August 2017



50 IS NOT OLD | A CLASSIC COMBINATIONI am having a hard time concentrating right now. I am packing to get ready to leave and head out to Panama City Beach, Florida early Thursday morning. By the time most of you read this I will already be on the road. It is not looking like the best weather for us again this year but since it is supposed to rain here in Virginia this weekend also, we figured we might as well enjoy the rain in Florida. I know from past trips to the beach that it can say that it is going to rain all day and either it doesn’t rain at all or it is only spotty. Don’t bust my bubble and tell me that I am being “Pollyanna.”

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50 IS NOT OLD | GOING LIVE IS SCARYYou never know what is going to happen when you go “LIVE” on FaceBook. I know some of you might not be on FaceBook so let me explain what I am talking about. Instead on writing a post or putting a picture up on my timeline I can choose to record a live video. Going live is always scary for me because you never know what is going to happen or if I am going to completely lose my train of thought which happens often. Lol! Anyway, I went live last night and it was hilarious……

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50 IS NOT OLD | YOU DON'T HAVE TO GET ALL DOLLED UP EVERYDAYI can’t believe this week is already going by so fast. I know it is only Tuesday but I am a trying to get everything done so that I can head out of town again on Thursday. I am not a big traveler but it seems like I have been gone so much in the last few months. For some reason, I tend to travel more in the fall. I will be going back to Tennesse for the grandbabies birthday party, I am traveling to Charleston, SC for a Rodan + Fields mini convention, my sister has a vintage fashion show in Georgia, and then there is Thanksgiving and Christmas. Whew! That wears me out even thinking about it.

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50 IS NOT OLD | FAVORITE TRICK TO LOOK SLIMMERI think I just wasted 100.00 dollars. I tried using Lightroom again on this set of pictures. I imported them and cropped, adjusted, etc., and then I uploaded them to my blog post. They were grainy again. Ugh! So, I decided to try uploading the same photos to my normal iPhoto and see if the same graininess would show up on the photos. The ones I edited on iPhoto came out much much better. Well great, I just spent money and a lot of time to find out that what I was doing was working better. Don’t get me wrong, I know it is probably user error but since I am the user I am going to use what works best for me.

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I am not sure if you know this but people are always watching. I am not originally from Grundy, Virginia, I am from a small town in Tennesse named Livingston. When I moved to Grundy I felt invisible. Joe and his family had lived all their lives in this area. They owned a business and Joe’s mother was a well-known school teacher that had taught many of the children in the county. I was Joe’s wife or Melba’s daughter-in-law and that was fine by me. I didn’t know anyone with the exception of a couple of Joe’s friends and their wives. Because “I” didn’t know anyone I felt like no one knew me which was probably not the case. When you live in a small town you get to know a lot of the people living there so when someone new comes to town you will notice. I didn’t even think about that, I just assumed that I could go and do as I pleased and no one would even notice me.

I remember the first time I was in a store and someone spoke to me. I probably looked a little startled because they said, “You’re Joe’s wife aren’t you?” We only spoke for a few minutes but that is when I realized that I wasn’t really invisible after all and that people were watching. I didn’t mind that they knew me but it still changed the way I thought about things.

The same is true with you, people are watching you. They see your comings and goings and they see your actions. I am sure most of you were like me and you really don’t even think that someone might be noticing what you are doing. If you are a Christian, they are not only watching you, they are also judging you. You are a living testimony every day to the Lord. Let that take a minute to sink in.

How do you treat others? I am talking about people like waiters or hotel maids, the people that are doing a job of cleaning up or serving you, do you speak to them? Are you kind and courteous? How would those people describe you if the Lord asked?

How do you act when you are watching sports? Do you yell and scream? Do you say that the umpire and referees are cheating and that they are blind? Are you a sore loser or a bad winner? Did you ever stop to think that someone in the crowd was watching you or listening to the words that were coming out of your mouth?

How do you act in traffic? I know all of us can get tired and frustrated when we have been sitting for hours in traffic. Do you let people pull out in front of you from the side of the road? How do you react when that person (we have all seen these people) passes everyone on the lane that is closed and then wants to merge at the front of the pack? Do you inch up and try to make sure that they don’t get to get in line or do you back off and let them in?

I look back over some of the actions that I have done and I am not proud of myself. The person in traffic may not mean anything to you and you probably don’t care what they even think. But, if you stop and think that the Lord is watching your action does that change the way you feel? He is. He is watching every move you make. He is cheering you on when your choose Grace. I hang my head when I consider that my actions were not done in secret, the Lord was right there with me.

I bet everyone reading this knows the verse of John 3:16. It is humbling to think the God loved us enough to send His only son to earth to die on the cross for our sins. The following verse is not as well known, John 3:17.

17 For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.

I am so thankful that the Lord sent His son to earth that through Him we might have a chance at eternal life. I am so thankful that He is not condemning me and that through Him I can be forgiven for past transgressions. I know that I can never do enough good works to earn my way into Heaven but I know that I have the best cheerleader rooting for me and I don’t want to let Him down.

Have A Blessed Day!


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I warned you in yesterday’s blog post that the pictures today might be grainy. I am not sure what I did wrong so it makes it harder to know how to fix the problem. I am glad it is the weekend and I can work on the issue before I have to start taking a bunch more pictures. I think it has to do with the setting and the low lighting. I know when the lighting is low on my cell phone then the pictures turn out grainy. This is the very same lighting I have every day but I changed the settings on my camera when I was in Livingston. Obviously, something needs to be tweaked.

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50 IS NOT OLD | STYLING BERMUDA SHORTSDon’t you hate it when you try to “upgrade” and it doesn’t quite work out that way? While I was home in Tennessee my brother in law was helping me with some issues I am having with my camera and editing process. He is a professional photographer so the man knows what he is talking about. The problem is not with his knowledge it is the translation on my part. I was showing him how I did things and you could just see him cringing. Lol!

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50 IS NOT OLD | WHAT TO WEAR WHEN YOU TRAVELIt is crazy how long it takes to get back in the swing of things. I think I am still experiencing “jet lag” even though I was never on a jet. Lol! I was so tired when I got home the other day that I thought I would sleep like a rock but unless that rock is one that wakes up around 3:30 am and then can’t go back to sleep, I was rock free. Maybe the eclipse was messing with me. Haha!

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50 IS NOT OLD | NO NEED TO BUY A LOTTERY TICKETIt was a really really long trip back to Virginia. Traffic was HORRIBLE. I don’t think that it had anything to do with the eclipse, I think most of that traffic was the day before. However, there was a lot of road construction that was spread out the entire trip home. Joe was not a happy camper. He kept fussing the entire trip and saying something about he knew we should have flown. Lol!

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50 IS NOT OLD | AN ECLIPSE PARTYOkay, I was wrong and I will be the first to admit it. I was not excited about the eclipse in the least. I was excited to attend the 100th birthday for Grandpa, I was excited to see my son and daughter, and I was excited to see all the grandbabies but the eclipse was something that I really wasn’t looking forward to. 

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