50 IS NOT OLD | WHAT TO WEAR TO A SUMMER WEDDINGIt is almost “that” time of year. It is time for wedding season to start up in high gear. I have already received a couple of wedding announcements and I bet most of you have also. Some of you might even have a child or loved one taking the plunge into matrimony. I have had several of you ask me, “What do you wear to a summer wedding?”50 IS NOT OLD | WHAT TO WEAR TO A SUMMER WEDDINGI had just opened a message from a reader asking me that very question when I got an email from Erin at Purple Poppy wondering if I wanted to do another collaboration. She was thinking of a top that she had just received but I had something else in mind. I looked at her website and went straight to the dresses section. I was on a mission. Lol!!! I love the Barbara Gerwit dresses but I had already done one of those and I was looking for something a little dressier. 50 IS NOT OLD | WHAT TO WEAR TO A SUMMER WEDDINGAs soon as I saw this Gretchen Scott Ruffle dress I knew it was the one. You know I love color, and this vivid pink is certainly eye catching. (For those who prefer something a little less bright, the dress also comes in black.The ruffle around the neckline is very flattering and a great way to frame your face. I just put on some hot pink lipstick to match and I was set. I ordered my normal size and one size up because Erin thought this dress ran small, however, my normal size ended up fitting perfect.50 IS NOT OLD | WHAT TO WEAR TO A SUMMER WEDDINGI know some of you might not be comfortable wearing a sleeveless dress so I have the solution for you. I chose to wear a cardigan with the dress which gave my arms extra coverage and would also help in case it got cool. Some weddings are held outdoors in the summer and even though it might be warm in the daytime it can still get quite cool at night. The way the collar is made makes it easy to add a cardigan.50 IS NOT OLD | WHAT TO WEAR TO A SUMMER WEDDINGThe feel of this dress is amazing. It is 97% Polyester and 3% Elastane. I Googled to see what Elastane was and found out that it is the same thing as Lycra. Another great thing about this dress is that it is fine for hand washing so that means no trip to the dry cleaners. YAY! If I have something that is “dry clean only” you might as well forget it because I never go to the dry cleaners. I don’t think we even have one in town!50 IS NOT OLD | WHAT TO WEAR TO A SUMMER WEDDINGI will be giving away another piece of Plunder jewelry on Monday. To enter the giveaway go check out the dresses at Purple Poppy and tell me which one is your favorite.

Erin has offered my readers a discount. When you check out, type in Poppy to receive 10% off. PLUS, if you spend a $100.00 you will receive free shipping. That is a pretty sweet deal.


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  1. ksharrison2013 Reply

    Cute dress, Tania. I love the way it looks with a cardigan, and I love the color. I looked at all the dresses at Purple Poppy and my favorite is the Vintage Concept Black and White Dress. I think that would look cute with a pop of color in the accessories.

  2. I love the dress! The color is beautiful and the yellow sweater looks great with it. It would have been perfect for a wedding I went to last July.

  3. The pink is so pretty on you! My fav is the Comfy Washington dress in black. Look forward to reading your blog each day.

  4. Kris Ronchetti Reply

    The dress and sweater are a fabulous combo!! My son is getting and this gives me a great idea!!!

  5. Sandy Hopkins Reply

    Love the pink!!! My favorite was the Damee, love the lace detail!!!

  6. Bernie McIntyre Reply

    Gorgeous dress Tania love love the colour I wore this colour to a wedding a couple of years ago it suits dark or fair hair so apart from this dress I liked The “isle” dress 😀

  7. Shelley Wells Reply

    Barbara Gerwit Amenda Blue Dress is my fav Putple Poppy dress! Beautiful color!

  8. Tania. I love this dress!, the color is perfect for you and it is so unique with the ruffle. Perfect for a wedding 🌷

  9. What a great color and it is perfect with the yellow and those shoes. I wish you a great weekend! I hope you van join my Fancy Friday linkup party!

  10. Sheryl Brockman Reply

    Love the pretty pink and the ruffle really makes it dressy. I love maxi dresses, though, and I’d love to see one featured for a wedding.

