50 IS NOT OLD | GRAPHIC TEE AND FRAYED JEANSIt is time to celebrate!!! My birthday weekend has finally arrived and I am sitting here eating chocolate covered strawberries! Life is GOOD! I truly believe that age is an attitude and I am doing everything I can to keep mine young. I will be 57 on Sunday and I am tickled “pink” that I have been blessed to have lived this long and I hope for many more years to come. If genetics play any role at all then I don’t have to worry.50 IS NOT OLD | GRAPHIC TEE AND FRAYED JEANSMy family has longevity in their blood. My grandmother only recently passed away and she was 103. Granny was feisty and in great health even when she was in her 100’s. My grandfather on the other side of the family will be 100 this year on August 20th. He is a cracker”Jack!” He hasn’t felt good lately but his mind is still a steel trap. He LOVES Joe! Whenever I call him he will chat for just a minute and then say, “Is Joe there?” Whenever I go to visit the first thing he will ask me is, “Where is Joe, did he come with you?” Nevermind what I said about his mind, it is obvious that he is now delusional. Lol!!! BTW, Joe tells me that the only way he will ever get rid of me is by pushing me in front of a bus. If I ever get ran over by a bus you will know what happened. Haha!50 IS NOT OLD | GRAPHIC TEE AND FRAYED JEANSI am not usually “dressed” up on Saturdays. You will find me just like you in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t still be stylish even wearing t-shirts and jeans. I had this shirt made at a local store in town that does embroidery and vinyl. I bought the baseball type t-shirt and asked him to have these words put on the shirt. If I am going to wear a graphic shirt (you can wear this type shirt over 50) I want the words to reflect me. When I was young I might have worn shirts with advertisings or bands on them but now as I am older I am more picky about the message I send.

50 IS NOT OLD | GRAPHIC TEE AND FRAYED JEANSWho says that you can’t wear bling and pearls with t-shirts and jeans? Not me, that is for sure! I love dressing up a t-shirt with fancier jewelry. The Lorelei earrings are a new set that I just got in. They were part of another set that I didn’t think I wanted. Once again I was wrong. I think I am just going to start throwing darts to decide what to order. On my right arm is the plum bling bracelet in silver tone. This is the Tina and it is a special that once it is sold out it will be gone. The matching bracelet to the earrings is called the Lucinda. I wear this bracelet a lot now because of the floral design and the tiny seed pearls. There is also a matching necklace that I don’t have on called the Rosemary.

UPDATE It appears that the links to the jewelry are not working. Copy and paste this link to be shopping in my party and then type in the name in the search bar or just hit the menu tab. www.plunderdesign.com/party/tania950 IS NOT OLD | GRAPHIC TEE AND FRAYED JEANSThe Broedrick, the Flynn, and the Chalon are the magnetic bling bracelets that I have on my left arm. These bracelets have become staples for me. I can’t even remember what I wore before I got them. Lol!!50 IS NOT OLD | GRAPHIC TEE AND FRAYED JEANSI like to wear cute shoes. These Converse, or Chuck Taylors, are super cute with the polka dot tongue. The pale gray color can go with anything and because these are a fashion statement, they can be worn with almost anything. I have seen women wear these shoes with dresses and suits.

50 IS NOT OLD | GRAPHIC TEE AND FRAYED JEANSI know some of you are not huge fans of distressed jeans. However, these are too cute! The distressing is perfect with the frayed hem. I think the frayed hem looks really cute turned up like this. It looks so casual but trendy at the same time. If you wear an outfit like this your children will have to give you a thumbs up 👍

50 IS NOT OLD | GRAPHIC TEE AND FRAYED JEANSThe winner of the Plunder giveaway will be announced on Monday. Be sure to go here to enter. I have really enjoyed all of your comments this week. When you feel bad reading all of your comments has a way of making you feel better. Thanks so much!!!

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  1. Comfy, cute and jewels. Great Saturday look. Love the shirt, perfect for Mother’s day!

  2. Hey, happy birthday and Mother’s Day. I bet that doesn’t happen very often. Enjoy.

  3. Love your graphic tee. I just bought a pair of distressed jeans from Chicos and even though they have jeweled bling on them my husband always teases me about wearing them. He once handed me a cardboard sign that said “need new pants”. He thinks he is soooo funny

  4. Wow! Those ages! My Birthday is also on the 31st of August! And I don t think Joe ever wants to get rid of you😂😂😂 I wish you al fantastic Birthday weekend!

