50 IS NOT OLD | SMOCKED OFF THE SHOULDERToday was not the best for me. I was not personally involved but there was a bad wreck in front of my house. I had actually gone outside to sit in the sun for a few minutes and write on my blog. I was typing when I heard a very loud crash and I knew that was what had happened. I didn’t hear any squealing of tires, just a loud boom.50 IS NOT OLD | SMOCKED OFF THE SHOULDERThere is a large embankment in front of my house to the main road so I couldn’t see the cars but just in a few minutes, I started seeing smoke and then the sirens started getting closer. I knew it was bad because the sirens just kept coming and within 15 minutes I heard the med-flight helicopters (3) start circling overhead. They had to land in the middle of the road and since there is a mountain on one side that was not an easy task. I hate when something like this happens and it was later in the night before I could even get back to working on the blog.50 IS NOT OLD | SMOCKED OFF THE SHOULDERI just bought this smocked off the shoulder top the other day at Cato’s. Once again, I hit the clearance rack and got this top for practically nothing. I love this top and I would have bought it even if it wasn’t on sale. That is the litmus test you should use when buying anything. I first look at the items and decide if I like it before I look at the price tag. The red, white and cream stripes are great together and the smocking around the shoulders holds it in place really well. When I bought the top the sales lady said, “I hope you are going to put this on your blog. I have been wanting to see someone style it.” Lol!

50 IS NOT OLD | SMOCKED OFF THE SHOULDERI went with some red accessories with this top. I thought about black but I will use any excuse to wear my red Diana earrings. Since I have been letting my hair grow longer I like the bigger, longer earrings. This is the perfect size for me because you can see them when my hair is down. I have on a red bling bracelet that was a special purchase for Valentine’s and the Ezra which was a special purchase at Halloween. The Ezra was so popular that they brought it back in the spring catalog.
50 IS NOT OLD | SMOCKED OFF THE SHOULDERThe look I make when I realize that I forgot to put on a necklace. I have a woman’s club friend that says she will turn around and go back home if she forgets her earrings. Lol! Since this is a close-up of my hand, what do you think about my manicure? Joe wanted me to try the almond shape. It has taken me several days to get used to it and I keep missing the keys when I am typing. Haha!50 IS NOT OLD | SMOCKED OFF THE SHOULDERI have never worn this bracelet before. It is the Ophelia and it has a choker necklace called the Odell that matches it. The bracelet is an elastic 7.5″ type and it is in antique silver.50 IS NOT OLD | SMOCKED OFF THE SHOULDERI really like Emma Fox purses. I used to buy them at TJ Maxx but they don’t ever have any now when I shop. I could pay full price for them but you and I both know that is not going to happen. These purses are so nice and are great quality but be forwarned that this quality comes at a price. They are heavy!

50 IS NOT OLD | SMOCKED OFF THE SHOULDERI wore black pixie pants from Old Navy with the top. I thought about just wearing jeans but it was too hot for that. As most of you know, pixie pants are one of my very favorite type pants. I love the fit but here is my suggestion. If you get the chino style then buy your normal size but if you get the stretch style with spandex you will want to size up.
50 IS NOT OLD | SMOCKED OFF THE SHOULDERI have worn these black gladiator sandals by Sole Society before with these pixie pants and I like the effect. I think that I like the open straps and that it goes up my ankle for the height. This pair has a block heel which is still very popular.

50 IS NOT OLD | SMOCKED OFF THE SHOULDERI am just curious how many of you had not heard of Rodan + Fields until you started reading my blog. I have had some of my friends say that they have had ladies tell them that they think it is too late for them to join in the business, that it is oversaturated with consultants. In reality, the total number of R+F consultants in the U.S. and Canada doesn’t even equal the total number of people in the lowest populated state in the U.S., which is Wyoming. Of those people who are consultants, 44% in 2016 simply joined for the great discount (not actively working). I have only been in this business barely over a year and I got an email this weekend telling me that I was in the top 8.5% of consultants actively working the business. 

My point is that every single person you know has SKIN and is AGING. People are being born every day. The potential and possibilities of this opportunity are endless. These dermatologists sold ProActiv and are laser focused on Rodan + Fields not only remaining the #1 skincare company in the U.S. but being #1 GLOBALLY. This is still a company in its infancy.

