50 IS NOT OLD | MY FIRST STITCHFIX BOXGurl’s, I am getting in baby mode. Today my daughter in law is a full 40 weeks and we are all chomping at the bit to see the newest member of the Stephens household. It was a full moon last night and I had my fingers, toes, and eyes crossed hoping that she would go into labor. Lol!50 IS NOT OLD | MY FIRST STITCHFIX BOXThey have been extremely secretive about what the name of the baby is going to be. I have tried to coax it out of them but I have not had any luck. I even question Emersyn every time she is over here and the little stinker won’t tell me what the name is. All she will say is Baby Joe. Lol! That is not the name but knowing her that might be what she is going to call him. I have a stash of trinkets and games to take to the hospital to keep her occupied while we wait for baby brother.50 IS NOT OLD | MY FIRST STITCHFIX BOXOkay, gurls, this is my first experience with Stitchfix. I created an account years ago when I first started blogging but I never actually placed an order. I got an email from a stylist that works for Stitchfix that mentioned she had several clients who would have pins from Pinterest of me to let them know what style they liked. That was extremely flattering, I had no idea that was how it worked. I kept this blouse because it is so versatile. I can wear it with pants, shorts, skirts, etc. and of course white goes with anything and everything. It is a brand I can’t make out. It looks like Mavi, or something similar.

 50 IS NOT OLD | MY FIRST STITCHFIX BOXI have on a wide variety of pearls today. I decided to stay in the white monotone although I thought about wearing red too. The earrings I have on are called Lorelei. They match the bracelet in the next picture. Because of the style of the neckline, I wanted to wear a longer necklace so I went with the Colleen. This goes with almost everything. The Evie bracelet is what I call my lady bug bracelet in lots of little seed pearls.50 IS NOT OLD | MY FIRST STITCHFIX BOXHere is the matching Lucinda bracelet. I love how all the seed pearls are used in a different design on each link. 50 IS NOT OLD | MY FIRST STITCHFIX BOXI absolutely loved the crop pants. I am a huge fan of polka dots so these spoke to me. Lol! I think the pants are really dark navy but I swear I still can’t tell for sure. I figure if I am having that hard a time then no one else can be sure either. Haha This is a brand called Margaret M but I couldn’t locate that brand either. I must suck at this searching thing.

50 IS NOT OLD | MY FIRST STITCHFIX BOXThe last thing I will mention is my yellow purse with all the crystals. This was a birthday present from the ladies at my work one year. It is a Nicole Lee purse and I bet you could find this one in the dark. Lol! I laughed when I got this and said that it was “Over The Top” even for me. Lol! I like a yellow purse because it adds a pop of color to an outfit with style. If you are interested in Stitchfix, use my link to sign up. Woohoo! That gives me a 25.00 credit and you know I need more clothes. Lol!

50 IS NOT OLD | MY FIRST STITCHFIX BOXThanks, gurls, for all the comments on yesterday post. I am going to take the next several days and tell you about each product and what it will do. Age spots seemed to be the number one complaint with everyone. That was exactly why I first started with Rodan + Fields too. I had (notice I said had not have) age spots especially on my left side, I have been told that you get them more on the side that faces the window when you drive. Anyway, I hated them! I thought age spots did exactly what their name implies, they “aged” you. I had tried SEVERAL other lotions and creams but I never saw any improvement and that is why I was so hesitant to buy R+F. Finally, I saw another friend post her results and she was not a consultant. Since the products came with a 60-day money back guarantee I figured I really didn’t have anything to lose. If they didn’t work (like all the others) then I would just send it back. As you all know that did not happen. To my amazement, I started seeing my spots lighten within 2 weeks. I was hooked after that and kept using it regularly. Back then there was only Reverse and then there was an Accelerated part. I was only using Reverse which is now the Brightening regimen. I finally ordered the Accelerated one to finish off the stubborn spots and that is now called the Lightening regimen. Anyone who want to rid their face of age spots or the dullness that comes with aging, this is your product. Go to tstephens5.myrandf.com to look at Reverse.

