50 IS NOT OLD | LADY BALTIMORELook Ma, I’m on top of the world!!! Does anyone know what movie that is from? I probably should say does anyone NOT know what movie that is from? That would be from the movie the Titanic and is is a relevant quote for today’s blog and for tomorrow’s post also. You hear me talk about going outside your comfort zone a lot. Usually, I am talking about fashion when I say that. Today, However, I am talking about my comfort zone and that would be heights.50 IS NOT OLD | LADY BALTIMOREI am terrified of heights! I hate flying and I don’t even like staying in hotels that are above the 8th or 9th floor. I really hate watching my children on rides at the fair or amusement parks. I will have to turn my head away from watching them ride something or my stomach starts somersaulting. So riding the tram up to Mount Roberts which overlooks the city of Juneau was definitely outside of my comfort zone. The tram is one of the most vertical tramways in the world and it rises 1800 ft.d up to the mountain top.50 IS NOT OLD | LADY BALTIMOREHoly Moley, that is really high. You can see the City of Juneau below us, really far below us. Lol! You have no idea how hard it was for me to even stand this close to the wall to take the picture. Ashleigh and Joe kept saying, “Come closer, come closer.” Hahaha!50 IS NOT OLD | LADY BALTIMORESo, what do you wear to go on a tram ride? I am glad you asked. Haha! It was so pretty today but it was still cool so you need to layer. I have on a 3/4 sleeve v-neck shirt from Covered Perfectly. (Here is where I wore it last 02/16) I wore a tie-dye top that I bought when I went to San Diego this past April. It is made by a company called Lovestitch. See here.  50 IS NOT OLD | LADY BALTIMORESilver jewelry was the choice for a tram ride. Actually, I didn’t bring much jewelry with me to Alaska. I only brought a silver necklace and a gold necklace and that was pretty much all I brought. My silver knot earrings are called Anyssa. The matching necklace is the Abigail and it is 21″ long. I like to layer my necklaces so I also wore the Colleen with the “S” monogram. Go to www.plunderdesign.com/taniastephens and choose any party that has “tania” in the name.  50 IS NOT OLD | LADY BALTIMORELady Baltimore is the resident Bald Eagle at the top of Mount Roberts. She was injured in the wild and has one eye that was put out. She also had a damaged wing so she can’t fly in a straight line anymore. It was really cool getting to see her up close. 50 IS NOT OLD | LADY BALTIMOREI just thought you might want to see how pretty the view was. Look how tiny the cruise ships look from the tram.50 IS NOT OLD | LADY BALTIMOREI didn’t have a giveaway this month yet. I have been so busy traveling that I forgot. So let’s have a giveaway. I would love to hear where everyone would like to visit one day. If money was no object where would you go? For some reason, I think I would love to visit Tuscany one day. Comment below to be entered in a drawing for a free Active Hydration Serum from Rodan + Fields. I have become so “hooked” on this product that I can’t even begin to tell you how much.

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  1. Kathy Farnham Reply

    If I could go anywhere it would definitely be to an island retreat like Bora Bora with the hotel rooms over the water. How magical. 😊

  2. Karen Rice Reply

    There are so many places: Alaska, anywhere tropical, museums in Paris, the non- tourist spots in Hawaii. Happy Monday and continue enjoying your vacation.

  3. Love the outfit and the scenery in Juneau is breathtaking. A lovely place for your daughter to live.
    Key West would be my destination.

  4. What a blessing to be in Alaska and with your loves one! I would like to travel to Morrocco if I could.

  5. Kelly Pearson Reply

    If money were no object, I would go to Switzerland for a month and use it as a base to see Europe.

  6. lol I am with you Tania…I don’t do heights well at all….except flying does not bother me, have yet to figure that out. I would have had white knuckles on that tram holding on for dear life and could never have looked down lol. Two places on my list, Italy and Israel (Holy land). Loving your pics..enjoy your time!

    • I’m the same way! I’m terrified of heights, but flying doesn’t bother me.

  7. Love your pics! Right now (because of your pics) my dream trip would be Alaska !!

  8. countryclubdiva Reply

    WOW…. You are really one brave lady but what a view. I say you are on top of the world. My dream is Paris or Lake Como. Safe travel home with awesome memories of a great vacation.

