50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO WEAR THE TWIST HEMI have never been so glad to see a Saturday than I am today. I am flat out exhausted from work. Who invented work? They need to be hung up by their heels or maybe tarred and feathered. Lol! I keep telling Joe that I need to retire and he keeps telling me “no.” He says that I would miss all the interaction with the public and the people at work. I think I could overcome my disappointment by laying out by the pool. Hahaha!50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO WEAR THE TWIST HEMAll kidding aside, how do you gurls that are retired get used to not going out to work? Do you miss getting up and getting dressed? Do you still even bother to put on makeup? Joe is using my blog against me by saying I NEED to get dressed every day and that I NEED to put on makeup every day. I never dreamed that the blog that I started so I could eventually retire could keep me from retiring. Lol! I need a good argument to use against Joe. Help me retire gurls, work is killing me. This is where you rub your thumb and your pointer fingertips together and tell me that it is the world’s smallest record player playing “My Heart Bleeds For You.” Hahaha!50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO WEAR THE TWIST HEMI could see me wearing this type outfit even if I was retired. This is PERFECT for a lazy day of running errands, cleaning the house, paying bills, going grocery shopping, you know, all the things we do all the time. I love this top and I just bought it yesterday. Talk about unique details, it has 3 things going for it. I bet all of you already know what I am going to say. The cold shoulder detail, the tie-dyed detail, and the new twist hem detail are all current trends. This shirt is by Carole Christian and I bought it at a little boutique in town. They had this colour and another one that had pink with green accents. That one reminded me of a watermelon. I decided to go with the one that reminded me of a sunset instead.

50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO WEAR THE TWIST HEMWhen I bought this Nicky necklace I wasn’t really thinking I would like it. The colours are muted and they show it with a knot in the catalogue. I have had the necklace for about a week and nothing seemed to match it until I bought this top. I went to my jewellery this morning to try and find something to wear and I was kind of surprised when I looked at this necklace, it matched perfectly. How come I like the colours in the top but wasn’t really liking almost the exact same colours in the necklace? The earrings are Sadie.  This colour reminds me of the show, “This Old House.” This was the colour used on vintage houses.50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO WEAR THE TWIST HEM My bracelets on the left are Ritta and the Plunder Anthem bracelet which has already sold out. The Ritta is navy with rhinestones on the top and it has a magnetic closure. On my right arm, I have my Alex and Ani bracelets to give me lots of inspiration. I am thinking it is about time for me to buy a few more of these bracelets. I may look at buying gold the next time.50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO WEAR THE TWIST HEMI wasn’t really sure that this purse looked good with the outfit so I took some pictures with and some without. That way you ca make up your own mind. I still love my leather Vera Bradley hot pink Emma tote but I haven’t carried it in a while. I saw it this morning and decided to dust it off and put it back into action.

50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO WEAR THE TWIST HEMI told you that you would be seeing a lot of these shoes this summer. I am bad to also fall into the habit of wearing the same thing over and over again. Shoes are my biggest obstacle when it comes to fashion. I have never been the person who has lots and lots of shoes. When I get dressed and go to find a pair of shoes I will just “settle” for whatever I have. I swear I am trying to do better. Lol! These are a plain pair of navy t-strap sandals by Tommy Hilfiger.

50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO WEAR THE TWIST HEMToday I had a gentleman ask me if I paid extra for all the holes in my jeans. Of course I did, they had to pay someone a lot of money to wear these out for me. Lol! I know the distressed jeans are not everyone’s favourite look but I am loving this pair from Sneak Peek. I bought these at the same little boutique in town and I know she had several pairs still in stock. The website is never up-to-date so just email her or call the number to see if she has your size in stock. I also linked to some that I found on the web just in case she sells out.

50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO WEAR THE TWIST HEMI want to thank all of you who asked questions about R+F for me. Every time you ask a question it makes me learn something new. I love expanding my knowledge about the company and the products. I am going to ask you do something else for me. I am going to ask you to give me your objections. Tell me what is holding you off from trying the products or from joining me and the doctors in business. Most consultants HATE when people tell them their objections but I look at it as an opportunity. It is an opportunity for me to grow and an opportunity for you to learn. I consider that a win-win. Speaking of winners, the winners from the comments on Thursday are Janis and Roberta. I will be emailing you to get your address for the mini-facials.

If you really want to help me out then you can join me for a ZOOM call on Sunday night at 8:00 pm EST. Download the free app and hit the Join A Meeting button. Put 736 578 7052 in and then you can talk to me and my Energizer Bunny Friend. I will send you a microdermabrasion paste packet just for helping me out. 😍

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  1. I love this outfit, I NEED some of those jeans, you are brilliant at pulling everything together, I always struggle when it comes to finding the right jewellery to go with everything.

