50 IS NOT OLD | A BOLD PRINT FOR SPRINGI knew this day would come eventually. The day when I had nothing to say or have a story to tell. I wonder if I subconsciously brought this on because I mentioned this to my sister just a couple of days ago. Then tonight I sit here staring at the screen and I am drawing a blank. It is raining and my shoulders are tight and tense and I just can’t concentrate. I am going to do something just completely crazy, I am going to talk about my outfit. Lol!50 IS NOT OLD | A BOLD PRINT FOR SPRINGMy sister reminded me that I do have a story to tell. My brother, the one my mother says I never talk about, has a daughter that is super smart and super advanced for her age. She is 6 years old going on 17! The other day was the first time that she got to ride in the front seat of the car and her mother asked her if she was excited about getting to ride up front. She said, “Yes. Where you excited about getting to ride up front in a carriage?” I am not sure how old she thought her mother was! Lol! Her mom told her that cars had been around for a LONG period of time and that she never rode in a carriage. Her response was, “If they have been around that long then you would think you could drive better.” Lol!50 IS NOT OLD | A BOLD PRINT FOR SPRINGBright and colorful is how I would describe this outfit. I bought this Isaac Mizrahi sweater back in the early fall because I thought the design was gorgeous. I wasn’t sure what I would ever wear it with and I wasn’t really sure that I liked the base color. I thought that the mustard color would be good for fall but nothing seemed to look good with it. I put black with it but it just didn’t really do the sweater justice. The different shades of purples needed to be brought out and showcased and the black pants did nothing for it.

50 IS NOT OLD | A BOLD PRINT FOR SPRINGI can’t believe that I thought this outfit needed an extra pop of color. The bright blue tote was hanging on the door knob when I went to pick out a purse and it spoke to me. I could have ignored it but instead, I thought, “why not?” I like this tote because it is reversible. You can turn it inside out and it would be red. Mind you, I have never done this, but I could. lol! I like blue and purple together so this was a natural pick for me. If it is too over the top for you then you should go with a black purse instead.

50 IS NOT OLD | A BOLD PRINT FOR SPRINGEvery time I wear these shoes I get compliments on them. But, in all honesty, they are not my favorite. I think that the issue is that they cut off at the top of my ankle. I see these type shoes on other people and I think they look cute. Maybe I am too critical of myself. Let me hear your thoughts? Yes or No? That reminds me of being in grade school, “do you like me? Yes or not?” Hahaha!

50 IS NOT OLD | A BOLD PRINT FOR SPRINGI didn’t mention my jewelry because it is no longer available. This set has the palest of pink stones but the Evelyn Nicole is very similar but it has clear stones. The Kelby Lou is the matching bracelet to the Evelyn Nicole. I called Plunder the other day because I noticed that sometimes when I link to an item in my party that it is not taking you to my party. It takes you to the corporate site and when you check out I may not be getting credit. If you don’t mind please make sure that it says, “You are shopping under party: Tania7 which is my current party. 50 IS NOT OLD | A BOLD PRINT FOR SPRINGI almost forgot about the pants! Gracious, this pair of pixie pants from Old Navy are simply gorgeous. I call this color Orchid but I don’t know what Old Navy called it. I bought this pair last fall and this color is not to be found on their website. However, the pixie pant does come in a wide variety of colors and prints. When I buy pixie pants I but my normal size if I am buying a pair that is the chino material. If I am buying a pair that has Lycra or is stretchy then I size up.50 IS NOT OLD | A BOLD PRINT FOR SPRINGI am getting ready to head out of town on Friday and drive to Florida. I haven’t even begun to pack yet. I was thinking about videoing my packing but it will probably be a hot mess so I don’t know if that will happen. I did do a couple videos to be shown next week while I am away. I did a morning skincare routine, a makeup application routine, a very short sunless tanner application, and two hair videos. I haven’t edited them yet but I hope they turned out alright.

