50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO LOOK PATRIOTIC AND STILL BE STYLISHThe 4th of July is fast approaching and that means it is time for grilling out, going to the lake, and shooting off fireworks. I know everyone celebrates our Independence Day differently but most of us will still have on some red, white, or blue no matter what we do. I live in a small town so the biggest thing that happens around here is the fireworks that are set off in town.50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO LOOK PATRIOTIC AND STILL BE STYLISHJoe and I have gotten to the age where we don’t go watch the fireworks anymore. I think that is called “fuddy-duddies” but we used to go when the kids were younger. We also used to set off fireworks here at the house, just the normal firecrackers, sparklers, roman candles, and the occasional big bangers. One year we had a German Shepard that loved fireworks. Most dogs HATE fireworks, my Yorkie shakes and tries to hide, but this Shepard would try to catch them so we had to be really careful. On that 4th we were setting off roman candles and Joe had them set up in a bottle so they would shoot up in the air. I think he was trying to teach the kids that holding a firework in your hands was dangerous. Anyway, the Shepard ran up and grabbed the roman candle out of the bottle. He had it in his mouth like a stick that you had thrown for him to fetch and fetch is what he wanted to do. He came running at us with the candle in his mouth and it was shooting the fireballs out one end. We all started running trying to stay away from him and he was running toward us wanting to play. It is funny now but you should have seen us run then. 50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO LOOK PATRIOTIC AND STILL BE STYLISHI like to look festive for all holidays but at the same time, I don’t really want to look clownish. Wearing head to toe shamrocks, snowmen, hearts, or a flag is overkill. So, I choose to wear the colors but just not all the commercialism items. Today’s outfit could be worn at any time during the year, not just for Memorial Day or the 4th of July. I bought this top at least a year ago but I am sure most of you have a red top. This one has an embroidered design on it and that happens to be a big trend this year. Woohoo, I was ahead of the trend. Lol! This shirt is by Lucky Brand. My daughter used to shop that store all the time because they offered XL inseams in their jeans. She has to have a 36″ inseam. 😳

50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO LOOK PATRIOTIC AND STILL BE STYLISHPlunder usually comes out with “specials” for each holiday and I am wearing the 4th of July jewellery today. EXCEPT for the earrings, instead, I have on the Navy Rhombus Earrings. The Independence navy cuff bracelet has bright red stitching and it is adjustable. On the right hand, I have on a silver chain bracelet with a red star and a navy tassel. It is called the Liberty Bell BraceletThe other bracelet that you can’t see has already sold out. It has the Plunder anthem inscribed on it, “Beautiful girl you can do hard things.”50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO LOOK PATRIOTIC AND STILL BE STYLISHYou can get a better look at the two bracelets in this photo plus you can see the rest of the America necklace. If you look hard you can see that the round charm with the star and tassel dangle has a lobster claw. You can unhook the pendant from the necklace and wear the necklace alone or with a different pendant. If you haven’t already noticed, Plunder has changed how you shop in a party. Now when you go to my website, plunderdesign.com/taniastephens it will ask you what party you are shopping in. That is a great help!!! No more missed orders not going to my party! 50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO LOOK PATRIOTIC AND STILL BE STYLISHMy navy crop pants are from Talbots. I love these pants because they have just enough stretch. They fit nicely and are not tight fitting. I will wear these cropped pants over and over this summer. They are also pull-on so these pants have it all. Lol!

50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO LOOK PATRIOTIC AND STILL BE STYLISHThe t-strap navy sandals are by Tommy Hilfiger. I need to go out in the building and see if have some more summer shoes that I stored for the winter. It just seems like I should have more shoes. Haha! These will work for almost anything this summer. You can see that I need to put some shoe polish on the soles, they are looking a little ragged. I am not very gentle with my shoes but how do you keep gravels from scratching up the soles????

