50 IS NOT OLD | TUNIC AND ANKLE PANTSI am off! I am not going to see the “Wizard” but it is pretty darn close. Lol! In the world of R + F, the gentleman doing the training down in Florida is one of the founding 4 consultants and that is about as close as you are going to get to being a “wizard.” I can’t wait to hear him speak in person since I have listened to some of his videos on YouTube. The weather looks like it is going to be nice for the drive down. I hate having to drive and it raining on you the entire journey.50 IS NOT OLD | TUNIC AND ANKLE PANTSI and my energizer bunny friend will be going to South Carolina first and picking up another lady and spending the night at her house before continuing on to Florida early Saturday morning. I have met this lady once before at the Glamour Day we went to in Columbia, SC. She is super sweet and cute as a button. I bet we have the best time on the way to and from Florida. A lot of people don’t like to drive to a destination, they prefer to fly, but I like driving. I really like being able to spend time with people and talk and cut up on the trip. I hope you keep us in your thoughts and prayers because the roads can be dangerous.50 IS NOT OLD | TUNIC AND ANKLE PANTSI showed you a lot of color in my post yesterday. I was surprised at how well you gurls liked the post. Honestly, I expected some flack about the outfit being too “bright.” Since you didn’t boot me to the curb yesterday, I decided to go with a lot of color on the blog again today. Lol! See, if you don’t like something you had better tell me. Lol! This cute tunic is one that I bought at a local boutique in town. I don’t have much shopping opportunities so I am sorry if the clothing items I pick out aren’t on websites where you can get the “exact” item. I promise you that I do spend a lot of time scouring clothing stores on the web trying to find similar items or something else that I like. There is no label in this tunic so that make it really hard to try to find one similar. I liked the colors and the unique neckline.

50 IS NOT OLD | TUNIC AND ANKLE PANTSI started to crop in on the picture so you could get a close-up of my earrings. But after looking at the picture I decided that you could see them just fine. In fact, an airplane flying overhead might be able to see these pink suckers. Lol!!! I was surprised when I got these at how large they were. I really thought Joe would have something to say about them being so big but her never even mentioned them. Either he is going blind or he thought they looked good. These are called Andy and they have a 3″ drop. I’ll know who my brave girls are by your comments.50 IS NOT OLD | TUNIC AND ANKLE PANTSI love my Alex and Ani bracelets. I like jewelry that inspires me and Alex and Ani bracelets do that. I look through all the symbols and pick out something that I think I need such as wisdom or courage. One of my bracelets is about staying Positive. My bling magnetic bracelets are some of my favorites. The single clear one is the Chalon, the opaque pink one is the Broederick, and the aurora borealis one is the Flynn50 IS NOT OLD | TUNIC AND ANKLE PANTSI like a neutral purse that I can carry all summer long. I bought this one last year because of the color and the style. This is a no name purse but that didn’t matter to me. In some of the pictures, it looks white but it is actually a cream or a winter white.

50 IS NOT OLD | TUNIC AND ANKLE PANTSI have a pair of Marc Fisher cork wedge shoes on that I love. I wore these all last summer and I plan on wearing them again this summer too. They are comfortable and the lighter brown color will go with almost anything. I like the gold ring embellishments at the top for a little extra design detail.50 IS NOT OLD | TUNIC AND ANKLE PANTSI could have worn several different colors with this tunic but I decided to bring out the blue by wearing this pair of cobalt pants. I have more than one pair of bright blue pants. I don’t know if I liked the color that well or if I just forgot that I had already bought a pair. I wear bright colors so much that this blue is almost like a neutral for me. Lol!

50 IS NOT OLD | TUNIC AND ANKLE PANTSI hope everyone has a great weekend. I plan on soaking up the sun and fun while I am in Florida. I may even put on a bathing suit but don’t expect to see a picture of that. Lol! I am trying to get readers not run them off. Hahaha!

Here is a video of the gentleman that I am going to go hear speak this weekend. He is awesome! If you have wondered about R+F he can shed WAY more light on the company that I ever could. Listen to him and then send me an email. I would love for you ladies to join me and my energizer bunny friend on one of our trips. Here is the link to his YouTube video. I couldn’t get it to embed.