  11. Ooh LaLa…Tania!!! I can’t whistle and I’m not sure if there is an emoji that whistles (LOL!!!) but girl you look gorgeous in that shade of pink. My favorite Purple Poppy dress is the Damee black lace dress…very classy and elegant. Have a great weekend. ~Lisa~

  12. You are glowing in this pink dress! This dress is my favorite. Who would have thought ( or be brave enough ) to add a yellow cardigan! This is why I love your blog, you are a fashion risk taker! Your not afraid of color!

  13. That pink dress is stunning on you!

    My favourite is the Barbara Gerwit Amenda Blue Dress.

    Have a wonderful day!

  14. Patti Cardona Reply

    I love your choice, but I prefer the Gretchen Scott Ruffle Neck Dress
    with the 3/4 sleeve and the pretty print. Love your blog, too!

  15. I like the beau jours dress, a white dress with a twist. Love how you love color,though!

  16. I love the Ruby Yaya Dress because of the cute little pompoms on the hem! This dress your wearing is so pretty and I love the color, great for that summer wedding! Happy Friday!

  17. Ann Claire Reply

    My favorite was the Pure Amici printed dress. They were all pretty!

  18. Tania the pink dress is stunning on you!!!! I think my favorite would be that in black, I am always looking for a little black dress!

  19. Love your pink dress! Also looks great with the cardigan. Purple Poppy is a nice site. I liked the Barbara Gerwit Amenda Blue Dress.

  20. Glenda Gordon Reply

    This is really cute – perfect for a dressy occasion. I also like the Barbara Gerwit Palm dresses – both the pink and lime and the turquoise and lime. Love bright colors for the summer!

  21. I love the collar on that dress!! And, you have such a cute little figure! Anything referring to Lycra on visible parts of my clothing scares me! I’ve been eyeing at the Vintage Black and White dress on Purple Poppy website. They have some cute clothing.

  22. Love the pure Amici black dress. Also love the pink dress you are wearing, Tania! So many pretty dresses!

  23. I love the Isle Golden Aztec Scuba Shift Dress, Does it fit true to size? The Purple Poppy site is great! I could buy a few more dress but my pocketbook will not allow me. lol

  24. Sondra Koons Reply

    Pink is DEFINITELY your color! I 💕this dress and you look gorgeous in it! I wish I had a wedding to go to!

  25. This looks amazing on you. I love this one best. Also like the sweater but don’t like it buttoned. I wish the website listed the material. I wish my legs looked as good as yours.

  26. When I open your email this morning I laughed cause Im going to a wedding this afternoon. I love the bright pink color of the dress but im not a ruffle person. Purple poppy has some cute dresses my favorite is daisy by barbara G

  27. Pamela Bellino Reply

    Barbara Gerwit Palm Dress Pink and Lime. I could wear this dress to work, parties and church!

  28. The Ruby Yaya dress was cute; thought it would be good for summer barbecue, cruise, etc. Wish she carried larger sizes. The bright pink looks lovely on you.

  29. Beautiful ,and so simple elegant dress,no need for many .accessories.Nice color on you. my favor dress is Britt Ryan silk dress for an island wedding this summer .🏖

  30. I love your style! That pink dress is so cute. I also like the Comfy McKenzie Dress.

  31. Tammy Brown Reply

    Loved your dress. I also like the Barbara Gerwit Palm dress Pink and Lime. Thanks!

  32. Libby Sims Lancaster Reply

    My favorite is the Amenda Blue dress. Love all your posts!

  33. I love the dress on you! Because I am a tall lady, I like the style of the Beau Jours Zipper Dress.

  34. Love the dress on you, but a soft pashmina draped around your arms in a cream or gold would look perfect!

  35. I love the dress and that color on you! I had not been to the Purple Poppy site previously and found lots of items I would like! All the dresses were lovely but one of my favorites was the Bobeau Cold Shoulder Dress in Black.

  36. I love the dress you chose. The pink looks beautiful on you and I would not have thought about the yellow cardigan but I love that too.

  37. Love the Pure Amici Printed Dress. Really love that hot pink color on you

  38. That dress checks off all the right boxes! Love the style and the colour is fabulous. I checked out all the other dresses at Purple Poppy and this one is still my favorite. The sister dress in pink print with 3/4 sleeves would be my next favorite. I think I could get more wear out of that one…but my heart beats a little faster for this one. 😍

  39. LOVE that dress in black but I also like the Julie Brown Leah Dress because I feel so “funky” in a color block dress!!