SO, today marks my 23rd month as a blogger. That’s right, next month I will have been blogging for 2 years. I am just amazed at how well the blog has been received, how much fun I am having along the way, and how many of you have become friends that I recognize by name. So I am hosting a giveaway and it is easy to make it a Rodan + Fields present because I have access and I know that every one of us has skin. Lol! Simply comment below what you skin concerns are. The winner will receive a product geared toward helping their issue. I will do the giveaway on Saturday’s post so be sure to invite your friends to also leave comments.

You know when you put a post on FaceBook you wait to see if you will get any “likes” or “hearts?” That is how I feel about my blog. Leaving a comment and pinning a picture to Pinterest is my equivalent to a “like.” If you share my post on FaceBook that is a “heart.” Show me some love, gurls!!!

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  1. Love the outfit, especially the top! You look amazing as usual! I love your hair!

    I’ll be 67 on the 13th! My skin issue is lose of collagen in my face. Yikes!!

    Prayers for those involved in the accident!

  2. Hi Tania! I just found your blog a couple of weeks ago, and I’m loving it! I’m 59 and my skin concerns are wrinkles, age spots, large pores, and under eye puffiness. I hope I get to try one of your products!

  3. Your creeper fan from MMinnesota is at it again! I love this outfit on you. I decided to put together the same outfit. I was actually able to find a plus size version of your top on Cato and ordered it. I have been on a mission today to buy more tops. It seems wherever I get dressed, I can find a lot of pants but no tops (well, actually not ‘no tops’… ‘some tops’). 🙂 And I love those red earrings so I just decided to buy them and not wait until I have a bigger order. So if you happen to be in Minnesota and see someone walking around with the same outfit, you’ll know it’s me!

    My heart goes out to the people in that accident. I am praying for them.

  4. I have a lot of wrinkles that are very noticeable, especially around my upper and lower lip. I am sort of new to your blog- but I love it!

  5. I like this top Tania. I will also say that your nails are beautiful as well. My biggest skin concern is wrinkles on my face but if we want to talk about all over the “bod”….then I will have to say cellulite and sagging….sounds lovely. However, I am healthy so I will accept my aging body. ~Lisa~

  6. I love your outfit. You always inspire me to broaden my style preferences. My skin is dull with dark spots and veining.

    I especially look forward to your Sunday post.

    Prayers for the accident victims

  7. Sheryl Brockman Reply

    Love the striped top. I love how you wear all different styles. You venture out of your box and it always seems to work.
    I just read about the accident on 460 and saw two people died at the scene and two were transported to the hospital. Several families have been impacted. Prayers for all impacted. Lives can change in an instant 😭

  8. Bernie McIntyre Reply

    Firstly my thoughts and prayers go to the people and their families involved in the crash. Love your stripped top I have something similar however it started life as a dress which did nothing for me 😕 !! I remembered you tucking a short dress into your trousers on one of your blogs 😏 so I tried that and loved it as a top and got it altered 😆

  9. Love this outfit! I’ve been wanting to try the Pixie Pants and have bought them in 3 different sizes; but, since I have larger calves, from years of working horses, they bunch up at the knees on me, lol! And the loose fit Harper Pants don’t do me any favors either as they make me look heavier!
    Any other suggestions?!?

  10. My skin is so dry right now that it feels like my face is cracking when I smile. LOL!

  11. My concern is dark circles and wrinkles under my eyes. The rest of my face is aging well. Very few lines except those eyes

  12. Love your blog! My top skin concern is age spots. I have always had freckles but the past couple of years they seem to be getting larger. Derm says the only option is laser to permanently remove them. Would love to find an over the counter product that works.

  13. Lori Fletcher Reply

    I have a sun spot/age spot about the size of a quarter on my right cheek. No one has ever said anything before and in the last month two people have commented on it in one way or another. I have used creams, lemons, ect. in the past to try and bleach or fade it but NOTHING works. I wear SPF 30 on my face every day. I don’t know how to get rid of ir lighten considerably this spot.

  14. Prayers for they families of those impacted by the accident. Love your hair and I prefer the oval nails. My main skin issue is ages spots. Love your blog.

  15. My skin concern is age spots. I can’t wear off the shoulder styles bc strapless bras just won’t hold the girls in place! 😕 I love your nails—shape and color. I know what you mean about the accident. We had 5 dump truck wrecks in front of our house one summer, but no injuries thankfully. Hope all is well with those involved.

