50 IS NOT OLD | SWING TOP AND TASSELSTired and worn out is how I would describe myself today. The vacation to Alaska was one of the best vacations I have ever been on. The scenery was so spectacular that it would be hard to even describe. I can see why visiting Alaska is on so many people’s bucket list. I have never been a person who wants to travel and part of the reason is that I don’t like to fly. I was letting a fear keep me from experiencing life. Cost is also a reason that I don’t want to travel. It is expensive to fly, get a hotel, eat in restaurants, and then buy everything you want while you are there. But probably the biggest reason that traveling has never held a huge appeal to me is television. 50 IS NOT OLD | SWING TOP AND TASSELSI have seen the Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty, the Vatican, the White House, and even Alaska all on television. I know what all those places look like and I never had to fly and it didn’t cost me a single dime to see them. However, I am starting to rethink that mindset now that I visited Alaska this trip. On television I never felt the spray from Nugget Falls, I never heard the chunks of ice hitting the boat as we slowly inched our way to the South Sawyer Glacier, and I never smelled the fish and water like I did on board the Osprey fishing boat. I can’t believe this but I am going to start making me a list of places I want to “experience” instead of just see. On my Facebook page, I asked everyone to say where they last flew to and it was crazy all the different places that everyone had flown to. 50 IS NOT OLD | SWING TOP AND TASSELSIt almost seems strange to see photos on my porch. Haha! I can’t believe that I missed this setting since I had been dying for a different look. To tell you the truth, it is easier to “see” the outfit like this than it is when I am in front of scenery. The scenery is so gorgeous that who even looks at the outfit. Also, I missed my tripod. It makes taking pictures a snap. Today’s cute little top is by Umgee. I bought this last year and I love the way it is made. I like the swing style look because there are days where my tummy doesn’t need to have anything touching it. The tassels make the top all flirty and cutesy looking. Look how last time I wore this top I wore it with leggings.

50 IS NOT OLD | SWING TOP AND TASSELSI love the jewelry with this top. The turquoise earrings are called Makia. They are light and have a 1.5-inch drop so they are not huge. I like a 1.5 to 2-inch drop because they show up really well with my hair length but they are not overpowering. Turquoise is great because it looks great in the spring, summer, and fall so you will get a lot of wear out of them.50 IS NOT OLD | SWING TOP AND TASSELSThe shorter necklace is the Chrisann. It has wonderful colors on a chain with a little silver bird dangle. It matches the Stevie necklace perfectly. I can’t think of a thing that the Stevie necklace couldn’t match. Lol!50 IS NOT OLD | SWING TOP AND TASSELSI carried the same colors into my bracelets. The Chloe is on the left and it is antique gold with turquoise dangles and it is all one an elastic band. The Bailey is on the right. It is one of my favorite bracelets from the new catalog because of the melon and turquoise color combination. Go to www.plunderdesign.com/taniastephens to place an order. Just pick any party that has my name in it and then hit the SHOP button. Check out the fabulous July special that is going on. 50 IS NOT OLD | SWING TOP AND TASSELSThis off-white purse is one that can also go with almost anything. I carry this when I am at a loss for what else to carry. I look for details like the gold rivets and the tassels to make the purse memorable.

50 IS NOT OLD | SWING TOP AND TASSELSYou don’t often see me wearing flip flop type sandals. I will occasionally wear these Sperry sandals because they are so comfortable. Another reason I like this style shoe is that of convenience. They are super easy to get on and kick off. I am getting lazy in my advancing years. Lol!

50 IS NOT OLD | SWING TOP AND TASSELSThese jeans are super cute. This pair was some that I picked up at Cato Fashions a couple months ago. This pair is no longer available on their website. However, there are lots and lots of cute jeans out there. Look for those unique details. Lol!!!
50 IS NOT OLD | SWING TOP AND TASSELSI am having a giveaway for a free Active Hydration Serum from Rodan + Fields. I have become so “hooked” on this product that I can’t even begin to tell you how much. I now will use this morning and night. Go here to see how to enter.

I had R+F withdrawals this past week. When I travel I pack all my R+F products in a separate cosmetic bag than the rest of my makeup. Guess who went to Alaska and left her R+F bag at home? I know it was silly but I felt like that I lost my “glow” over the week. Lol! I thankfully did take my Hydration Serum and Multi-Function Eye Cream.

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  1. Jeanne Epley Reply

    Great outfit! You can tell how much you enjoyed your vacation, you are still glowing!! I know you are glad to be home. And thanks for sharing your Alaska pic’s, they were awesome.

    • Tania Reply

      I loved it, Jeanne! It is such a beautiful part of the country.

  2. We had a trip to Alaska a couple of years ago and it was just amazing. Loved every minute of it. Last year we travelling to the Mediterranean and went onto Paris & London. The Eiffel Tower was just breathtaking. There is nothing like seeing the real thing!!!

    • Tania Reply

      I am starting to think that is true, Suzyq. Seeing something in person is just so different than seeing it on TV.

    • Tania Reply

      I felt like Dorthy from the Wizard of Oz, there’s no place like home. Lol!

  3. Bernie McIntyre Reply

    Love this outfit casual but very feminine the blush colour really suits you 😀 having had a brush with cancer I take every opportunity to do something new so go for it girl hit the skies and see where it takes you 🛩 you never know what’s around the corner 💫

    • Tania Reply

      Bernie, I agree. You never know what is ahead for you. I am always preaching for everyone to step outside their comfort zone with clothing and I guess that should include life in general.