  40. One of my favorites is th Mod O Doc long dress. I really like the hot pink dress you re wearing also!

  41. Teresa McMillan Reply

    I love the Barbara Gerwit Palm dress in pink and lime. The colors are bright and the print is cute! And since I like to wear cotton, that is a plus too! It’s 95% cotton so it has to be comfortable and cool! I love the pink dress on you! Perfect for a summer party!

  42. TGIF! My daughter is getting married in June of 2018, her colors are brown, turquoise, and coral. I love the Beau Jours Daniela dress, would that be ok for a “50 something” mother of the bride with maybe a turquoise lightweight cardigan? I second guess myself alot when it comes to what to wear, lol
    Have a great day 🙂

  43. Barbara Cowles Reply

    Tania, I like the pink/white Gretchen Scott ruffle neck with the long sleeves. I met your sister at a book fest recently. She’s a lovely lady and her book is a must read.

  44. I Love the Gretchen Scott Ruffle Neck Dress Tania……the pink dress you have on inspired me!
    It’s super cute on you.

    All the best,

  45. Tania, that pink dress looks fabulous on you, but I think all eyes will be on you rather than the bride😊 I like the
    DAISY dress.

  46. That took a minute! The Purple Poppy has a lot of great looking clothes! Love the Luukaa check dress. I also love the bright pink you are wearing. Keep up the great work. (Also watched your son’s Vansant Lumber videos yesterday and they cracked me up!)

  47. Lee Warriner Reply

    Hi Tania! The dress looks fantastic on you. You look so good in bright colors. You have inspired me to try brighter colors. I like the one with the 3/4 sleeve, Gretchen Scott ruffle neck. I hope you have a greet weekend. By the way, my Plunder jewelry came in and I love the pieces. Plunder jewelry is my new obsession!

  48. Teresa Cecil Bolling Reply

    I love the Britt Ryan Silk Dress – I love color and I must say that pink dress lyour are modeling today ooks awesome on you. Love the ruffle around the neckline. Look forward to your emails daily and love your style of clothing and all the accessories.

  49. Love the bright pink dress on you! Your hair and makeup looks great! I like the Gretchen Scott Ruffle Neck Dress best partly because I prefer to cover my arms.

  50. The Alana tank dress is super cute! I like the black with the leather look accents also. Have a great day. TGIF.

  51. Love the stand up ruffle collar! My favorite is the Barbara Gerwit Palm Island Dress Turq/Lime. Love the colors!

  52. Alicia Stokes Reply

    Love your outfit! Thanks for sharing your life with us! My favorite Purple Poppy dress is the Ruby Yaya Tapestry Dress, the colors are so pretty.

  53. Becky R Bernard Reply

    for a summer dress, I love the Britt Ryan silk dress!

  54. Lezlie Davis Reply

    That dress is perfect for you! I would never have thought of adding a yellow cardigan. I’m so thrilled I found you on Pinterest. The Julie Brown Blue Sea Glass dress is my favorite.

  55. Maxine Bower Reply

    Love what you have on! The Britt By Britt Ryan Napa dress is my favorite.

  56. Sue S (MN) Reply

    Cute dress!. I liked the Barbara Gerwit Amenda Blue Dress and the Damee. Both super cute!

  57. Susan Jones Reply

    I know you like cobalt blue, but this color is great on you too. I agree with another reader, rock sleeveless in the heat, and for a wedding use a fabulous pashmina to cover your shoulders when it’s cooler. My favorite on Poppy is Luukka. Longer and comfortably casual.

  58. Mary Milner Reply

    Love the Barbara Gerwit Amenda blue dress. I noticed Poppy’s sizes only go up to an 8. That sure leaves out a lot of us. I am 5′ 10″, and I’d look emaciated if I was thin enough for an 8.

    • Tania Reply

      Mary, most of their sizes go up to an XL. I couldn’t wear an 8 if I had to. Lol!!!

  59. Susan Stancliff Reply

    Very beautiful dress you have on! I like the Barbara Gerwit Palm Island dress. It looks like me. You are looking smashing as always! Have a great weekend. And I went and watched your sons video! Too funnY!!

  60. I like your dress best, but I also like the comfy Washington dress.

  61. I love pink on you. Like you, I am huge fan of pink. I like the Britt Ryan Silk dress, due to the fit, and of course, the fabulous color!