  9. I love your posts! You help me wake up each morning:) If money was no object I would love to take an Alaskan cruise, I’ve heard how awesome they are and your picture prove that!! Thank you for all you do for us!

  10. Great post! Brings back memories of our trip there in 2002. Beautiful!!!

    If money were no object I’d go to Key West!

  11. I’m with you on being a scardy cat of heights. Don’t know if I would be brave enough to ride that tram!
    If money were no object, I would go to Tahiti and stay in one of those little huts over the water.
    I am enjoying your pictures of Alaska! Brings back a lot of memories of when I lived there in the 70’s. 😊

  12. Jerusalem would be my choice if I could afford the trip. I love the pictures! The scenery is breathtaking!! I probably won’t get to Alaska so thank you for sharing.

  13. Beautiful photos! My dream trip would be to Scotland! I would take an Outlander tour so I could see all the places in the books 😊

    • Ooooh… that would be awesome!! I live no far from where Fraser’s Ridge is supposed to be located in the later books and there’s a B&B there that does themed stuff. Not to mention the Gathering on Grandfather Mountain every summer. Every year I say I’m going… and never do!

  14. Israel. I agree with you about the heights, glad you went beyond your comfort level and were rewarded with that beautiful view!

  15. We have a couple trip abroad planned for the next couple of years hence some clothes budgeting for the next couple of years😊 but if money was no worries, Alaska, Tuscany and Spain would be on my list (our travels abroad are usually where we have friends to make it affordable and we don’t have friends in those places!)

  16. Carla Parham Reply

    If money was not an issue (and I had alreadt neen all over the US) then I would love to see Australia.

  17. Glenda Gordon Reply

    Your pictures are beautiful – glad you’re having a wonderful time! I would love to go to Australia – my husband and I have always wanted to go there. 😊

  18. Am enjoying your travel photos. I would love to visit Rome, Italy and London, England. They are on my bucket list. =)

    • Yay! Someone wants to visit my capital (London)…truly a beautiful city! Fantastic shopping too! 🙂🇬🇧

  19. Tania Goddard Reply

    I’m not fond of heights either and I hate flying! But l am trying to overcome my fears as I really want to visit India someday. It has been my dream destination since I was in my 20,s and I’ve still not been there yet(in my 50,s now)! Also since following your posts about Alaska I’ve decided that this is another place I really want to go as the pics are so awesome!

  20. If money were no object – I would take a tour of Europe. Being sure to see London, Paris, Rome, and Salzburg Austria – where my father was born.

    (btw… “Look ma, I’m on top of the world!” is actually said by James Cagney in White Heat. The Titanic quote is “I’m the king of the world!”)

  21. Tania, I love that you are still posting, even on holiday! Alaska looks pretty spectacular, thanks for showing the lovely scenery. I think I may add it to my bucket list xx

  22. Holland. Windmills and tulips. I would love to bring home small wooden shoes home for a souvenir.

  23. Karen Shirey Reply

    I would love to visit Venice❤️
    Alaska looks wonderful.

  24. Gr8 pics! What fun this week to wake up to your posts! I think the Napa Valley would be my destination of choice.

  25. After seeing all of your pictures, Alaska is on my to-do list!
    England would be nice as well, however, it’s a bit unsafe at this time.
    Thank you for sharing your vacation with all of us. 😄

  26. Glenda Braun Reply

    I too don’t like heights. Can’t tell you the times I have requested another room in a hotel because of the floor. I always say don’t like any thing taller than me and I am 5′. Lol
    I am proud of you and the tram. I just don’t think I could have.

  27. Beautiful scenery! The tram ride would have been hard for me, but I think I would have done it. I think! HaHa!

    I would love to visit Ireland.

  28. Marilyn S. Reply

    Ireland …. definitely Ireland. The simplicity and beauty of the country side await me.

  29. Lovely family and breathtaking scenery! A river cruise through Europe would be my dream destination.

  30. Hi Tania , I love seeing all your posts of Alaska , it looks incredible ! You always look so stylish even when you’re casually dressed . I dream of going to Tuscany too . One day !

  31. Israel!
    And Alaska has always been tops on my list, your trip just confirms that every day lately!!😍

    • Lee A mm Warriner Reply

      There are so many places I would love to see! I think Greece would’ve at the top of the list. How long have the days been? I rhave a friend who lived there and she talks about the long days (hours of sunlight) & hours of darkness.

