50 IS NOT OLD | STRIPES ARE A SUMMER TRENDWell, the countdown has started again! I know a lot of you are new to my blog so you might not know that last year a couple of my blog readers and I were supposed to attend the Pepsi Gulf Coast Jam in Panama City Beach. This is a yearly 3-day event held over Labor Day weekend. Joe and I had already left the house heading that way when I got the email that the event had been canceled.50 IS NOT OLD | STRIPES ARE A SUMMER TRENDLast year Hurricane Hermine decided to hit land exactly at Panama City Beach. The event had to be canceled because there was no way they could get everything set back up in time. I was disappointed but I can’t imagine how deeply that hurt the economy in Panama City Beach and I hated seeing the devastation of such beautiful property. Our tickets were reissued for this year’s event and I hope to have a blast. Honestly, Joe and I are not huge concert go’ers so this will really be pushing us out of our comfort zone. I hope to meet up with the ladies who won the tickets last year and if any of you want to join us just let me know. The event starts Friday, September 1st, and will also continue to Saturday and Sunday. The headliners this year are Jason Aldean, Little Big Town, and Luke Bryan. If you are interested in tickets there is a link in my sidebar that will take you to the website. You know I will be talking more about this in some of my upcoming posts.50 IS NOT OLD | STRIPES ARE A SUMMER TRENDToo much color? Is there such a thing? Hahaha! I love combining hot pink and yellow, I think they go so well with each other. See here. I can’t remember where I bought this top, I have several cardigans in very similar colors. I love a 3/4 sleeve because I think it makes you look slimmer when the sleeve hits at that point. Even when I have a long sleeve sweater or top on I will usually push the sleeves up which gives you the same look.

50 IS NOT OLD | STRIPES ARE A SUMMER TRENDThe funny thing is that when I first got these bright yellow earrings I didn’t really like them. However, both of my daughter-in-laws were here at the time I opened them and they both went wild for them. Lol! The Adella earrings have grown on me since then and they look much better on than they did in the box.50 IS NOT OLD | STRIPES ARE A SUMMER TRENDThe Jenna necklace is another one of my purchases that had to grow on me. I didn’t really like all the beads, it reminded me of something a child would string at Christmas. I think it reminded me of those fruit loop chains I have seen on Christmas trees. Lol! BUT, now I find myself wearing it more and more often. What the heck do I know?? You can’t see my bling bracelets in this picture but they are the Broedrick, Flynn, and the Hugo. I had on one more but it was a special that has since been discontinued.50 IS NOT OLD | STRIPES ARE A SUMMER TRENDI know a lot of you have been eyeing these shoes. These were my Christmas present from Ashleigh this last year. I love the style and the color but I have had a hard time figuring out how to wear them. I am not used to a round toe and that threw me, they are muted fall colors but when it was winter they seemed too bright. Anyway, after I put them on they looked so cute that I now can’t wait for fall to get here because I think they will go with a lot of fall colors.

50 IS NOT OLD | STRIPES ARE A SUMMER TRENDI bought this top just this week. I went to Cato’s and found a few things on the clearance rack. Now is a great time to do some shopping on the clearance racks in all the stores. I looked on the Cato website through all 480 tops but I couldn’t find this one. Oh well, check your local store if you like it. Lol!

50 IS NOT OLD | STRIPES ARE A SUMMER TRENDI know I am biased when it comes to Rodan +Fields. I loved the products first and then I have come to love the business. BUT, the thing is that I am not the only one loving the business. This is what Forbes magazine recently said in their 3rd article that they have written about R+F.

“With the U.S. becoming increasingly dominated by Rodan + Fields, other countries may not be far behind. Rodan + Fields launched in Canada in 2015, and will soon be launching in Australia. What may be lacking, however, is the people that still have yet to recognize that selling via a direct marketing sales avenue – sometimes referred to as a multi-tier marketing business – is not what it used to be, and it’s definitely not something to ignore. Community commerce is a growing trend in retail that Rodan + Fields may be leading, but others are certainly trying to follow.”

Doesn’t that make you at least curious? Why would a finance magazine write about a skincare company? I can see why Allure and other beauty magazine are always doing articles about the “must” have products, but I didn’t expect to see business articles. Lol!

Joe says they are like the Borg, they are taking over everything. Lol!!! If you are interested in why the products are so good, try them for 60 days and see for yourself. Go to tstephens5.myrandf.com and be sure to scroll down to the Subscribe and Save option. If you are interested in making some money on your own, then go to tstephens5.myrandf.biz and hit the Become A Consultant tab and try your business for 60 days. Both the products and the business come with a 60-day money back guarantee.

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  1. Beautiful combo Tania…..and shoes are gorgeous. I have been wanting a pair of shoes that color. I hope the weather will be excellent this year for your Labor Day weekend. ~Lisa~

    • Tania Reply

      Thanks, Lisa. I am crossing my fingers for good weather. lol!

  2. Lezlie Davis Reply

    I LOVE the colors! I have never even thought of yellow and hot pink together. I’m realizing that when it comes to dressing, I have more fashion no-no’s than I have yes-yes! I’m having such a blast learning. Thank you!