Rodan + Fields is launching into Australia next month so they have had to update and change their website to accommodate this move. Not everything has been smooth. There are a few glitches and they are working very hard to get everything back to normal. I am calling this growing pains. If you have trouble trying to place an order or haven’t gotten your order, let me know. I will be placing a call to the company today about a couple issues and I will see if I can help to get everything fixed for you.

Everyone who places an order for the Lash Boost (as a PC) will get their choice of a FREE Sunless Tanner, Sunscreen, or Body Moisturizer. You order both of the items so that they will be shipped to you and I will reimburse you the amount of the product you chose. Here is the link to Lash Boost. If you don’t need Lash Boost you can still receive one of these items when your purchase is equivalent to the cost of the Lash Boost. This will be good through April 30th. To check out these products, go to www.tstephens5.myrandf.com

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  1. Wow! what a jolt of color on the sweater! (Violet/purple and gold/yellow opposites on color wheel). Powerful
    statement of strong color…love with coordinating violet pants!! This will certainly make people stand up and notice!!!
    You did great job.

    • Tania Reply

      I do think that I will be noticeable in this outfit! Lol!

  2. Bernie McIntyre Reply

    Gorgeous outfit Tania love the bright colours and I’m yes for your sandals love them 😀 and for someone that had nothing to say you did pretty good 😉😅

    • Tania Reply

      Bernie, I just keep typing and something will eventually come out. Lol!

  3. Love the sweater, Tania!!!!! The black underneath and the pants you’re wearing are perfect to go with it!!!! I would most probably have gone for a black bag, but the blue is beautiful!!!! And you ask for a yes or no on the shoes ….hhmmmm can’t make up my mind, but looking at the video I think they’re OK!!!!
    Have a great day!!!!!

  4. Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner! That is one gorgeous outfit and love every blessed thing about it including those adorable shoes! I have more Isaac sweaters than I can count and he des florals like no one else! Enjoy your day!

  5. WOW! Love the outfit! I don’t think I could pull it off, but you sure did. I love the pearl necklace with the sweater. I’m not too sure about the shoes.

    • It’s 4:21a.m. in Arizona and I guess I’m not seeing very well. I just looked at your outfit again and noticed you’re not wearing a peal necklace! HA

  6. Gloria Randle Reply

    Love the sweater. Looks great on you. Good colors for you. Have a great time in Florida.

  7. I should point out that she was riding only a few feet in the parking lot of school while they waited for practice to be over. 😄 You look great as usual!

  8. Wow! What an eye catching outfit! I love it. Great job pulling it together! Regarding packing, have you ever used Eagle Creek Packing System? I travel for a living and always use these. It is amazing how much more I can get in my suitcase using these!

  9. Laura Jordan Reply

    In all that prettycolor the first thing I liked were your cute shoes!

  10. Love the sweater ando the pants go perfectly. Love the way you pull things together. Thank you for posting every day. Safe travels to Florida.

  11. Wow, great, the way you put everything together, fabulous!! (Don’t know if I like the blue bag with this outfit) shoes are great too. Looking forward to your tutorials. Enjoy your trip!

  12. You look great! I know what you saying about mustard yellow. It just does not work on me. Because of you I shopped at Old Navy yesterday. I got a cardigan and 3 very nice ballet tops. Safe travels, I am also heading to Florida hopefully the weather will be good!

  13. Gosh what a stunning outfit. Love the cardigan. You look fantastic.

  14. Nancy Schouveller Reply

    Love the bright colors. I am in need of a spring shopping spree!! I love the comment about the carriage. My son (16) says “mom is that what they did in the 1700?” Funny little man, he is. I told him if I am from the 1700’s then I look pretty darn good!! Have a great day!

  15. Beth Keehne Reply

    WOW – you are right that sweater is GORGEOUS! The pants set it off just right! I have a granddaughter just about the same age as your niece….she is a pistol as well, way too much personality to be contained in their little bodies! LOL

    • Tania Reply

      Beth, I remember my mom saying she would cringe when we would start telling strangers something. She said she was never sure what would come out of our mouths. Lol!