I am having a giveaway on Saturday. If you have not already entered, go here to read the post.

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  1. Very cute outfit. I had stitch fix too for awhile. It was fun but got to pricey for my budget. The age spot remover sounds great. How about dark under eye circles? Or an eye brightner.

    • Tania Reply

      Andrea, the Redefine Multi-Focal Eye Cream is for puffiness, dark circles, and fine lines. It has made a difference in my eyes. It is not like a concealer so it takes some time to work. The eye cream will last you approximately 3 to 4 months because you only use a small amount.

  2. Jeanne Epley Reply

    Great outfit and have never used Stitchfix. I have a friend that has and uses them all the time. Might have to check them out. Blessings on the new grandson, I am sure they told Emersyn , many times to say baby Joe, so grandma wouldn’t get it out of her. LOL Lots of luck. I am sure, we will see one or two pic’s of him, right!! 😉

  3. I don’t think that’s the correct link for the bracelet you’re wearing🙁

    • Tania Reply

      Mariana, the links worked for me. If you can’t get it to work for you then you can go to plunderdesign.com/taniastephens to shop and just type in the name of the bracelet in the search bar. Be sure to pick a party that has my name in it. 😊

  4. Hahaha, you are so bad trying to get the name through Emersyn!😂😂😂 Just be patient! Haha. And what a great compliment from that stylist! Didn t know either that it works like that!

    • Tania Reply

      Sue, you click on the highlighted word “link” in the blog post.

  5. Rebecca kegley Reply

    R&F question… Do u need both the Reverse and the Acclerated products? I’ve got horrible age spots on my face and I need help.😓

    • Tania Reply

      Rebecca, they changed the Reverse regimen. Now the accelerated products are called the Reverse Lightning and the regular Reverse is called Reverse Brightening. They made a huge difference in my spots.

      • Can you please clarify if you need both the reverse and the accelerated, or should you start off with a certain one? I’m very interested in this product. Thanks!

        • Tania Reply

          Shelly, you either pick brightening or lightning. The lightning is what used to be called Accelerated and for sun spots. Brightening is more for dullness and overall brightening your face. If you would like to talk just let me know.

  6. Stitch fix is so much fun. They send unusual things I might never try. Love the white blouse. Congrats on the new baby boy!

  7. hola!! Tania…es la primera vez que escribo… encontre tu blog de casualidad y me encanta…es muy bonita tu ropa y muy buenos tus comentarios y vivencias…besos ..Nil.

  8. Good morning, Miss Tania and blog readers! What a great way to begin the day! Just ❤️reading your bog! CONGRATULATIONS on the upcoming birth of a new grandson! Miss Emersyn must be beside herself! CONGRATULATIONS on your first Stitchfix Box! YOU must be super excited!!! WOW!! Keep your fabulous blog a-comin’, Girl! You’re my inspiration!
    Hope you have a wonderful day! ☕️

  9. Robyn Wadley Reply

    I used stitchfix all last year and really loved it. I live in a town where there are more feed stores for livestock than retail for humans so stitchfix is very helpful that way. I love the white blouse and have been sent several similar styles but I always send them back. I don’t know what to wear for a bra. Gravity is not my friend and I have yet to find a strapless that keeps the girls where they should be. Suggestions?

  10. Did you like the stitch Fix experience?? When I’ve seen other women show their items, I always thought some of the pieces were sorta expensive, and I know you like a deal like I do??

    • Tania Reply

      It wasn’t overly expensive. The top was around 55.00 and the pants were around 60.00. Not crazy expensive but not my 12.00 overstock prices either. Lol!

  11. Got my Stitch Fix box yesterday! I only do a quarterly Stitch Fix box and typically keep one or two items. Love the top you got!

  12. What bra do you wear with this shirt? Brand? I I have a hard time finding a good strapless bra

    • Tania Reply

      Mari, I don’t need too good a bra. Lol! My favorite one is a Sweet Nothings bra that I think is carreid by Wal-Mart.

