50 IS NOT OLD | ACCESSORIES MAKE THE DIFFERENCEWhen we got back from out trip to Alaska the first thing that Joe said when we turned down the road that leads to our house was that it must not have rained at all while we were gone. The grass looked dry and brittle and was starting to turn brown. If you don’t know, we had our entire yard killed last year and replanted the whole thing again. We have had dark, thick, lush grass…..until now.50 IS NOT OLD | ACCESSORIES MAKE THE DIFFERENCEThis morning when I went outside on my porch to take my pictures the heat took my breath. Lol! I normally love the heat but it was stifling it was so hot. I hurried as fast as I could and ran back into the house to cool off. I couldn’t believe that I was missing some of my daughter’s cooler temperatures. I literally walked from the front of the house, picked up my things to take to work with me, and then opened the back door. I could smell rain in the air. I went outside, looked down the river and I could see it the rain headed my way. This was no drizzle coming in my direction, this was a downpour and I was fixing to get soaked. I ran to the car and drove as fast as I could to work to try to beat the rain. I just made it through the door at work when the rain started beating down. Everyone started making fun of Joe and I saying that we brought the rain all the way from Alaska and that it hadn’t rained there in over 2 weeks. I told them that they were welcome. Lol!50 IS NOT OLD | ACCESSORIES MAKE THE DIFFERENCEI needed a little brightness in my life after all the grays and browns I wore in Alaska. I still haven’t gotten everything unpacked yet so I was scrambling for something to wear. When at a loss I tend to go with solids. Two solid pieces make it really easy to just add a couple of accessories to pull the look together. This hot pink sweater top is one that I bought at Old Navy the other day. I love bright colors so I knew you would have a lot of choices to wear this with. I aways try to pick a top with wider straps if I can so that I don’t have to worry about my bra straps showing.

50 IS NOT OLD | ACCESSORIES MAKE THE DIFFERENCEThe small hot pink ball earrings are a retired piece from Plunder. I never liked this pair so I have never worn them before. Now that I see them on I think they are pretty cute. The dainty necklace is really cute. In fact, I wore this Chrisann necklace here. It has so many colors in the necklace that it will match almost anything. The bling bracelets haven’t been on the blog in a while. I have been wearing other things but I love the Brianna and the Broedrick50 IS NOT OLD | ACCESSORIES MAKE THE DIFFERENCEThe Selma bracelet is one that looks good no matter what season it is. It has pale pink, bright green, and topaz colors in several different and showy designs. This bracelet is adjustable up to 10″ and is a real statement piece.50 IS NOT OLD | ACCESSORIES MAKE THE DIFFERENCEIn the past, linen pants were more a dress pant style. What comes to mind for me, is the “elite” and the “rich” wearing those crisp linen pants on their yacht’s and strolling down the boardwalk. For us, everyday gurls, the linen of old was just too hard to wear. We went to work for a living, and we actually sat down occasionally, and those horrible wrinkles made us look disheveled. Now the easy, breezy, linen pants are made with the wrinkles already in them. They are supposed to look this way! Woohoo! This is a great improvement. I can wear this style, I can sit in this style, and I look stylish in my wrinkles. The pant’s wrinkles, not the ones on my face. Lol!

50 IS NOT OLD | ACCESSORIES MAKE THE DIFFERENCEYou can’t look at this outfit and not notice the beautiful long scarf. I know a lot of you think wearing a scarf would be too hot in the summer and if you live in Arizona that might be true. However, for the most part, wearing a lightweight scarf like this does not add any additional heat. I love this scarf, it caught my eye from the first time I saw it. I am not sure if I even see any pink in this scarf but it still goes with my outfit. The thing I love about a scarf is that it can really change the look of an outfit and it does not cost an arm and a leg. Look what it did for this dress here. I like to pick a scarf with several different colors in it so that it can go with more items.

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This is a test to see who reads my blog all the way through. Comment below that you would love a pair of my pink earrings and you will be entered into a drawing for a pair to be given away tomorrow. I am just curious to see if anyone reads everything. Lol! Do you know what my number one referrer page is? It is Pinterest! I truly appreciate every time you “pin” a picture. Heck, pin ALL the pictures if you want. Lol! Also, if you would like to share my posts on Facebook or Twitter, I would appreciate that. It helps get my blog out to more people, and I am sure you just want to spread the entertaining sayings I have. Lol! The comment section is at the end of the post, so keep scrolling. I look forward to reading all the comments, they make my day.

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  1. Renee bronson Reply

    I would love a pink earrings becuz I read to the bottom of your blog! 😊

    • Welcome back home. Everyone should experience Alaska in their lifetime. I love the pink earrings.

