50 IS NOT OLD | STYLING A BANDANA PRINTI am loving the cooler mornings and afternoons that we are having right now. It is almost like fall has started to set in already. August is supposed to be one of the hottest months and instead, it is downright cool. Joe asked me if I wanted to go golfing or go flying this afternoon with him. Don’t you just love it when they “want” you to do something with them? 50 IS NOT OLD | STYLING A BANDANA PRINTSince I normally work on my daily blog post in the afternoon when I come home from work I knew that I would have to alter that schedule in order to go with him. So, this morning I decided to write the post instead of waiting until tonight. This just feels weird and out of order. Talk about a creature of habit, how do we let ourselves get so used to doing something in one way that it is hard to change? I swear that I am not going to be one of those little old women who refuses to even try doing something another way because “I have always done it that way” or because “if it isn’t broke then why fix it.” Today might be the first of many days, maybe I can make a new habit. Lol!!!50 IS NOT OLD | STYLING A BANDANA PRINTI have had this red and white striped cardigan for a long time. I like this particular shade of red, it is vibrant and not too blue or too orange. In the words of baby bear, “It is just right!” The sweater was one that I picked up at TJ MAXX I think, it is by Jeanne Pierre.

50 IS NOT OLD | STYLING A BANDANA PRINTI ordered this pair of large pearl stud earrings before I went to Alaska and somehow I didn’t get to make the trip back with them. Lol! SO, I had to order another pair of the Shaila earrings but since they are only 8.00 it was not a hard purchase to make. Lol! The lowest rate of shipping is 6.95 and you don’t want to order one pair of 8.00 earrings and pay that much shipping so what I do is every time I get ready to place an order I look through the earrings and see if there are any I want to add to the order. I try to keep a few on hand for presents and giveaways. 50 IS NOT OLD | STYLING A BANDANA PRINTI liked to have never gotten a good picture of the Celine bracelet. Every time I would get ready to take the picture the charm would flip over and you couldn’t see the “S” but finally, it worked. Lol! The Gail bracelet was much easier to get a picture of, even if you can’t read the HOPE that is imprinted on it. I love this bracelet, I really like inspirational jewelry. I layered my necklaces today by using the shorter Destiny necklace and the longer (44″) Bella Rose. I forgot to show you gurls this month’s Plunder Posse. It is gorgeous, or it looks like it will be, and I have already placed my order. This looks like rose petals to me. 🌹 The Posse is a monthly subscription service that is 25.00 including shipping, tax, etc., and there is no fee to join or quit. I try to post what the monthly set is and if you like it then you let your order go through. If it is not something that you like then you simply unsubscribe and the next month you subscribe again if you want. The order will ship out the same day of every month, the day you place your first order. Go to www.plunderdesign.com/taniastephens and choose any party with my name in it to place all orders.50 IS NOT OLD | STYLING A BANDANA PRINTI admit that I choose my outfit around these shoes. Why wouldn’t I? These have to be the cutest shoes that I have seen in a long time. Mary from Nina Shoes asked me if I would like to style a pair of shoes and these were my first pick. I love an espadrille heel, to begin with, but the bandana pattern is so fun that I had to have them. I feel so country and elegant at the same time. Lol! The Muriel is really playful and fun, I even bought a pair of shorts yesterday just to wear with them later. Lol! Yes, they made me kick up my heels. I should have taken a picture of the inside because it is red and white gingham. These come in a blue option as well. Now is a great time to grab these cute shoes and use the code FIFTY25 for a 25% discount!!! WOW!50 IS NOT OLD | STYLING A BANDANA PRINTI even chose the type pants to wear just to show off these shoes. LOL!!! Who else does things like that? Come on, raise your hand, I know you do. A skinny jean is perfect for showcasing a high heel shoe. These are a pair of Vigoss skinny jeans that are several years old. They are a good quality jean so they will last you for a long time. I bought mine at Maurice’s when I caught them on sale.