  5. Adorable!!!! I do not wear many T-shirts but this one I would wear because of what it says. You look great Tania. ~Lisa~

  6. Happy Birthday Tania! I celebrated my 65th birthday on May 7 and that is when I discovered you on Pinterest! I love all the styles you choose to feature, and have pinned every one! I truly enjoy your writing as well. May God continue to inspire and bless you for many many years to come!

  7. I never liked graphic tees til I saw this post. Happy birthday and keep up the good work. Love your blog!

  8. Happy Birthday, love your positive messages! Have a lovely Mothers’ Day!

  9. Happy Birthday, Happy Mother’s Day, love the words you chose, enjoy your day Tania, you look great.

  10. Happy Birthday Tania!! You’re beautiful and stylish in your graphic and jeans!! Love it and following you! Hope you have a blessed day!

  11. This is the same outfit i wore to work yesterday for casual Friday. But I never thought to add a necklace n bracelets to jazz it up. Thanks for the tip.
    You look great!
    Happy birthday 🎁

  12. Caryn Shanahan Reply

    Happy birthday and Happy a Mother’s Day! Where did you find those jeans? Love them!!

  13. Today is my 57th birthday!! Happy birthday to us!!! Your outfit today is my favorite thing to wear. I love the new crazy hems on jeans. May we have many more years together!

  14. Tania, just found your blog from Pinterest and subscribed. I absolutely love, love your style, your such an inspiration! You have such a great fashion sense and have me now thinking out of the box. Mixing & matching in my closet lol! Love the graphic T and how you’ve styled it. Happy Birthday and Mothers Day too!

  15. Cynthia Kendrick Reply

    Happy early Birthday! I hope you have a joy filled and wonderful day!

  16. Love, love ❤️ this look! Tania you look fantastic and I bet your attitude has lots to do with you looking so young. I know the R & F helps but your attitude of gratitude is one of your prettiest features! Happy birthday, youngun!

  17. Happy Birthday Tania! May you have many, many more! Have a wonderful weekend and may you “Celebrate, celebrate, dance to the music!”
    Love your style!

  18. Have a wonderful birthday and Mother’s Day, Tania! Double celebration!

  19. Happy Birthday and Mother’s Day all together but you better get 2 gifts! Tell Joe I said so! LOL
    i love this outfit, this is totally me most of the time! I love awesome saying T shirts! You look at the most 35 wearing this outfit! Bravo!

  20. Happy Birthday! I am soon to be 51 and just bought a pair of jeans like this yesterday. I’m curious to see if my 13 year old daughter will be impressed or embarrassed. Lol

  21. Gina Cates Reply

    Happy Birthday & Happy Mother’s Day!! Have a wonderful day of celebration! Such a comfy cute outfit, perfect! Where are your jeans from??

  22. Happy Birthday sweet lady! I hope you have a wonderful and blessed birthday weekend. I enjoy reading your comical comments and your sweet spirit is evident. Blessings to you!

  23. Happy birthday! You look MAHHHHVALOUS, Darling! I just celebrated the big 5-0 two weeks ago. I hope that in seven years I can be as lovely and with such a beautiful spirit! Hope you have a wonderful day!
    (BTW – Love the T-shirt!)

  24. Happy happy birthday! Your look and statement fits you to a TEE! I turned 57 in March! I bought a pink purse at fossil shortly after returning home! Guess I was celebrating your birthday weekend!

  25. Happy Birthday Tania! I love your casual look today. The words on your shirt are a great representation of who you are as a wonderful women. Also love the Converse with the polka dots.

  26. So cute, Tania! I love my Converse and distressed jeans, but sometimes that little doubt creeps in and I wonder if I’m too old for them, so thank you for this post. I’ll be 54 tomorrow. Happy Birthday, Mother’s Day to us!

  27. Happy 57th Birthday to you, and Happy 56th Birthday to my hubby! His mom says he was born on Mother’s Day so I guess that would mean your 1st birthday was on Mother’s Day! LOL! Happy Mother’s Day to you,as well!
    I’m getting ready to go to Walmart shortly-wish I had this outfit! Love it!

  28. LOVE everything about this outfit Tania!!! Have a wonderful birthday and a blessed Mother’s Day. Hope the day is filled with wonderful surprises for you.