    • Tania Reply

      Kim, we all have our areas of weakness. Yours is jewellery and mine is shoes. Lol!

  2. I’m happily retired and some days I don’t put makeup on. I NEVER thought I would go a day without it. I never leave my house without wearing makeup.

    Cute outfit! Love your hair!

    • Tania Reply

      There are some Saturdays when I will go almost all day without makeup but if I stop and look into the mirror I will go and put some on. I think if I don’t want strangers looking at me with no makeup on why would I subject poor Joe to it? Haha!

  3. Donna Presley Reply

    I have been retired for nine years and I do not miss work at all! I use my time volunteering for Assistance League nonprofit that buys school clothes for needy children. We clothed 4,000 children this year with only 70 volunteers in our group in Palm Springs area. Believe me, you will love retirement as it gives you the time to be you. I love the outfit, the pieces are so cute. I read your blog daily. Keep up the good work.

    • Tania Reply

      Donna, that sounds like a wonderful organization. I have heard many people say they are busier after they retire because they become involved in charities.

  4. I would love to retire, but I have a long way to go! My excuse for not accomplishing tasks on the weekend is “I work all week. I just want to relax.” I wonder what my excuse for laziness will be 13 years from now? Regarding R&F, my objection would be that I could find something comparable cheaper. Love your blog!!!!!!!!!!! I would love to find a QVC liquidator in my area 🙂

    • Tania Reply

      I use the “work all week” excuse too. Lol! I LOVE your objection because that is an easy one. The truth is that you can’t. You can find cheaper that is for sure but comparable is a completely different story. R+F encourages you to take your pictures before you start using it and then you will see the changes. Before and afters tell the story! In other words, my linen closet is full of those cheaper products because they DIDN’T work. Also, R+F offers a 60-day money back (empty bottle) guarantee. You will never have a linen closet full of R+F products that don’t work, you could send them back for a refund.

  5. Ahhh, Tania, you look adorable 🙂 I’m not one for tie-dye anything but I must admit your top looks really charming.

    • Tania Reply

      Sheelah, I am just now coming around to the tie-dye look myself. I think it depends on the colours.

  6. I retired 3 yrs ago, former airline employee.
    1)yes, I miss the interaction plus I really enjoyed my job (took a buyout) but more importantly…
    2)I dress and do my hair & makeup every single day (although no longer in a uniform!). How I look, whether it’s to the public, my animals, or myself matters. 🙂

    • Tania Reply

      Laney, you are my kind of gurl!!! I think when you look good you feel better about yourself. That is just my opinion. When I am not dressed then I feel slouchy. When I put on clothing that looks good, it doesn’t have to be dressy, I have more of a spring in my step.

  7. Karen Thrasher Reply

    When you buy SneakPeek jeans, have you found this brand in Misses sizes or are you having to buy Juniors sizes (5, 7, 9, 11, 13)? If so, how is their fit compared to Misses? I have only seen SneakPeek jeans in Junior sizes. Thank you!

  8. I wanted to skip right down to the comment section when I saw this look. I love everything about it and you are rock in it gurl!!!!

    • Tania Reply

      Jan, I love this objection. It is all in the way you look at something. Avon and Mary Kay are MML’s but because they have been around for so long people don’t seem to associate them with being a direct sales organization. I, on the other hand, love MML’s and DS because it is real life people trying to make a living. I would much rather let them make the profit than I would Wal-Mart. When you think of it, isn’t Wal-Mart just another DS? They don’t manufacture the products, so they are selling products made from other companies.

  9. Great outfit. So cute! Wish my figure could carry it but not at the moment.

    I’m right there with you wanting to retire! By God’s grace, I will be 60 in August and hope to find way to survive on social security at 62 and working part time. I’ve been telling my husband for years that’s the plan assuming he will work until 67. So far, he agrees! Having a few free days every week to volunteer at church more and at a no kill cat shelter is on my heart.

    Most of us have worked from age 16 till now…. That’s a long time. Being optimistic about retirement/semi-retirement plans is a great place to be! Keep working on Joe. Just don’t retire from blogging!

