50 IS NOT OLD | THE FRAYED HEM TRENDI had to stay late at work last night to do the “end of the month.” So, I am running late on writing the blog. All that to say that I am going to keep this short and sweet. I may not get to link to my clothing today so I am sorry. Blame it on Joe, he is a slave driver for a boss. Lol! 50 IS NOT OLD | THE FRAYED HEM TRENDThe other reason I am running behind is that I saw the cutest little blonde headed little girl out playing in her sandbox when I came home. I HAD to walk over and talk to her and she started telling me about her weekend. She went with her parents to Dollywood and she got to ride on the Ferris Wheel. I am terrified of heights and I have passed that gene on to my son, so I asked her if her daddy also rode on the Ferris Wheel. She said yes but he was not very happy about the whole thing. Apparently, one of his friends also went with them and was having a small panic attack and decided to hit the panic button to get off. This is not on of the small Ferris Wheels but on of the huge ones that are enclosed in glass. They got off and in about 5 minutes a storm hit. It started pouring the rain, the wind kicked up really bad and knocked the power off. They were sure glad that their friend pushed the panic button and got them off before all of that set in. Emersyn, however, was not happy at having to run to the truck in the pouring rain and a lightening storm. 50 IS NOT OLD | THE FRAYED HEM TRENDA navy t-shirt is something that most of us have in our closets somewhere. If not, then I am glad that you stopped by the blog because you need one. Lol! You can wear this with anything and make it dressy or casual. In other words, it is a very versatile piece of clothing that you will get your money’s worth from. Today I am choosing to wear the shirt in a casual fashion with jeans and a long duster vest. Once again, I chose a t-shirt with a v-neck to help elongate my neck and that makes me “appear” thinner. Haha

50 IS NOT OLD | THE FRAYED HEM TRENDThis is the outfit I wore on my actual “RODANniversary.” I chose to wear the Rory necklace with just the #1 to symbolize that R+F is the number 1 skincare line in the US. It is all about the visual! I wore this on FaceBook that night when I did a live video, which I detest doing. 😫 The long necklace that you can barely see is a present that R+F sent to me so I thought it would be appropriate to wear it on that day. The earrings are called Samantha. They are extremely lightweight and the prettiest shade of pale aqua. 50 IS NOT OLD | THE FRAYED HEM TRENDThe peach magnetic bling bracelet is called the Kayson. The Bailey bracelet is the same one I had on in this post. You can see it a little better here but you are still not getting the full effect of how cute this melon and turquoise bracelet really is.  The seed pearl “porcupine” bracelet is called the Evie. I like the fact that it is on an elastic string which makes it super easy to get on and take off. Yes, I am that lazy! The navy magnetic bracelet is called the Ritta. It is navy and silver and has 5 or 6 rhinestones on the top, very cute. I have opened a new party so make sure that you are shopping under tania11.50 IS NOT OLD | THE FRAYED HEM TRENDI am loving my frayed hemmed jeans. I was a little on the fence when I first bought them but since I have started wearing them with a cuff, I really like them. Before I always felt like they were just too short. I like the distressing because I think it goes with the frayed hem look, but if you are not a fan then buy a pair without the distressing.

50 IS NOT OLD | THE FRAYED HEM TRENDI am still on the fence about this vest duster. I have worn it before and I think it is super cute but I feel a little strange wearing it. I think the spaghetti straps is probably the main problem, I don’t like how thin they are. I do like all the colors in this vest and I do like the boho vibe. What do you gurls think???

50 IS NOT OLD | THE FRAYED HEM TRENDDo you know what my number one referrer page is? It is Pinterest! I truly appreciate every time you “pin” a picture. Heck, pin ALL the pictures if you want. Lol! Also, if you would like to share my posts on Facebook or Twitter, I would appreciate that. It helps get my blog out to more people, and I am sure you just want to spread the entertaining sayings I have. Lol! The comment section is at the end of the post, so keep scrolling. I look forward to reading all the comments, they make my day.

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  1. Have been following your blog for a few months and I LOVE your style. You are fabulous! Love those jeans. What brand are they? I must have them now!!

    • Tania Reply

      Susie, I just went and checked. They are by Sneakpeek.

  2. I noticed the straps right away. I think if they were wider it would look better. But you make the outfit look good.

  3. Love, love the whole look! Where did you find your jeans? Just got these earrings in and they are so much prettier in person! It’s the last day of school for students here in Texas, so happy to be off for the summer! Happy Thursday!

  4. Adorable as always! I’m not too keen on heights or spinning either. I never could do rides with my children. I have a horribly embarrassing story at age 16 that begins with me and my friends on a tilt a whirl and it ending with all of us being “hosed off” by the carnival staff…yep you can imagine the in between story. LOL. Love your blog!

  5. I am short, 5’2″ and I would look like a hot mess in this outfit😳 You look very cute and carry it off well.

  6. robjodiefilogomo Reply

    I like the vest, Tania–but maybe there’s too much going on with the distressing?? I think you should try wearing it again so we can see it with something else–maybe over a sleeveless dress?