50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO LOOK PATRIOTIC AND STILL BE STYLISHI told you gurls that I am going to visit my baby girl in Alaska. I was talking to her today and she wants me to hold a BBL for her while I am there. A BBL stands for Big Business Launch. She signed up for Rodan and Fields last October but really hasn’t told many people about it. It appears that the people she knows in Alaska have never heard of R+F so she wants “me” to hold an event for her to introduce the products. Oh, My Goodness!!! I barely know what I am doing much less tell other people. Lol! Here is what I would love for you to do for me. What would you want to know if you were going to that type event? What kind of questions would you ask? If you ask the questions for me now then I will be prepared with the answers then. I’ll do a drawing for 2 mini facials for those of you who help me out. 😘

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  1. Another great outfits for summer!!! I am going to get these pants from Talbots – thank you!

    • Tania, I just discovered your blog and love it! I wear a plus size. Any thoughts on the best stores for a similar look? I’ve lost 18 lbs so far. I’m trying to arrive at a size goal, rather than weight. You look wonderful, not too thin or too heavy – exactly my goal. Do you mind sharing what size you wear? Margo

      • Tania Reply

        Hi, Margo. Welcome to my blog. I normally wear a size 10 or a large. I would suggest stores like Talbots, Chadwicks of Boston, Old Navy, Catos Fashions, and Lane Bryant. I am sure there are plenty more but those are the ones off the top of my head that all stock plus size clothing.

  2. Kathy Loughrie Reply

    My birthday is the 4th so it’s a big holiday for me. Like the top and pants. I am short so top pants don’t really work well for me. I probably would go with a skirt. I see dramatic changes in your skin. I would show before and after pictures because we all learn differently. Some of us are both auditory and visual learners. I would want to know the cost break down….how much I invest translates to on average funds I generate. I think I would also want to know when most people see results and how to reach out and grow my business. Sometimes we feel we know only so many people and we hate hounding them to buy things. Hope that is helpful! Hope your German shepherd survived the holiday! Have a good weekend

    • Tania Reply

      Thanks, Kathy for the input. I hope you have a wonderful birthday, my granddaughters is on the 3rd.

  3. Hi Tania, for the BBL I would want to know the cost to get started, what that cost includes. How much $ I would have to invest monthly to stay active, how to reach out to potential clients if I don’t have a huge social media presence. How to get a larger social media presence. How to get people interested in buying a higher cost product and how to build a team. These are just some questions that come to mind quickly. Best of luck with your BBL.

    • Tania Reply

      Wonderful ideas, Linda. It is so hard to think of all the things that others might want to know.

  4. Theresa Harding Reply

    Hello – on the BBL I’d want to know how soon I might see results and what type of issues it might help me resolve. Best of luck! Theresa

  5. Thanks for the shoe polish tip, using have tried sharpie marker before but this might work better. Love your top!

  6. Great minds think alike, I did a post on this same subject yesterday (for Flag Day). I love dressing for holidays but agree that head to toe is overkill, too much like a costume. Have a great day!

  7. Good morning!!
    What a great idea your daughter has. You will do great because you are so passionate about the product and it shows. Besides the normal investment/ business start up cost questions I think people will want to know how to justify the cost of the product to people. The proof is in the pudding and R&F knows that and stands behind their products with a great return policy. That’s reassuring to people. I’d say good luck but you won’t need it. 🙂

    • Tania Reply

      Aww, that is sweet, Margo. But you have to remember that I am really shy. Speaking in front of others is something that is hard for me. I sent your package and I have the tracking number. I will try to email that to you so that you can see when it arrives.

  8. Would you be willing to tell how tall you are and what size you where. I know I’m far from it but you are my weight loss goal.

    • Tania Reply

      Hi, Becky. I am 5’6″ tall and I weigh anywhere between 150-160.

      • Thanks for the reveal! I’m working at my journey and you have inspired me.

  9. I would want to hear what makes R & F different than the multitude of other products. What the cost is per month. I would want to be able to try the product- some samples maybe? I continue to enjoy your blog. Enjoy your visit with your daughter!!

    • Tania Reply

      Thanks, Debbie! I have ordered in LOTS of samples to take with me. Lol!

  10. I would want to know the cost of the products, how long before I can expect to see results, and any potential side effects from use. Good luck and have fun in Alaska!