  10. Hi Tania! Here is my story on retirement. I LOVE it! I worked a job that was part-time but many times I would go full time. I had to dress up. I retired at age 55 & am now 62. My husband had retired 7 years prior to me. Our first grandchild had arrived a year before I retired, so I watched her on my days off. Like you, 2 grandkids live close, a path through the woods away for us, the other 2, a mile down the road. All along I had planned to retire as soon as I was eligible, so away I went & never looked back. I call myself a fulltime Grammy! There are 3 other grandkids now. 2 we get on/off the bus everyday. The over 2 we watch on & off during the week. As for dressing up, jeans as usually the OOTD. So I look for nice tops, but practical. I dress up for church, special events, and when I feel like kicking it up a notch when I’m shopping. I don’t miss the pressure of having to find a business wear outfit. BUT since you’re a fashion blogger, that may not work quite as well! And you can end up with a ton of clothing! So, good luck in your decision! It’s a biggie!

  11. I just retired from 23+ yrs of teaching math…and it has been an adjustment! I, too, was exhausted and knew the time had come, but I do miss getting dressed every day. I do, however, wear a minimal amount of make-up every day. I do this because I feel better. My husband and I plan to travel, so that will take care of some of the boredom factor. I don’t want any job that will tie me down, so I haven’t looked for anything to do part-time.

  12. Cathryn Harjung Reply

    Hahahaha Joe is funny. I have been retired for 3 blissful years and I dress nicely EVERY day, whether I’m going to lunch with friends or to the stores. I like to look put together and coordinated. It makes me feel good about myself. Granted, I did donate a lot of my work clothes because I joyfully realized I would not ever wear them again. It is actually more fun shopping for clothes now because I have more time . . . and it feels positively decadent to shop during the work day without the crowds.

    Retirement is the best thing ever. Take the plunge!

  13. Tania, I love this outfit. The top is great! I’m loving my Rodan and Fields to.

  14. Maggie Fieger Reply

    I retired in March and I have not miss doorknob for a second!! I do a lot of volunteering so I have a lot of people interaction and fun. That would be a really cute outfit for me. I haven’t been wearing a lot of makeup because mascara bothers my eyes and I do need tomup my fashion game. I had to wear corporate wear on top for 14 years so my wardrobe is slim. I do love seeing what you come up with

  15. I took a break from work four years ago and never went back, so I guess I’m retired. I do get dressed and wear makeup every day, just not professional attire anymore. I do miss my work as activity director for elderly occasionally, but not enough to go back to a schedule.

  16. Cute outfit Tania! I retired at 55 four months ago, absolutely love it! I still get up and do my hair and makeup everyday just as if I was going to work, I’m having so much fun discovering my closet again…..lol….I worked in health care so much of my attire was scrubs everyday and when I got home it was usually yoga pants and a tshirt, but now I wear what I want! Lol…..lately distressed jeans and a pretty tunic is pretty much what I wear every day. Sometimes my husband comes home and asks me where I went today because he thinks I’m dressed up….my answer ..no where, just felt like wearing this today….haha! I love it!

  17. I just found your blog! It is going to be fun to read all the posts. I can tell you need to work to shop!

    • I live near Roanoke part of the year, shopping is challenging here, too.

  18. HI Tania, I work with a non-profit program that protects older and dependent adults in nursing homes and other long term care facilities for the elderly. My job gives my life meaning, and I can’t imagine ever retiring, even though I’m a couple of years older than you. Sometimes I THINK I’d like to retire, and then I remind myself of how antsy I get left too much not to do.

    What size do you wear in those jeans, as they appear to be junior sizing? I’m a women’s 6/8.

  19. Tania. I really enjoy your blog. Thanks for helping us all look good!

    I would love to know if you are naturally thin or what you do to keep you’re self at such a cute weight. I’ve got to find some new solutions since I hit menapause. Also how tall are you? I’m trying to gauge if some of your looks would work on my 5’2″ size 14 frame.

    Next. I’d love to know about your makeup. What foundation you use and how you get eyeshadow to stay on as the eyelids start to “hood” over 50.

    Thanks again!

  20. Love everything about this outfit! It seems like I am buying everything cold shoulder these days, just love the look. Also, have been searching for the raw hem, frayed hem jeans. I am having a tough time finding the right ones that fit my shape! I will eventually find a pair. Love the Plunder filagree earrings, I almost have every pair and I wear them all the time. They are so lightweight and cute! Happy Saturday!

  21. OMG!!!
    I want this outfit. I have distressed jeans. Just need the top.
    This is another favorite for me.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  22. Just tried to find the top but was not successful.
    The other color showed up not the color you have on.

