You have all heard me talk about how small Grundy is and how limited we are in our shopping. I probably have even told you that the choices we have to eat are extremely limited too. So when Joe asked me if I wanted to go grab some lunch with him today I said yes but I never imagined that I would be eating at a gas station. Lol! You can’t say that he doesn’t take me to all the nicest places in town. Hahaha50 IS NOT OLD | A PERFECT SUMMER COMBINATIONWe just had a new station open and they have loads of food to choose from. I am not talking gourmet food but it really isn’t too bad. We went and sat down to eat (it has tables) and then Joe got up to go take our trays away. I saw him talking to one of our friends and I went over to speak. They were laughing about something and then she turned to me to tell me that she loved my blog. That just floors me when someone mentions my blog to me. I don’t know who I think reads the blog but I never think it is someone I know. Lol! I guess she could tell by my face that I was shocked but she kept talking and saying that I really was glowing. Then she really started laughing and said, “I bet Joe thinks “HE” is the reason for that glow!” I don’t know why Joe didn’t find it near as funny as the two of us did. Lol! I bet that is the last time he takes me out to eat for awhile. Hahaha
50 IS NOT OLD | A PERFECT SUMMER COMBINATIONHow about a day of just wearing solid colors? I don’t have on anything printed at all today. I believe that all my clothing came from Old Navy but not all at the same time. The white t-shirt is the only new purchase and that is because I like to buy a new white t-shirt every year. I still have one from another brand that is good but it never hurts to have a couple. This one is a deep round neck which is flattering. The hemline is also flattering because it is longer in the front and back and goes up on the sides.

50 IS NOT OLD | A PERFECT SUMMER COMBINATIONYes, I might have picked my outfit out around my new jewelry. Lol! You have to admit that this set is pretty darn cute. The Tory necklace is very bright and colorful. I thought that it would be too bright and I really didn’t think that I would like this set. Finally, though I ordered the set because I thought the orange color would look good with several outfits this summer. I was really shocked at how much I loved the set. I probably like the bracelet better but that is because I like bracelets better than necklaces. The bracelet is called the Sofia. The earrings are called Makia and they will be perfect for summer. I love turquoise!!!50 IS NOT OLD | A PERFECT SUMMER COMBINATIONThe Bailey bracelet is gorgeous! I hate that the picture is not very good. This bracelet is a combination of turquoise and melon. The next time I wear it I will try to get a better picture, it seems like I am always in a hurry and that I never take the time to get really good pictures of my outfits. The bracelet has a magnetic closure and the day I wore this I noticed that I had a paperclip stuck to it when I went to the post office. Lol! I have opened a new party so make sure that you are shopping under tania11.50 IS NOT OLD | A PERFECT SUMMER COMBINATIONI had to wear these melon pixie pants. Melon looks good with several different combinations including turquoise. I will wear melon with navy, gray, white, turquoise, and pink. That is just a few of the combinations that I can think of off the top of my very small brain. You don’t have to hesitate about making a purchase if you think you wouldn’t have anything to wear with the color. What other combinations have I left off?

50 IS NOT OLD | A PERFECT SUMMER COMBINATIONNow for the little turquoise cardigan. I will wear cardigans all summer long because I love the look and also because I am cold natured. If you are someone who doesn’t like your arms to show then this is also a good option for you. Cardigans define your waist and help you to appear thinner which would be a reason I have one in almost every color there is. Lol!

50 IS NOT OLD | A PERFECT SUMMER COMBINATIONToday is the LAST day of my Rodanniversary month!!! You don’t want to let this deal pass you by. I love helping everyone look their best at the best price available. The best price would be as a consultant. If you are interested in hearing more about what the business end of R+F just let me know. I am going to offer the 20% off ALL business kits of 395.00 and up through the end of the month. Email me at and I will schedule a phone call with you. To place an order, go to and to sign up as a consultant go to

Here is a live video I did for FaceBook which talked about my first year.

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  1. This is a great outfit on you and the jewelry really pulls it all together. And yes, you have been truly glowing!!! Whatever you are doing is working….and if it is due to Joe, you need to clone him.

    • Tania Reply

      Brenda, oh my goodness, two of Joe is a scary thought! 😳 😱 🤣

    • Tania Reply

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  2. Cherie Nottingham Reply

    You are so darn cute! I love your blogs. I had to laugh when you were talking about Gundy. I was thinking you got a dog but were limited to where you could take him to eat!
    Also: girl, you are famous! Every time I search just about anything on Pinterest, there you are! Between you and Cindy Joseph from Boom, your picture is on more pages of Pinterest than any movie star!!! You. Are. A. Star!! In many ways…

  3. robjodiefilogomo Reply

    Eating in a gas station?? Now that’s a first—maybe I’m glad I live in a big town??!! LOL
    This is a great example of how the accessories can make the outfit!! Both my mom (the 70+ model on my blog) and myself believe that the more accessories the better!!

  4. Marilyn S. Reply

    Funny post , but I “feel your pain” -we live in a teeny tiny town of almost 200 people in north west GA. We do have 1 real restaurant in the next town over but none here in our town ….. not even a gas station restaurant ! You look great and are looking thinner and thinner -what’s your secret to that….. please share !

    • Tania Reply

      Joe told me that it was NOT a gas station that it was a Convenience Store. Lol!

  5. These are not colors I would think to put together, but they look great! The jewelry really ties it all together. I’m always worried about solid color combinations because I am afraid it will look like I just threw on random stuff. But for some reason it always looks great on you.

