50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO STYLE A DRESS SERIES, PART 6What would you think would be a fashion bloggers nightmare? There are probably several things but I have experienced TWO of them since I have started this blogging process. I keep two SD cards going at all time for my computer. I keep one in my camera and the other is usually in my computer where I download the pictures. After I download the pictures then I will change it out when the other SD card has several days of pictures. Once I put the SD card back in the camera I will reformat the card. This erases all the pictures on the card and starts out new again. I made the mistake of formatting the card one day BEFORE I had downloaded the pictures to my computer. I lost about 4 days of outfits! That made me almost cry.50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO STYLE A DRESS SERIES, PART 6But my latest episode might actually bring me to tears. Yesterday I was complaining that my camera seemed to be fuzzing the feet area. I looked online and it was suggested that I make sure all the lenses are clean. I clean the outer lens all the time but I have never tried to clean the interior lenses. I broke down and took the lens off and got out a lens cleaning brush and cleaned everything. When I put it back together and I looked through the viewfinder there were black spots all over it. So, I took it back apart and cleaned it with a cloth that is made for computers and phone screens. It looked much better so I thought everything was good to go. This morning I went outside to take pictures and the camera wouldn’t work. It just made a whirring noise. I took everything apart and tried again and it worked. But only for about two or three shots and then quit working again. It has done that for the biggest part of the day. I am going to try again but I have to have a camera. That is not negotiable! 50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO STYLE A DRESS SERIES, PART 6This is the last look in the dress series. For those who don’t wear dresses, I guess you are glad this series is finally over. Today I decided to go with the boho or beach look. This is something that I would wear to the beach with my bathing suit on under the dress. I would use the dress as a cover-up but I like to have something that looks presentable if we stop to go eat at a restaurant. This would be so easy to throw on and go inside and eat. No one would ever even know I had been to the beach unless the bathing suit was wet or I had sand all over me. Hahaha!50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO STYLE A DRESS SERIES, PART 6I can’t believe that all my jewelry today is in the current Plunder spring line. That is a first since they launched the new line. I might have actually squealed when I opened the Monna necklace. This is a simple necklace, it doesn’t have a lot of flashy do-dads or bling going on. It has a delicate chain with a hammered look disk with the stamped BLESSED. A small cross with a tiny rhinestone center is also stamped on the disk. It is hard to see in my picture but there is an arrow charm along with the turquoise bead. The longer necklace was one that I got as a Plunder Posse one month. I am thrilled to see that they have added it to the spring line and it is called BernieThe turquoise leaf is joined with an array of smaller charms and they tinkle when you walk. The Brooks bracelet just matched the necklace and it is adjustable up to 8 inches. If you would like to purchase any of the jewelry, this is my current party,  I would love to have you join me and be on my Plunder team. I am offering an extra piece of jewelry for all those who join Team Shimmer and Shine this month!!!50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO STYLE A DRESS SERIES, PART 6Isn’t this the cutest straw bag? I bought this in Rogersville, Tennessee at a little store but it is by Vera Bradley. I am not a huge fan of all the prints by Vera Bradley but I like it when I find solid, like my hot pink leather tote, and this straw bag. The prints look really cute just on the birds and not an all over thing. The bright orange straps are also a cute focal point.
50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO STYLE A DRESS SERIES, PART 6If I was wearing this outfit to the beach then I would have on sandals. I love, love, love these crochet sandals c/o Nina Shoes. They are called the Nevaeh but there are different several styles very similar with the heels being different heights. The crochet must have some elastic qualities in the thread because these give when you walk. The heels are a cork base and it makes them comfortable to walk in. I can wear these all day long and not have my feet hurt. That is important.

50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO STYLE A DRESS SERIES, PART 6I bought this long crochet and fringe vest last year. I like the long fringe tassels and the inserts that break up the solid material. Those are some of the details that make the vest interesting. I might like it better if it was white instead of this creamy color but I will somehow suffer through my disappointment. Because the vest is a “stand-out” type accessory you don’t even notice the dress, the vest is what catches your eye. This is why it is possible to wear the same item (the dress) and not have it look exactly the same. People would probably not even notice it was the “same” dress.

50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO STYLE A DRESS SERIES, PART 6I am curious now. Which look did you like the best? Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, or today’s look Part 6.

What do you think about my series posts? Do you like this type posts and want to see more of these or do you get tired of seeing a different version of the same outfit every day? Would you prefer a 3-day series instead of the 6 days? Let me hear you roar!

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  1. You look pretty in them all, but I like the jeans jacket look best. The fringe vest look also disguises the dress length, so it doesn’t seem as short. I prefer it with leggings as the length of the dress is much shorter than I would be comfortable in. I do enjoy these series. You mix colors in fresh ways, I would not think of putting together.

