50 IS NOT OLD | OFF THE SHOULDER AFTER 40Don’t you just love the spring weather? In case you are wondering, this is said with dripping sarcasm. My head is killing me and it has been that way for two days now. It is my sinuses acting up because of all the rain, rain, and more rain. I thought it was supposed to be “April” showers! I would have gone out last night to eat with Lori, the lady from Mississippi that was in town yesterday, but my head was throbbing.50 IS NOT OLD | OFF THE SHOULDER AFTER 40I am one of those that is never sick, well hardly ever, so I tend to whine when I don’t feel good. I like being bubbly and happy but I guess everybody does. Lol!!! I came home early from work and slept for a couple hours even though that didn’t help anything. If I am asleep I don’t know my head is hurting. This is the kind of a headache that is at the top of your head, in your temples, and in your teeth. YUCK!!! I told you that I am a whiner.50 IS NOT OLD | OFF THE SHOULDER AFTER 40Just from looking at today’s outfit you would know that I feel bad. I am faking it! Lol! Another off the shoulder top for you today. This is not a trend that I went running to right off the bat. It is one that has crept slowly into my wardrobe. If I am not “feeling” like wearing the top as off the shoulder, I will just raise it up and let the neckline look like an elastic scoop neckline. I bought this on Wednesday at a little boutique in town. I told her I was going to wear it on the blog before she could get sold out. She had several in stock but you had better hurry. Lol!

50 IS NOT OLD | OFF THE SHOULDER AFTER 40I didn’t even have to even zoom in on this picture for you to get a good look at these earrings. The Samantha earrings are gorgeous!!! I love this pair for a couple reasons. I like the color, I like the length, I like the style, and I like the weight. These are so lightweight it is unbelievable. There is plenty of movement when you walk to draw your attention.50 IS NOT OLD | OFF THE SHOULDER AFTER 40You will probably see me wear these two bracelets a lot this summer. Especially the Ashley bracelet which might be my favorite piece I have ever gotten from Plunder!!! That is the one on the right with the flowers and dangling pearls. The Chloe is pretty too and I like that it is stretchy making it easier to put on and take off. 50 IS NOT OLD | OFF THE SHOULDER AFTER 40Look at the cute lace detail on these navy leggings. I wore these before but you couldn’t see the lace. At least today I was smart enough to get a good picture of the unique detail. The leggings are navy but the lace is black. I bought these in Marietta last year when I went down for the vintage fashion show that is held at Winnwood Retirement facility. My sister has worked there for years and this facility is beautiful! There host events and activities for the residents who live there and the vintage fashion show is always a huge hit.50 IS NOT OLD | OFF THE SHOULDER AFTER 40I love the “looks” of these shoes but they are not my favorite pair. The reason is because of the platform sole. I am not used to walking in them and I am always stubbing my toe. Lol! Just call me Grace!!! I am fairly tall, 5’6″, but for any of you that are shorter in stature, you might like this type sole. It instantly made me at least two inches taller. I could almost look Joe in the eye. Haha!

50 IS NOT OLD | OFF THE SHOULDER AFTER 40It is time for my Plunder giveaway on Friday. Since this is my birthday month, (my actual birthday in on Sunday the 14th) I am giving YOU the presents. I have been giving away Rodan and Fields products out on my personal FaceBook page through the week and today I am giving away the Paxton necklace here on the blog. The winner will be announced on Monday’s post. I am going to be placing an order with Plunder this weekend for some new items. I will be ordering several new things but I can’t decide what to get. Comment below what you would like to see me style from the new Plunder spring line to be entered to win.

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  1. I don t know if it is because of the weather but it s raining here constant too and I was sick yesterday. Such a awfull headache. I don t wear of shoulder because doesn t look good on me. But I do wear it if it is of shoulder with straps on the shoulder. I like your outfit! Why don t you linkup with me on Fancy Friday linkup!

  2. I’ve had my eye on the Kelsie earrings would love to see you in those. Is there a matching necklace? By the way you look stunning! Which you look great in everything. HAPPY BIRTHDAY and have a great MOTHERS DAY!