  32. How funny! I was in Tuscany in April for our son’s destination wedding. It was unbelievably gorgeous and I would be glad to tell you some places to see! We could swap stories since I would love to see Alaska.

  33. Netta Quick Reply

    We had planned a trip to Alaska this summer, but instead we sold the house. It’s on our bucket list for next year! I can’t wait. Really enjoy seeing your pictures!

  34. Alaska certainly looks beautiful and the wildlife is amazing. I would love to travel to Ireland for every reason imaginable.

  35. Germany. We used to live there and have not been back since we left 25 years ago.
    I love hearing about your trip and seeing the pictures of Alaska.

  36. Kathy Terry Reply

    My husband and I were on one of those Holland American cruise ships in July of last year, and it was awesome! That tram ride WAS intense, due to my height anxiety…but still really cool…as you saw. We especially liked the Juneau and Sitka stops. We really want to return for a longer stay. My big trip desire, though, is Australia and New Zealand.

  37. Wow. Beautiful view and family! What a fun trip. My trip to Alaska was probably the best I have ever had. Tuscany, Napa, a wine villa somewhere like lake Cuomo would be a dream!

  38. Love your blog, Tania! I’m heading to Juneau next July, and your pictures have really gotten me looking forward to that trip! If I could travel anywhere in the world, I would love to go to Florence, Italy. The art and history mixed with the beauty of the landscape seems like an incredible trip for me!

  39. Laura Laskey Reply

    I would love to take a cruise to Alaska …. but I would also love to go to Ireland and Scotland!

  40. Would love to take a cruise to Alaska one day. Would also love to go to Hawaii one day.

  41. Beckie Beiro Reply

    How do I limit this to just one place…..there are so many. I believe France would be my choice!

  42. Incredible pictures! They capture the beauty of area and give me the itch to take a cruise there. Thank you🙂

  43. Regina Rivera Reply

    Loving all of your Alaska adventure pix. 😉 Umm, Australia would indeed be the dream destination that I’d love to visit one day! Btw, thanks for the chance to win….

  44. Germany or Ireland would be my choices!
    Alaska looks beautiful!

  45. I would love to goon a Greek Isles cruise! I have enjoyed a peek into your Alaskan vacation. Your daughter is beautiful!

  46. Deb Schroeder Reply

    Buongioro amico mio! “Good morning my friend”
    Let’s go to Italy!

  47. Your pictures are so pretty, it is really making me want to visit Alaska. I have also always wanted to go to Austria and Switzerland.

  48. Love Alaska! I almost moved there myself after visiting. If I could travel anywhere I’ve always wanted to go to Australia,Italy,or Ireland. I’ve been to Paris and would live to go back there also. Save travels. You look Fabulous.

  49. Beautiful! I’ve enjoyed coming along on your vacation. My dream trip would be to the villages and cities of France involved in WWII, especially Normandy.

  50. I am deathly afraid of heights which has only gotten worse the older I get. I absolutely HATE to fly, so that isn’t even an option! So a RV trip across the United States stopping at all the quirky old timey spots along with visiting all the traditional sight seeing venues would be my dream.

  51. I would love to visit New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine in the fall!

  52. My dream location is the Taj Mahal! I’ve been fascinated by it since childhood and I’m WELL over 50!!! LOL! To me it’s a dreamy, fantasy like place, sort of like Cinderella’s castle!

  53. Jan B Green Reply

    Love your pics of Alaska! My husband has been but I never have. It is lovely, but I am not a fan of snow, ice or cold!! If money were no object I would love to cruise the Mediterranean, especially Italy and Greece. Then a close second would be Ireland. Always wanted to visit the old castles and everything looks so lush and green!

  54. Traci Fuller Reply

    Lots of places I’d love to go. Alaska is one. But I’d really love to go to Germany.

  55. aquamarinastyle Reply

    My dream trip is to the Galapagos and Macho Picchu. I’m going sometime for sure!
    Thanks for sharing the beautiful shots of Juneau. It really is gorgeous there! In the meantime, I’m headed for Cabo San Lucas. Take care!