  4. Super cute top Tania. I am so pleased you decided you want to experience things live. I really believe travel opens the mind in so many ways. Travel is the one thing I will always have money for – rather buy no clothes but travel!!!

    LOL Yvonne

    PS: You might like to see a summary of the latest Summer 2018 shows in Berlin for inspiration 😉

  5. Traveling is exhausting! I am always so anxious and excited when we travel, but I know how your feeling today, it usually takes me a week to get back rested up…lol….Alaska is absolutely breathtaking! Love this outfit today, especially love those jeans!

    • Tania Reply

      Kathy, it will take me at least a week to get back to normal. Lol! I read that traveling to the East takes much longer to recover.

  6. Welcome home! Thanks again for sharing your trip to Alaska with us. I hate flying! I’m not afraid to fly, I don’t like the airport hassle!

    Love your cute outfit. The color of your top looks so good on you.

  7. Virginia Pfeiffer Reply

    Thanks so very much for sharing your trip and tips with us gurls. It was especially meaningful to me as I will be on an Alaskan cruise in 2 months so I am following your tips on what clothes to take. I love to travel and try to take one BIG trip each year. Last year it was Ireland, the year before I took a Via Rail train trip through the Canadian Maritime provinces and the previous year it was Amtrak across the country to Oregon. There is so much to see in this beautiful world!

    • Tania Reply

      Virginia, you will love it!!! Alaska is so gorgeous! Joe and I have decided to start traveling more so we will see. We let little things keep us from going.

  8. I am glad you had the chance to visit you daughter in Alaska. I leave next week and starting the anxiety stage of packing and having things taken care of while we are gone. My hubby has traveled all over the world for business, but I am a homebody. Really looking forward to my trip and thank you for all the fashion advice😄 You look great and love your style.

  9. I totally know what you’re talking about Tania!! We got burnt out on travelling and I thought it’s no biggie, because I can see it all on the internet and there are restaurants with all the food around. But I do think it’s different actually being there and meeting the people of the places. …
    I’m loving the tassels too. In fact, my stepmom (the 60+ model) on my blog, just bought a top with tassels, so it’s definitely for any age!!

  10. Tania Goddard Reply

    I absolutely love every single thing about this cute outfit!! Very pretty jewellery!! I’m not usually a fan of distressed jeans BUT I would definitely wear these ones, they are adorable!!

    • Debbie Nygard Reply

      Thank you for sharing your trip with us. I enjoyed reading about it every day. As usual, you looked fabulous. Welcome home, Tania

  11. Barb McKone Reply

    Love this outfit and the jewelry ! I feel the same way about flying but after seeing your beautiful Alaska pics I am ready to go . It is always good to be home 😊 Have a great day Tania !

  12. There is something about the journey that makes coming home so comforting! Thank you for sharing your journey with us, Tania! Your insights and sensibilities speak to so many women in such a way that reading your posts each day can feel like coming home! You are changing lives one day at a time with your sweet and encouraging blog. I love that little choices can turn into big changes that lead to a more beautiful life!

    • Tania Reply

      Karen, your comment is so sweet. I can’t imagine changing people’s lives, that blows my mind.

  13. Beth Musser Reply

    Love this outfit!!! It is simply darling. I also love that you find a lot of your clothing items at stores that are very reasonable. I hate seeing outfits that are too cute for words, then when you find out where everything was purchased, you have put a fortune into it!!!!

    • Tania Reply

      I do try to buy at affordable places. I also keep my clothing for a long time so the exact item I have on may not still be available. You can always find something similar to recreate the outfit to fit your personality and style.

  14. I know how you felt visiting Alaska this time of the year that is so beautiful and the weather is cool. I just came back from visiting my grandkids in Sweden 🇸🇪,and visiting so many beautiful places we made so many memories !! I am like you.. I started to fill my backet list 😎

  15. Susan Stancliff Reply

    Such a cute outfit! Glad you made it home safely. Traveling is one of my greatest loves. I can’t wait for retirement so we can travel more. And you are going to retire? How exciting!

  16. SheilaCatherine Reply

    After a long trek, you look great! So I really don’t beat myself up too bad for looking ragged when I haven’t even traveled ANYWHERE yet…please tell me your nails are press on and you didn’t actually have time to get a manicure during all your travels! 🙂

    • Tania Reply

      Haha! No, my nails are not press-on. I did find time to get a pedicure while I was there. Lol!

  17. Charlcy Green Reply

    Welcome home! What a fabulous trip you had, and I hope I get to go someday! The top and jeans look perfect together! I’ve got those jeans too and love them.

  18. Super cute! You look comfortable but still very ‘put together’. Love your style.

  19. That top is so cute!! The last place I flew (and my first trip out of the country) was to Tokyo last year. It was never on my “Must See” list, but I am so glad I had the opportunity. It was amazing! I always thought I was a home body , but now have the travel bug in a big way!

  20. My husband used to say that the perfect trip for him would be to travel to all 50 states and not be on an interstate highway once. But then I went to England for four days on business, and when I got back I told him that we needed to go together and see that country. At first, he said, “no, there’s so much to see here first” and then I told him I could change his mind with one word. “Oh, yeah? Try me.”

    I said “Stonehenge.” The airlines were having a great deal and just a few weeks later we were there, and now my husband is ready for more adventures.

    I have that exact same purse, but in black. It can hold anything I need to carry, plus a knitting project.

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