  2. Count me in on that drawing for the pink earrings! 🙂 I enjoyed your blog posts from Alaska. What a beautiful place! Thanks for your great insights on how to accept the 50s gracefully. 🙂

  3. I would LOVE a pair of pink earrings! I also love your outfit. Another classy and sassy look.

    Please send rain to Mesa, Arizona!

  4. Jeanne Epley Reply

    Welcome home and great outfit, and your right accessories, always make the outfit. But I never think of the scarf, as I always think it would be to hot, might give it a try this weekend. Love the pink, great color!!

  5. Super cute pink Tania.I watched your you tube channel yesterday – it was really nice hearing your voice! I am afraid of how mine will sound with a shocking Kiwi accent.

    I posted outragoulsy a car review today, having test driven a Maserati Quattroporte last weekend – so much fun, you might like to see our tour and dadd Switzerland to the bucket list you are currently writing 😉 http://funkyforty.com/funkyforty-review-maserati-quattroporte/

    LOL Yvonne

  6. Loved your combination of colours. The scarf was the best touch as it seemed to bring it all together. I read all the way through, even to the part about the pink earrings…lol

  7. Pat Christian Reply

    I would love be to be entered into a drawing for your beautiful pink earrings!

  8. Susanelancaster@gmail.com Reply

    I would love a pair of your pink ear rings! I do read your entire post and enjoy every word.

  9. Tania Goddard Reply

    I really would love a pair of your pink earrings, they are so cute!! Your scarf is stunning!! I wear scarves a lot myself and agree they can really make a difference to an outfit😊

  10. Of course we read all the way to the end!!! And not just because we want want free stuff (although please throw my name in the hat for the earrings).

  11. Of course I read until the end. I love your blog! And I would love a pair of pink earrings too! Haha

  12. Love those cute pink earrings! I always read your blog to the end just in case 😊!

  13. Teri Getler Matthews Reply

    Good Morning Tania, would love a pair of pink earrings to go with a few of my things I have, and I always read your blog all the way through…love reading it!

  14. Glenda Gordon Reply

    I always read to the bottom of your posts – love your blog! 😊 And I would love to win a pair of pink earrings!

  15. Tina Rutherford Reply

    Love reading your entire post every morning- keep them coming!

  16. I had a favorite pair of pink earrings and come to think of it, I haven’t seen them for a loonngg time. Yours would be a lovely replacement! Enjoy the blessing of rain…we are burning up in this part of the Midwest.

  17. Lee A mm Warriner Reply

    Short & sweet! I always read to the bottom. It must be the teacher in me.

  18. When I opened your blog today the first thing I thought was wow! I just love this and have pinned it! All the pieces create the perfect outfit! I had written off linen a long time ago but now see linen that doesn’t wrinkle so I will keep my eyes open for a piece to wear. And yes we read your blog. I would love the pink earrings. I find that shade hard to find. Welcome back!

  19. I need pink earrings to go with a beautiful flowery pink dress I bought. I would love to have them!

  20. Cristina Downey Reply

    You look stylish and cool! I have three full drawers of scarves not counting the heavy winter ones. They encompass every season and combo from ombré to prints and I couldn’t agree more that they can change an outfit instantly. They can be a wrap if you are cold or just draped. In the Northeast my favorite time to wear them is when fall comes and just warm up your neck with one and wear a vest. Good to have you back and thanks for sharing beautiful Alaska with us!

    • I love pink! I always read to the end…..scared I might miss something! Lol

  21. I read all the way through. Count me in in the drawing please. Thank you

  22. Love ur blog! And wouldn’t mind having a new pair of earrings either. Pink is my favorite color💝

  23. Hi Tania! Those pink earrings are adorable & I’d wear them. Right after I read all the way to the bottom. 😉💕

  24. I have been reading your blog for a couple of months and love it. I’m 61 and love wearing color. I also live in an area with limited shopping opportunities. Peebles is my go-to store. Thanks for inspiring me. I would love a pair of pink earrings. Have been looking for the right pair for awhile.

  25. Glad you had a safe trip home. I enjoyed your posts from Alaska. A trip to Alaska is on my bucket list. Please enter me in the drawing for the cute earrings.

  26. I would love the pink earrings. My husband told someone my favorite color was white and he’s right! So I’m branching out this summer and bought a bright pink sweater among other colors. Thanks to your inspiration too…. sharp outfit!

  27. Of course I read your blog all the way through! You are a very interesting lady lol! Thank you:)

  28. I would love some pink earrings! Love the scarf and bright colors today. Thanks for sharing your trip to AK too!

  29. I love pink so I would love a pair of pink earrings. I read your blog every day, it’s one of my favorites!

  30. I would love those pink earrings. I read all the way through ! Cute outfit too.

  31. Michle Machala Reply

    I would love a pair of you pink earrings. Yes I read you whole blog. 😉

  32. I love your outfit today. I would love to win a pair of your cute pink earrings!

  33. I LOVE pink!! (And I always read to the end – my kids taught me that with the Marvel movies!😂)

  34. Pink Earrings!!! Interesting about your grass as we are going to do the same thing soon..kill what we have and start over! I hate to wear scarves but I love this one and how you are wearing it!