  56. I would love to visit New Zealand, and Alaska is on my list for a trip next year….I hope!

  57. Paula Thorpe Reply

    If money were no object off to Paris I would go. Also luv your blog. Keep up the good work

  58. Spain has always been on my list of places to travel. The history, the food, the beauty all sound like a place I’d love to visit. I had an intern work with me teaching a class last year and she married a young man from Spain. They live here now and they both tell me it’s a “have to” place to visit. However, Alaska is on my husband’s list and from the looks of your pictures, he’s right.

  59. Beth Musser Reply

    Thanks for sharing your Alaskan vacation with all of us!! It has really been fun reading and seeing all about your adventures! I would love to go to Spain some day!!

  60. Laura Martinez Reply

    You always look so cute in whatever you wear. Even with sneakers!

    • Laura Martinez Reply

      I forgot to add where I would love to visit. I am intrigued with India, would love to go to Paris when it is a little safer.

  61. Julie C Shepherd Reply

    After seeing your pictures, I love to go to Alaska! Thanks for sharing your amazing adventure with us.

  62. Debbie Peel Reply

    I’m so enjoying your pics from Alaska. It is truly beautiful as is your daughter also. I too would love to visit Italy. I love the Old World look of Tuscany and the art and food of course! Enjoy the time you have left in Juneau and prayers for a safe trip home.

  63. The pictures from your trip are amazing! I too, would love to go to Alaska. Maybe some day!

  64. Tuscany is my DREAM.. I will get there one day. I have been thrilled seeing all of your pictures. Hope you and Joe are having a wonderful time.

  65. I would love to visit Israel and Petra in Jordan! Is that Spanish moss hanging from the trees there? It looks green in the photos. The Spanish moss I’ve seen around here and in Louisiana is gray. Just wondering.

  66. Elizabeth Conte-Vitullo Reply

    I would really love to visit Egypt! How amazing would it be to see the Pyramids?! Love all your pics of Alaska and Alaska is one of my want-to-visit places as well. Enjoy the trip!

  67. Tanya, I’m with you! I don’t do heights either!! My dream trip would be a European tour. England, Ireland, Spain, France and Italy….it would take a whole summer!

  68. Charlcy Green Reply

    I have always wanted to go to the Bahamas! But Ireland is also too if my list. And now so is Juneau! Gorgeous pictures!

  69. Actually, that line was spoken by James Cagney in “White Heat”, 1949. Barbara

  70. Jody Hollingsworth Reply

    Beginning stages of planning a trip to the Panama Canal area. A birthday gift for my to be 60 year old husband. His turn to choose as we to were in Alaska last July for my 50th. Didn’t do the tram ride but did do a float plane. Cruised with UnCruise rather than the big boys.

  71. Deborah Todd Reply

    Thanks for the beautiful pictures of Alaska and your family pictures. I would love to go visit Positano.

  72. If money were no object I would have to see New Zealand. Then I’d have to hop on over(see what I did there) to Australia. of course to climatize it would be great to pop into Samoa or Fiji on the way down! Go big or go home right!

  73. I am enjoying your Alaskan trip, Tania! We were there in 2006 on a cruise. It is gorgeous….and bald eagles everywhere! My dream trip would be the UK, as I have been reading about royalty and I would love to see all the castles.

  74. That is a tough question since I love to travel. Alaska is high on the list, but I would have to say the Galápagos Islands.

  75. I would love to visit Japan. I was born on the island of Honshu when my parents were stationed there during the Korean War. I was 6-months old when they returned to the US so I have no memories of Japan – only a few black and white photos.

  76. I would love to go on a family trip to anywhere with a beach! The important part to me though is going with family. It’s always so hard to get everyone together! Enjoy the rest of your vacation!

  77. Jo Ellen Romesburg Reply

    Hi Tania! I just recently started reading 50 is not old and I love it! If I were able to go somewhere and money was no object I would drive up the coast from Los Angeles to San Francisco. Stopping along the way at little Inns located on the beaches and eating great food and drinking wines from the different areas. My big expense would be arriving at Pebbl Beach with my hubby so he could play golf. That just sounds like a beautiful leisurely trip. Until next time!

  78. Bernie McIntyre Reply

    If money was no object Tania I would love to visit all the places with the weirdest names I had never hear of 😀

  79. Shirl Smith Reply

    I would love to go to Shannon, Ireland. That is where my grandmother is from.