  16. Witnessing an accident is upsetting. Prayers for all involved. LOVE the top & today’s outfit. 😍
    My biggest concern/dislike: age(sun) spots 🙁

  17. Emma Fox, haven”t seen any at TJ’s in a long time either, HSN has them but TJ is cheaper

  18. Talitha Culver Reply

    Love the outfit! Love the almond shaped manicure! Would love to win your give away! My biggest skin issue is age spots. I’m so glad you are having fun with your blog because it is a breath of fresh air to me!

  19. Connie Miller Reply

    I love your blog! It is the first thing I open every morning. You are so beautiful inside and out. I wish I could afford R+F. My concern is I’m seeing more wrinkles. Keep up the great work.

  20. Hi Tania , that would be so upsetting to hear the accident and then see the Medivac helicopter , saying prayers for healing . I love this outfit , you look very chic and pretty ! I love the almond shaped nails too . My skin concerns are super oily skin , even at 57 ! Thanks xx

  21. Loss of elasticity in my skin. You do a great job. Thank you for this blog. It is the first thing I look at every morning after my daily gratitude book.

  22. Margaret Martin Reply

    Years of sunning in my youth without sunscreen has taken a toll on me. I am 61 now, so my main skin issue is age/brown spots on my face and hands. Ugh!

  23. Very cute outfit. I really like the top. My main skin concern would be my laugh lines and under eye circles. Love your blog. It’s the first thing I read every morning.

  24. Nothing worse than witnessing an accident, it plays on your mind for days! Thinking of everyone involved. I’m in love with your top Tania! Very pretty outfit on you! I’m pinning this one! I switched to the oval nails and love them! As far as skin concerns, mine would be dryness, but since I started with the R & F three months ago, the difference in my skin is amazing! So glad I read about it in your blog! 💜

  25. Glenda Gordon Reply

    This outfit is so cute – love the top! I had not heard of Rodan and Fields prior to reading your blog. My main skin concern is splotchiness and uneven skin tone. But I have to be careful because of sensitivity.

  26. Sun spots on my face. I can’t believe it has been two years already, where does the time go? Love reading your blog.

  27. Michelle Johnson Reply

    Cute, cute outfit… you are giving me the confidence to out and try some different fashion, like the top. I would never even look at that, but you are convincing me otherwise. Love my R+F products I am using now.

  28. Love your outfit! You look super cute! So sorry to hear about the accident. My skin issues are wrinkles around the eyes and above my lips. And saggy skin. I need help! Lol also love your hair!

  29. Love your blog and all the cute outfits. I’m 66 and my skin concerns are blotchy red bumpy and under eye puffiness. I would love to try your product

  30. Thoughts and payers for those involved in that tragic accident and their families.
    Most bothersome areas of my face are age spots and loose skin.

  31. I have an age spot and it’s making me crazy. So far, no skin care lotion/potion or cream has helped. The only thing that gives away my age is the age spot.

  32. I love your outfit! You look great in it! My skin concern is wrinkles & dry skin!

  33. Laura Jordan Reply

    Tania, I found your blog in Jan 2016, and I like your style in every sense of the word! If I were to choose a skin care product, it would address age spots-thanks!

  34. I love your blog. I discover it a few weeks ago and look forward to it everyday. I shopped Cato for the first time because you find so many cute things there.

    I would love to win skincare! My skin is dry, a little sun damaged even though I wear SPF 70, dark circles, and a consistent red patch with occasional breakouts on one cheek. It’s a mess!

  35. What a very upsetting experience for you! Prayers for all involved! Love that top — and it is so lovely it doesn’t even need a necklace!! I had oily skin all my life, but now I am experiencing some dryness and flaking, along with an uneven skin tone. Thanks, Tania!

  36. Paula Thorpe Reply

    Love your blog I read each and every one. I have been looking for a really good skin program and this sounds like one I’d like to try. Keep up the good blogging.

  37. My skin concern is lip lines, sagging and just general aging! Love your blog!!!!!

  38. Really cute outfit! I need a need purse but I have a problem as I ask myself, would Tania wear it? lol I’m 65 and my concerns are elasticity and dull skin.

  39. Angie Joyner Reply

    Just ordered my fist Rodan& Fields from you. Wrinkles and firmness is my issue. Used proactive in my youth. Thanks for sharing R&F.