    • Tania Reply

      Lezlie, it was not a combination that came naturally to me either. But, I have a scarf that had the colors in it together and the light bulb went off.

  3. Debbie Kirkland Sellers Reply

    Cuteness Overload!! One of my favorite outfits yet!! I don’t look good in yellow, but that is your color!! I’ve got to spend more time in Cato.

    Thanks for the time you put into this blog everyday, I look forward to seeing you every morning!!

  4. You style everything so beautifully!! I love these colors on you! Those shoes are fabulous!

  5. Jennifer A Shelton Reply

    Love the color combo, and the shoes are to die for!! Love your posts and your style!! Hope you have a Blessed weekend!!

  6. I love love love your hair! How long does it take you to do and how do you do it? Does it take long? Thank you for your great posts!

    • Tania Reply

      Meiko, thank you so much. It doesn’t take me anytime at all to do my hair. In fact it takes such little time that I hate to even do a video of it. Lol!

      • Tammy Gillespie Reply

        Please, please do a video. I have a similar cut but can’t get the height on top.

  7. WOW you look fabulous!! You really know how to put colors together, I love all of the jewelry with that outfit, and the shoes!! Thank you so much!!

  8. Love stripes, love yellow, and love love hot pink! What an adorable outfit on you today! I have stripe tops in just about every color but yellow….lol….now I will be searching! Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. Yes yes yes, love the striped top and it looks amazing with the hot pink. What a fantastic combination!

  10. Love this outfit!! You look wonderful. The only thing I don’t care for are the shoes. They seem a little heavy with light and breezy outfit. I would have paired it with a pair of pink espadrilles. Love your blog. You are always so pulled together.

  11. Those shoes are gorgeous. Love the vintage look of them. I’d like to see you style them in a fall outfit with a pencil skirt.

  12. Hi Tania! The outfit is adorable! What brand are the shoes that Ashleigh gifted you? I love the retro look and feel of them! And the color and mix of fabric & leather is great!
    Have a wonderful day! IT’s FRIDAY!!
    Tanja from Oregon!

    • Tania Reply

      I think the shoes are super cute too. They will be great this coming fall. They are by Ruby Shoo.

  13. Too much, the shoes caught my eye as soon as I opened your blog. Maybe with another outfit, long dress or palazzo pants to tone down the color and the style. Otherwise cute outfit.

  14. Love the yellow and hot pink!! the top is so cute and different and the jewelry looks great ! Your daughter has great taste in shoes 😊 Have a great Friday Tania .

  15. Loved the outfit. The shoes add just a great amount of fun with the outfit, and like the pink accents. So refreshing.

  16. Another favorite outfit! Yellow is my favorite color! The hot pink sweater looks great with the top. You look amazing! I look forward to reading your post every morning. Love your classy and sassy style!

  17. You are a master at pairing unlikely color combinations that really work. I would never think of putting these colors together, but your outfit Sings! Gosh, you are so darn cute.

  18. I am new to your blog and love so many of your outfit combos! So may of them are pulled together by the scarves (which I am a huge fan of). Any suggestions of where you find good ones? I seem to have a really hard time finding ones I like. Thanks for any hints

    • Tania Reply

      Hi, Bambi. Welcome to my blog, I am so glad that you stopped by and I hope you keep coming back. I love scarves and I buy them several different places. I have several from Cato, Old Navy, TJ Maxx, and Talbots.

  19. I love this entire outfit! Who would have thought putting hot pink and yellow would look so great! Everything put together makes for a very sharp look!

  20. Sherry Ashcroft Reply

    CUUUUTE! Question from old post…. will Plunder ever get the “America” necklace back in? Would love to have one, but they were sold out when I went to purchase it. Thanks!

  21. I think the outfit is really cute. That type of combination is my uniform for work. Yeah for 3/4 length sleeves!

    • Tania Reply

      Yeah, Julie! Are you in the area or are you coming to the concerts???

    • Tania Reply

      Merrill, yes I can send you a catalog. I’ll send you an email.

  22. Another darling outfit again, Tania, and those shoooooes!!! I couldn’t stop staring at them! I remember when you talked about that concert being cancelled like it was yesterday. My how time flies! Hopefully there will be perfect weather this year. Maybe you’ll get a ton of new R+F customers at the concert once they see your eyelashes! ha Have a fantastic weekend!

  23. Charlcy Green Reply

    Oh you guys live the most fun life! And that outfit is adorable! Love the colors.

  24. I love your outfit, and the shoes, Wow. I like to wear color in the fall and winter months to liven up things, other wise it can feel dreary. Looking great girl.

  25. I love your styles of clothes. I’ve actually been looking for certain pieces that you have fashioned. I live the pink and yellow outfit. Who would’ve thought those 2 would look great together.

  26. I never would have put the pink and yellow together but it’s fabulous!

  27. Jeanne Epley Reply

    Pretty outfit, love the fushia pink, one of my favorite colors. But like you and others, I never thought about put yellow and pink together, but it looks good.

  28. Love, love, this outfit!! One of my favs! Especially the shoes! Such a pretty lady inside and out!

  29. You are so inspiring to me. I wish I could shop with you 😜
    I truly need pointers. Have truly shopped in years.

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