50 IS NOT OLD | STATEMENT EARRINGS AND LEGGINGSI opened a Facebook message the other day and the first thing it said was, “I am not a stalker!” Don’t you just love it when a message starts out like that? Haha! This message was from a blog reader who just happened to be in Grundy. I messaged her back and told her that only stalkers started messages by saying that they weren’t stalkers. Lol!50 IS NOT OLD | STATEMENT EARRINGS AND LEGGINGSShe was wanting to go shopping and asking about the overstock store. I told her where I worked and we met up today. When she walked into the store there just happened to be a Sheriff’s deputy standing at the counter. She said she thought, “oh no, she really did think I was a stalker and called the police.” Hahaha! That cracked me up! We went to the overstock store where she bought NOTHING and I left with about 5 or 6 tops. I told her where the little boutique was that I shop at, which was right around the corner, and we met up there. She bought NOTHING and I left with my bag full. What can I say? As a blogger, it is my “duty” to buy clothing. Lol!!!50 IS NOT OLD | STATEMENT EARRINGS AND LEGGINGSI buy things and don’t always wear them right away. This top was one of those items. I bought this last fall and thought it was too summery to wear so I put it back until now. This top is cotton and on the thin side. I can see the waistband of my jeans showing through. I loved the crochet details in the sleeves and I love the colors of the top. I wasn’t sure I was going to like the elastic neckline but I think it looks pretty good. The top is by Umgee, I have had a thing for this brand lately.

50 IS NOT OLD | STATEMENT EARRINGS AND LEGGINGSBe still my heart! These Kendall earrings are GORGEOUS! I know you think that I say that about all the jewelry and I probably do. Lol! But, these really are pretty. They are statement earrings, to say the least. They have sparkle galore and then they have a beige tassel attached which almost looks like a bow. I did not do a good job photographing these but you can go to the link and see a better picture of them. There is also another pair just like these but with a bright Salmon colored tassel called the Layla. I think they might have to be in my next order.50 IS NOT OLD | STATEMENT EARRINGS AND LEGGINGSWith earrings that have that much bling, I had to get out my crystal bracelets. I have several different shades on, the Broedrick is pale pink set in gold tone, the Flynn is an aurora borealis set in gold tone, the Kayson is peach set in gold tone, and the Chalon is clear set in silver tone. I have once again started a new party and this one is IS NOT OLD | STATEMENT EARRINGS AND LEGGINGSI love it when the outfit I choose for the day matches a purse I am already carrying. I am just too lazy to transfer all the stuff from one purse to another. Am I the only one who has items in purses all over the house because I really didn’t need all that stuff in my purse and I left it out when I was transferring purses? This purse is a hot pink, or fuschia, leather tote that I bought at the Vera Bradley outlet store in Orlando Florida a year ago. This is called the Ella tote.

50 IS NOT OLD | STATEMENT EARRINGS AND LEGGINGSI couldn’t decide if the print in the top was navy or black. Since I already made that mistake once this month, I decided to not take a chance. Instead, I grabbed this pair of leggings that look like blue jeans. The first time I wore these Joe thought I had something on my pants. He kept trying to dust me off. Lol!
50 IS NOT OLD | STATEMENT EARRINGS AND LEGGINGSIt is getting time to get out the sandals and get the pedicures done. Poor Joe is subjected to unpainted toenails until it gets sandal season. I HATE sitting still to get my nails done and it really kills me to have to get my nails AND my toes both done. That is the same reason that I don’t like to get a massage. I just can’t stand to be still and have it done. I can sit still in front of the computer for hours and that doesn’t phase me in the least. Lol!

50 IS NOT OLD | STATEMENT EARRINGS AND LEGGINGSHow about another giveaway??? I am partnering today with Nicole from High Latitude Style. We are hosting a $30.00 giveaway from Just Fashion Now.  To enter, go here. This is a sponsored giveaway and is open to residents of the USA, UK, Australia, Germany, Italy, Canada, and France. The giveaway ends on May 24, 12 am Alaska Daylight Time.

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  1. Hi Tanya! I feel like a stalker too! I love your style and have been scrounging the internet to find some of the clothing you wear for the blog… Sometimes creating the exact outfit. Did you get your denim leggings at the boutique where you like to shop? Are you able to provide their brand name? Keep up the great job!

  2. Hi Tania, you never cease to amaze your blog followers, you have great taste, I wish I had that many varieties of
    fashion stores that you have in the US at such reasonable prices. You always inspire us! Thank you. I also love your door wreath, do you leave it up all year, or is it for a special occasion?

    • Thanks, Tracey! I am sure you have many great stores there also. I leave a wreath up year-round. I just change them for the different seasons.