  11. robjodiefilogomo Reply

    It’s funny because I always worry about looking too “Fourth of Julyish” in red, white & blue—yet someone told me I shouldn’t feel that way—I should feel proud. But clownish is a different matter!
    Tania—you always look great and are a fabulous example for us older women. Thanks for doing this!!

  12. Patti Karshis Reply

    Hey Tania! Great outfit😊 For the BBL, I would want to know more about the lash boost,what it costs and how long to use it and is it safe for the eyes. I would want to know the cost breakdown of joining to get discount on product as apposed to becoming a preferred customer.

    • Tania Reply

      Yes, Patti!!! That are all things I will be covering, thanks for the idea.

  13. Thanks so much Tania. I didn’t realize Talbots had larger sizes. I will check it out!

  14. Tania that story about the German Shepherd and the Roman candle is too funny!!! LOL Concerning R+F, I would want to know more information about what is expected of you when you become a consultant. Do you have to sell to anyone else other than yourself? Have a blessed day!!!

  15. Roberta Dotterer Reply

    I have a question… will R&F remove brown spots.. My days of sun bathing have caught up with me and I have some brown spots and am growing more.. I am way over 50 LOL


  16. Hi Tania, I’m trying to place an order for Plunder through your link. After I put an item in the cart and then look at the cart, I get a message that says my order is not associated with a party. Any ideas?

    • Tania Reply

      Patti, go to Plunderdesign.com/taniastephens and hit the shop tab. It should ask you immediately what party you are shopping me. Thanks for following my blog.

  17. I would talk about shipping cost to Alaska and explain the prefered customer program.

  18. Hi Tania
    I would want to know what products or skin care routines would be essential for a broad spectrum of different types of skin situations. One person might be concerned about minimizing the effects of aging and proper moisturizing, while another might have breakouts and oily skin. I also would want to know if I can only spend a limited amount, what are my essential, must-have products. Another thing I would want to know is how long different skin care routines would take. Can I manage to take care of my skin and still be out the door in 10 minutes? – like that. Good luck!

  19. Julia Rodriguez Reply

    Hi Tania!
    I’d be concerned about the ingredients in the products….So many people are interested in all natural, ethically sourced cosmetics. Also the Lash Boost safety question is a good one…I was diagnosed with acute angle closure, a type of glaucoma, in my early 30’s. Laser surgery helped immensely, but products that help eyelash growth can be a no no.
    Sorry to ramble! I have every confidence that you’ll do a great job.

  20. Charlcy Green Reply

    Cute outfit and I love the hewekry. I’ll have to order that! I’ve asked several questions about R&D already – like how do you put in the Lash Boost, good often and how long does it take to work? Also what type regimen is good for a Sr. With dry skin? And then questions about joining and how much you have to buy.

  21. Hi Tania, love your blog and love you. No doubt your BBL for your daughter will be a big success. My suggestions are: tell your story, tell them about Doctors and the company, followed by the opportunity, and then the products. Your daughter can also share why she joined and tell of the fabulous results. I know you say that you are shy, but you’ve got this. Just be you!

  22. I would want to see before and after pictures. I would want to know what each type of product does for my skin. Depending on how many are invited, if you could let them try the product first and give them a small sample to use, you would get interest. That is one thing I wish R+F would do is offer a small sample of the product to be able to use before spending the money. I am one that is I can try, I will buy if I like it.

  23. Karen Belcher Reply

    I’m new to your blog but loving it! I was all set to order the Rodan & Fields when I saw how glowing your skin is and my daughter has actually signed up to be a consultant. So, you helped both of us! Your skin does look amazing & I wondered what foundation you use. Keep up the good work inspiring women like me that 50 is not old!

  24. Hit your page completely randomly, purely because I was bored and following the over 50 trail. As a campervan type, we have nothing in common, but you keep on doing what you do, Looking mighty well preserved if I’m allowed to say that. (Runs away from Husband)

  25. I would want to know can R & F cure my pigmentation or does it have a product that helps disguise it.

    Does R & F have a product for the fragile skin on my décolletage.

    Does R & F have a product for protecting lips against the sun or for moisturising them when they feel dry.

    Hope this helps.

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