  3. Happy Birthday and Happy Mother’s Day! I would be interested in seeing how you would style the Avery teardrop necklace…

  4. You look great! I remember this top from the boutique. She had some really cute things! Thanks so much for the shopping tour! I enjoyed meeting you. Kinda felt like meeting an old friend. And thanks for not having me arrested! Ha! Hope you feel better!

  5. Love the off the shoulder of the top but WOW do I love the sleeves too! I seem to gravitate to unusual sleeve shapes and this definitely has it al going on. Happy Birthday to YOU!

  6. Annemarie perry Reply

    I’m from the UK.. ..would love to be entered into yr completion lol

  7. Love the floral and feminine colours, you look so pretty Tania!

  8. I love this!! So bright and colorful! I hope you are feeling better soon!

    Btw…how do you style your hair?? It’s beautiful! And the color is gorgeous!

    God bless!

  9. I love this whole outfit! The top is absolutely gorgeous! These earrings are on my list to order, they are so pretty! How about showing off the Imogene and Juliet set? Very curious on what these two would look like in person!
    Happy early birthday!

  10. Lezlie Davis Reply

    I would love to see you style the Tory necklace! I really like it (I think it’s the color combinations), but I’m not sure what to do with it. Happy Birthday!

  11. Very pretty look today! What about the Bailey bracelet? I love turquoise jewelery, loved it even before it became so popular now. Hope your feeling better, darn pollen season!

  12. You might not have felt well but you look amazing! I am currently standing in my closet wearing pants and searching for a top thinking “What would Tania wear?”

    • Ann Claire Reply

      Happy birthday and Mothers Day! Would love to see you in the Rosemary necklace.

  13. These Plunder earrings you have on are so pretty! I think they would look good with white pants and a cute top for summer. Funny you say that about Pinterest. That’s where I found you! I love your style. Thank you for showing ladies you can look beautiful and modest at any age!

  14. I first found you on on Pinterest, like you style Tania! I would like to see the Olivia necklace worn short and long please. Pearls go with everything ha. Happy birthday!

  15. Sondra Koons Reply

    I wanted to take this opportunity to wish you a VERY Happy Birthday & Mother’s Day! You always look fabulous in just about everything you wear….Plunder and all. I’m actually jealous of your jewelry but honestly, because I’m 5’3″, small boned, I cannot wear large pieces of jewelry. Nor can I wear all of the log tunic’s you show us. I really love today’s tunic…so colorful and I love the Paxton as well. Just don’t think I could pull it off as good as you do!

  16. Love this top on you!!! I would love to see some of the personalized necklaces and what can be done to make them your own. I know you have shown your grandchildren photos in the designs-are there any other ideas for designs that can be personalized?

  17. Maxine Bower Reply

    Looking great today! Have a wonderful birthday!🎉🎂🎉

  18. Love the look! Can you tell us the brands of the top and pants? That would be MOST HELPFUL!
    Thank You!

  19. Maxine Bower Reply

    I would like to see you model the CLARABELLE necklace.

  20. Kathleen Foyle Reply

    Hi Tania. My name is Kathleen. I just started following your blog this week. I found you on Pinterest and decided to get your daily blog posts. I love how you style your clothes and jewelry. I just browsed through the Plunder catalog and love many of the pieces. Here are the five necklaces I chose for you to style: Lyric, Imogene, Ava, Alexis & Summer. My apologies if you have styled any of these in your past blog posts. Thank you and I look forward to reading your posts!

  21. Your blog gives me ideas for outfits that are pretty and classy . I’m 56 and I want to look youthful but not like a teenager ! Happy Birthday and Mothers Day and thanks for the lovely giveaway 🙂

  22. Happy Birthday! I would love to see you style the Claire necklace. I love pearls! Enjoy reading your blog with my morning coffee each morning!

  23. Such a pretty look.

    I would like to see the chevron set on you. Think necklace is Lexie, Rachelle earrings and the Dixie bracelet.

  24. Sally Bauman Reply

    I would try a decongestant for the headache instead of a tylenol or advil…sounds to me more of a sinus issue due to the weather, that might help instead… Love the leggings and I keep wanting to try the off shoulder look but want to find something that covers my upper arms more…I just keep looking and end up buying other things!

