May 2017



You have all heard me talk about how small Grundy is and how limited we are in our shopping. I probably have even told you that the choices we have to eat are extremely limited too. So when Joe asked me if I wanted to go grab some lunch with him today I said yes but I never imagined that I would be eating at a gas station. Lol! You can’t say that he doesn’t take me to all the nicest places in town. Hahaha

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50 IS NOT OLD | A MILLION FISH IN THE SEAWhen I was in Livingston (aka home) I got to see family members that I only get to see once or twice a year. My Aunt Nancy, that I used to work with at an accounting agency, came to Mom’s house while I was there. Nancy and Mom are born on the very same day, just five years apart. I will tell anyone that will sit still long enough to listen that “she” is the woman I strive to be. Kind, gentle, God-fearing, honest, etc. Basically, the woman that Proverbs 31 talks about.

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50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO STAY STYLISH AT A BALLGAMEDid you see my blog post on Saturday? In that post, I talked about going to see my grandsons play tee-ball. It was like a flashback to when Joseph was young and we lived at the baseball field all summer. I went to every practice and stayed there the entire time. Riding the bench was a past time. You get to know all the kids, their parents, and the coaches. When my mom would drive up from Tennessee she would go to the games, (baseball, football, basketball, and volleyball) and she got to know the kids and their parents from watching them play. To this day if I mention someone she knows who I am talking about and who their parents are just because she watched them play ball when they were young. Lol!

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I am in Livingston, Tennessee this weekend. This is my hometown and even though I haven’t lived here over 20 years, I still consider it home. My granddaughter, Matti, had a ballet recital on Saturday and I wanted to come and watch her perform. I came in last year and was so moved by watching her. She is just 8 years old but she is so graceful and elegant when she dances. You can just see the joy on her face, it touches your soul to watch.

It reminded me of a story my sister told me. Several years ago, she was asked to go on a mission trip to India. While she loved the people going, and the ministry she’d be visiting, she was SCARED to death. She was afraid of flying, afraid of being away from her family, afraid, afraid, afraid. Leading up to the departure, the folks on the team met weekly with women of the church for prayer. My sister told the other people going, “I want to be free from fear like those older women who dance to the worship music. They don’t care who is watching, they are just joyful!”

A few weeks later, she swallowed her fear and made the trip. On the second night there, the home for children that they were visiting called everyone together for praise and prayer. The leader told the kids that if they had a word from the Lord for anyone, to share. A sweet boy of about 14 pointed at my sister. He didn’t even know her name but he felt like the Lord had given him something to say. He turned to her and said,

“I saw a woman screaming in fear. The Lord said, “Don’t wait to be free to dance. Dance to be free.”

My sister was blown away! And while fear is still something she struggles with at times, it doesn’t have the same hold on her that it used to.

So, what are you waiting to be free to do? Maybe it’s the “doing” that will set you free, not the other way around.

Have a Blessed Day!

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50 IS NOT OLD | TAKE ME OUT TO THE BALLGAMEWe made it to Tennessee Thursday night in plenty of time to go see my grandsons play tee-ball. ¬†Jett is 4 years old and Huttson is 6 years old. Jett is really too young to be on the team but since his brother is playing and since my son is coaching, he gets to play. He got on base all three times at bat and scored every time. Normally, he plays in the outfield where he doesn’t see a lot of action, but they were short players so he had to play 3rd base instead.

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Do you know how much fun it is to travel and write a blog post will you are going down the road? Take it from me, it is not on your bucket list of things to do. Joe and I stopped as we left town at a sit-down restaurant and had a carb loaded lunch. He looked at me when we went out the door and said, “I think you need to drive because I am sleepy.” Well, duh! You just ate a ton of carbs! I hate driving when he is in the car. “You are going too fast, You are going to slow, You are following too close, You are not being steady.” Does anyone else’s husband do that or is it just mine?

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50 IS NOT OLD | RUNNING IN THE RAINI am so, so, so, so, so, so tired of talking about rain. It seems like it has rained this ENTIRE spring. I hurt when it rains, I am depressed when it rains, and I am just plain grouchy when it rains. I guess that means Joe hates rain too. Lol! Well, today after another torrential downpour we got to talking about rain and men. Are you wondering where I am going with this? A girl I work with mentioned that it was raining last night (of course it was) and that when she got out of the car she ran to the porch. Her husband was slowly walking and she yelled at him to hurry up he was getting wet. He replied, “men don’t run in the rain.”

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50 IS NOT OLD | COLD SHOULDER, STRIPES, AND EMBROIDERYIt is back to the normal routine today. Thanks for the indulgence yesterday, I am sure many of you rolled your eyes when you saw the topic. Lol! I had a fabulous day though answering emails and private messages. But today I have more important things to do like take the dogs to the groomers. That is always an exciting adventure. Just in case you were wondering, that was sarcasm. 

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50 IS NOT OLD | MY ONE YEAR RODANNIVERSARYThis has been one crazy ride. This is a day I never expected to celebrate or even acknowledge. I simply wanted to look the best that I could and that is why I started a blog. Clothing and fashion have a tremendous effect on your attitude and I noticed that women in their 40’s, 50’s, and older struggled in this area. Women tend to put their family’s needs before their own and so they lose their identity. We become someone’s wife and mother, and we are no longer an individual.

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50 IS NOT OLD | TURQUOISE IN THE SUMMERI have to tell you about my Saturday. It was forecasted to pour the rain, and it did early in the morning. I slept through it and wouldn’t have even known it had rained except for all the puddles everywhere. I wrote my post for Sunday and then decided to work outside and get the patio area cleaned up. I gathered up a bucket with some cleaning solution and a good bristle brush and headed outside. Oh, the joys of living beside the railroad tracks in coal country. Lol!

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