  29. Rhonda Ragain Reply

    Tania, you look adorable! I would love to have your spunk on a Saturday after a long week of working….makeup, hair, all your darling Plunder pieces! Wishing you a wonderful Mother’s Day and a very Happy Birthday. I love your posts and pin regularly on Pinterest! Enjoy your special weekend!

  30. Charlcy Green Reply

    Oh my gosh, I love this look! You look absolutely beautiful in pink and I too love traffic tees that make a statement. I have one from One Faith Boutique that says “She laughs” from Proverbs 31:25. And I wish I had those jeans! Adorable w/the turned up cuff. Thanks for the stories of your family and grandparents! Those are priceless! Have a beautiful happy Mothers Day, Tania!

  31. Happy Mother’s Day and Happy Birthday, Tina! I’ll be 62 in July and luv baseball sleeves 👍🏻
    Absolutely in love with the placement of distressing in the jeans you have on. Can you please tell us the brand and where you got them? Thanks and have a wonderful time celebrating your weekend!

  32. Happy Birthday and Happy Mother’s Day Tania!!! You’re looking fabulous at 57!!!

  33. Happy Birthday and also Happy Mothers Day, we have already had our Mothering Sunday here in England in March.

  34. You look fantastic for 57 and you are adorable in your cute jeans and pink t-shirt!! Have a Happy Happy Birthday and blessed Mothers Day!!

  35. I’m sorry if I missed it in the blog, but which brand of jeans are you wearing? Thanks, and happy birthday!

  36. Happy Mothers and Happy Birthday!! I love the jeans. We are the same age. I will be 57 on September 4!! I love your blog!!

  37. Happy Birthday, Tania! Mine is the 24th of this month and I will be older than you. But my parents lived to be 83 so I have pretty good genetics too.

  38. L H Carter Reply

    Happy Birthday! I love the 3 word motto tee shirt. Your hair looks absolutely great!

  39. I’m so glad I found your blog a few months ago! You are an inspiration to me! Love your style! Happy Birthday to you! I’ll be 55 at the end of June and I wanted to share a little something I wrote that you might appreciate. 🙂 You are in MUCH better shape than me, but it’s all about attitude and I love yours! Have a good one!
    My Birthday Wish

    Today is my birthday and I’ve just had a thought
    Just for today I’ll like what I’ve got
    From morning to night I’ll cut me some slack
    And not catalog all the things that I lack

    I won’t waste one minute bemoaning my weight
    Just for today I won’t say the word “hate”
    When I look in the mirror at my cellulite thighs
    I won’t blame my ancestors and heave a big sigh

    I’ll celebrate their shape, how sturdy and round
    And be thankful they keep my rear end off the ground
    I won’t wear a big shirt to keep my hips hid
    I’ll be happy I had them to carry my kids

    When I pull my shirt on, down over my breasts
    I won’t focus on how they’ve slid down my chest
    I’ll be grateful I have them, my mammogram’s clear
    I’ll send some thoughts to some ladies I know have been there

    Today when I gaze at my face in the mirror
    I’ll cherish each wrinkle that time has put there
    The laugh lines are gifts God has given to me
    To remind me that life can be so funny

    I’ve lines by my eyes from days in the sun
    Spent with my children having some fun
    Oh, I have some gray hair, but I’ll not pull it out
    I’ll leave it right there and just think about

    The memories I’ve made and the years yet to come
    This body of mine, well, it gets the job done
    Just for today I’ll give me a break
    I’ll eat what I want, and “Yes! I’ll have cake!”

    When they put the candles on and light everyone
    I’ll have my wish made before the song has been sung
    I know I’m too old to be referred to as “cute”
    But today I look good in my birthday suit!

    There are so many more things more important in life
    I hope I’m remembered as a good mom and a wife
    Birthdays come and they go and in the end
    I’ll count myself lucky that you were my friend

    So help me blow out these candles, there’s more than a few!
    Let’s make a wish, just me and you
    Just for today let’s say “Enough is enough!”
    Let’s promise ourselves we won’t sweat the small stuff.

    Written by: Kala Cota

  40. Vickie Ashelford Reply

    You look adorable and sassy!! I’ve wanted a shirt just like that for a long time w or wo graphics. I cannot find one. Any suggestions? Love your style! Vickie

  41. Happy Birthday! I’m only 2 days older than you! Love your outfit. Hope you have a very Blessed Birthday and many more!

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