50 IS NOT OLD | STYLING A BANDANA PRINTA basic white button down should be in every woman’s wardrobe. You can wear this with jeans, skirts, under jackets, cardigans, vests, and dresses. I think you need to pick one that is fitted for a couple of reasons. You look thinner and there is less bulk under a jacket or sweater. This one is several years old and I am surprised that I haven’t already stained it before now. Lol! For those who have trouble with buttons I also included a pullover version.

50 IS NOT OLD | STYLING A BANDANA PRINTI just got off a ZOOM call last night with 9 or 10 ladies who were consultants and prospects. It was so much fun to hear everyone’s story about why they are part of the business of Rodan + Fields. I shared yesterday on my Facebook page that I was the #2 R+F consultant in a team of over 1600! I am still doing a happy dance because that tells me that I am getting these products in the hands of some very happy ladies. I got 2 emails today from customers telling me that they were so glad that they took me at my word and decided to see for themselves. While I loved being at the top of that leader board, and I will love when I get my paycheck this month, it really isn’t about any of that. I never started using the products because I wanted to make money that was just a by-product. I started using the products to halt and reverse the signs of aging if I could and I tell you about them so that you can also. If you want to take happy dance lessons from me let me know. Lol! Email me with questions at fiftyisnotold@gmail.com or go to tstephens5.myrandf.com to go shopping.

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  1. Those shoes are sooo cute! I just ordered them in blue and got my discount too! What a deal, thank you!!

  2. Hi, those shoes are terrific, but when I tried to use the FIFTY25 code I got an error message:

    “The promotion code FIFTY25 valid until 8/11/2017 expired or has already been used”

    I’m in California and it is still August 2 here! I have never been to this site before so I know that I didn’t already use the code. By the way, I enjoy your blog very much and look forward to seeing your outfits.

  3. Hi Tania! I’m so excited! I just bought the banana pattern wedges! I can’t wait to get them. I haven’t been able to find a red shoe that I like. Thank you for leading to them! 🙂

  4. August will be a cold month here too! That is so dissapointing because we had a good start! I hate it when the Summer is ending. Love your colors though!

  5. Bernie McIntyre Reply

    Love love your shoes ! “There’s no place like home ” 😉 😁👠 🌈

  6. Cristina Downey Reply

    Red is your color, you look great and also ordered the shoes! Have a fabulous day!

  7. Discount code didn’t work! I got a message that said it was valid until 8/11 but had either expired or already been used. I had never even heard of this site until today so I certainly haven’t used it. Hopefully just a glitch and maybe it will work later. 😉

  8. Lori D. Fletcher Reply

    I tried to order the shoes and the code is not working for me.

    • Lori D. Fletcher Reply

      The promotion code FIFTY25 valid until 8/11/2017 expired or has already been used. This is the error code I’m getting

      • Tania Reply

        Lori, Mary just said she was going to check on the code and I will let everyone know as soon as I can.

  9. Thanks so much Tania for this wonderful post. We’ll look into the code issue right now.

  10. The code has been fixed. The shoes were already on sale, so with Tania’s code these super cute bandana print espadrille wedges are only $39! Thanks so much Tania for sharing your Nina shoes. We appreciate it! xx

  11. By the way, we see a few people bought the shoes at the sale price without the code working, so we’ll adjust those purchases so everyone gets the code price. You will get an email confirmation from Ninashoes confirming it. Thanks again, Mary

  12. Love your blog and styling! I have the Bella necklace in my cart right now.

    In my 64 years I’ve ignored accessories (scarves, jewelry, etc.) as I just didn’t know what to wear or how to coordinate but you’ve helped so much! It’s time to join the accessory party. Better late than never.

    Thank you.


  13. Cristina Downey Reply

    I just received an email from Nina shoes that they realized the code was not working so they adjusted my charge down to reflect it so ladies go for it!

  14. You had me confused at first…that cute striped sweater isn’t a bandana print! But, you saved the best for last….Love the shoes ❤

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