  40. Jeanne Epley Reply

    Oh my you have had quite a day, prayers for those injured in the accident. I love this outfit, my colors and you have “invaded” my style, I had never tried Old Navy Pixie pants before and I love them. I wore a dress with beautiful floral print from there yesterday with the Mitali necklace and matching earrings, a very complimented outfit, and various other Plunder bracelets. Love it all.
    I am still dealing with some large pores and wrinkles, and the natrual products have not worked out. UGH…. Have a great day!!

  41. Maxine Bower Reply

    My biggest concern about my skin is blotcheness and wrinkles. Love the outfit today!

  42. Sally Norton Reply

    Sending thoughts and prayers to those involved in the accident. We must treasure every day. I just started following you when I saw the great outfits you wore on Pinterest. You make me want to try new things and accessorize better 😃 I’ll be turning 60 on Labor Day (yikes). Age spots are my issue. Love this outfit! My family is throwing me a party on the 19th. Wish I could pull this off as well as you.

  43. I love the almond shaped nails!!!!!
    It’s a more sophisticated and elegant look.

  44. My biggest concern at 70 is my sagging skin. I always had oily skin which I considered a curse but now realize it was a blessing. Ha. Not so many wrinkles at 70 but the skin has sagged. Help!

  45. Shirley Click Reply

    Prayers for those families impacted by that horrible accident. I witnessed an accident as a young girl visiting my grandmother. Fortunately in that one the young man only suffered a broken ankle after being thrown from his car but it definitely impacted my driving habits when I was old enough to drive. I absolutely love your blog. I ran across it on Pinterest and I was hooked. Love the inspiring outfits. My skin concern is mostly those darn age spots. I have one especially noticeable on my face that people often think is a smudge of dirt. 😂

  46. Your blog is the first one I’ve followed and shows I have been missing out. I had never heard of Rodan and Fields and am contemplating giving the products a try. My number one issue are the pores on my nose. I’m 67 and have been blessed with “pretty good” skin. Lol.
    Prayers for those involved in the accident.

  47. Judy Holzwarth Reply

    I have been thinking about trying your anti aging face products. I’m 74 and use a cpap machine which is causing my skin on my right cheek to do strange things. Pores appear larger and adding more wrinkles. That machine and I have a love-hate relationship. Would throw it but makes me feel so good.
    I love your blog and check it everyday. It has made me pay better attention to jewelry and what to wear. I appreciate your optimistic outlook.

  48. Melinda Mason Reply

    Love your blog! I have horrible dark circles under eyes. Haven’t tried the RF products.

  49. Oh mercy I hope everyone involved in the horrible car accident will be OK!!! I got a knot in the pit of my stomach just reading about it …I can just imagine how you felt hearing it being so close!!! I’ve been using the R+F Redefine line for large pores and am loving those products! Recently, I have added the Reverse Dual Active Brightening Complex to help brighten my complexion and fade some spots. I would definitely love to have more of that! Have a wonderful and safe week!

  50. Deborah Todd Reply

    Love the top with the stripes! I have olive skin with many freckles and dark dark circles under my eyes.
    Prayers to the victims of the accident.

  51. Outfit is super cute! I’ve heard of Rodan & Fields and have been interested in trying their products. My skin issues are dryness around nose and brown sports on cheeks. Lines are starting to come, but not too bad so far!

  52. Rebecca Schaff Reply

    I wish we had a Cato where I live! I am always wanting to try new anti- aging products!

  53. Look forward to your blogs every day.
    My skin issues are uneven skin color and wrinkles (eyes, forehead).

  54. I’ve been reading your blog for a few months. You always put together creative outfits with unusual but eye-catching color combinations. Accessories are pitch perfect, too. Thanks for your inspiration!

  55. My biggest concern is under my eyes. Fine lines and wrinkles are not good.😊

  56. Outfit pretty on you. My concern the eleven wrinkle starting on my forehead between the brows.

  57. Mary Lou Wells Reply

    Hi Tania….sorry to hear about the accident. I pray everyone recovers. I’m in my first week of using Rodan and Fields and I’m experiencing dryness. I’m using more and more moisurizer, and hoping it goes away soon.

  58. My skin so concerns are lines and under eye puffiness. I love your blog and appreciate you taking time to help us with issues!