  3. I think denim leggings are fabulous! I think I have to shop for them too. Haha, fantastic and I also like bog statement earrings so I am happy again with your outfit!

  4. Good morning, Tanya! That is one of the cutest outfits yet. You look adorable and even younger than usual (really, no kidding at all). Love the top but I can’t find (and stopped looking years ago) for a strapless bra that is supportive and feels good (am I asking too much?). Any recommendations? Have a blessed day, Tanya. –Mary Lu

  5. Gorgeous Top Tania. You know I would love to meet you one day so if I ever visit your lumber store, I will bring a deputy with me as my escort….(just to be safe) LOL!!! Love your stories. xoxoxo ~Lisa~

  6. I have to ask: what do you do for a bra with these tops? They are so cute but I always wonder!

    • Leslie, you just wear a strapless bra. The one I like best is by Breezie. They sell that brand on QVC.

  7. You knocked it out of the park with this outfit! The top is beautiful and it looks amazing on you! I love your hair! You inspire me to make some changes in my wardrobe!

  8. You are such a beautiful lady and inspiration. I got my Plunder book and will be sitting down to place my order this weekend. Love your hair, outfit, jewelry. You always look great. Thanks for all that you do.

  9. Your blog always makes me smile – you have a great sense of humor to go along with your great sense of style! I love how you mix new things with pieces that are already in your closet. Helps me to look at my own things with a fresh perspective (and my wallet appreciates the break too!). This is such a great look on you – love the colors!

  10. Speaking of purses… you use any kind of small bag inside your purse to transfer the main items? I would love to change purses a lot but I am just too lazy. Do you feel comfortable wearing the off the shoulder blouse? Are we too old? I have one but not enough courage.

  11. Your post made me chuckle!
    Just 2 days ago my husband was telling about scenic motorcycle rides in our area & one was to Grundy!! I told him I knew of Grundy through a blog I follow. All the while I’m thinking yessss, we need to ride there so I can see the Overstock store & possibly run into you!! Lol! By the way I love your outfit, I love leggings & tunics!

  12. I love your blogs! I am also that person who has things in multiple purses, Lol. The top is gorgeous! I had stated in a previous comment that I was on Pinterest looking for a new hairstyle initially. I thought, “This lady looks like Tania Stephens.” When I delved a little deeper I realized it was indeed you. Super cool for a local lady to be modeling and blogging! Thanks for sharing.

  13. I like the length and shape of your hair in the photo today. I would like to see the back of your hair. I am thinking about letting my hair grow a bit to more of the style you have and need to see the back for when I show it to my hairstylist! Thank you in advance!

  14. Hi Tanya ! Love this outfit and all the bright colors . As always your jewelry is perfect ! Thanks for always listing name and sites for us to shop on . Your town sounds like a fun place to shop . Have a great day 😊

  15. Hello Tania,
    Being new to your posts, (this year) have you
    any articles on storing your clothing?
    Especially with Spring here and putting away
    winter wardrobe was looking for ideas.
    Thank you,

  16. Great outfit!! Great story, I guess we are all stalkers “from a far”, LOL, though we do appreciate you sharing.
    I will have to check out Breezie bra’s also, I have not found one I like or fits.

  17. You always look fabulous! I am glad to see you post an off the shoulder top. I love them but hesitate not knowing if they were age appropriate. You have shown me they are! You and I are the same age so I can go for it! Thanks for your blog. Love all the jewelry.

  18. I love your blog!!! You are so genuine and funny! The clothing, bags and shoes are great. You have made me re-think my options for my outfits. I love when you let us know where you purchased an item. Thank you and have a great day!!!!

  19. What a beautiful outfit!! Sounds like you’ve had a fun relaxing week! I sure wish I’d been “your stalker” so I could go shopping with you, but I know If have bought something!

  20. Tania, Would like your opinion. How do you feel about vintage purses? My Mother recently died and there are several that I took back home. Are these cool and in style to carry?

  21. I laughed when you said you have stuff left in purses all over the house. I do the same thing, you just don’t need everything when you switch. LOL…..Love your Blog!

  22. Hi Tania
    I had to laugh when you said you leave things in all your purses. My son-in-law asked me to check my purses to see if I had a legal paper he had given me so it wouldn’t get lost. That was from a year and a half ago. Well I checked all my purses and guess what…I found it! Love your blog. I save it to read on my lunch hour daily. Thanks for great outfit ideas and for letting us all know we aren’t the only ones who do “crazy” things.

  23. I was so happy to find your blog. I take have copied your outfits numerous times.
    You have great style. Thank you for sharing.