  16. I am new to your blog and I love what you have to say and what you wear!!! Thank you!!!

  17. You do realize you still didn’t talk about your brother, right? LOL Bold and beautiful outfit. The giant dahlias look great on you.

  18. Lynn Chianese Reply

    Love your sweater! When I accessed the web photo I said out loud and only to my dogs -” Wow! I love it! ” plus for the month of April wearing purple supports Lupus research. A double bonus. Thank you for all you do everyday to get your blog out to all of us. Have a great day!

  19. I love the mustard colour sweater, purple pants and the shoes look super cute!

  20. Deborah Todd Reply

    You look awesome!! Just love this sweater. Have a great time in Florida.

  21. Susan Stancliff Reply

    Beautiful! You shout Spring! I love the shoes. I think they look great on you!

  22. Susan Stancliff Reply

    forgot to ask what part of Florida? it is absolutely beautiful in the Panhandle. Temps in the 80s and not a cloud in site!

    • Tania Reply

      We will be going to Rosemary Beach. I think it is near Panama City.

  23. You know me….and color! This is my love language. Looking at the leaves on the sweater, I think an “army” green pair of chinos or jeans would also look nice, just to change it up. Ha! (People think I have wayyyyy more clothes than I actually have b/c I rarely wear the same combo twice. And if I do repeat, it’s months apart.)

    • OH! Has that niece of yours been evaluated for GT yet? Language like that at age 6 is a sure sign of giftedness! Let me know if your brother or sister-in-law have questions about it.

      • Tania Reply

        She did have her IQ tested when she was around 4 and it was 130 or more I think. I know it was crazy!!!

        • That’s awesome!! I hope they have a good gifted program where she lives.

  24. Girl, you are the bomb! I absolutely love how you are not afraid of bold colors! The bolder the better! This is what makes you stand out! Keep it up. LIVE YOUR STYLE

  25. Love your outfit – yes, shoes included! You are clearly an expert with color. Thanks for all of the ideas & inspiration. Stay safe during your travels, and have fun!

  26. Thumbs up on the entire outfit; happy, flattering colors and the shoes are great. Your story cracked me up. When I take my teen daughters shopping they say I choose colors for myself that are too bright. I love color and you prove my point by wearing it well. Do you have any tips on keeping your weight stable? It’s a challenge!

  27. Katalin Gerstenberger Reply

    I just signed up yesterday, as I’ve been searching for your happy colored posts daily. Now I won’t miss anything! You have no fear of color and I love that! Love this Isaac cardi! Great w those pants!

  28. Well, you go girl, those colors are great on you. The shoes, are a NO, from me only because I can only where flats, but I am not a fan of those shoes, (Sorry)! I loved your story of your niece and sister in law, that is too funny, out of the mouth of babes. LOL
    Have a great weekend in FLA!!

  29. You must have a gazillion shoes! I can never find any that are comfortable.

  30. So Love this outfit……….Love the Colors!! Looks Great on You too!!

  31. I love it when you wear color! Purple is definitely one of your best colors! I also like wearing color and sometimes feel like I draw a lot of attention to myself. I just feel white, black and khaki are boring and not classic like some people do. We are all created different for a reason. No right or wrong here. You look great!

    • Tania Reply

      I just answered some questions for an interview and it asked what was the one thing you wouldn’t compromise on. I said when it came to fashion, it was color. I am like you, I don’t want to live in a gray, black, and white only world.

  32. Charlcy Green Reply

    Love this bright outfit! That sweater is surely something of a style-setter and one I would definitely buy! I was very busy yest. Making cakes and cookies for some very hard-working and underpaid co-workers in our Facilities dept. Then making a dinner for a couple in my Bible Study group that just got life-changing health news. And then driving to another town nearby for a little detail therapy! So just now getting to see yesterday post. Enjoy Florida! I love going there!

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