50 IS NOT OLD | ROBIN'S EGG BLUEI don’t think I am ever going to get to plant any flowers this year. Every time I want to go buy some there will be some kind of obstacle in my way. It is like the flower police have my number. I don’t plant very many flowers anymore because I don’t have time to take care of them. I am only wanting a couple of ferns for the front porch and a couple of Coleus for the back porch. If I get much more than that I will eventually let them die. 😔50 IS NOT OLD | ROBIN'S EGG BLUESunday after church I told Joe that I wanted to borrow his truck and go to buy my flowers. He said that I should take my own vehicle because he didn’t want to have to take out all of his golfing things. Haha! I just got my vehicle in December and I didn’t want to get it dirty so I decided to get a bunch of garbage bags so that I could put the pots inside the bags. I waited until around 2:00 pm and then drove to the greenhouse. The lack of cars in the parking lot confirmed what I was afraid of, they were closed on Sunday. They used to be open on Sunday’s because I have been there before on a Sunday but I guess they changed their hours of operation. I think I am just going to go buy me some fake flowers and say the heck with it. Just kidding, I am going to try again later in the week because I am STILL having to stay late at work. Until then, I guess you will just have to keep looking at the little tree. Lol!50 IS NOT OLD | ROBIN'S EGG BLUEI am not sure how this outfit will look on the blog but in person, it was a hit. I had multiple compliments on the outfit during the day, it almost got embarrassing. The first time I got a compliment, I smiled. The second time I got a compliment, I said, “no, you can’t have the day off.” I figured by this time they were just trying to butter me up for something. Haha! This top is one that I bought several weeks ago at the overstock store. It is a top by Bob Mackie and I really liked the design. I loved how there were little hints of pale blue in the color scheme which made it seem like more of a summer top. The tiny stripes are metallic threads of gold. Here is the other Bob Mackie top that I wore earlier in the year.

50 IS NOT OLD | ROBIN'S EGG BLUEBefore we go any farther I am going to tell you that you are fixing to get mad. The robin’s egg blue multi-strand necklace that I have on is not available for purchase. 😟 It was a part of an Easter special that is no longer available. I told you that you should be checking out the “specials” tab. The earrings I have on are called the Black Diamond Earrings. These are super cute and only $8.00. They are lightweight and made out of a thin metal. The aurora borealis magnetic bling bracelet is called the Flynn.50 IS NOT OLD | ROBIN'S EGG BLUEHere is a close-up of the Corey bracelet. This has four strands and each strand is a little different. It has a little tassel that dangles also for some extra attention. Lol. Plunder has implemented a wonderful new feature. Now when you hit the “shop” tab, it will ask you what party you are shopping in. There will be a drop-down menu with all my open parties listed. My current parties that are the ones I am using is the sets and tania12, please choose one of those after you login to plunderdesign.com/taniastephens.50 IS NOT OLD | ROBIN'S EGG BLUEOther than the fact that I should have straightened up my straps before I took the pictures, I really like these shoes with this outfit. These gladiator sandals are by Sole Society. They have a block heel which helps to keep your ankle from tipping over. You know what I mean? I hate it when you are walking along and it feels like you are going to break an ankle because the heel is so tiny.

50 IS NOT OLD | ROBIN'S EGG BLUEThe pale blue or mint jeans are a pair I bought at Maurice’s last year. I have worn this pair multiple times since I bought them even though I didn’t think I would. I just couldn’t imagine what would go with them and now everything I see seems to match. lol! These fit really nice and I wish I had bought a couple more in different colors.

50 IS NOT OLD | ROBIN'S EGG BLUEI want to share with you something that I don’t normally talk about. That would be money. There was a ZOOM call on Sunday night and we had several ladies participate, thanks!!! One of the ladies who was helping me with the call was a financial advisor in her old job before she quit. She was saying how women, in particular, had a harder time with money as they aged because they tended to lean on their husbands for support. She also talked about how women tend to live longer than men and that it could turn into a real problem for some. I agreed with her but was stunned when one of the ladies from the ZOOM call messaged me that she had lost her husband about 6 years ago and she had been forced to try and re-invent herself. She was looking for a plan B. She will be turning 60 later in the year and she wanted to see if Rodan and Fields might be what she is looking for. I don’t know if R+F is what she is looking for, she will have to be the one that makes that decision. It is funny how people can be put into our lives for a reason. If you are looking for a Plan B be sure to reach out to me and I will arrange a phone call. If you are wanting to see if R+F can help your skin look better, then go and take the solutions tool which will recommend the products that you need.

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  1. Haha – love this post Tania as you sound just like me. I have waited with the flowers until coming back from visiting my Mum in New Zealand. Now I am here there are so many weeds to contend to I am not sure i’ll have time for more work. I do have these amazing rose busses though which gave me such a great welcome with lots of flowers on my return – maybe you should get roses – they are easy 😉

    Oh you might like my latest maxi dress post too: http://funkyforty.com/trend-alert-the-2017-maxi-dress-must-have/

    LOL Yvonne

    • Tania Reply

      I know what you mean, Yvonne. The weeds take over so fast. You are right about roses, they are fairly easy to care for.

  2. At the end of May I planted flowers and the next day they were covered in snow ❄️ I love that color blue, you do look amazing.

  3. Love the whole look and especially the necklace! You look so great in blue, Tania!

  4. Love these colors together! I also bought a mint pair of Earl jeans and have been amazed at how much I wear them and that they go with so many things! Love the shoes too, looking for a pair with a block heal that won’t kill my feet after a few hours of wearing them! Happy Tuesday!

  5. That entire outfit is a winner but the necklace just POPS.& makes it stupendous!! After years of buying live flowers & having them bake & wilt in the stifling heat (no matter how much I watered them), I now go to Hobby Lobby every few years & buy artificial flowers to create container plantings that look beautiful all season long! And if I pick the most durable blooms & use a protectant spray, I can stretch these container arrangements to last several years. Gorgeous & no maintenance! (On a humorous note, my in-laws are on an extended holiday in Europe & I’m watering their huge “greenhouse” collection of plants around their house…which makes me love my decision to go fake & fabulous even more!) 😀 lol

  6. Love this outfit, Tania! And, don’t tell anyone but we have planted a couple of pots of fake flowers and are thoroughly enjoying them! We do have a pretty pot of real petunias though plus some real geraniums that are blooming.

  7. Jeanne Epley Reply

    I love this match of colors, “who says you can wear black in the spring/summer”. that looks mavelous’ !!
    I am looking into selling plunder, love the jewelry!! 😉

    • Tania Reply

      Jeanne, I have thought about asking you about Plunder. You buy so much and I know you love it!!!

      • Jeanne Epley Reply

        I really do love it, and I get compliments on every piece I wear.. 😉

  8. Charlcy Green Reply

    H Tania! Cute top and everything that you put with it! I can’t see the gold stripes or even the blue on the top but the necklace and pants really accentuate those colors!
    I have to tell you that you will be receiving a surprise next Wed. Based on your post today. I wanted it I be a surprise but then didn’t want you to rush out and buy what you’ll be receiving either. I’m sorry it will take so long to get to you!

    • Tania Reply

      WHAT!!! Oh, Charlcy, what in the world are you doing? This will drive me crazy. Lol! I am the one who always opens the Christmas packages before Christmas. Lol!

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