  2. Tania, you look great in all, however I like 2, the dress with the cream jacket and scarf, part 4 and the dress with leggings. I like the series, and I like all your varieties of posts. But do whatever you can and enjoy, I like to look through your Fall month collections as that is the weather here at the moment. Many thanks👗

  3. I enjoy these series and I like seeing all six combos. My faves are 2, 4, & 5. I hope you get your camera fixed….or get a new one. Have a good Saturday. ~Lisa~

  4. Part 4 ! Love it! But anyway your daily blog is always my start in the morning – your style is great!
    Happy easter and enjoy the days – Angela

  5. Tania…2,5 and 6 for me. Love the series, does not matter if it’s 3 or 6 do what you enjoy and most of us will love it! Enjoy your Saturday!

  6. Number 4 was my favorite. Love all the colors you mixed with it. I love a scarf but our summers are so hot already in Savannah, Ga. that I seldom get to wear but hanging loose and open like this would be much cooler. I like the series occasionally but like the surprise factor of what you are styling when it is different each day. Either way it should be what you enjoy.

  7. My favorite was with the jean jacket but I would wear it like #2- I also like today’s – especially as you suggested for the beach !! Hope you can fix your camera🙏🏻

  8. Thanks for this series and hopefully you will do more. Loved it. My favorite was 4 but also loved 6. Happy Easter and have a wonderful weekend.

  9. Loved this series! I’m definitely getting a solid knit summer dress to copy some of these looks. Since I’ve retired most of the looks I’m attracted to have been more casual, so I’ve liked the first, fifth and sixth looks best, but all have been winners. Thanks for the ideas

  10. I enjoyed the series Tania! I liked today’s look and the one with the leggings. I remember today’s shoes from before and I wanted them then…so,,,I just ordered them! Thank you for your fashion ideas!!!

  11. Part 5 the Jean jacket was my favorite. I enjoyed the series. It’s fun to see what you can do with one piece of clothing.

  12. I truly enjoyed all the different ways to style a simple tee dress but I feel Look #4 was my favorite. I, also liked the look with the leggings. I project what I would wear and I know I would wear both of these looks. I would wear #4 to church with a pretty straw hat perhaps as I am known as the hat lady. Thanks for the series!

  13. Very cute summer beach feel! I love that you are always put together in spite of where you’re going! My fav is still Number 5!! Thanks for doing this fun series and have a wonderful Easter!

  14. I liked them all but this was the best for me. It is fun, youthful and appeals to my inner hippy chick! I would buy the dress just to wear it this way! Sorry about the camera and Happy Easter!

  15. 4 is my favorite for office and 6 for casual summer fun! Love all the ways you styled this! Have a blessed Easter.

  16. I liked several but part 2 was my favorite. I think that look is very “every day” and more how I would wear the dress. I really enjoy the series posts. Keep up the great work! Happy Easter!

  17. Loved all the looks and how you inspire others to try new things!
    As a 1st grade teacher I love #2.
    As a Texan I love #5.
    And I am Bohemian, so I love #6!!!

    Paula from Texas

  18. I love this series!! Thank you so much for doing it!!
    As a first grade teacher I love #2.
    As a Texan I love #5.
    As a Bohemian I love #6.

    Thank you for inspiring us!!

    Paula from Texas

  19. I really like today’s look with the fringed vest! Because I have a tendency to lean a little more casual these days, I also would wear the denim jacket or the long scarf and leggings style. I love a long scarf to disguise my middle!

  20. I enjoyed this series and I would love to see more of them. You are so creative! My favorite was 5, but all of them are styles I would wear. Enjoy your weekend and Happy Easter!

  21. Love your series posts…whatever length you would like to do, but think 3 would be easier for you. Maybe some ideas to do this for upcoming vacations and what to pack??? Happy Easter!!! 🐰🐰

  22. I like it when you do a series. My favorite was the series 5 dress, jean jacket and belt. I love a wide belt as a bold accessory.

  23. Thank you for this series—loved it! I’m off to a matinee at Kennedy Center with my red Old Navy dress and jean jacket…even double-checked how you did your belt and styled mine the same way:) Only thing I changed today was to wear stacked-heel nude sandals instead of boots; next time I’ll wear my cowboy boots with it but sandals seemed right for today. Appreciate the inspiration.

  24. Love all the different ideas you’ve shared! I think my favorites are Day 2 & Day 4. I love the scarf and leggings on day 2. I would totally wear that! And I love the Jacket, scarf and bag in day 4. I could wear that look to work and be completely comfortable whether I had to go to a meeting or just stay at my desk for the day.. I love the fact that the same dress is the basis of each look!

  25. Love the denim jacket combo best…
    This has been a lovely series, I always look forward to reading your blog each day.
    Happy Easter from the UK…🇬🇧

  26. The dress series was great! I really loved # 3,5 & 6. Today I was heading to the beach and realized I have 2 short beach cover-ups that I could wear under my long skirt. Thank you for all the inspiration. Happy Easter!

  27. Tania, I love all the outfits, and having a hard time deciding what I like the best. I am going to go thru all of them again, but.. for tonight I am going to say, good luck with your camera, and have
    a blessed Easter. HE IS RISEN!! ALLELUIA