  62. The David Cline striped dress is cute. But, they are all pretty. Love this pink dress on you, Tania. The ruffle makes the dress look dressy and special!

  63. Virginia Crozier Reply

    I love the RubyYayaTapestry Dress and I love the one you have on!

  64. I love this pink ruffle dress, it is so bright and springy. I am not a big fan of ruffles, around my face, but this I could probably get used to. LOL. I looked at all the dresses, and there were many I liked, but I thought the Gretchen Scott Isosceles Dress was bright and different.

  65. Susy Shelton Reply

    Love the hot pink on you!
    Also love the Barbara Gerwit daisy dress 💗

  66. Love those colors! Every time I wear bright colors I get compliments. Someone once told me that hot pink was “made for me.” But I’m willing to share😉. My favorite purple poppy dress is the Barbara Gerwit Amanda blue dress. I would buy that puppy in a heartbeat but I like my dresses to cover my knees.

  67. Elizabeth Conte-Vitullo Reply

    The pink ruffle dress looks great on you. The pink really “pops” your lovely blue eye color.
    For me, I would chose the short, light blue Vintage Concept Dress as my fav!

  68. I love the bright pink dress on you!

    My favorite is the Britt Ryan silk dress!

  69. Jenny Frondorf Reply

    I like yours best! That’s the one I would choose.

  70. I love the ruffle dress on you! The neckline is so flattering! Purple Poppy has so many beautiful dresses. My favorite is Barbara Gerwit Amenda Blue Dress. I love the pattern & the blue & white really pop!

  71. I love the Damee dress. The cut out dress the black dress up. So sophisticated. I do love you in the pink dress.

  72. Love the one you are wearing! I agree the ruffle frames your face. It kind of says Hey…look at me. 😁 I also love the Julie Brown Blue. It’s another one that you could wear a pretty white cardigan with and give it a whole new look. You look absolutely stunning today! Have a super weekend.

  73. I love the Vintage Concept dress. Perfect for a summer wedding 👰

  74. I’m new to your blog and just LOVE IT. Thank you. The Barbara Gerwit Amenda Blue Dress is my fav Putple Poppy dress! keep up the great work and enjoy your weekend.

  75. Deanna Damesworth Reply

    Love the ruffle!!! My favorite is the Julie Brown Blue Sea Glass.

  76. Cute dress! I’m going to have to check out Purple Poppy for an upcoming wedding in August. Just curious…do you ever post pictures of your closet? I’d love to see how you keep it organized.

  77. Charlcy Green Reply

    Oh my gosh Tanya, this dress is to die for! I love the way you have the collar standing up and that color is so good on you. No one will be looking at the bride! Enter me in the contest. And my favorite dress on the website is the one you’re wearing.

  78. My favorite dress is the Britt Ryan Silk Dress, but the one you’re wearing is a close second! You look amazing as usual!❤️

  79. Love his dress with the sweater. Who knew you could add a sweater to a very dressy dress and have it look so good! I love the Damee dress. We all need a little black dress in our closet for those special date nights! Love your blog Tania! 💕

  80. Sharon Driggers Reply

    My favorite is the Britt by Britt dress. Love the dress you have one too!

  81. Caryn Shanahan Reply

    Love the Barbara Gerwit Amenda Blue dress! Actually put it in my shopping cart already! You’ve really helped me to step up my clothing game with your suggestions. Thanks and bring on the bright colors!

  82. Lisa D Neighbors Reply

    I think that I liked the Comfy Isabel dress. It’s hard to tell from my phone. I know it’s black but it can always be jazzed up with accessories, right? 😊

  83. I love the BG Palm Island dress in turquoise/green, makes me feel like I’m at the beach!

  84. I love a lot of them, vut I would pick the Britt by Britt Ryan Napa dress! Love the pink dress on you.

  85. Love this dress!! I would have never thought to put a yellow cardigan with it but it really works.

  86. Love THIS dress! Love This dress on you! Hot pink is my favorite, too! Great shoes and your make-up is beautiful! Hope you have a blast at the wedding!

  87. I like the Julie Brown Leah dress but I always tend to go with dark colors. I really need to “break out” of my comfort zone. 🙂

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