  35. Jennifer Proctor Reply

    l would love a pair of your pink earrings! They look adorable just like you!

  36. Debbie Nygard Reply

    I love pink and would love a pair of those earrings!!! Welcome home!!!

  37. I would love those hot pink earrings! I reall every blog every day! 😄

  38. I would love some cute pink earrings! I wear pink every Tues. for “suck it cancer”day as we call it here in central PA!! Your outfit would be perfect to wear on Tuesday’s!!

  39. Mary Beth Culpepper Reply

    Would love to be in the pink!
    Love reading your blog,..since I am now 60+..I love keeping up with your trends. Have a great week end.

  40. Really cute outfit! I thought the scarf was a long vest at first! Also like the “minimalism” jewelry with this look…let’s the scarf be the star!

  41. Candace McElroy Reply

    I would love a pair of your pink earrings! Glad you all got rain.

  42. Thanks for mentioning Arizona! Not all of us live in the desert, we have beautiful mountains also! A scarf here keeps the chill off (weather or air condition) year round. Welcome home from your trip. Your pictures have piqued my interest in Alaska. I, too, read your blog from top to bottom every day ~ thanks for all you do for us gurls!

  43. Julia Rodriguez Reply

    Glad you made it home safely! Alaska looks amazing. Love the blog, and I always read the whole thing. Have a wonderful weekend.

  44. Susan Stancliff Reply

    That scarf is beautiful! I too love linen pants. So comfy. And of course those pink earrings would look perfect on me!

  45. Sure I read all the way to the bottom. I always do. I love your blog and it is one of the first things I read every morning. Usually don’t wear much pink but just recently bought a pink top so yes I would love a pair of the pink earrings.

  46. Welcome home…Alaska looked beautiful! Cruise to Alaska is on our bucket list. Pink earrings would awesome on me!

  47. I would love a pair of your pink earrings. I’m just starting down this road of finding my style in my 50s having lost it somewhere between having kids and being an empty nester and one of my big revelations is that all my jeweler is metalic and not colorful! I wear tons of pink so these would be great. Vicki

  48. Beverly Graham Reply

    Tania, I loved your Alaska pictures. My husband and I were blessed to go on an Alaskan inner passage and land tour in 2008. One of my favorite trips …. such a beautiful state!

    You mentioned your fear of flying. Have you ever seen the movie French Kiss? One of the main characters has a fear of flying.

  49. Karen Silvester Reply

    I would live a pair of pink earrings… I have been in a pink binge this year..so would be a great accessory. Thanks for the giveaway

  50. Debra Shepherd Reply

    Enjoying your blog, and would enjoy a pair of pink earrings. Blessings!

  51. Such Beautiful PINK earrings…and I adore your Fashion sense and Sassyness !

  52. Count me in on the pink earring drawing 😊 Great outfit for a warm summer Day! Loved your Alaska pics, thanks for sharing.

  53. Kristi Tandy Reply

    I love your color combinations, especially the “pink earings”! 😉

  54. I would love a pair of the pink earrings. Pink is my favorite color and you look beautiful in this outfit!

  55. Oops!! I almost forgot! Yes… I read to the end. And I would love to be entered for a pair of earrings!

  56. Cute outfit! And yes! I would love to have a pair of your pink earrings! Welcome home!

  57. So glad you and Joe made it safely back home and received the much needed rain. It’s funny to see how many people are commenting on how much they love the pink earrings because that’s exactly what I was thinking when I saw them! They are so cute! Have a great weekend and maybe another shower or two will come your way in order to salvage your lawn!

  58. Charlcy Green Reply

    Glad you got some rain! Love that smell! Nice outfit. And your ferns still look great! Hope the lawn survives.

  59. Teresa Spivey Reply

    I would LOVE a pair of pink earrrings!!! Love your blog. Thanks for taking us to Alaska!!

  60. Treycee Antonelli Reply

    I would love a pair of your earrings. I really enjoy your blog. I am 51 and also like to dress stylish. You give me inspiration. Thank you.


  61. I read your blog every day, but don’t always leave a comment, sorry, I really figured you were to busy to read them all, I thinks that’s great that you do. I would love a pair of the earrings, I love everything you wear.

  62. Of course I read everything! Always enjoyable. Love your outfits and the way you use color in your outfits. My favorite posts so far were the ones in Alaska. Felt like a took a tour from my home. Maybe a new travel blog in the future for you!

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