  59. Hi Tania, I’ve been following your blog for over a year now. I love your fun, colorful style! My major skin problems are oily t-zone/dry cheeks and wrinkles. Sorry to hear about the accident near your home – sending prayers to those involved.

  60. Stephanie Holland Reply

    Love reading your post – my main skin issues are acne and skin aging.


  61. Donna Weaver Reply

    No I had never heard of Rodan and Fields until your blog. I have tried so many brands some very very expensive, with sorry results. I love the way it looks on you and And see the results. I’m still not sure about spending so much again and being disappointed. My skin is very dry because of age, lack of harmone. and thyroid issues.I’m 65 years old. I will still keep it in mind though and give it a try one day. It looks amazing on you and love your blog.

  62. Shari Kim Dudley Reply

    My skin issue is fine lines, loss of collagen, wrinkles, dry, dark spots, you name it I got it. I should mention I am going through menopause. Need I say more!
    Your outfit is cute, my favorite thing your wearing is those fabulous shoes… love them!

  63. Lezlie Davis Reply

    I love the contrast in this top. I think contrast must be near the top of the color chain (If there is such a thing 😊). My biggest skin concern is spots on my face and crepey skin on my neck. Thanks for the great stripes!

  64. Hi- Entering a new decade (60 !) I am more focused on the age spots, especially one that I try to cover with make-up (usually does not help) I would love to try one of the R & F products 🙂

  65. Your outfit looks great and I love the nails! My biggest skin concern would have to be brown spots.

  66. Danette Greenfield Reply

    Love your blog! My main skin issues are wrinkles and fine lines.

  67. I, too, just discovered your blog a few weeks ago. I am inspired by your ‘stylin’ – great inspiration for me when putting together my outfits 🙂 Thanks. I am 67 & am not happy about those wrinkles & brown/ age spots. Who wants those? Not me!

  68. Age spots are my main issue too. Love your blog! First thing I read in the morning!

  69. Wrinkles -especially around my eyes! I also have sensitive skin. Love to read your blog each morning!

  70. Hi Tania! My issue is age spots. I spent a lot of time in the sun without sunscreen when I was young.

  71. My skin is so dry and blah !!! I’m looking for that fresh face from years gone by.

  72. I’ve never tried R and F before and I’d say my biggest concern is wrinkles and firmness.

  73. Judy Gill Freeman Reply

    My skin is getting more sensitive the older I get. Finding it really hard to get products that I can use.

  74. I have been a faithful reader for over a year now….and love your sense of style! At 59 yrs., my main concerns are those annoying age spots and wrinkles!

  75. Wrinkles, age spots and dullness, Oh My! It’s definitely difficult getting older!

  76. Would love to get rid of age spots, wrinkles, and everything else that comes with ageing. I’ve never tried Rodan and Fields but would love too. Love your blog!

  77. Hi Tania, I’m yet another lady whose biggest issue is age spots. So you’re ‘spot on’ with that observation. Ha! Love your Emma Foxe purse btw. Super cute & classy looking!

  78. Teri Getler Matthews Reply

    Really love your look today…as always even if I don’t write all the time. First thing I do in the morning with my cup of coffee….check out your blog!! I will be 66 soon and as old lady faces go (lol) I have a lil sagging going on!!

  79. Tania; I enjoy your blog. I think you keep it real! And I love that you style affordable clothes. This TN girl has age spots. I have heard of R & F, but never looked at the products until you talked @ them. You also introduced me to Plunder. Thanks!

  80. Brenda Massie Reply

    Winkles/ I have been reading about R&F products for awhile “I am on the fence”. I have tried just about about everything. Enjoy your blog keep it

  81. Cute! I struggle with off the shoulder tops because I’ve never found a strapless bra that works for me.

    My biggest skincare problem right now is dark under eye circles. Years if bad allergies, lack of sleep, and genetics have left quite a mark!

  82. Leslie Schrack Reply

    Leslie Schrack
    Hi Tania. I have the sagging skin and eyelid droop. Love your blog. Hope your new baby comes soon!

  83. Age spots!!! UGH! It’s hard to believe there is a product that will help us to age more gracefully😌 Love those stripes!

  84. Ah, where to begin. Dark circles under eyes, lack of firmness in cheeks, thinning eye lashes, loss of eyebrows which unfortunately I haven’t found a product for. Oh well, as you can see I need lots of help. LOL

    • Love this top on you. The main skin concern beside sun spots is brightening my skin tone to not show aging.