  23. Lori Fletcher Reply

    My main objection to R&F would be cost. I just don’t have the money for it. Maybe one day

  24. I love this outfit, Tania, you look fantastic!! My husband and I were lucky enough to retire early. We honestly wonder how we had time to work!!! I like getting up and being ready for the day. We are spontaneous and often do breakfast or lunch w friends. We volunteer and joined service clubs and travel. So makeup and hair, yes – unless we are going to the gym or I plan to garden!!!!

  25. I retired 8 years ago and I always get up, get dressed, style my hair, and put on a little makeup. Not the full wash and blow dry and full makeup when I worked, less is more in retirement. My dress is more casual, but stylish and cute – that’s why I read your blog! My days are filled with the work I want to do: church work, gym, lunch with friends, shopping/looking, visiting folks, gardening, walking, cooking, etc. Retire….there’s a whole other life waiting for you! Your blog can be your retirement job!

  26. This outfit is adorable. I had seen the twist hem tops and thought…meh. You really show how to put together the whole look.
    A friend and I joke all the time about what our retirement jobs are going to be. We think it has to be something that you do because you love doing it. I think you’ve found yours!

  27. Love your blog!! Love that shirt!! Couldn’t find it on store website??
    I am retired from teaching and love it! I still get up shower, get dressed, do my hair, accessorize and then do whatever the rest of the day. You could easily still do your blog and not go to work😁keep working on Joe!!

  28. Donna Hutcheson Reply

    Retirement is great!!! Taught special education students for 32 years. Now everyday is Me Time!!
    I go to the gym three times a week, lunch with the ladies, and get my shopping fix in too!! Also traveling to visit my granddaughter in Colorado….
    Never a dull moment! You will love retirement when you are ready!!❤️

  29. When I opened your blog today I immediately pinned the first picture. That necklace with that top just nails a look I would love to develop for myself. I want to be super mega casual, but with a little elegance and maturity, and definitely not like I’m trying to dress too young. I know what looks too young or too casual, and I know what looks elegant (which for me is dressy). I just don’t seem to have the vision to mix the two the way you do, so I am trying to learn. And you are an excellent teacher! Thanks!

  30. I like to say I’m retired but since my husband and I own a farm, I’m never retired. When I used to live in the city and have a “paying” job I always wore makeup. When I first moved to the farm I still wore makeup every day. But now, if I don’t plan on seeing anyone I don’t put it on anymore. Only if I am being seen in public. Ha.

  31. Maxine Bower Reply

    Loving this look! Casual but really “put together”. I’ve been retired several years and there is nothing like it! Love every minute of it. I exercise every day,line dance classes, lunch out often w friends, shop whenever I want and the best part is time to do things my husband and I like to do.

  32. Charlcy Green Reply

    Obviously, EVERYONE loves this post! I LOVE this outfit w/all the accessories & I just have to have the top & jeans! I went to their website & could find neither so have emailed them & HOPE I hear back! I am in need of some cute cool tops for this very hot summer in New Mexico. So here’s my advice about retirement – its THE BOMB! I love every minute of it! No more stress, no more crazy people to deal with & more time for all your hobbies. I’m VERY social like you are so thought I’d miss the interaction, but I’ve found plenty of activities to keep me busy & visit with people. You will too! Beg Joe – maybe you could work one day a week at the store! I still put on my make up & dress up most days, but sometimes it’s just nice to read or work in the yard w/o make up & doing your hair. All your clubs, your blog & your church will keep you busy, not to mention your friends & your hubby! Your hair looks adorable today too & I love those bright blue earrings on you – they really bring out your pretty eyes! Enjoy your Saturday!

  33. Love the outfit! Your definitely right. This is what I’ll be wearing when I retire in September, can’t wait!

  34. You look so pretty! The pink is very flattering on you ! You also look thinner , always a great thing to hear!

  35. Julie Minear Reply

    Love this outfit from head to toe!! You look beautiful!! One of my favorite teachers in high school was from Virginia, and he used to rub his thumb and finger together and say ” my heart cries for you. ” I had never heard it before, but it used to make us all laugh! Thanks for reminding of it! 😀

  36. Tania I retired 2 years ago and am loving it! I also do my makeup and hair every morning just as I did for work. Of course I don’t wear office attire now but I do try to wear nice casual clothes, even if I’m just going to Wal-Mart. I’m not very busy outside the home which is the way I like it. Church and getting together with friends keep my husband and me connected socially. I hope you can manage to retire before too long – you’ll love it!

  37. Lynn Chianese Reply

    Your outfit makes you look really young ! Retirement is a major transition – I retired for health reasons last year. Stay healthy and work as long as you are able to and for as long as it makes sense for you. Love your blog.