  7. First visit to your blog so glad I found you! Love the duster! It provides the pretty contrast to the frayed jeans! Thanks!

  8. I love the vest, takes the outfit up a notch and still says summer! I wonder what it would look like with a 3/4 sleeve top or maybe a tank top and Bermuda shorts underneath? I enjoy your blog and style. Thanks for showing us the 50 and even 60 is not old!

  9. Love the outfit today!! That duster vest is awesome and you look cute as a bug in it.
    Glad your family got to the truck safely, that would be scarey.

  10. I love this vest! You look wonderful in all your clothing pictures. I don’t remember how I found your blog but I’m enjoying it very much. Although 50 really isn’t old, neither is 70 and your clothing and stories are truly “age appropriate”. I think I just may travel some more.

  11. I like the duster, looks cute on you!! The Bo Ho look is my fav look for me, and I am
    super excited that my trend of cutting off my jeans for a cuffed frayed look has caught on!!! I’ve been doing it for years because straight leg jeans are much too long for me! Who knew it would catch on LOL!!

  12. Like the colors in the vest, but agree with you that straps are too thin, and also think it would be better if it were not as long in the back??

  13. I like the duster and I think I will go look for one for myself! Then I can wear shorts and the duster will “hide” my varicose veins. 🙂

  14. I like the duster a lot Tania! Very cute! And what brand are your jeans??

  15. What do I think about the vest? I think this vest is why I always read your blog. Because you look great, and once again, as always, you have absolutely schooled me on how to dress with more personality. I think I dress myself fairly nicely, but I tend to go with “safe” choices. I would heretofore never, ever even consider that vest–it’s kind of an “out there” item. But now that you’ve shown how to wear it, I wish I had that outfit! You absolutely rock it. You are teaching me to be more brave in my clothing/accessory choices, and I really appreciate all the effort you are putting into your blog.

  16. Libby Sims Lancaster Reply

    Love the duster vest!!!! A way to look hip and boho and still cover a multitude of sins in my case! 🙂

  17. Melesa Garrison Reply

    I think the entire outfit is way cute on you. I think I would like the vest to be shorter for me, but it is so cute on you, bc you are taller than myself. I love your jeans too. I don’t mind the straps on the vest, in fact I like them a lot.

  18. i love the jeans and am so happy that navy is making a comeback again…it’s a nice option to black. I really like the colours in the duster, and I think it looks great with the jeans. I understand what you are saying about the straps, but wonder how it would look with a lighter shirt underneath so the sharp contrast of the straps and ivory trim isn’t as drastic. The navy looks great with the pattern of the dress and jeans though! Love your blog and all inspiring ideas you give!

  19. As usual you rock anything you wear. Personally I like the vest but I don’t like how long it is at the back. If it was all one length, the same as it is in front I would like/wear it. Love your blog!

  20. Charlcy Green Reply

    Oh my gosh what a FUN outfit!! Thanks for wearing it! I love everything about it! And I don’t have a navy t-shirt! I love that seed pearl braclelet! And the duster is the perfect styling for those jeans! I’ll have to check my closet for something similar to wear w/mine! Hope you have an easier day!

  21. The duster and frayed jeans are super cute. I might like it better with a tan or lighter color tank top.
    I think the darker color of the t-shirt competes for your attention

  22. I love the outfit but like you I may feel a little strange in the vest. Not used to wearing such long tops as I’m 5’4″. It looks great on you though & other ladies i see.

  23. Hi, Tania. You always look super cute. You have great fashion sense and taste but also your personality always shines through. You are wonderful and I love your blog. Please don’t stop!!!

  24. Like the vest, shirt and jewelry, but I cannot “get into”, pants w/holes. But the outfit looks good on you!!

  25. I love everything about this , but I think I would of tried wearing a solid color navy off the shoulder top with it, I think the small straps would look better on your bare shoulders….???? Love the holy jeans, actually wearing my white ones today! 😊

  26. Just can’t get into distressed jeans. Just seems wrong to wear clothes with holes in them. But to each his own! Love your blog…..especially your family stories!

  27. Charlene Wasno Reply

    I am very interested in the Rodan and Fields products. Especially the Unblemish. I’m not interested in selling the product. But would love to purchase it at the best price. It is only for me. Could you email me the best way for me to purchase from you. cwasno@hotmail.com

    • Karen Thrasher Reply

      I also would like to know where to get the boho duster. It’s beautiful!

      • Tania Reply

        The duster was bought last fall and it also was from Umgee. There are not a lot of online stores that carry this brand but you can search for Umgee on Google.

  28. A navy tee is the one thing I know I’ll be buying this summer.

    I like the fabric in that vest, and the top part, but I don’t know about the high-low hem. It’s cute on you, though!

  29. Lori Hinkson Reply

    Tania, I love the whole outfit, especially the vest/duster!!! I would love to know how to be able to buy your clothes if that’s possible….you always look fabulous!!!

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