and the eye cloths make a great combo purchase. Go to tstephens5.myrandf.com to see the products.

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  1. Tania, you always look lovely, but this outfit is gorgeous on you! You are such an inspiration and I look forward to your post everyday. It must be very exciting, the anticipation of your sweet grand baby’s arrival! Best wishes to everyone!

  2. Hi Tania. My face is slowly sliding off and becoming my neck. Is there an R + F for that? . BTW I think the lash boost is helping. They need to bring that to Canada.

    • Oops. Commenter to the wrong post. Duh. That’s what I get for trying to write st 5:30 am. I commented on the right post now for the contest.

      I have not been able to get over my white pants fear. Oh well. That’s ok because today I am wearing the most beautiful white silk top with hand beading that I bought i our recent vacation. To Montreal. Any tips on taking care of silk? Also on keeping whites white?

      • Lezlie Davis Reply

        I use Goop on anything that gets on white. I just got blue ink and BBQ sauce stains out of my white jeans. It’s a hand cleaner in the automotive section of Walmart. It’s also taken tar and grease out of white pants, so I no longer hesitate about wearing them. I’m not sure about using it on silk. It’s a little greasy but I’ve never seen it leave a mark on fabric. Hope that’s helpful!

      • I recently discovered OxiClean White Revive. It gets my whites whiter than regular oxiclean or bleach. I’m kind of obsessed with it!

  3. Love, love, love the outfit. I wear white on white A LOT in the summer. The more I read about R&F products, I am getting more and more interested. I’m 56 yrs old and my skin in really showing the age. I will check out to your link to look over products. It’s the cost that gets me the most. I have 3 in college and a teenager still at home. Money’s tight, but….I will look.

  4. Lezlie Davis Reply

    I love white on white! I get so many compliments when I wear all white … which makes me want to wear it more. We are on Baby Watch, too! It’s so exciting … ours is a girl! There’s nothing quite like it … I’m excited for you!

  5. You look gorgeous in that outfit! 💙 I love white pants! All my outfits I’ve worn this summer seem to involve white pants or shorts. Let’s hope your daughter in law goes real soon! …..full moon last night! When I first bought my R&F, I told myself I was going to give it a try for a year…..lets see what happens, well, three months in and I’m so happy I decided to try it and so happy with the difference in my skin, can’t wait to see what changes take place in the year! Definitely a good decision!!!!!!!

  6. What a pretty combo! Will have to recreate it once I fit back in my clothes (6 months pregnant now!). I love it!

  7. Yes, I think a hot pink bag is a summer neutral! I have a Dooney and Burke hot pink bag that I carry everyday in the summer! Love the white lace piece!

  8. Good morning, Miss Tania! You DO look tall, today, AND very lovely! White is so becoming to YOU! Darn it, I went to bed, last night, thinking we were going to have a new BLOG baby, today, but you never know how the day’s gonna go! Happy Wednesday to you and yours! ❤️

  9. This is why I love bright purses—that pink just makes such a fun statement with the rest of the outfit. And to think that I never used to care about the purses I carried–haha!!

  10. I’m with your hubby – I love this look! It’s light, fresh, and gorgeous!

  11. Beautiful outfit and jewelry ! Hoping your little grandson arrives today 😊

  12. Maxine Bower Reply

    Gorgeous! One of my favorites. Excited for your family with the new baby boy on the way.😍

  13. Love your hot pink comment. Yes, hot pink is a neutral. Every time I buy a jacket or jeweler or anything I think in my head ” will it go with hot pink” and yes, most things will haha. Love this outfit a lot.

  14. Teresa Cecil Bolling Reply

    Love the cardigan if I may ask where did you find it. I love it. Can’t wait to hear about the arrival of you grandson.

  15. Teri Getler Matthews Reply

    Wow this looks beautiful on you!! Not that you don’t always look good…something about this one! lol I was headed to plunder when I saw the set…then read and found out they are out of stock on that one 😒

  16. I love this outfit!! The top is so cute and the lace cover-up is lovely! The pants are very nice too. I hope you don’t have to wait much longer for the baby to arrive!

    • Charlcy Green Reply

      Wow you look stunning! You could so wear this to a wedding. And yes it makes you look tall. Joe is so sweet to always compliment you! Love the jewelry and wish it wasnt sold out. And I love the pink bag and have been carrying mine too. Comeon baby Stephens!!

  17. Stunning outfit, Tania! Looks so beautiful on you and absolutely says “beach” , “summer” and “vacation”….three things I love! Fingers crossed and prayers for your daughter in law….very special and exciting time. I remember spending an evening with good friends of ours…the wife was due at anytime. We spent the evening playing some board game…I can’t remember which one..but I remember we all laughed SO HARD playing it. She went into labor that night!

  18. I love everything about this outfit! Each piece has such cute details that make them stand out. I read on your post yesterday that people are showing their Stitchfix designers pictures of you to guide them. How flattering is that!!! Actually, in essence, that would make YOU a Stitchfix designer too, wouldn’t it? I told you last year that people were pinning pics of you from my “Fashion” pin board like crazy! ha Believe this or not, I was just wondering about your daughter-in-law and baby on the way a couple of nights ago while I was washing my face. Yes, sometimes I think of you while using my R+F products. LOL! It’s so wonderful to hear good news and to anticipate an exciting event in the gloom and doom world we live in today. Please keep us up to date – I’m so happy for all of you!

  19. Betty K Barricklow Reply

    I love your blog! I find you so down to earth in your telling of your personal everyday life that we can all relate to. Another kudo is your showing of clothes, accessories, shoes, etc. from price points across the board. Looking forward to your daily publishing of your blog. Wishing you a happy and healthy grandbaby boy.

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