I want to thank everyone who has signed up for my emails. I promise you only get one email a day from me and I don’t give out your email addresses, that would just be weird. Lol!  I am only 200 away from that magical 5000 mark, woohoo!  PLEASE take the time to signup!!! Also, if you would like to share my posts on Facebook or Twitter, I would appreciate that. It helps get my blog out to more people, and I am sure you just want to spread the entertaining sayings I have. Lol! The comment section is at the end of the post, so keep scrolling. I look forward to reading all the comments, they make my day.

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  1. Love the flowing tunic and color notes of blue/purple/pink in the design. The cobalt blue pants really make it sing.
    My kind of color palette! Have a fab time in Florida.

  2. Hi Tania,

    I love today’s outfit – the tunic is lovely and it goes very well with the ankle pants. Have a safe trip to Florida and enjoy your weekend.

  3. Oohhhhhh, love this outfit, Tania!!!!!! The tunic is simply stunning and the bright blue pants were the perfect choice to go with it!!!! And the bag is stunning, too!!!!! Definitely an outfit I would love to wear!!!! And the earrings …don’t think those would have been my choice, but it looks good on you!!!! I love statement necklaces but my earrings are much more conservative!!!!
    Have a great trip and safe travelling!!!!

    • Tania Reply

      Thanks, Petra. I knew the earrings would not be everyone’s cup of tea, coffee, or milk. Lol!

  4. Bernie McIntyre Reply

    Firstly safe trip , another beautiful colourful outfit blues/purples really suit you 😀 earrings I love a big earring but a little bit too big for me 🙄 but wouldn’t it be a very boring world if we all agreed on everything 😁 enjoy your trip to Florida 🚗🌞

  5. Another winner! Great outfit, the earrings are just not my thing but they do compliment the outfit and you did it right -big earrings, no necklace. Happy trails and be safe, frankly I would rather drive than fly these days and flying may be safer but is frankly one big hassle. Enjoy!

    • Tania Reply

      Thanks, Christina. I agree with you, we are all different and I am glad it is that way. I see people wearing things that I like but I know I would never wear.

  6. The colors look gorgeous on you and really make your eyes pop. Love the shoes💕💕

  7. Always a winner when you put on pink and blue. Earrings are fabulous. I have a boss who says go big on accessories or go home. I am more modest but enjoy seeing those who can embrace them. Safe traveling today. There is nothing like a road trip to make new memories.

  8. First of all, your hair looks great! Loving everything about this outfit so keep the bold colors a rollin. I’m a fan of the earrings cuz I like big and bold and plus they just brighten your pretty face right up! Clearwater (Tampa) Florida is where we always go. Family lived there for several years. I was born in Largo Fla. But didn’t get to enjoy growing up there. Have a WONDERFUL TRIP and keep us updated!

  9. I wore cobalt blue pants yesterday and love this color! For those looking for some, Chico’s is now carrying them. I love your tunic! What a great look! But what really strikes me is that you look absolutely radiant and glowing! Wow!

  10. You are my favorite blogger! I look forward each day to reading what you have to say and seeing the outfits you post. I love your style and try to “copy” your looks.

  11. I LOVE this outfit on you. The colors are great. I have to say, I was not quite feeling your outfit yesterday. I have gone back and looked at it several times, something is just throwing me off. I hope you have Safe Travels. Look forward to hearing about your trip. I know you will have stories to tell!

  12. Charlcy Green Reply

    I love this day’s look! That too is so cute and I love all your pairings! Those flashy pink earrings are the bomb with it! And I love that the Plunder earrings are so lightweight! Thanks for sharing the video and details about your trip. Sounds a perfect girls road trip!

  13. Love this outfit, the colors are great! And I love the earrings, not too big at all. Oh, and I don’t even like to drive across town, let alone across the country, LOL. We fly everywhere 🙂

  14. You love so cute ! I love that top ! Im going to have my family search the country for that top. Well maybe just the eastcoast.lol your earrings are cute but im too chicken lol have a safe trip

  15. Maxine Bower Reply

    Love this outfit!!! Tunics are my thing…they’re easy . Great colors. I always seem to wear smaller earrings for some reason.Have a safe trip and lots of fun😍

  16. I want to thank you so much for this blog! It literally changed my life because I was ALWAYS so bad at picking out cloths, especially in my age range. I found several photos of you on Pinter est and saved them all. I thought you were a model for a specific cloths store. I love everything you wear and have since bought myself some clothes that I feel great in. Thank you so much! As for today’s outfit, you look adorable and the colors are brilliant! But my first thought was that the tunic is on backwards. I’m sure I would have worn the straps in the back. You taught me something again!