  38. I was laid off almost 4 years ago and I hate not working. Not that I haven’t applied for jobs but I believe it is age related. I am going to start volunteering because I can’t take being home anymore. I was like you, a fasionista and shopaholic and loved getting dressed every day for work (and the money helped it along also…LOL)

  39. I retired from teaching 4 years ago- I am almost 65. I was so worried about liking retirement. My husband and I moved an hour away from my friends to a lake community. I worried what was I going to do to fill my time???? Well, I found that you fill it up with things you enjoy and you end up wondering how you ever had time to work. I babysit my grandchildren sometimes, I now have time and energy to exercise, I do things with friends or my husband….it is AWESOME! On my hang out at the house or exercise days, I don’t wear much make-up. But I enjoy dressing up a bit and wearing makeup when I go out and about. The biggest change for me was changing my wardrobe- I don’t need lots of dress pants or skirts or jackets. I find myself admiring those things when shopping and have to remind myself that I don’t have a place to wear them. Enjoy your work until you don’t enjoy it….and then have fun in retirement!!

  40. Retired 2 years. Love it. Don’t ever want anyone telling me what I have to do ever again!! Do lots of volunteer work (so I can quit if someone aggravates me!) and belong to the ‘Ladies Who Lunch” group. Also pays to be able to hit happy hours! I did fall into a bit of a clothing slump, but your blog has pulled me out of it with your clothing fand jewelry suggestions. But there are more than a few times I forgo the make up – hubby prefers it that way!

  41. Love, Love, Love the outfit! Totally my style. I love my tattered and distressed jeans. Wear them all the time. I too, dress them up with a stylish top and jewelry and cute shoes. You top is spectacular! The cold shoulder is so popular. I’m looking for another and absolutely love yours. You always look so pretty and pulled together.

  42. Could you share with me where you purchased your jeans? I know you said boutique> but which one?

    • Tania Reply

      Hi, Linda. If you click on the blue link it will take you to the boutique. The name is Trendy Threads.

  43. Tania , tell Joe you wanna retire so that you can put more time in the blog. Tell him you want some one else to pay you for awhile. I wish i could retire i still have twenty years b4 i can refire

  44. I am really enjoying your blog…. love this top. The necklace goes so.well and is versatile!

  45. Libby Sims Lancaster Reply

    I am 61, retired after 31 years as a drinking water analyst, 10 years ago. I have worked 7 of those 10 years part time, but now am completely retired. Everyday is busy, and I do not miss work. I help care for my Mom, see my precious granddaughter, work on long awaited arts and crafts projects, and just stop and smell the roses sometimes. Life is good, I highly recommend that Joe let you retire. 🙂

  46. Kathy Bradley Carr Reply

    I LOVE THIS TOP … I really want it but the boutique link doesn’t offer the top. Also love your style !!! I’m 62 and to afford my outfits I can’t retire anytime real soon … ha ha!!! Keep looking fabulous Tania !!!

    • Tania Reply

      Kathy, their website is NEVER updated, I don’t know why they even have it. You have to email or call them.

  47. I love that look and that top (tie dyed cold shoulder twist top) especially. I have emailed the boutique to see if it is available. I live in North Carolina and am a retired media specialist (high school librarian). I love your blog and your outfits and style–I am 60 years old and still want to look stylish. As for retirement, I am in a book club, Canasta club and am a Sunday School teacher and am active in my church. I stay busy–believe you me, if you don’t have anything to do, someone will find something for you to do. I also work a few hours a week in packing and shipping with my brother in law across the road to make a little spending money. You can retire and still remain active, in contact with people and make a little extra money and keep your mind engaged if you want to do so without the stress from a full time job. as for the reservations about R and F — the high cost of the products is the principal hold out for me. Take care, I look forward to seeing your outfits on Pinterest. Have a good week. Robin Adams

  48. You’re so sweet to share your outfit selections. Thanks for giving us fifties ideas on how to pull them together.

  49. I’m 79, retired since 55. The years have flown by I’m sorry to say. I exercise, watch my diet and dress appropriately every day. I also wear a little makeup to hide all the wrinkles, but not to much. Never thought I’d care what I look like after 70, but I do. Love your outfit, but don’t think I’m young enough to wear the cold shoulder tops. I do still wear jeans, but without the torn look. I do like the outfit you are wearing, and I wear light colored tops for my completion.

  50. Christine Binnendyk Reply

    Get ready — I am driving to your house to steal that top right out of your closet! I wish I could figure out how to DIY that cute twisted hem….

  51. I love your style. I look at your outfits to find ideas how to put my clothes & accessories together ❤️

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