  80. If money were no object, I would like to take my daughter back the land of her birth and recreate the two weeks I spent there with her when she was adopted in 2002.

  81. I am really enjoying seeing the pictures from your Alaskan adventure. Time with family is important.

    I have tons of places on my list of dream destinations. One is Italy. I want to visit Florence, the Amalfi coast, and Rome. I think it would be fascinating to see the architecture there. My other place is really different. I want to go to the Polynesian Island area. Bora Bora, Tahiti, those names just sound s exotic and I find the traditional culture really interesting.

  82. Myra Westbrooks Reply

    If money were no object…I would love to visit Bora Bora and stay in a villa over the water! And of course I’d take my Rodan & Fields products along for the ride. I would love to try the new serum!

  83. I would do a Euro tour with France, Italy, Spain & Germany on the list- $ is one object but also time- need a longer period of time for that!

  84. Tania,

    I love all of the pictures of Alaska and so glad that you and Joe are having a great time. It is going to be hard to leave your daughter, by the way she is beautiful. Mom and Dad should be very proud.
    I would love to visit Tuscany and also Hawaii. Those sound so great of places to go. Also I I love the serum too, such a great product.
    Have a safe trip home.

  85. Love your tie dye choices lately. I would love to go on extended vacations along both coasts of the US and Napa Valley.

  86. Vicki Johnson Reply

    I would love to go to France. My dad was in the Army, and I was born there. I have always wanted to go back. But life just seems to get in the way.

  87. HI Tania, I’m loving your Alaskan adventure! Such beautiful scenery and visiting your daughter are an unbeatable combination. My dream trip is to go to Ireland. I would love to see the land of my ancestors.
    Look forward to your blog every day – love your sense of humor and fashion style.


    Tania, I like your outfits and appreciate the inspiration to get outside my fashion comfort zone that you give me. I would like to go to Australia for a dream vacation.

  89. I’ve got several dream vacations but the one at the top of my list is a cruise to Alaska to visit my aunt in Manley Hot Springs.

  90. You are still rocking style even while traveling (which is, I find, sometimes tricky!). I would love to return to Florence, Italy. It was hands down the loveliest place I’d ever been!

  91. Alaska and Hawaii, but not on the same trip! Love seeing your pictures, thanks for sharing.

  92. Maxine Bower Reply

    I would love to see Italy! Really have enjoyed Alaska w you!

  93. Teresa Suttle Reply

    I have been very fortunate to have traveled extensively earlier on in life. The one thing on my bucket list is a cooking school in Provence.

  94. Alaska is on my bucket list, someday could we hear how your daughter ended up there? Thanks for the opportunity to win the giveaway. Vicki

  95. I have enjoyed all your pictures of Alaska. Would love to visit someday.

  96. Do little time; so little money! My wish is simple compared to many–a trip up the California/Oregon coast would feed my soul. Thanks for getting us to replenish our dreams and renew our commitment to looking good no matter the setting or occasion. I tend to get sloppy with my skin care regimen and my dress more than I care to admit.

  97. JodyHollingsworth Reply

    Your top resembles a glacier! Blue for the color of the ice; white for the snow and black for silt.

    • Charlcy Green Reply

      I have always wanted to go to the Bahamas and Ireland, but now Alaska too! Thanks for sharing these gorgeous pics and how to dress when there!

  98. I enjoy reading all your posts but your Alaska trip is one of my favorites. Call me boring after reading everyone’s dream destinations Lol because I would love to spend a few weeks in Yellowstone camping!

  99. Jeanne Epley Reply

    I would love to go back to Scotland, and go to Hawaii and Alas Great pics.

  100. If money was no option, I’d visit the Great Wall of China! Every day I see posts of your trip it reminds me of the time I visited Alaska with my son and my husband Larry. I was exhausted after that trip! Too much daylight and hiking!

  101. would love to go to Greece! Although you make Alaska look tempting too…

  102. Love your trip pictures!
    I would love to travel to New England in the fall…

  103. Love the pics of Alaska! I would like to take a Viking River Cruise down the Danube.

  104. Alaska looks great! That is one of the places I would like to visit. Thanks for sharing all your pictures! Alaska is beautiful.