  85. Pamela Gilstrap Reply

    Love this outfit! Found you about 3 months ago- love the blog!

    Skin issues – rosacea, dryness, age spots.

    Thanks for the opportunity! Prayers for the accident victims! Blessings to you!!

  86. Roberta Dotterer Reply

    Age spots, big pores, bags (not just puffiness) under my eyes

  87. Age spots on my face are a big concern! Nothing works! Leary of spending tons of money!

  88. That top is too cute! I have a Cato nearby so I’ll have to pop in there and see if I can find it. Prayers for those involved in that accident. It would be very upsetting to experience that for sure. As far as skin problems go for myself I have large pores on either side of my nose, deep wrinkles between my eyebrows (the “w”), fine lines around my lips even though I’ve never been a smoker, and sagging skin. Sounds pitiful doesn’t it?!

  89. Aging skin is my problem as I get a few months closer to my 70th birthday. Dark circles under my eyes are a problem too. I had not heard of Rodan and Fields until you introduced it to me. I haven’t tried it yet, as I am using up an expensive prior purchase first. But your results have whetted my desire to give it a go.

  90. Carol Dillman Reply

    My main skin concern is age spots. I also have dark circles under my eyes. You have me intrigued to learn about Rodan and Fields.

  91. Oops posted comment to wrong post. Here it is again.

    Susan on August 9, 2017 at 5:50 am
    Hi Tania. My face is slowly sliding off and becoming my neck. Is there an R + F for that? . BTW I think the lash boost is helping. They need to bring that to Canada.

  92. My biggest issue is how to firm skin on the neck, it bugs me, lol! I love reading your blog, congrats on a new grandbaby!!

  93. Love your blog! Hope your grand baby comes soon! My biggest area of concern is age spots.

  94. I love your blog and read it every day (when time allows) i love My bright colors you chose. My issues are wrinkles.

  95. I had never heard of Rodan & Fields before you talked about it on your blog. I am beginning to see crow’s feet around my eyes. I would love to try the Redefine. I read your blog everyday and love it!!

  96. Sensitive skin and age/sun spots. I love your blog! Thanks for sharing your fashion ideas and stories. I hope everyone who was involved in the accident is ok!

  97. I just found your blog a couple months ago and enjoy reading it every morning. Your down-to-earth spirit and writings hit a cord with me. I have researched R+F some but because of rosacea and my skin sensitivities I am very leery about spending the $$$ for R+F. Thank you for taking your time to create this blog and sticking with it.

  98. Debbie Hammond Reply

    Love your blog and outlook on life! I am a redhead so if freckles count as dark spots, I need whatever you’ve got!!

  99. My biggest concern is under eye circles and puffiness because it can’t really be disguised. I have redness on my cheeks, but that can be covered with make-up. I just started using R&F products last week, but I’m not really familiar with the entire line of products because I just ordered the basic 4-step skin care package.

  100. A friend introduced me to your blog – loving it. As someone who is now 63 years old my main concern is wrinkles and more wrinkles – followed by firmness – or lack of 🙂

  101. Tania, I love your blog and have been following you for a month or so. My skin concerns are the puff bags under my eyes and of course those wrinkles on the corner of my eyes.

  102. Charlcy Green Reply

    My worst problem is under eye bags and circles! And I just sent this to a guy by mistake! Cute outfit! Wish my Cato had it

  103. Tania..I absolutely love your blog and look forward to it every morning (right after my devotion of course). My skin concerns are the wrinkles (smile lines??) beside each eye and the wrinkles above my upper lip. I really did not know I even had any wrinkles until I got glasses and then I was like….WHOOOA…I have wrinkles?? and oh me – what or how did that lip color get between my upper lip & nose…WHOOOA…that is lipstick & it’s crawling upward in those crators I have! Getting glasses was a reality check for me! Thanks for sharing your world!

  104. I wear glasses most of the time but will occasionally wear contact lenses. When I do, I am always amazed at how puffy I look under my eyes. I hate it!

  105. Lee Warriner Reply

    Sorry about the accident. That is so awful. I think my number one issue with my skin is the age spots. Fine lines come a close second.

  106. My skin issue is age spots and big pores, I am also oily. I am glad you show us clothes from Cato. I actually have one of those close by!