  25. Kim Neihart Reply

    Super Cute outfit today!
    I’ve had sinus issues most of the week but nothing can slow me down as my daughter graduates from Indiana State University on Saturday w/a Nursing Degree! I’m soooo proud of her & her accomplishments🎓. #i1proudmomma… id love to see any of the Plunder Mothers Necklace like this one “Mothers Atlas”. I simply love Plunder Jewelry!!! Always enjoy seeing how you work the Plunder jewelry in w/your outfits😬
    Happy Birthday & enjoy your Mothers Day💜💐🌸

  26. I would love to see Jenica on you! And I agree, Ashley is one of my favorites too! Thanks so much for helping me to not look as frumpy as I used to! 😀

  27. I hope you’re feeling better today. You sure look beautiful in this outfit. I love all the colors in your top. You look great in everything you wear. Thanks for sharing your stories. They make you REAL.

    Happy early birthday! I hope all your birthday wishes come true!

  28. Bonnie Henderson Reply

    Love this outfit! I have really embraced the off the shoulder look . Always looks classy and cool. Happy Birthday and Mother’s Day! My son’s 30th birthday is May 14th and we love when it falls on Mother’s Day. I am also called Nee Nee by my Grands. My oldest granddaughter named me, because she couldn’t say Nanny……

  29. Happy Birthday and Mother’s Day. Hope you feel better, sounds like you need Alka Seltzer Plus for sinus headache. Works pretty quick. I would like to see you style the Lynn necklace. Thanks for all you do.

    • All this rain is certainly a downer, especially when it is thrown in with the few nice days that we have also been having. Love today’s leggings. Happy Friday!

  30. Melesa Garrison Reply

    Happy Birthday, Beautiful Lady with the longest, amazing lashes EVA!!! Hope you are feeling better and have a great weekend!

  31. I love this outfit! It would be a dress on me but that would be fine. I love the lace detail on the leggings too! Please feel better soon!

  32. Susan Erway Reply

    I think you’d look lovely in the Paris necklace. How nice your Birthday is on Mothers Day this year! You are special!

  33. I LOVE this outfit, and the necklace. Makes me beyond jealous that they don’t deliver here. Oh well, maybe one day. Hope you feel better.

  34. Glenda Gordon Reply

    Sending you early wishes for a wonderful birthday! I would love to see how you would style the Keri necklace. I like it, but not sure how it would look best.

  35. Hello Tania! I would love to see you style the Ava necklace! Happy Birthday and Mother’s Day To You!!

  36. I love the off the shoulder look and bought a cute denim top for my neice. Don’t know if I’d wear it though. What kind of “foundations” do you wear with it? Strapless?
    Happy, happy Sunday!!!

  37. Charlcy Green Reply

    Well, girl, you certainly don’t look like you feel bad! Only You could look that cute with a raging headache! Thanks for pushing thru to style for us girls who can’t wait for your blog everyday! I love off the shoulder tops! That Ashley bracelet is just too cute! Hope you feel better!!

  38. Happy Almost Birthday, Tania! My hubby’s is 2 days after yours (the 16th) so we’ll start celebrating this weekend. Hope you celebrate all birthday week long!

    Would like to see you style the Sofia bracelet, but truly anything you highlight always looks great & inspires new ideas.

    Best wishes,

  39. Happy early birthday! I have ordered several items from Plunder and enjoy seeing you style most anything. I love, love, love the Ashley bracelet! You can send that my way anytime!! Hope you feel better!

  40. Kathy Terry Reply

    Hi Tania, Just so you know, I went to that boutique’s website and your shirt was gone!! All that being said, I am trying to order a Trapeze Mustard dress, and a cute Acid Wash Crochet top, but the website won’t let me so I’ve emailed them, and given you credit for my request to order them. 🙂

    Happy Birthday…and Happy Mother’s Day…from a mother for four adult “kids”!

    • Tania Reply

      Kathy, most of their clothing is not on the website. They don’t do a good job updating it. You need to just text her or call. She says her phone starts dinging when I put something on the blog. Lol!