  13. Barbara Gingerich Reply

    I have recently become a Stitchfix customer and love the clothes!!

  14. I’m expecting my first Stitch Fix box next week. I pinned several of your pictures for my stylist. Fingers crossed that they’ll send me some good stuff! I also use R & F. Started with Reverse and now alternate it with Redefine & the ampmd roller. My absolutely, 100%, favorite, never-turning-back product is the lash boost. It’s amazing! Thanks for all your pictures! Love, love, love your style.

  15. Love the polka dot pants. They Look like they are fun to wear. Good luck on the birth of your new grandson. I am partial to today, it is my birthday. 😄

  16. Maureen Sampson Reply

    Hey girl, I am actually one of those girls that is a member of Stitchfix and I always pin your outfits so they know what I like. I just love Stitchfix. My stylist is getting to know me very well. You are truly an inspiration for us gals over 50. I love your style and the outfits you put together.

  17. Aren’t grandbabies the BEST? I would love to have one or two more, but my daughter and her guy seem to have no interest in another baby. So, I have ro luve vicariously through others (like you) LOL

  18. Cute outfit. I love seeing the StitchFix outfits! But, way out of my budget…
    May the Lord bring your new Grandlove into the world with peace and comfort.

  19. Annette Carlson Reply

    I have pinned MANY of your pictures to “My Style” board in Pinterest to show my Stich Fix stylist my style. I love YOUR style! !!

  20. Linda Holmes Reply

    I am one that uses your posts on Stitchfix., Inspires me to ask for your style. I think I am on #16 fix every other month for now.

  21. Marjorie Martinez Reply

    I used Stitchfix last year. Very pretty clothes. My stylist was so thoughtful and right on with my style. Bummer that I no longer can order from them. Life happens, huh?! I have followed you for several months now, and look forward to seeing you in all of your different outfits. I would really like to see your closet, girl!!

  22. I signed up for stitch fix 3 months ago and I absolutely love it! Best money I’ve ever spent!

  23. Cute outfit never used stitchfix. I shop online from Glamour Farms. It’s easy, since I have a 5 and 4 year old. Might need to try it. You always look beautiful and full of joy. I love following you. Have a blessed day, Pam

  24. Love, love that top. So cute. My biggest problem is age spots and neck wrinkles.

  25. You are on the Pinterest I use for my Stitch Fix!!!! But, they still don’t get it right. I have ordered several times, but was discouraged with my last two orders.

  26. Tina Murphey Reply

    I love Stitch Fix and I love your outfit today. I have posted some of your blog pics as a style that I like for them.

  27. I love your outfit…you look great….I’m 47 & am waiting on my 5th Fix to arrive from StitchFix…You & youre outfits are all over my Pinterest board that I send to my stylist! Congratulations on your new grandson…can u let us know his name? I cant to find out….xo

  28. Dorothy Chubbuck Reply

    Large poor on my nose are my biggest issue. Nothing seems to work. Help!

  29. I’m a new follower of your blog. I discovered you – you guessed it – on Pinterest! I have actually pinned several pictures of you to my StitchFix inspiration board so my stylist can see what I like. 😃

  30. Unfortunately for me, I tried then out twice. First box was OK and I did keep a blouse I really like but the second box was a total fail. The pieces were more geared towards winter fabrics, the look of the outfits made me feel 10 years older but I did try them on to see if it would’ve changed my mind but no. The prices are a bit high considering the things of competitive prices and options there is in the market. Sad that many of the pieces didn’t wow me. I even changed stylist but it just wasn’t for me. The concept is great. I love the idea especially for me that has a toddler and it’s nice to focus on you, bringing a boutique feeling of shopping right in the privacy of your own home. Can’t say if I’ll give it a shot again but maybe I just wasn’t one of the lucky ones if worked out for.

  31. Hi Tania, I’m one of your fans/friends who pinned pictures of you on Pinterest so my Stitch Fix stylist knew what I liked! Hope your new grand baby gets here soon!

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