  105. I’ve lived in Europe and visited almost every country including Russia (growing up military is the best! Thank you Dad!) I’ve been lucky enough to visit Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean. Remaining on my bucket list is Prague, Aruba, Jamaica and Greece. But if I had one last trip before I die, I would take my children and grandchildren back to Holland were I lived for 5 of the most memorable years of my life. It’s been 43 years since I left and I would love to give my family their own memories!

  106. Linda Bluestein Reply

    Money not being a problem, I would love to go to Spain for a month. Ole!

  107. Would love to ferry to Alaska and back – have driven up twice and ridden the ferry back to WA once and Prince Rupert, BC, once – loved both trips! Glad you got to see your daughter!

  108. I’ve enjoyed your pics of Alaska! My daughter and son-in-love went there last summer on a cruise! I love your top! I’ve pinned it on Pinterest! Haha! I’m not sure at the moment where I’d like to go if money was no object…so much unrest in the world..however, if that were no problem, I’d like to go to Israel and Italy….and I’ve flown on a plane only once..lol… I more prefer to keep my feet on the ground. 😊

  109. I think I would love to visit Ireland. Wouldn’t it be great to go with younger looking skin?😉

  110. Charlotte Cornish Reply

    I would love to go to Venice!! Really enjoy your blog!

  111. I have heard great things about Viking River cruises, so I would love to do that!

  112. If money was no object, I would love to take my grandkids on a Disney cruise around Europe.

  113. I love the tie-dye top! And would love to spend some time in the UK . . . all of it!

  114. Cindy Viers Reply

    I would travel to England and to Holland! So glad you guys enjoyed your time with Ashleigh!

  115. Spectacular view, thanks for sharing! I have SO many places that I would love to visit, (some would be many places in Europe including Tuscany, Naples). Glad you had a good trip and made it back safely. ❤

  116. Linda Aime Reply

    I’m pretty new to following you but I love your blog so much. Your clothes are so adorable and I love your jewelry and hair. You are just adorable and give us “older” gals the push to try something new. Thanks so much and keep up the good work.

  117. I would love to do a tour of England, Ireland and Scotland. One day I will!

  118. Debra Shepherd Reply

    Alaska is on my bucket list! thanks for sharing with us!

  119. Kellye Dempsey Reply

    My dream trip is to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia for my grandson kidney transplant.

  120. Susan lancaster Reply

    I would spend time in China and Ethiopia, the countries where my children were born.

  121. I have always wanted to go to NewYork City and go to Broadway, the ballet, the symphony, and visit all the museums.

  122. Sue S (MN) Reply

    I would love to go to Sweden, where I have distant family that I’ve connected with through geneology website, Ireland, where my husband’s family background is from, and Italy/Tuscany, just because!

  123. Hi, I would love to visit Australia and New Zealand would be my next wish for a trip. Since money would be no problem, I’d want to stay for a month or two.

  124. Cinthya Reppond Reply

    If money were not an issue I’d love to go to Hawaii 🌺

  125. Kim Blackwell Reply

    Hi Tania! Glad you had a fun time visiting your daughter and exploring more of Alaska. My husband and I went to Alaska a couple years ago with our friends from Australia! We love it there! I would really love to visit Ireland! Love your blog and enjoy seeing the outfits you put together😊

  126. Hi Tania,

    I feel the same way. I don’t like to fly, don’t like staying in hotels above the 3rd or 4th floor etc. so I can relate. Your trip to Alaska looks so wonderful. That is the place I would love to visit. I am not a cruise girl but would love to do an Alaskan cruise one day. Thanks and love your blog.

  127. Shari Kim Dudley Reply

    My son is in the Coast Guard, he was last stationed in Maine. We were able to go visit for a few days. I would live to be able to go to all the places he is relocated to. It is always good to visit and treat your kids.

  128. So glad that I found your blog, I love your style! I would love to travel to Italy!

  129. I would love to go to Australia – I keep hearing beautiful things about it. And who doesn’t like an Australian Accent.

  130. What a beautiful place! Thanks for sharing…I read your blog everyday…my favorite ☺

  131. I’ve been to Alaska and so want to go back for a summer. It’s incredible. Tuscany is fabulous and I wouldn’t mind going back there too. Paris was interesting but only was there for a day on aside trip while in germany. I would love to go to Spain and Portugal next.

    What are your favorite R and F products. If you were going to suggest one product to try- I’ve never sampled any of them.

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