  107. I am 57 and have crazy dark undereye circles and some puffiness. Seems it’s just been a problem this past year and nothing I’ve tried has helped.

  108. Greetings … So happy to read about the baby boy’s arrival into the world.

    My skin concern is that I’m too old for blemishes and too young (at least in my mind) for wrinkles, the fine lines appearing near the corners of my eyes. Also, gravity is not kind and I see firmness disappearing, .

    Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to your postings and seeing your fashion finds.

  109. Jayne Stewart Reply

    I have only been following you for the last couple of months. I love seeing your new outfits each day, and I just love your hair. I just turned 60 and I have dry skin that is beginning to show some age with a few new lines around my mouth mostly. I am not afraid to get old I just don’t want to look old, haha!

  110. Nancy Miller Reply

    Hi, Tania. I’m a little late in posting and read about your new grand baby. Congrats! I am turning 61 at the end of this month-say it ain’t so! My issues are age spots, and I’m noticing a little dullness and dryness.

  111. Angie Watkins Reply

    At almost 54 my skin seems dull with a few wrinkles and of course with age it could use a little tune up my skin is not quite as tight as it used to be.

  112. Skin concern is aging. I’m almost 50 and I don’t want wrinkles… Unless they’re from laughing.

  113. Jenise Reider Reply

    I love you blog! My skin concern is dark circles under my eyes…two teenagers equates to not enough sleep!!! LOL

  114. Brenda Stroud Reply

    I love your blog! I follow you everyday! My skin concern is a couple of dark spots and veining. I have been using the Redefine line for about 2 years.

  115. Wendy R Welch Reply

    I love, love, love your blog even though I’m not 50 (or over) yet! My skin concerns are sun spots from all those years of sun worshipping and those little wrinkles that are coming out under my eyes now. Thank you and Go Vols!!

  116. Congratulations on the new grandbaby! My skin concerns are dry skin and the area around my eyes and neck!

  117. Janie Flores Reply

    Congratulations to you and your family and the new grand baby, Your granddaughter looks so cute.
    So I was wondering if you will add any new videos on your makeup routine and what grand finds you have found that work well for mature skin?

  118. TerriC/HoustonLady Reply

    Hi Tania,
    I really enjoy reading your blog. My skin concerns are lack of firmness and under eye puffiness..my skin just looks blah!! LOL
    Thanks for the chance to win R+F products : )

  119. Hi, Tania!

    Congratulations on Beckham Reece’s arrival, Mom & hubby, Neenee, Joe & Emersyn! SO exciting. I bet Joe is thrilled to have a grandson to play with.

    My skin concerns at age 57 are firming up sagging skin. I’ve never tried Rodan and Fields’ products, so I would love to give it a shot.

    Thank you for all your positive blog posts. I look forward to your entry every day.

  120. I am having a horrible time with age spots popping up all over my face. Yikes

  121. Hi! I really enjoy your posts and and getter no new ideas. I turn 50 very soon and really want to keep my personal fashion updated.

    My skin concern would tiny fine lines that are now appearing around the corners of my eyes. 😬 Not certain what to use that will help to keep them at bay for as long as I can.

    Love your blog!

  122. I would love to try something that will help the puffiness under my eyes and dark spots on my face and of course wrinkles.

  123. I am interested in Roden & Fields due to the wrinkles and fine lines in cheek area and under eyes. I know ladies who use it and their skin in beautiful including you!

  124. First off I want to say that your skin is amazing! I have seen such a difference over the last few months since you have been using R & F. I have fine age lines, short lashes, some are white, and a few age spots on my skin. Also large pores and oily skin. LOL!

  125. You have given me confidence to wear things I thought were not appropriate at 50. I guess I thought we had to turn into the bun, stocking, black shoe school teacher. Thanks!

    My skin problem is the wrinkles on my neck. I recently lost a lot of weight and my neck seems to have turned into a prune.

    Oh, by the way, love the jewelry. I just need to gain the confidence to go bold with mine.

    Thanks, look forward to more blogs.

  126. Celia Román Reply

    Tania,I read you here in Puerto Rico,a Caribbean Island! I love your blog and is an inspiration for my 56 years outfits. You looks great and here that offshoulder style is trending.
    About my skin issues here is the list: large pores,some wrinkles around lips and sun spots!
    Good luck in everything you realize!

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