  6. Adorable as always! Love how your necklace ties it all together.

  7. Susan Stancliff Reply

    I absolutely adore that color of a cardigan! I think I need one. We live in a big town but we do have one gas station that sells Chinese food. You can also sit down and eat there. And it is good! Your jewelry is fabulous. Beautiful as always Tania!

  8. Camille Buchanan Reply

    HI Tania! I get a kick out of reading about your adventures. You truly enjoy life. I also get inspired to fresh up my wardrobe based on many of your fashion blogs. I am going to go check out Old Navy, some online places you have mentioned too. I live in the Seattle area – we have large shopping areas to shop for. My problem is I am short and it is extremely hard to find pants that do not need to be hemmed. I have found getting ankle length pants works for me! LOL! as they are a little longer on me. Being 70 this year (with a spirit of a 40-50 year old!) makes it hard too to find fashion that is not for a 20 year old in the stores. Again you blog shows me the fashion possibilities! Keep up the great writing and fashion posts!

  9. Cute outfit! I have the same top and cardigan on with print pants. I am getting on my 2nd flight of the morning. I almost froze on the last flight. I nnever fly without a sweater. Thanks so much for introducing me to Old Navy. I love their clothes, the prices and the way they fit me.

  10. My daughter lives in a Dallas suburb, so she has an abundance of resteraunt choices, but her favorite place to get tacos is in a gas station 😊
    I don’t write a blog but I do love to take pictures and share them on my Facebook page. I often have friends comment when we run into each other how they love seeing my pictures! I had one friend, that I see once a month for a social gathering, comment that she liked seeing my posts because they’re always positive. It made my day. You, Tonia help to make my day ❤ everyday.

  11. Melesa Garrison Reply

    I love these cool colors together. This reminded me of my coral ponte pants., I need to pull those out. Lol
    I just want you to know that a few weeks ago, my daughters and I ate at Chef Point in Watauga, TX. Chef Point is a “gas station” in the Dallas area. You should look this story up about Chef Point’s owner, his name is Franson Nwaeze from Nigeria. Franson wanted to open a restaurant in the USA, but couldn’t get a loan for a restaurant, but they would give him one for a gas station. We ate outside in a beautiful garden area and the food was amazing and they were not gas station prices either. I had shrimp and grits. Everything was beautifully done and delicious! My girls had fancy drinks with a full meal on shishkabob sticks, in their drink. Lol ;-D
    Don’t judge a restaurant by the gas station 😉

  12. I just wanted to say I love your style and I’m so glad I found your blog. I am a plus size person (size 20-22) and I find that I can use your style inspiration in my sizes as well. I live in Canada and have to say, we don’t have a huge amount of plus size stores – like around 3. But with online shopping my choices have been greatly improved. I have lots of jewlery and then I don’t wear it because I think I look rediculous. But then I see you and now I’m trying to wear a piece every day. Amazing to think that without even knowing it, you have given at least me some confidence. So for that I thank you.

    • Tania Reply

      Lorraine, that is very sweet of you to tell me. I simply get dressed every day and write about my life. That is a pretty simple process. It is very humbling to think that it is encouraging for others.

  13. love the outfit never would I have mix up those colors together, l love the way it looks.

  14. Ha! Sometime I always thought eating at a gas station was an old Southern habit! Seems like they always have the best tacos or barbeque!

    Be proud of your blog! You’re accomplishing great things for your readers, your family, and yourself.

    This is a total “Brandye” outfit today…solids in bright colors. So, yea, I love what you have on!

    Last day of school is tomorrow…teachers check out on Friday…then we are lake bound! WooHoo!

  15. Teri Getler Matthews Reply

    Tania as usual I love this look…looks so cute on you! I am a Jersey girl and hubby is from Tn. One of my first trips down there we were at his mom’s and decided to order a pizza…went with him to pick it up and got the shock of my life when he pulled into a gas station…all I said was: you’ve got to be kidding and guess what?? Best pizza I ever had and am still talking about it!! Lol

    • Tania Reply

      That made me snicker, Teri. I can just imagine the look on your face when he pulled into a gas station. Lol!

  16. Another winning outfit today Tania! The jewelry matches perfectly! Gas stations have some surprisingly good food sometimes. It’s been quite a while since I’ve eaten at one though. My favorite since I was a child has always been tater logs, when they are fresh out of the fryer – oh golly!

    • Tania Reply

      This one actually has really good food and the latest technology. Lol!

  17. I live about 7 miles out of a very small town in TN and have a gas station just a mile down the road that has great pizza , BBQ sanwiches, chicken fingers, and more! Great when I have grandkids or just need a quick lunch.

  18. Charlcy Green Reply

    What a cute springy outfit! And I love the gas station story. What did you eat? That’s a guy-thinking a convenience store has great food! Love your stories!

  19. We have found some awesome food in some of those convenience stores, there is one that has lines in the morning because of the older gentlemen fixing homemade muffins and biscuits, I am told they are to die for, LOL!! They are good. And I too, made a mistake of calling it a gas station and was quickly corrected. LOL Great outfit!!

  20. Lynn Rebman Reply

    I just recently found your blog…and I realize how I have been missing out! I found you on Pinterest also! Your gas station food story is refreshing! I don’t have a good convenience store restaurant nearby, but plenty of restaurants…just trying to stay out of them so I can shed a few pounds this spring. I also wear cardigans and love them! Look forward to reading your blog regularly!

  21. When you wear the light blue and aqua colors, they bring out the blue in your eyes. I love those colors and they look fabulous on you. I also love the color combo of this outfit. I never would have thought of those colors together! Perfect!

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