    • Tania Reply

      Thank you so much, Karen. That was so sweet of you to say these nice things. I thought the straps went in the back too but the clothing label showed me how to wear it. Lol!

  17. Lynn Chianese Reply

    Great outfit! Praying for you and your friends for a safe trip.

  18. I love the tunic and all the colors. The details in the neckline are a must. As for your earrings, you can pull them off. I have short hair and I’m a short person with a short neck. They would hit me on the shoulders. That would really bother me. They look good with the outfit.

  19. I, too, am a fan of blue, especially cobalt blue. I love this top, it has awesome bold colors and the pants sets it off so well. I do love the earrings, good length and color for the outfit.
    Have fun in FLA, and wave to me as you drive down thru Northern AL.,I will definitely wave back. 😉 LOL!

  20. I am 5′ 7” and i have a hard time finding cute tunic tops. You always have very cut ones. The outfit today is very pretty!

    • I am 5’7″ as well. I often purchase tall sizes (j.jill/old navy/gap/etc.). However, you have to learn how their sizing works for you. Sometimes the talls are just too long or too…something. Other times, it’s the perfect option.

  21. I love this beautiful outfit. The colors are beautiful. Classy and sassy!

    Where in Florida are you going? I’m from Pensacola, but haven’t lived there for many years.
    Have a safe and fun trip. Can’t wait to hear about the gurl stories while on the road!

    • Susan Stancliff Reply

      Linda, I live in Pensacola. It is the best place ever!

  22. Mary Ann Heise Reply

    Tania, look on a website called Glamour Farms and you will find a very similar top. Love all of their clothing.

  23. First……your hair looks gorgeous in this photo! Seriously.

    This outfit is adorable and something I would totally wear. The colors are my color palette for sure. I love the earrings, the shoes, the purse…all of it.

    Too much color yesterday???? Ha! NEVER!

    Safe travels, my friend. You gurls stay out of trouble!

  24. Melesa Garrison Reply

    Your outfit is super cute! I love statement necklaces and jewelry in general, but I guess I am lazy and ALWAYS wear my diamond studs. 99.9% of the time anyway. LOL … You look like a doll in the big earrings though! My hair is in a bob and the earrings don’t show anyway.
    Have a fun and safe trip, MG

  25. Susan Stancliff Reply

    There you go again with the perfect outfit! I love what one of the other ladies said, if you can’t see your earrings from across the room, you aren’t wearing earrings! Your hair and your nails look fabulous! Have a wonderful time in Florida. It is going to be beautiful here this weekend. Safe travels

  26. Love the top and those earrings are so pretty. Have a safe trip enjoy your weekend.

  27. recordsmom Reply

    Love, love, love this outfit. It looks great on you! I haven’t commented much lately just because I’ve been so busy at work that I only have time to read your posts, but I’ve really liked all your outfits lately.

    The Andy earrings look great on you! I don’t like the longer earrings on me. Maybe because I have short hair and I feel like they are just too much? Idk, but I love them on other people.

    Have a great time in Florida, hope you are able to gleen lots of information you can use!

  28. I love this outfit! I’m so short that I would wear the tunic as a dress! But that wouldn’t be bad at all! Have a safe trip!

  29. Loving this outfit today Tania!!! You look super cute and bright and fresh and youthful and springy and all that is wonderful in this world! Yes, that is indeed you! You inspired me yesterday to wear purple and I meant to tell you, but I forgot. I got sidetracked and forgot to post, forgive me. Ha! You are fortunate that you can wear mustard yellow that close to your face and it look good. With my skin tone, mustard yellow makes me look like I have a liver disease, which I don’t. Purple however, I can rock with the best of ’em. LOL! Have a safe trip to Florida…it sounds like you and your friends are going to have tons of fun!

    • It is out of stock in the smaller sizes, but 12-14 is available, and other similar ones! 🙂

  30. Hi Tania,
    You look great! Love the outfit and colors, and your hair looks great too! You’re fortunate to have the boutique and outlet you have in your town, you have such beautiful items. I live in an area saturated with stores/malls, and never came across such beautiful pieces!

  31. Teri Getler Matthews Reply

    Safe trip and enjoy!! Loved yesterday’s outfit and today’s is a winner also!!

  32. Freda M Mayer Reply

    Browsing and found you on Pinterest, love, love this outfit, the colors, style, and especially those earrings. Hope your trip was over the top fun.

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