  41. Love the off the shoulder style. Such a fun flirty summer look. Scale of print with bracelets looks great.

  42. Hi Tania, your off the shoulder outfits from yesterday and today are just darling! I look ridiculous in off the shoulder styles but you can wear them beautifully. Your post from yesterday was hilarious!! Now what were the chances of a sheriff’s deputy being at the very store where you and the “stranger danger lady” showed up?! LOL I hope your headache leaves… my sinuses are driving me crazy too. I’m sure your loving family will give you lots of wonderful presents for Mother’s Day and make it all better! Take care and feel better soon! 🙂

    • I work in a large department store where I can buy many things with a discount but still order from plunder. I think I like it because of the vintage appeal. I wear all black uniform so anytime I can jazz it up with accessories I am all for it. Who says you can’t stand out? Waiting on June plunder posse now. Since summer coming how about styling flamingo pendant. Get well so you can enjoy mother’s day and your birthday. Love off the shoulder on you. Me not so sure.

  43. I just found your Blog on Pinterest yesterday! Would you please come to Fort Smith Arkansas and teach me how to dress! I will turn the big 6-0 in July and my daughters keep telling me I dress too old! Looking forward to your daily posts. Happy Birthday to you and would love to win the necklace!

  44. Great outfit! I know how you feel weather wise, my sinuses are in the max pain level, and we haven’t gotten all the rain you all have had!! Hope you have a great night, love the plunder, I have an order coming in this week. Thanks…:)
    Have a great birthday and Mother’s day weekend!!

  45. Lee Warriner Reply

    Hey! I tried to place an order to buy 4 pieces of Plunder jewelry & it wouldn’t let me. Any ideas? How does the shipping work? By the way, I love your outfit (as always)!

  46. Love your outfit and jewelry!!! I live in Virginia too! I am so tired the
    rain and sinus headache too!!
    Happy Birthday 🎁

  47. Happy Birthday Tania! Love this outfit and Saturday causal too! Have to admit I have a couple cute dog t shirts in honor of my sweet Jack Russell-Howie AKA Howard. I bling them out too! Party on 🎉🌸💐🎂💃

  48. Anita patrick Reply

    Luv the chucks. I have 16 pairs. I can’t remember if I enter. Happy happy birthday. 🎂🎂🎂🎂🌞🌞

  49. Sandy Stevens Reply

    I’d love to see the Ryan necklace, I love the colors! Hope you’re feeling better!

  50. Bonnie Morris Reply

    Happy Mothers Day! Happy birthday as well 🎂🎈🎈🎉!!
    I am turning 57 in June. I am looking forward to seeing what the next year holds. I enjoy your blog. I love pearls and have a couple different lengths (fake of course). I would enjoy seeing other accessories that go well with pearls to mix it up a bit. Thanks, Bonnie

  51. I love the Danielle necklace, would love to see it modeled.😀

  52. Love the off the shoulder top…everything looks great on you!!!

  53. I call dealer’s choice (is that allowed?). 😁 I am a novice in jewerly and you are a master. Which means I wouldn’t have a clue, plus it’s hard to look at on my phone (my son has taken over my laptop after breaking his). You look amazing, as always. BTW: I love the “foundations” question. At first I thought she was asking about makeup. LOL

  54. Charlcy Green Reply

    How about styling the Daphne set! It’s so cute and looks like you!

  55. Cindy DeBenning Reply

    I love the floral shirt. It’s so pretty and feminine. Didn’t see it at the store you mentioned. It’s probably all sold out.

  56. You have darling hair. I do wish you would do a tutorial 😊

  57. I would love to see you style the Tricia necklace !! I really love it ….probably because that’s my name LOL

  58. I would like to see you style the Paris in a more casual style and earrings and bracelets to go with it. Happy birthday

  59. I would love to see you style the Sina earrings. My great-grandmother was named Sina and I have these on my wish list.😊

  60. Strange question….what type of bra do you wear with this top. I have trouble with strapless bras being uncomfortable. Thanks.

  61. I love all your jewelry. I just turned 50 this year, and your blog inspires me to continue to make an effort! Thank you for the fun ideas. The new catalog would not load for me to see the new spring jewelry, but I looked at what I could see, and I can’t pick just one!

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